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  1. Hey LOTC ;d. Check my post?

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    2. Shar'ku/jenspelao
    3. Sorsby


      Looks perty cool, finally a high class place where my intense clicking skills can flourish!

    4. Telanir


      Not sure why all that bickering started and how it came about, that was completely unnecessary. Anyways, looks amazin'.

  2. Hey Vaq, looking to apply for Dungeon Realms soon! I've been excited to see the progress on it!

  3. vaquxuxuxquxuxxuqxuquxine

  4. How's Dungeon Realms coming along? I'm really excited ;)

  5. What is "Dungeon Realms?"

  6. I don't know why these are even rumors, but no I did not "hack" #LOTC. I love you guys too much <3. Been busy working on Dungeon Realms with availer anyway.

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    2. MonkeyCoffee
    3. nobody


      Oh god....it is so deep! Doesn't it hurt?

    4. Wolf Druid Ouity

      Wolf Druid Ouity

      I knew I would hear about the name of their "Project" on this forum one way or another.

  7. Goodbye, noble Vaquxine

  8. Just so there is clarity as so many people have asked me; yes I did quit LOTC; no I am no longer affiliated with the team, and yes I have given all necessary information (and permission to use my plugins) to shiftnative. Didn't want to make leaving post for exactly this reason; starting more drama.

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    2. Roxforbraynz


      I'm not going to post a long goodbye;

      I'm just going to say thank you, farewell and good luck.

    3. Vanir Le Conte

      Vanir Le Conte

      *sheds a tear for those lost*

    4. Gladuos


      Goodbye Vaq, I salute you and commend your greatness.

  9. September the 21st. That's longer than availer!

  10. My guess is you discovered League of Legends and your coding time is non existant due to all dat gayem.