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  1. Somewhere within the thriving city of Amaethea Belestram sits among old friends, and ruminates on the small man who has consistently invaded the land of the free Elves, so long and arduously in the making. He thinks of the traitorous Kairn the Usurper, and the old days of the Dominion during which his path to freedom was won, and lost, and won again amid the bloody conflicts stirred by Ithelanen greed and vainglory. But moreso, he thinks of the misled youth, attempting to frame their service to a falsehood with historical misconception. He sighs, looking into the fire. "My son... I served ou
  2. = The Crown of Elvenesse = The Government of the Realm of Elvenesse, sometimes known simply as “the Crown” or as “His/Her Majesty’s Government”, is a hereditary constitutional monarchy which employs a broad-form ministerial Council of Lords to administer the united lands of the Elder Folk. It may be considered a restoration of the rightful Sylvaeri Princeship of Old Malinor, but is perhaps better characterized as the successor of Aegrothond and Siramenor which preceded it. The realm can trace its establishment to the year 1685, when forces loyal to Belestram and his House
  3. “Elvenesse prevails,” Belestram states.
  4. Belestram Sylvaeri, Founder Prince Emeritus of Elvenesse and Aegrothond, finishes reading the tome and sets it aside. His ancient gaze rizes to the blue horizon far beyond his seaward home, and bows his head. “May their names be unforgotten, may their beards grow ever-longer in the Halls of the Gods. We fought alongside them against the tyranny of Azwyrtrumm- would that we could do so again! Glory to the heroes!" Belestram Sylvaeri, Founder Prince Emeritus of Elvenesse and Aegrothond, finishes reading the tome and sets it aside. His ancient gaze rizes to the blue horizon far beyond his seaw
  5. It’s fckin monkey time credit to leo and wan
  6. Prince Emeritus Belestram nods to Dwalin, puffing contentedly on his pipe and enjoying the fruits of a long life well-lived. “They should extradite me, old friend- I’m so good at bingo, it’s criminal.”
  7. -={=+=}=- The Wronged: Lodbairn Emberhorn and the Clan Goldhand The Assailant: The Hooved Beast of the Forest The Wrong: The Ignominious Death of Durlak Goldhand Terms of Settlement: The Destruction of the Beast, and the annihilation of its Den. -={=+=}=-
  8. Belestram stumbles upon the writings in his search for tales of his grandfather, and is captivated.
  9. “A good dwarf, and a sturdy ally to Aegrothond in all ways. We shall raise a cup of giselin to this one,” says Belestram and bows his head in respect. “May his beard grow ever longer.”
  10. The Seaglass Marvels of Aegrothond Greater and Lesser Renarias Many distinct cultures upon the Continent maintain traditions of craft which exist solely for the purposes of aesthetic beauty, and the realms of Aegrothond are no exception. While the crafty among the Houses of the Elder Blood may be known primarily for their skill with the smith’s hammer, and in the realms of metallurgy and gemcraft, the greater collective has developed an art which is far less utilitarian in nature, and pleases the eye with its colourful fashions. This art is known as the Mode of Renarion, or re
  11. Belestram is seated above the bay of Aegrothond when the news of Elvira’s death reaches his ears, and for a long time he remains silent- his slender ironwood fingers tapping upon the carved armrest of his high seat. His grey eyes watch the white-capped swells in the Bight. and an odd expression stirs within them. Then, turning to his grandson Finwe, he says quietly: “Tell me, child... what do you know of the Ascended Order?”
  12. A book sits on a pedestal in the library of Aegrothond, the home of the Lorekeeper Maehr’evar. It is emblazoned with the devices of Almenor, the seven stars of the Mariner and the Crown of Malin in silver inlay. One would note upon opening the tome that most of the pages remain blank, save for the very first few- evidently this is to be a work in progress, so that one might read the entire history of Aegrothond at some far date in the future. The pages read as follows: A Chronicle of Almenor, 1753 As Recorded by Belestram Sylvaeri, Prince Emeritus A Breath of L
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