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  1. Just to clarify because I don't want people having a go at the staff cause of this, I had been previously warned by Dogbew and 501 regarding my conduct. 501 was generous today and let me off for another warning for my behavior. I didn't see how the images they linked regarding my behavior were in violation to the guidelines, but regardless, I digress.

  2. Big sad, FM was fun while it lasted.

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    2. h e x

      h e x

      god bless u

    3. EternalSaturn


      Wait, did you seriously get removed for addressing a long-standing issue?

    4. ChonGojDragonski


      @EternalSaturn I had been previously warned for my conduct before this event, and apparently I'd violated several community guidelines. Regardless, I personally disagree, but it is what it is. There are other things but they should remain private.

  3. "Ban" Report on Leowarrior14

    I don't understand why you're so set on people being against you. Loriens clearly wasn't trying to insult you or attack your character. The reason he posted what you did was in part to validate the reason why I didn't contact you after the event. If this is the kind of behavior that others and I can expect, why would anyone want to have a critical conversation with you.
  4. "Ban" Report on Leowarrior14

    As a side note, there is other information relevant to this that would be useful to the GM/Admin who takes charge of the report. Message me for full details.
  5. "Ban" Report on Leowarrior14

    It's not about what you want. I could want a lot of things, you still powergamed. The first screen shot I posted shows you doing four different emotes in one. There are like 10 other examples just in the screenshots I posted. I've literally not said anything about you up until this point. You can ask anyone, I've gone out of my way almost in defending you when people bring up **** about your character that I don't believe is relevant. You were Roleplaying with everyone in attendance. Compromise is fine to get the flow of Roleplay going, doesn't mean that the Roleplay was good or followed the rules. I'd also appreciate it if you didn't attach OOC motivations that frankly don't exist to this ban report. I couldn't give a **** about rep or anything else you might think motivate this. I even said IN MY REPORT, that I don't even necessarily want you banned. It's about the principle of the event. I don't understand why you're so hostile to criticism. This is a collaborative Roleplay server, if as many people seem to have a problem with your Roleplay, maybe it'd be a good idea to change a few things around or at least take a good look at your emotes. That's all I pretty much have to say on this matter.
  6. "Ban" Report on Leowarrior14

    I can literally name 3-4 other people who all commented/messaged regarding this powergaming. Again, not the point considering the fact that even if no one had said anything, it doesn't change the facts that there was blatant powergaming in your emotes. And again, you're missing the point. The result doesn't matter, it doesn't change the fact that you powergamed in your emotes. You seem to be getting hung up on the fact that it was "fair". Fair has nothing to do with it, it's about what's right.
  7. "Ban" Report on Leowarrior14

    1) Great attitude to have when people are trying to bring up an issue they have with your Roleplay. 2) Several people spoke to you regarding the quality of your emotes, there was little to no response. I've had previous conversations with you in private and you've quite literally stated that you couldn't care less about my oppinion or respect. I could have contacted you but we both know that you would not have listened to a word I said. I regret not contacting you however because it would have removed this cop out. 3) I don't dislike anyone over the internet, just their actions. I defended you when people started /me emoting about you because I believe that passive aggressive comments such as /me watches in awe, wondering how anyone could possibly do x are very unproductive and generally serve to exacerbate things. I have the logs to prove this. Don't disregard the very valid criticisms and evidence that have been brought up in this ban report by just attributing it to my dislike of you, which I really don't have. 4) There were many other issues. The first screen shot I linked show cases your character doing four different emotes in one. I'd rather not take up a good chunk of this thread arguing what was powergaming and what wasn't exactly. I'm sorry but just because the two of you compromised doesn't change the fact that the overall quality of the Roleplay was very poor and that there was definite power gaming involved. Jolt is an ET, his character was literally created for the express purpose of serving the people with an intent. I don't think he particularly cared how the fight went assuming things were Roleplayed out very well. Him compromising with you because the two of you argued for 10-20 minutes between each emote isn't the same as the right thing being done. Compromise in the moment, report the action after. All the points you bring up regarding your character being hurt and everything after are irrelevant to the overall emote quality and whether or not powergaming was done. None of what you said excuses any of the screenshots that I reported. Just because Jolt went along with what happened in the moment doesn't mean that you didn't break the rules. I'll be frank Leo, not everyone wants to sit and argue about emotes for 10-20 minutes.
  8. "Ban" Report on Leowarrior14

    Person/s Involved: Myself, @WuHanXianShi14 , @Joltastik , @Augraeth @Haunter3 and anyone else involved in the event. Person/s with permission to post within the report: Anyone can post assuming they can follow the community guidelines sensibly and have something meaningful to bring to the discussion. Rules Broken: Powergaming Relevant Evidence: The point of this ban report isn't necessarily to get Leowarrior banned, I'm making this report because I've heard many times from the GM Team that they can't do anything to crack down on Roleplay quality without people reporting instances of powergaming. Well here I am. Leowarrior has a very negative reputation regarding powergaming, and when so many people hold someone in such a light, it is far more likely that the problem resides with the minority then the majority. I had several PM's from people complaining about the general quality of Leowarriors emotes and the overall atmosphere of the event was not a good one. The ET even spent several emotes almost reiterating his actions because Leowarrior seemed to ignore them. He casually takes a swat in the head from an extremely large creature, takes a kick in the thigh from a massive Minotaur while flying through the air, defies the laws of Physics by attempting to jump onto the back of a creature that is for all intensive purposes three feet taller then him, ignores the Minotaurs attempts to dislodge him from his back, the grab attempts, as well as the sword strike. It seems almost as if Leowarrior is Roleplaying by himself versus with other people. What the screen shots don't show is the almost absurd amount of time between emotes. I understand that some people type faster then others, and we have things going on IRL, but there were literall 10+ chunks of people sitting and waiting for Leowarrior to emote, which makes me inclined to think that there was no misunderstanding of the ET's emotes as he had plenty of time to puzzle through them and shoot him a message asking for clarification. This isn't the first time Leowarrior has done something like this, and his overall treatment of the event and the people around him came off as very disrespectful and unneeded. I don't have a suggestion as to what exactly should be done, a warning perhaps, or maybe even a temporary ban for a few days so he can think about all this, but I do know that this is a common complaint that many people have with Leowarrior and I think it'd be unfair to pretend this isn't a problem that exists because of the relatively grey area that it presents. Punishing people for their Roleplay is something that most people I feel are uncomfortable doing unless it's a blatant offense, but emotes like these are as powergamey as the person who dodges anything and acts invincible, though far less obvious. I've rambled enough, if anyone would like clarification on a point, feel free to ask or shoot me a message. Proof you attempted to resolve the issue with person/s involved: Several people commented about the quality of Leowarrior's emotes the first time around, but no one bothered after a small exchange in LOOC. I dislike it when people make passive aggressive comments using the /me emote, but the reason that most people and myself included in this number don't message Leowarrior is because we don't feel comfortable doing it. Leowarrior has shown a general disregard for criticism and many people can't be bothered to get into a large argument where we'll likely solve nothing.
  9. Appie__'s Game Moderator Application

    Appie is a real motherfucker, and real motherfuckers have better things to do then to get attached over Mineman pixels. He'll make the right decisions based on logic and reasoning as well as be an overall asset to the team, no reason not to have him.
  10. [Feedback Gathering] Mental Magic

    Axe Mental Magic. It's not particularly interesting lore and no one that isn't a mental mage is particularly gushing about all the Roleplay potential it has. It's lore approved meta and power gaming. No reason why hours of time spent Roleplaying should be ruined by someone who just mental magics your head and figure **** out because they know what to look for. Mental Magic is literally one of those bloated Magics that needs to be gotten rid of. If a Magic doesn't enhance the Roleplay of others around it, doesn't create new Roleplay (mental magic literally often does the opposite by ruining arcs and secret plans), and is difficult to manage/prevent gamey ****, it should be axed. Mental Magic fits all of these criteria. The server will be better once it is gone.
  11. Ladders and Raids.

    Yes to the first, no to the second, only reasonable solution. That is not a reason to not allow ladder placement. If the change is made pointless then there was literally no harm to implementing it, and on the off chance it does allow for better raiding we've made an improvement to the server. They literally do that rn, and you'd have to be incompetent to allow raiders into your city to be honest. People do that ****, try getting into Dominion, Krugmar, or some of the Dwarven cities, literally impossible. Alright suggestion but terrible implementation. Sure, doesn't change the fact that changing the ladder rules is silly and makes the system worse then it already is. Claiming that the server will adapt and the rules won't change anything isn't an argument because you literally have no factual evidence to support this claim. Stop trying to bring RP into something that is limited by MC mechanics. There is so much ******* **** that could be done IRP to stop a siege, the mechanics of Minecraft don't support any of them. Literally are vulnerable to attack while placing them, that's what bowing people is called. That's a silly argument. It already is almost impossible to raid a city, and this idea of 'don't do it if you don't think you'll win' is ****. The system is not working and we're trying to fix it, posts like this contribute nothing. This can already be done, allowing people to place ladders wherever they want will not effect it at all.
  12. mzd116's Game Moderator Application

    -1, sorry but twelve is too young and I think you need to be on the server longer so that you can interact with more playerbase's versus just being with one group all the time.
  13. Seasons of Atlas Contest Results

    Contests are great, the more the better. Make them LotC based though, I didn't even realize that the previous contests had been anything but.
  14. [Developers] NoCheat

    The amount of people that use autoclicker on this server is ridiculous, I've seen it first hand. If autocheat can't catch them, I see no reason to have something that lags the server further.
  15. Hunting plugin (where it go???)

    No thank you. If people don't Roleplay hunting now, implementing a laggy plugin won't fix it. I agree that something needs to be done to better stimulate the economy, though I also think that this problem is over exaggerated as well, but this isn't it. If you want to RP hunting, do it. Message an ET with some ideas and see what they say.