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  1. ChonGojDragonski


    I graduated today. Lots of time to think, and I realized I need to focus on making my life something I can look back on and be proud of. It was nice knowing some of you, I don't think I'll be back.
  2. ChonGojDragonski

    Applying Process Feedback

    I was supposed to make a document regarding the Application Process and steps that can be taken to address some of the issues with it. Need to get around to that. Bring the Applications back to Athera/Vailor level. Those were still far too easy but at least they weren't braindead like the current apps.
  3. ChonGojDragonski

    Satyr Rewrite (AGAIN)

    Defend your ideas by addressing their arguments, not their character. And you literally just proved every single argument correct. If the ONLY thing differing Cervitaurs and Satyrs is FTB, I rest my case.
  4. ChonGojDragonski

    Satyr Rewrite (AGAIN)

    You ignored every single valid point he brought up and proceeded to make it into a personal attack. As for every race being a culture, that's pretty much not true. Humans and Elves are really identical, but Dwarves and Orcs both offer a host of differences that make them worth being different. And Hedge brought up a really good point regarding the actual Satyr community. This whole FTB having sex argument is pretty much indicative of the kind of people that would likely use this creature. No one is criticizing you, just your lore. IDK why you have to get so defensive.
  5. ChonGojDragonski

    ✌ Retired Career Staff Member | AMA 👏

    What do you think of Toxic Ex-Staff Member Chon?
  6. ChonGojDragonski

    [Staff Feedback] Staff Affiliation & Community Misrepresentation

    I thought this thread would be something different from the title, and I'm slightly disappointed at what it ended up being. I don't care if the GM's are 100% Elves, or Human, or w/e. What matters is how competently they can do their job. The thing is, the amount of GM's/FM's/LT that can competently do their job is very questionable, soooooo...............
  7. Who are you? Why do we agree on so many things?

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    2. ChonGojDragonski


      Keep this garbage meme on Discord where it belongs.

    3. Creamy


      He has multiple Degrees and Majors, he is god in it's truest form, His powers can out debate a SJW, and shut down feminists without even having to make a tumblr account..


      /niceguys praise him.. for he is.. he is the.. ALPHA NECKBEARD



    4. ChonGojDragonski


      Alpha Thot calling me an Alpha Neckbeard. Right.

  8. ChonGojDragonski

    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    Thanks for the response, looking good. The only other question I have is whether or not the effects of the Magic are done completely through particles and whether or not turning off particles would lead to seeing/not seeing the Magic.
  9. ChonGojDragonski

    [OOC] : Shamanism Roleplay "Guide"

    Amazing guide, Shamanism is what every Magic should aspire to be. But fr though, font change to white would be a godsend.
  10. ChonGojDragonski

    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    I'd like to preface my statements by saying you did an amazing job on this, and I'm extremely impressed. I didn't even know some of the animations in the videos you posted were possible on Minecraft. I have several notes of concern however. 1) How will this effect lag on the server? This is probably the biggest thing, because sacrificing server performance on an already extremely laggy server would be a big problem. Do you have any plans to account for unexpected issues that might occur? 2) If I'm being perfectly honest, the inclusion of this plugin might have further reaching implications then just the actual coding. Assume that everything goes off without a hitch with the coding and implementation. This brings up all sorts of worries however regarding the state of Magic on the server. Magic is already bloated with the sheer amount of users that are involved. Before anything like this was implemented, I'd want the LT to fully iron out the planned Magic overhaul they have in the works, as well as getting around to implementing stricter applications for Magic overall. This cosmetic plugin might lead to an influx of people wanting to learn a Magic because of all the shiny new toys they'd get to play with. I think the overall state of Magic Roleplay on the server is lacking, and I shudder to think how much worse it could get with the influx of applications. Amazing job and I think it can work. It'll just have to be gone about very carefully and will definitely require some ET testing before it's let loose to the entire server. I'm cautiously excited.
  11. ChonGojDragonski

    [Raid Feedback] Ladders

    Argument honestly boils down to this point. If Administration is fine with creating a system where settlements can be raid proof, then just remove raids. If they want to keep raids, create a way for them to function. This thread can pretty much end here, as any other point made would be based off of this specific idea.
  12. ChonGojDragonski

    [Raid Feedback] Ladders

    Lots of people presenting disingenuous and/or self-serving arguments on this thread without looking at things logically. The issue isn't with walls necessarily, it's with walls that are literally unclimable if you have two brain cells to rub together. You don't even need buttons. Make a three-five high wall with stairs at the top and a fence or two, wala, you're literally raid proof. Come on Smaw, he's making a thread to suggest a rule change. Whether or not this suggestion bypasses the current rules has nothing to do with anything. As for better suiting raiders, I'm sorry but a suggestion that benefits raiders isn't inherently flawed. It's literally impossible to raid any of the current settlements at the moment. I agree ****-tier meme raids are awful, the group I roleplay with was subject to that literally a week or two ago. There was a whole BR related to it and everything. That doesn't change the fact that making raids impossible is undesirable, and to be honest unneeded. Five to ten competent people can defend a raid of up to five times their numbers. You can literally shoot down a ladder and knock every single person off. One person can hold an entire ladder, if you're not using a bow and arrow just stand at the top with a sword. This can also be alleviated by making a lower level in the fortifications which juts out and allows people to shoot at their own walls. This isn't an excuse. It's not unnecessary when raids are literally impossible at the moment, and raids are a feature on this server whether you or I like it or not. Seems kind of silly to halt all raids until the administration gets around to implementing a new raid system. We know how long that'll take. Walls need to have the mechanical ability to be breached if no one was manning them. Can't say that's true for pretty much every settlement on the server at the moment however. IRL, when you die you die, you don't get to be resurrected by the monks. I don't see you clamoring to get this introduced to the rules however. That's not the way raids work and it's disingenuous to pretend otherwise. I don't understand what all the hubbub is. They can't open your chests to steal, the only thing that you might lose would be your iron kit. That's demonstrably false. PvP can't start until both sides are ready, and pretty much every GM will be understanding and give each side at least ten minutes to get ready. Raiders are capped on the amount of people they can bring as well, and don't have nooks and crannies to hide in to regen if the fight goes bad. Raiders aren't at an advantage. Except they're literally impossible to get past. No one is trying to make walls useless, it's still extremely easy to defend against one or two ladder placements, there just needs to be an actual MC mechanic way to get over them. There is no way to adapt to this change. Can you give me an example of something someone could do to work around this rule?
  13. ChonGojDragonski

    Satyr Rewrite (AGAIN)

    You're missing his point. He's already admitted that there are key errors with Dwarves and Elves, the issue is that we can't do away with/heavily edit the main Descendants at this point now can we? If we could go back in time, yes, changes to better differentiate and create meaningful differences between the races would have been implemented. It is what it is, we can't go back in time sadly. However, we can go forward into the future, and the fact remains that until you provide an addition to this application which will adequately create roleplay in a way that couldn't be replicated by one of the already existing creatures/races, it should stay shelved.
  14. ChonGojDragonski

    [Denied] [Pending]Medvekoma's Event Team Builder Application

    Can never have too many build slaves. +1