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  1. What’s the state of the server?

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    2. Novastral


      Jandy, Nanman, DSE, Boomzerang, elitesnipes, darksainthood, and that’s pretty much it. Everyone else is either banned or doesn’t really play anymore.

    3. _Hexe_


      state is subhuman

    4. gone_to_the_store


      ahyes... chon goj dragonski...

  2. Defend your ideas by addressing their arguments, not their character. And you literally just proved every single argument correct. If the ONLY thing differing Cervitaurs and Satyrs is FTB, I rest my case.
  3. You ignored every single valid point he brought up and proceeded to make it into a personal attack. As for every race being a culture, that's pretty much not true. Humans and Elves are really identical, but Dwarves and Orcs both offer a host of differences that make them worth being different. And Hedge brought up a really good point regarding the actual Satyr community. This whole FTB having sex argument is pretty much indicative of the kind of people that would likely use this creature. No one is criticizing you, just your lore. IDK why you have to get so defensive.
  4. Who are you? Why do we agree on so many things?

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    2. ChonGojDragonski


      Keep this garbage meme on Discord where it belongs.

    3. Creamy


      He has multiple Degrees and Majors, he is god in it's truest form, His powers can out debate a SJW, and shut down feminists without even having to make a tumblr account..


      /niceguys praise him.. for he is.. he is the.. ALPHA NECKBEARD



    4. ChonGojDragonski


      Alpha Thot calling me an Alpha Neckbeard. Right.

  5. Amazing guide, Shamanism is what every Magic should aspire to be. But fr though, font change to white would be a godsend.
  6. You're missing his point. He's already admitted that there are key errors with Dwarves and Elves, the issue is that we can't do away with/heavily edit the main Descendants at this point now can we? If we could go back in time, yes, changes to better differentiate and create meaningful differences between the races would have been implemented. It is what it is, we can't go back in time sadly. However, we can go forward into the future, and the fact remains that until you provide an addition to this application which will adequately create roleplay in a way that couldn't be replicated by one of the already existing creatures/races, it should stay shelved.
  7. TBH, I'm inclined to agree with Templar as well in that Ferals shouldn't be able to practice any Magic. I think that'd do a lot towards dealing with the toxic community as well, as the vast majority of them are Ferals.
  8. Except Feralism wasn't put up for a rewrite due to this reason. TBH, I'd like to see you articulate why you think the lore was put up for a rewrite. I think it'd provide some very interesting insight on the feral community. It's bad because it indicates the general toxic atmosphere and OOC bickering that goes on in the Feral community. I was willing to give Star's rewrite a chance under the assumption that it'd be a concentrated effort by the Feral community to do better. But if you and the rest of your buddies really don't see a problem with the way that Ferals have been roleplayed, then it definitely needs to be shelved.
  9. I genuinely read every single line, skipping the initial lore paragraph. What's wrong? It's incredibly vague, some of the writing intelligible, does nothing to address the previous complaints brought up against the Feral lore which caused them to be put up for a rework, and several other things. This rewrite also stinks of the current Feral crowd disagreeing with Star's work, and creating this so they could continue to roleplay the way they do. EDIT: Wouldn't be against a soft shelf however, as Sky's comment is on the money.
  10. The things I could say... Literally a worse version of the rewrite that Starfelt put forth in every way. -1.
  11. While literally no one appreciates this message as much as I do, I still think Ferals have some potential. I'll agree that pretty much everyone I've seen in the Feral community barring one or two exceptions are awful, but I think that this rewrite does have some merit and I'd like to give them a chance. If they still manage to mess it up, then shelf the damned thing.
  12. Four weeks soon boys. Four weeks...

  13. Pretty damn good rewrite actually, I'm impressed. I wasn't sure how you guys were going to fix Ferals but I'd say this rewrite addresses all the issues from before. I just hope that the players roleplay it well now. I only have one minor issue, why include the Wolfs Bane potion? Feralism is supposed to be a curse, which means the bad with the good. I feel like the potion is just a really convenient dues ex machina to getting out of situations where feralism would actually be really interesting. That's my major gripe with it, there is no reason to have that potion except for people that want a get out of jail free card of having to deal with their curse. Overall, +1.
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