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  1. I've been off and on the community constantly, but i'm surprised that I haven't noticed that no goodbye is a permanent one until now. Cheers mates, i'm back

  2. if u dont got a bugatti u obviously rich yo

  3. jesus only resurrected because of my ult. damn he was ADC too and he was feeding hard

    1. iMattyz


      I understand this reference.

    2. Space


      His utility is great, wtf?

  4. good mronin ever body

  5. Merry Christmas everybody! Give me all of the server IP's plx.

  6. buy my wheat for 20 minas or die

  7. LOTC 1.8 or riot!

  8. Character Name: -- Maehrir'siol Minecraft Username: -- Ratemenatorz59 Timezone: --- SMT [standard Mountain Time] Usual Playing Times: -- I can play for an hour or two everyday, and during Summer- or Saturdays, I'm free the whole day if I don't have anything going on that day.
  9. Happy 200th reply Raine Academy!

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