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  1. Claimed. Please PM me on Skype for an interview.
  2. Claimed. Please have your teacher comment.
  3. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  4. I'm afraid we do not delete forum accounts, perhaps stop using this one and create another anonymous one if you wish to continue on another anonymous account.
  5. The darker skinned elfess would be seen trailing down the paths, a hint of frost emanating from her form, signifying the end of Malin's Welcome, and the beginning of the Hunt. She came upon a small cliff, her lavender gaze falling over the city of Linandria with a gentle huff, her ears flickering as she pondered upon the news that had befallen her previously. Her ardent orbs carefully scanned the city, latching onto a certain elfess that roamed the forsaken structures, her blonde locks reflecting the scorching sun above, her skin an odd, pale hue, a woman who went by Adrasteia. She offered a mere sneer as she plopped down upon the steep edge, her legs dangling over the edge as the 'ker placed her hands within her lap, her unpigmented, ghastly hair peacefully lay over her shoulders, the Fjarriauga sat unmoving, as if frozen within time. The guardian angel watched from above, waiting... waiting... awaiting trouble to ensue, this time, she'd be at her sister's side.
  6. blus uno - fellow izkuthii
  7. Pending... The application will be given a verdict after a few issues are smoothened out.
  8. stop him, his pex withdrawals are taking over
  9. im mainstream so: honest opinion of me? can i learn blood magic twice? do you love me? why don't you love me?
  10. Accepted.
  11. Denied.
  12. Accepted.
  13. Didn't they rule out builder/actor combined apps? Anyways, take my +1.
  14. honest opinion of me? memes? ghouls or darkstalker? wraiths are the best, right? do you love me? can i put up my necromancy MA yet? :) @Parkins
  15. Oh just you wait, lil paladin... accepted.