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  3. Fjarriagua Maidens of Ice and Snow “Love does not heal a Frozen Heart.” Legends tell of a tale, shrouded in mystery and ice, of a young bride-to-be by the name of Kriemhild, from the icy realm of Skjoldier. All had been set in grandiose splendor, from the flowers, to the cake, and every one of the guests had been assembled in only their most finest wearings. Alas, all was prepared and present, save for the groom, abandoning the young woman at the altar. She was distraught, and no consolation from the guests brought any respite from her unending sorrow. Yet her sorrow turned to rage, and from her rage, to wrath. In a furious stupor she flung herself into a howling blizzard, seeking to confront the man, only protected by simple nightwear which was by no means suitable for traversing such terrain. The ice and winds pummeled against her, weakening the poor girl’s body as she tumbled into the snow, clinging onto the warmth of life. Much has been disputed of what truly transpired, but some tell that Father Winter himself had come down out of pity for the poor woman, granting her the wedding kiss she so deeply desired. From this, her lips became cold, her body like that of ice and her hair like that of snow. And never again was the young bride seen by those of the living, and as the years passed, suspicions began to arise within the towns of Skjoldiers. Rumors of icy maidens who consumed wary or unsuspecting men, women of the villages seeming to disappear, their husbands left as bloody heaps in the snow. Panic soon spread throughout the land as the remaining sought to escape, clamoring onto ships sailing away from the accursed realm. Alas, there was one who had great pity, a pity which would condemn descendants for future generations to come. A ship captain by the name of Olaf, had questioned not the state of his own daughter Brunhylde, and thus spared her from those who had sought to perhaps harm her from suspicion or fear; and so, he brought her aboard the last ship leaving the island. And woe to that vessel came, for the young woman emerged from the seas onto the sands of Asulon, leaving little but a wreck of wood and gore behind her. Thus the curse continued. Generations passed and the curse of the Frost Witches had spread swiftly throughout the realm, like that of a horrendous disease, myths of women consuming weary travellers and spouses alike spreading throughout the realm much like they had in Skjoldier so many years ago. The dawning Orenian Empire was thrown into disarray as Brunhylde and her daughters tore through and consumed entire scores of Imperial men, posing a grave threat to the empire, leading to an era of fear and darkness for humanity. Yet this great reign could not last forever, and soon humanity rose up against their frozen oppressors. In a great battle against the White Rose, the grand Witch Brunhylde was slain, the captain of the order presenting her head as a gift to the king. Great rejoicing spread throughout the realm of man that day, yet Brunhylde’s daughters wept and mourned for their beloved Mother. The one who had started it all. In their grief, the Witches split into their own Covens, leading on new generations of Fjarriagua much as their Mother once did, for they had become Mothers in turn. Their contempt and wrath for mankind only grew as they spread the curse to more and more descendant women, leading them to discover further, horrible powers which they might use in order to torment the mortals for the years to come. The Witch Covens While a Witch may be a force to be reckoned with on their own, they are never truly whole, their mind and soul cursed to an eternity of a cold and heartless torment. Yet it is only when with their Coven where a Witch might receive solace in her desolate existences, granting them the fulfillment and comfort they could never gain upon their lonesome. When within their Coven, a Witch has far greater power, being granted strength, able to perform greater acts of Witch Magic when together, practicing numerous acts of Witch Magic and frozen sorcery. As a result, Witches hold a deep connection to their Coven, loyal to their Sisters above all else, for they are her family. Mothers are the head of this family, focusing themselves around caring for the Coven and looking out for it. With this, the thought of true love is completely lost to the Witch, for their Coven is all which the Fjarriagua needs. The Witch Altar The greatest presence of Frost Witch magic within the material realm, allowing powerful feats of ice and malevolence. These unnatural structures often park the presence of a Coven, as never will a Coven be complete without one. To establish such a foul presence within the realm, a Frost Mother must conjure forth a “seed” from cursed ice, embedding it within the freshly slain corpse of a descendant male, before entirely encasing the corpse within cursed ice along with three other Witches, thus beginning to development process. Over the course of time, the Altar will grow like that of a tree, using the corpse provided as a means of sustenance, feeding its power. Of course, the germination of such a powerful presence is not a process which happens quickly, rather on the contrary. The development of Altar will take several weeks before it has completely formed, its power becoming more gradually established. This often requires the Witches to be incredibly protective of their Altar while it still forms, as without an Altar, their Coven is but lost. As the Altar forms, the terrain around it will accommodate to its presence, becoming frigid like that of the Fjarriagua's homeland. This often leads the Witches to build their altars deep within caves or naturally frozen environments as to avoid the suspicion of mortals, as finding a frigid region within the middle of a lush forest would arouse much scepticism. Furthermore, as the Altar’s power grows, so does the power of the Witches in the area, their magic becoming stronger and allowing them more potent feats of their kind. Tier One The Seed has just been planted, the ice overtaking the corpse of the descendant male rather slowly, its roots spreading throughout the body and the area beneath it, establishing itself within the terrain. This is a very delicate process, and requires that the Altar not be moved during its formation, lest the roots fail to take hold and the Altar cease to form. In this state, the environment around the Altar will become particularly frigid, leading Witches in the area to feel a slight sense of home and comfort whilst non-Witches feel an uncomfortable, though not harmful, frigid chill. Tier Two The Altar is now much more concrete, the descendant corpse having been completely consumed as the roots have taken hold more substantially within the earth. While the Altar is still fragile to some capacity, it is far more difficult to move or destroy, as its roots have been embedded enough to maintain itself successfully. At this stage, the environment will become even more frigid, the Altar draining the heat from the environment as all Witches would feel a greater sense of comfort and reprieve whilst within the Altars proximity, whilst mortals would feel a nose-biting chill which can lead to very mild frostbite if they are inadequately equipped. Witches within the region would find their powers only slightly boosted, able to rest at the Altar to heal minor wounds. Tier Three The Altar has completely embedded itself within the earth, now far more difficult to move and destroy by any mortal means. The environment is far more frigid, now leading non-Witches to feel cold to the point of hypothermia if they are not dressed well for the environment. Witches have a moderate boost to their non-combative power, able to conjure forth ice from the air with relative ease as if it were manipulated directly. General Altar Redlines The Unholy Sabbaths The Fjarriagua are well known for their devious magical practices, able to come together in order to perform great feats of frozen malice and pure witchcraft. From resurrecting their dead, to conjuring a great storm of ice and hail upon their enemies, the powers of a Coven are vast, not to be contended by simple mortals as the Fjarriagua are far more potent united than when alone. Sabbath of Frost The Sabbath of Frost is one in which the Witch’s come together to inflict the surrounding environment with a great frost, leading flora to die as the environment becomes akin to a freezing tundra. This is often used by Covens to make their region more hospitable to their kind, whilst also making it more difficult for mortals to intrude. Sabbath of Healing A sabbath which is simple in nature, allowing a Mother to ease the pain and the wounds of her precious daughters. By conjuring forth cursed ice at the Altar, a Witch Mother may apply it to the wounds of a Frost Witch, healing the damage done; from a mere gash, to replacing entire limbs and ligaments lost. Sabbath of Creation Witches are crafty and devious creatures, constantly devising further plans and constructions in which they might bring about the downfall of mankind. With this unscrupulous goal in mind, Witches may create powerful artifacts and weapons which embody their horrendous magic, weaving their great power into icy constructions which epitomize their wrath. Thus, by bringing a particular item to the Altar, or creating one from cursed ice with the help of a Mother, as well as a male descendant corpse, the Witches may infuse it with their power, creating a new enchantment which they may use in their battles and trickeries. Sabbath of Resurrection The Sabbath of Resurrection remains to be one of the most significant Sabbaths to be performed by the Witches. When a Witch is ripped from the realm through grotesque and deliberate means, she will not reform at the Altar as usual. With the aid of a Frost Mother and a few other Witches within the coven, this ritual may be performed to return the soul of the deceased Witch back to the living realm. Sabbath of Locking Used against Witches who often rebel against their Covens, the Sabbath of Locking essentially locked a Fjarriagua in her Banshee State, making it impossible to draw upon their magic. Unless a Mother alleviated the effects of the Sabbath, the Fjarriagua will remain like this indefinitely, still required to feed upon descendant flesh. Performing this ritual unto one of the daughters of the Coven is especially difficult mentally on the Mothers as they are sworn to protect the Frost Witches, but should a Witch pose a threat to the Coven, it is not uncommon for this Sabbath to be performed. Sabbath of Devotion The one truly selfless act of the Frost Witches and the symbol of devotion to one’s Coven to permanently dedicate oneself to the betterment of the Witches and their protection. This Sabbath aims to create new Frost Mothers when there is the lack of thereof in the community. The process in its entirety is a painful transformation with a great many sacrifices, and should the Sabbath succeed, the Witch will be reborn as a manifestation of ice. The Curse of Skjoldier The Fjarriagua, otherwise known as Frost Witches, are ruthless creatures wrought from both frost and wrath, forsaken by their lovers, and thus forsaking love itself — taking upon themselves a great oath to never more feel a true love's kiss upon their lips nor the warmth of a beloved embrace. No — they are but cruel, savage, yet cunning beings which no longer pursue empathy or joy through love, but rather feed into the coldness of their hearts, seeking to destroy the love which they had so cruelly been denied. They are like that of ice, though far more cold and wicked than any arctic snowstorm or frozen wasteland. Physical Characteristics Fjarriagua are masters of disguise and deception, having both a disguised form which they may take, as well as their unglamored or Banshee Form. Frost Witches appear as they did before they were turned, yet by no means appear like any descendant, for once they are cursed, their connection to the descendant race is severed completely. Their hair becomes white as akin to snow, and in some circumstances even gain a gentle sapphire hue to its pristine whiteness. Their flesh becomes like that of ice, taking on shades of light blue or grey, as if they had suffered from hypothermia and thus perished from it, cold to the touch. More cruel and twisted Witches, and many of them are, often find themselves to take haggish or monstrous appearances, having frazzled hair, jagged, misplaced fangs, and perhaps even twisted and elongated fingernails — far from any semblance of the word ‘maiden’. Unlike descendants, the anatomy of a Frost Witch differentiates greatly, and while Fjarriagua still maintain what would appear to be descendant internals, in actuality their internals are frozen; their blood and saliva like slush or even pure ice. As a result of their frozen nature, Fjarriguia find themselves to be ‘gifted’ immortality, protected from any effects of time and bodily degradation as a result of age, appearing as they did the day of their indoctrination into the Frost Witch Coven. Additionally, Fjarriagua do not bleed as normal descendants, as their flesh may crack under enough stress and damage, bleeding forth a cold, dark sludge which would be blood. Of course, a Frost Witch can never be shattered by this means, though it does not make their flesh any more durable than that of a regular descendant, save for perhaps very minor resistance to chipping attacks and slashes. However, along with this minor boon of flesh, comes an even greater weakness to blunt trauma, as Frost Witches who are inadequately prepared for such a harsh attack may find their bones to break somewhat more easily from things such as hammers or other blunt forces. Furthermore, Frost Witches are extremely susceptible to fire, and direct contact with it can be far more dangerous to them than it would a descendant, causing their forms to quickly melt and become rather sluggish, able to kill them as it would any descendant with direct exposure, if not only at a slightly faster rate. Mental State Fjarriagua are cunning creatures, seeking to employ any means in order to ensnare their prey and protect their Coven, whether through a tedious plot or mere brutality. They must think quickly in order to avoid situations which may expose them, as they are often hunted by the weak-willed mortals beneath them for their treacherous deeds. In the event that they are captured, the mortal may even call upon the Witch to perform a favor of their choosing in exchange for keeping the Witch’s identity a secret, albeit such a favor cannot involve any sexual favors and must only be a single courtesy of the Witch. Once this favor is successfully performed, the mortal is bound to not share the Witch’s identity. However, the curse of the Fjarriagua is truly as it is named; a curse. To completely forsake love and warmth alone as the Fjarriagua do is indeed a great struggle, let alone the harsh mental afflictions which these individuals endure. Whilst a Witch is often required to maintain a cool, level head in order to ensnare their prey, the reality of their internal struggle is actually quite disheartening. When a woman is cursed, they are plagued by numerous mental ailments such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and extreme anxiety, often leading them to bring themselves closer to their Coven for support, as they are all which can consol the Witch in her frozen misery. To the Witch, their Coven is placed above all else, seeing those within their Coven as a family which grants them the consolation and a sense of protection they fail to find anywhere else in their miserable existences. As a result, a Witch will seldom test their loyalty to the Coven, as they would not dare abandon the only thing which brings them joy otherwise, sending the Fjarriagua spiraling into madness without support from other Witches. Fjarriagua will constantly look out for their Coven, oftentimes this leading to potentially extremist means to protect their sisters, even to the point of laying down their own life to ensure their safety. This is not to say, however, that a Fjarriagua would never betray or work against their Coven under any circumstance, however, it would be incredibly unlikely for them to do so if there were no strong reason for such a treasonous and ill-willed action. Never would a mortal be able to contend the support that a Witch gains from her Coven, and while descendant females may be seen in a higher regard as to men, Fjarriagua will never see descendants as more than food or tools. As they have forsaken love, Fjarriagua lose all drive for any love or intimacy with descendants, not daring to form such a relationship with one as it would be akin to an individual having an attraction to livestock, even being considered beastility by more strict covens. While a Witch may acquire mortal allies, they are, again, no more than tools in the Witch’s plans and are never seen as equal, able to be disposed of without a second thought once they have fulfilled their purpose. Witch Feeding In order to maintain their strength and capabilities, Fjarriagua must feed, satiating both their hunger and unyielding wrath simultaneously. To achieve such a means, they must feed upon descendant men periodically, whether through a cunning hunt or a brutish and furious bloodlust. In their ravenous desire for descendant flesh, they reject all mortal food, unable to taste little more than ash no matter how extravagant the meal. Failure to quench such hunger results in madness for the Fjarriagua, sending them into a rabid spiral as they find their powers to fade from them, trapped within their Banshee form as they are forced to attack anything that comes near them, sparing no semblance of rationality as they search ravenously for a victim. If they do not meet the consumption requirements of their kind even in this state, they will soon perish, unable to be revived through any manner of magic. Abilities of the Fjarriagua Frost Witches possess a myriad of abilities inherent to them, allowing them to disguise themselves, trick, and curse descendants, whilst also inflicting suffering upon those against them. The most notable ability of Frost Witches is their dominion over ice and snow, which makes them quite formidable forces whilst in their native regions of frost, particularly when in large number. Frost Disguise (Combative / Non-Combative) A Frost Witch may use their magic to assume the form of a female descendant. Essentially, their ice flesh reshapes itself into the form of any descendant woman over the course of two emotes, the Witch alluding to the various traits a female descendant would possess, such as hair, eyes, and skin tone. The Witch may even go so far as to change their accent or embody a different race from their own, should they desire such. Of course, even their magic has its limitations, and as such, Fjarriagua cannot disguise their Witch’s Mark, their blood, nor their cold skin, making it crucial that they stay out of unnecessary trouble. While aesthetics may differentiate from witch to witch, the transformation is often seen as an ephemeral glimmer than dissipates to reveal their newfounds glamor. While in this form, they cannot cast any of their magic, though they may revert to their Banshee Form over the course of a single emote. Ice Conjuration and Manipulation (Combative / Non-Combative) By drawing upon the frost and snow around them, a Witch may use the ice in their presence to create various attacks, as well as allowing them great artistic capability amidst their own Coven. This can be anything from ice projectiles, to walls, to entire storms of snow and ice. Of course, the Witch is still limited by the terrain around her, and if there is no natural snow or ice to manipulate, the Witch must resort to conjuring her own ice, which is often far weaker in caliber than using what is around themselves. In the case of manipulating ice around themselves, they must take a single emote to establish a connection to the frost, it being much like an extension of their own forms. The amount of time it takes to form various shapes afterwards can vary depending on what they wish to shape. Projectiles can be conjured from the snow within two emotes, no larger than perhaps a moderately sized dagger, about ten inches at most; up to three of these may be conjured at once, taking an additional emote for each. Witches may conjure forth spikes which shoot upward from the ice, becoming a sort of deterring barrier or perhaps even as an attack, being no more than a meter wide and five meters long, requiring at least three emotes; the spikes are typically five or six feet in length. Alternatively, the Witch may send a stream of spikes upwards in front of the ground for up to seven meters in front of them, this also requiring three emotes. Fjarriagua can also encase themselves in a dome of ice and frost in the span of three emotes, the dome covering up to a three meter radius around the Witch in question, able to take up to four or five blunt hits. Lastly, Witches may summon forth a weapon of choice from the frost around them in the span of two emotes, whether it be a simple blade or something as a spear, having the durability of solid steel. However, should a Witch be in a far more dire circumstance where they are not in the realm of frost, they may be forced to conjure forth their own ice which they may manipulate, this being far more exhausting for the Witch. Similarly to ice manipulation, a single emote must be taken to conjure forth the ice, more time required to shape the ice depending on what they wish to shape. Projectiles can be conjured in three emote and are much smaller, only able to be up to six inches in length; up to three may be conjured, each taking an additional emote to summon. They may also choose to conjure weapons of choice from their own ice, typically in the span of three emotes due to the lack of ice, having only the durability of regular iron, and may progressively melt after a while akin to regular ice depending on the environment around it. Lastly, a Witch can conjure forth a thin layer of ice around them in three emotes, spanning in a five meter radius and causing all those around her to lose their footing if they’re not careful. From this, they may also perform an ensnaring spell in which the ice covers the feet of a single individual upon the ice in the span of two emotes, requiring two emotes of melting or blunt force to break free. Frost Cursing (Combative / Non-Combative) A sinister and devious practice of the Fjarriagua in order to toy with and torment the mortals beneath them, cursing them with various ailments which may hinder their day to day lives. These curses are applied in the span of three turns, embedding a chunk of ice within the descendant’s flesh which causes the mark or ’shape’ of the particular curse to form around the ice like a sort of tattoo, though from what appears as frostbitten flesh as opposed to ink. This chunk, and thereby the curse, may only be alleviated from painfully cutting it out of the individual’s flesh or through means of holy magic purging. Over the course of time, the curse’s potency will fade until it is completely alleviated, being intensely strong upon the first day, whilst becoming much more mild and melting away painlessly once the third day has ended. There are five curses which a Witch may be used to afflict mortals, each having a unique symbol which differentiates them from other curses, a telltale sign of the Witch’s doing. Conjure Hoarfrost (Combative / Non-Combative) Fjarriagua may conjure forth frost directly from the realm of Skjoldier known as Hoarfrost, using it in a variety of their abilities as well as coating their weapons in it. One must take two emotes to conjure this frost and envelop their weapon with it, whether this blade be any regular weapon or one conjured directly by the Witch herself via ice manipulation. Should this frost come into direct contact with the victims skin while it's on the Witch’s weapon, it will inflict painful stage two frostbite, causing — leaving the individual in great pain. Additionally, the hoarfrost shards may be expelled from the weapon as a volatile projectile with an additional emote. It appears like a slash or an arc as it travels through the air, akin to the shape of the weapon it launched from, made of a noticeable layer of hoarfrost shards. It also inflicts even greater pain upon contact, leaving minor abrasions and cuts while also acting like a regular hoarfrost when in contact with skin, leaving stage two frostbite upon contact. It quickly fizzles and dissipates once the damage is dealt while evaporating in a timely manner, similar to dry ice. Frost Coagulation (Combative / Non-Combative) By channeling hoarfrost into their wounds, a Frost Witch may seal wounds upon their form, albeit only as a temporary fix, preventing themselves from bleeding, though by no means as a substitute to a healing sabbath or a Mother’s healing abilities. This may be performed in two emotes outside of combat and three emotes in combat, filling any minor wounds of the Witch such as cuts and minor gashes as it stops bleeding, though still quite painful. This fix will only last for a short amount of time before melting away, leaving the wounds exposed again Frost Touch (Combative / Non-Combative) To be touched by a Witch is itself a great curse, for her heart and soul are just as cold as the frigid mountain winds and snowstorms of the north. By channelling their ice over the course of three emotes, a Witch may siphon the heat from an individual with direct touch, granting them a brief bout of energy as the victim’s body temperature lowers gradually over the course of this spell, as well as the resolve of their spirit. Tormented Cooking (Non-Combative) A fiendish act of the Fjarriagua designed to ensnare men perhaps more moved by their stomachs then their minds. By using various inedible mortal parts a Witch might normally discard, the Fjarriagua can instead create cursed food with far more devilish & sinister intent, inflicting various ailments upon those who consume it. Certain ingredients must be obtained in order to give it its unique and perilous effects, though the end result is far worth it for the Witch as they watch the descendant’s agony and suffering. General Witch Redlines/Guidelines The Witch Mother Witch Mothers are crucial to the Fjarriagua’s existence, looking out for their Coven and supporting them. Whilst other Witches seek to torment and consume, Witch Mothers take on a far more caring and nurturing nature. They may create powerful charms for their Coven, as well as guiding her daughters to fully maximize their abilities and protect them against the mortal world. Physical Characteristics Reborn from ice, Mothers rise from the snow in complete devotion to their Coven as a complete transformation of mind, body, and soul takes place within the Witch. This process, done commonly through the Sabbath of Devotion, ensues a dreadfully painful process for the Witch. The maiden relinquishes any ties to her Descendant form as she fully commits herself to the Coven and the aid of other Witches as reflected by her physical metamorphosis. The most significant of these changes is the quality of her skin; it would become much more hardened, the skin now becoming akin to ice, the blood that she bleeds underneath no longer holding similar properties to her once Descendant form. The blood would be quite nearly frozen and any cardiovascular rhythm would be non-existent, her breathing ceasing entirely as she is structured completely from ice. The internal bone structure of the Witch would be entirely changed, her bones structured from cursed ice, albeit weaker than the ones conjured by Mothers, and her body temperature forever a dangerously frigid temperature - more so than a regular Witch. The eyes of the Mother would forever be altered to a deep, azure hue that emits a softened glow in her Banshee form, and the color of her eyes no longer able to be disguised. Similarly, due to the distinctly frozen nature of her skin, the quality and temperature of her skin would be unable to be disguised by the Mother. These monstrous maidens of ice sacrifice physical strength for the betterment of their Witches and for a closer tie to the Coven. The main role of the Mother is to bestow the curse to other Witches, and with each curse, she gives away a chunk of her essence to another Fledgling. This process becomes apparent on the Mother, albeit immortal, a process similar to aging takes place upon the Mother. Cracks form deeply within their skin resembling deeply engraved wrinkles, and the once haughty and proud posture of the Witch would curl into a curved hunchback for the Mother over a long period of time. Despite the fragile nature of the Frost Mother, the killing of a Mother comes to be more complicated. Common blows or slashes will do little to the overall health of a Mother, although causing major pain, can be regrown at the Altar with ease. However, others means such as blunt force damage enough to cause them to shatter, or being set on fire, or means of decapitation or the crushing of their heart, the Mother will cease to exist until brought back through the Sabbath of Resurrection, which must be performed by another Mother. Mental State The mind of a Witch Mother is arguably far more conflicted than that of the regular Witch, as now they must look out for their Coven and the rest of Witch kind, as Mothers have a duty to the Fjarriagua as a whole. The Mother will inherit an undying urge to care for her Coven and other Witches, expressing her concern for Witch Kind as a whole through acts of self-giving for her people. Anxiety and Paranoia are incredibly commonplace amongst Witch Mothers, and even the slightest mention or hint of endangering Witches can lead them into a sudden frenzy, unable to bear the notion of endangering her daughters. This rage and grief is only amplified when a Witch places another in danger, whether or not of their own Coven, seeking to now punish the offending Witch. Of course, as any mother would, a Witch Mother would not hesitate to bring the Witch back into the fold if true repentance was evident. This also means that Mothers are incredibly territorial, and will not hesitate to slaughter those mortals who dare come unannounced in fear that they may perhaps inflict harm upon her precious daughters. She, more than anyone, also seeks consolation from her daughters, her stress being somewhat relieved when she is in the presence of her Coven members or offers them aid through charms or food, yet the anxious feeling will never truly extinguish. As a result, if a Mother does not have a Coven to call her own, she will fall into a great bout of depression, barely able to maintain herself or her magic. Abilities of the Mother Mothers focus themselves primarily around the support of their Coven, not often leaving the confines of their cloister unless it is to support their daughter Witches. As a result of such, Mothers often possess a wide range of utility and support abilities, allowing them to offer aid to their Witches directly or indirectly. Yet the greatest power amongst the Witch Mothers is, by far, the ability for them to curse and indoctrinate new Witches to the Coven. Mother’s Aura (Passive Combative / Non-Combative) When Witches are in the immediate presence of a Mother, they will feel a distinct sense of ease and safety, their negative thoughts and emotions temporarily subsided while within the Mother’s presence. For non-Witches, however, this gives off an unsettling and uncomfortable chill. This is a passive ability, unable to be toggled regardless of her form. Maternal Instinct (Passive Non-Combative) As a Witch Mother is a powerful wielder of Witch Magic, she possesses the innate ability to passively sense the presence of nearby Witches, even when in disguise, as well as sources of Witch Magic such as Altars or artefacts. This of course, does not allow the Mother to discern who the disguised Witch is, merely where they are standing within her vicinity. Likewise, a Mother may see through Witch illusions upon enchantments, as well as being able to recognize an Altar instantly should she be able to physically see it. Mother's Sacrifice (Non-Combative) An ability which stands testament to the devoted nature of the Mothers to their Coven, allowing them to take upon themselves the wounds of their daughters, placing their lives in jeopardy in exchange for their sisters. This great sacrifice requires five emotes to perform, this done by the Mother conjuring frost and imbedding it within the wounds of the injured Witch, before pulling the frost out of the Fjarriagua, at which their wounds heal, the other Witch absorbs the frost and takes on the wounds to herself. This is an incredibly painful process for the Mother performing the spell, as all pain and injuries are brought onto her. Mother’s Rage (Combative / Non-Combative) As any mother worries for her daughters, so too do Witch Mothers constantly face the fear that some horrible fate might befall their beloved daughters. Thus, when a Mother sees one of her daughters in great distress, her maternal instincts will rise within her, causing the Mother to burst into a great rage which empowers the Witches around her, as well as strike fear into the hearts of the mortals who dare gaze upon her might. This essentially conjures forth a great storm about the Mother, its severity depending the nature of the environment around her. Such a power is instinctual and will often be released regardless of the Mother’s wish, though she may control it if absolutely necessary. Charmcrafting (Non-Combative) Mothers may create special charms and trinkets which their daughters may use in their hunts and other activities. Oftentimes, these charms are created with the main purpose of protecting the daughters of the Coven and ensuring their safety. Moreover, the charms are used for upholding the disguises of the Witches and maintaining their anonymous identities. The beginning of the charmcrafting process takes place at the Altar with the Mother’s intent in imbuing the simple trinkets with the essence of her magic and the Altar’s power. In many cases, these charms require certain Descendant materials which determine their effects. These trinkets add to the main arsenal of the Witches and capitalize on heightening their natural abilities. Witch Cursing (Non-Combative) The greatest boon of Motherhood, and the defining ability which truly places a Mother beyond those of their other Fjarriagua — the ability to birth new Witches. This responsibility is integral to the Coven and Witch kind as a whole, as it is the duty of the Fjarriagua to further corrupt women to their cause. Upon devoting themselves completely to the Coven, Mothers gain this newfound ability and responsibility to take on new Witches under their wing and integrate them within the Coven. The initial action curse is moreso a subconscious feeling of the Mother, oftentimes when finding a maiden in a state of distress or abandoned by all other odds in the realm, a Frost Mother may feel drawn to take these damsels into their community and belonging. The curse takes hold upon the mortal woman’s soul and slowly progresses over several decades and transforms her both in mind, body, and soul. This progression is detailed in the tier progression below in more detail regarding the different stages of Witchdom. The actual process of cursing the woman is relatively simple, requiring that the Frost Mother places her hand upon the nape of the to-be Witch’s neck, releasing her hand after a few moments to reveal a small, azure ‘bruise’ left behind in the area touched. The process is rather painless, though the descendant woman would surely feel something as a chilled, gentle nip or a growing coldness down her back. From that point, the curse will begin to take hold, altering the body and mind of the Witch during the Fledgling State. Conjure Cursed Ice (Non-Combative) By imbuing ice with powerful Witch Magic while at the Altar, a Frost Mother, along with perhaps other Frost Witches, may create an ice far more durable than any frost or ice formed within the natural realm, weaving their malicious arts into the ice which they have conjured forth. This ice may be used for a variety of things; from the creation of powerful weapons to entire fortresses created from ice empowered by the will and magic of the Fjarriagua. General Mother Redlines/Guidelines Tier Progression The tier system for the Frost Witches follows the regular five tier scale, however it involves the concept of Fledglings. The tier details the progression of a Witch from a Fledgling state all the way to the full state of Witchhood and potentially Motherhood. Fledgling State This marks the beginning stage of a Witch’s conversion, should her soul and body accept such a bane upon their existence. This is when the curse first sets in, a bluish-grey bruise forming upon the woman’s nape upon the first day, feeling cold to the touch. This is also known as the Witch’s Mark. The next day, their gums will begin to ache, developing akin to baby teeth which grow into sharp and jagged teeth. Shortly after, the color of the woman’s hair will shift to a bluish white or a snow-white completely, the curse nearly having settled upon the descendant’s soul. And finally, originating at the Witch’s Mark, the woman’s skin will begin to turn a frozen grey, their shift to Witchdom now having been completed. The woman’s mental state will also begin to degrade during this stage, the descendant woman developing psychopathic tendencies towards men, regardless of their previous relation to them, as well as other mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, though are not by any means limited to just these, these effects staying with them for the rest of their existence as a Witch. The cursed woman will also tend to dissociate herself from close friends and family, preferring solitude as opposed to a more social lifestyle, assuming they had one prior. Tier One At this point, the Witch has been fully cursed, forsaking her mortality and receiving the powers of Watchdog, unable to return to who they once were. At this point, their soul is completely frozen, unable to be thawed by any holy or unholy means, their appearance now like that of a fully fledged Witch. Witches may also begin to perform their magic, such as ice manipulation, albeit weakly. The mental disabilities developed within the Witch’s Fledgling State will only worsen, leading the Witch to seclude themselves from other mortals as they are drawn closer towards their Coven. Tier Two By the time the Witch has reached Tier Two, her powers of ice and trickery have only grown, allowing her to perform greater acts of Witch Magic. The cursed woman becomes more and more attached to their Coven as well, seeing them as the only true family which they have as their disdain and contempt for Mortals grows. Tier Three Once the Witch has reached Tier Three, she has completely lost whatever would have tied her back to her mortality, her mind and body now near completely like that of a Witch in every conceivable way. Her Coven and consuming or torturing men is all that brings her joy within the world, all descendants being seen as animals and livestock beneath her. Tier Four Upon reaching Tier Four, a Witch may begin to discern their role within the Coven, their bodies and minds have been completely transitioned to that of Witchdom. Their emotional dependency upon their Coven has only grown, now seeking nothing more than to please the Coven and bring misery to the descendant mortals beneath her. Tier Five – Motherhood The Fjarriagua has chosen to go beyond being a mere Witch and ascend to Motherhood, mastered in all aspects of Witchdom yet at a great cost of their physical state. They are attached to Witchdom in every conceivable way, her mind, body, and soul not in complete service to her Coven and the rest of the Frost Witch race. Witch Death and Resurrection As the Fjarriagua are wicked creatures which the Monks of the Cloud Temple refuse to bring back, should the Witch perish, her soul will be pulled back to their Coven’s Altar instead. Once her soul has reached the Altar, the power of the Altar will cause nearby precipitation to father, creating a large fractal of ice nearby the Altar from which the Witch will emerge. However, there may be times in which a Fjarriagua dies in an exceedingly gruesome fashion, to the point where her soul is completely nearly ripped from the Material Realm, sustained only by her seething hatred and will, requiring that only the direct intervention of her Mother and sisters can bring her back. While within this state, the Witch is reduced to a phantasmal state, yet far weaker than any ghost or specter, as she cannot interact with the realm around her whatsoever, not even to speak. The only way she may alert her sisters to her presence is by returning directly to the Altar and calling out for mercy. The Mother of that Coven will then be drawn to the Altar, hearing the Witch’s faint cries for help. She may then perform the Sabbath of Resurrection along with her daughters in order to bring back the fallen Witch. Hibernation There may come a time within a Witch’s life where she must temporarily subdue her powers, whether this be because her Skygod must depart for some time, or for other reasons. Thus, in order to ensure she does not starve within her absence, the Witch must freeze herself in ice, creating a cocoon of frost and snow which completely freezes the Witch, rendering her unable to interact or be interacted with. She will remain in this state until she wakes up of her own free will, the Ice unable to be broken or destroyed so long as the Witch is within it. PURPOSE Frost Witches have been a long lasting community on LOTC, creating a unique roleplay experience for more ambitious female characters, as well as those they interacted with. Unfortunately, as time went on, more unsavory players began to trickle in, and there were multiple cases of abuse and misuses of the lore, hence why all CAs and TAs were wiped. However, with the new write, our team aimed to correct those problems, as well as add a plethora of new mechanics, abilities, and even directions which characters can chose from, as well as a more unique experience for those the Witches interact with beyond just eating men. Truly, we hope that this lore does well, and will be the last rewrite needed for such a fantastic magic and race. To a new age of Witchdom! CREDIT Me – Writer @Sorcerio – Co-Writer and LT oversight @Devdog and @ImCookiie – Spectacular Writers! @Urara – For the concept of Frost Witches and their initial guide! And to all the others who attempted to rewrite the Frost Witches prior to this write!
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