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  1. We're basically the same person 

  2. Username: Cooliomafia Group: Soul PuppetryExplain why you're fit to be the lore representative: I believe I've had the magic for a lengthy amount of time now and have been a teacher for a majority of it. I've extensive knowledge regarding the magic and assisted with redlines or discussions within the group.
  3. Username: Cooliomafia Character Name: Solan Durion Race: Wood Elf Age: 300s
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  6. You all best come to the halfling festival tomorrow :D and also I have a new character opportunity if anyone's looking to play a new, main character. 

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  13. a lesser earth evocationist. but, since he looks up to me, i'll give this novice a +1
  14. MC Name: Cooliomafia Character's Name: Rupert Peregrin Character's Age: 90 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Halfling Transformed form: Izkuthii Creator's MC Name: FlamboyantNoodle Creator's RP Name: Katari Stirling Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Izkuthiis usually appear within either their masked form or their unmasked form, each of which have their own abilities. The mask is central to an Izkuthii’s life, since if it is ever damaged, they will be unable to transform to their masked form and are stuck in their unmasked, thus restricting certain powers, that is, until they craft a new mask. The appearance for an unmasked Izkuthii is an odd faceless entity, that has a small opening for a mouth, and bizarre holes for their nose and eyes, thus making them different from their original physique. During their time while they are in this form, they have eight spectral arms that they can use to drain emotion from the victims that they capture, but are ineligible to physically attack someone with. Although, when they are in their Masked form, any appearance they wish to take on, they are able to take it, although such a facade can be torn down if they are injured, Fi magic is used, or deity wards are set. Moreover, during their time in this form they have the power to create zones in which they can manifest strong illusions. With this power, they can use this to intensify emotions before they attempt to drain them, thus allowing their drains to be much more useful. But, Izkuthii are unable to use these illusionary zones for any aggressive reasons. With draining, Izkuthii must drain biweekly, and if they do not, they are forced to PK, unless they gave reason prior due to hiatus or whatnot. Izkuthii, as stated above, have two forms, which is their Masked form, or their Unmasked form, also known as their true form. During the period that they have the mask upon their face, the Izkuthii’s powers are restricted and may only use their disguising abilities. The appearance of a masked Izkuthii would look just the same as their original form before being cursed, but of course they have their mask and a pair of spectral arms. Even during this form, they emit a certain type of energy that Izkuthii are able to sense and tell one another are Izkuthii, this also stretches over to Shamans. They will stay within this form until their mask is forcibly broken, or they willingly take off the mask. Once they do so, they enter their unmasked form, thus causing them to lose all hair, along with their ears, and take on a faceless state. Moreover, when they are in this state, their arms increase to a total of four pairs of spectral arms. When Izkuthii initially enter the family of Izkuthii, they are labeled as Fledglings, thus causing them to learn from others in order to utilize their new powers. Once a Fledgling has mastered their abilities, they ascend to the Adult rank and can continue learning about Izkuthii and begin casting the Illusionary Barrage and certain stasis effects. One step above Adult Izkuthii would be the Ancients, these are more powerful Izkuthii who are capable of creating large illusionary worlds and may even take on new Izkuthii and guide them. With the ascension to the rank of Ancient, they are more closely tied in with Veist, thus they serve him more than the other ranks. As said before, the mask of an Izkuthii is crucial to their life and is rather hard to crush or damage, but it is very much plausible. In the instance of an Izkuthii having their mask broken, they are able to create a new one, but it is extremely draining and requires a large amount of energy. Moreover, Unmasked Izkuthii have the ability to construct a certain area called the Illusionary World. The sizes vary for Illusionary Worlds, but the maximum area an Adult can make is 5x5x5, but Ancients are able to create 7x7x7 zones. With the creation of the illusionary zone, a ritual must be done as a prerequisite that needs to be at least three emotes, but once it is constructed, the Izkuthii is able to manipulate it any way they wish. With these zones, Izkuthii usually only create them in order to intensify emotions before draining. Additionally, in this zone, the Izkuthii is able to put everything inside of it into a period of stasis, which takes three emotes to prepare but lasts for ten emotes. This, again, is not used for combative purposes, but only to trap their victim in order to drain them, but any outside influence will disrupt the cast. The process of draining includes making physical contact with their victim and maintaining physical contact throughout four emotes as they completely drain their victim of emotions. Once the drain is completely finished, the being is left as an emotionless lump of skin for 15 minutes or even up to three days, but only with player consent. Furthermore, an Izkuthii may choose to target a single emotion, but it will not fill up the Izkuthii’s draining needs. During the period that they are in their Masked Form, they are able to cast illusions upon their own form, thus camouflaging themselves in anyway they wish, though it is purely an illusion. Any severe physical damage that is performed upon the camouflaged Izkuthii has the chance of breaking the illusion, even Fi magic and strong deific wards can have the same effect. The process of completely taking on a different disguise usually takes up to five emotes. Moreover, an Illusionary Barrage may be casted after focusing for three emotes, thus allowing certain illusions but they have to have some credibility and last for a brief amount of time, usually only around three emotes. As previously stated, if a Izkuthii does not feed biweekly, they are forced to PK, but if they go on hiatus they are able to put their character through hibernation, thus allowing their character to do nothing but save them from draining emotions. Finally, these creatures were originally created by Veist, later to be cursed by Glutros which gave them their need to feed on emotions. Redlines: All camouflages do not affect your actual physical form at all, it’s all illusions. They are unable to ignore contortions that may happen to their physical form. With being cursed as Izkuthii, they have to feed every two weeks or they will die, with the exception of hibernation. Ancients have the power to larger zones and can only create or disconnect Izkuthii. When Izkuthii are masked they have the ability to cast other Magic such as Voidal or Dark, but when they are Unmasked, they are unable. Lust or Love may not be manipulated by Izkuthii. Always must emote the required number of emotes for camouflaging, illusionary worlds, and stases. Illusionary World (along with any capabilities that come along with them) and the spirit arms can not be used within combat. If an Izkuthii’s mask is broken, then the illusion ends instantly. When an Izkuthii is hurt to a certain degree, or come by a strong deific ward, or are affected by Fi’ magic, their camouflage fails. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A but this will be his fifth and final magic slot. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Mhm. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yup. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A