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  1. Cooliomafia

    Peace out!

    all the love. ❤️
  2. Cooliomafia

    gab’s lm app!

    to make it clear, im the witch queen here.
  3. Cooliomafia

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    Good man.
  4. i love you ❤️

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      i love you too


  5. What is your Minecraft Account Name? Cooliomafia Do you have a Discord account? Coolio#5226 How long have you played on LotC? I joined August 13, 2012, so around 6 years ago. How many hours per day/week are you available? Probably around 1-2 hours a day minimum, depending on my schedule and school deadlines, my availability will fluctuate. What lore do you hold the most experience with? Generally I’m rather knowledgeable in numerous lore pieces, beginning with the Voidal Arts, having read the lore and interacted with nearly every Voidal Art in some shape or form, I’m very comfortable with any Voidal Magic Moderation. Moreover, in terms of Dark Magics, I’m knowledgeable in the magic of the Fjarriauga, Blood Magic, and Shade Magic, having learned all three in the past, and being rather experienced in all of them, I am most comfortable moderating those three, though have read up on and engaged with Necromancy and Mysticism as well, in less detail. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Would you be comfortable moderating it in-game? I do hold a solid grasp on the existing lore of the server, having been apart of the magic and creature community for quite a lengthy period, I’ve been exposed to and engaged with a variety of different lore both in and out of character. I’m well versed in most implemented pieces of lore, and having brushed up on any new restrictions and rules with magic, I’m easily comfortable with moderating most lore in-game. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past. In the past I’ve been an AT member, AT Manager, FM member, and MT member, when it was it’s own team. All of the teams above I left on my own accord, having been in a spot in my life in which I had no time for LotC, I was forced to take my leave, but upon having found myself with an increasing amount of free time, I’ve decided to apply to the LT. Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it. I have not.
  6. Cooliomafia

    [Pending]Toxcat's Lore Moderator Application

    im late to the party but yes this man knows it all, and it’d be a downright sin to not accept him, @FlamboyantRagefrom one emotion-sucking creature to another, this is your mans.
  7. Cooliomafia

    Maybe free character art???

    Solan is a tanned 'ame with emerald green eyes, with light brown hair, wavy and often unkempt and hanging around his shoulders. He has generally a rather slim frame, paired with a pair of brown breeches, a fainter green undershirt and a verdant robe over, all with a pair of leather black boots. He's like perpetually tired, if that's another detail you wanna add. ALSO TRINN I MISS YOU ITS BEEN TOO LONG. https://namemc.com/profile/Cooliomafia.2 is a reference!
  8. Cooliomafia

    Brummiir Ireheart

    Coolio makes a return after like a year to +1 a single post.
  9. Cooliomafia

    [Accepted] Flam's AT Application

    denied ...?
  10. If any of y'all are interested put up your apps soon. 

    1. Cooliomafia


      To the AT, that is.

  11. Cooliomafia

    [Denied]Pieman's Trial Application

    I would give this fancy font and size and whatnot, but I'm on my phone and can't be bothered. From Pie's previous work, and being his manager for a few months, he is truly a hard working individual who exceeds standards by a large amount. Although, he has recently gone into hiatus for personal problems, I've no doubt in my mind with his return he will return to his prior glory, and perhaps even improve. Good luck, Pie.
  12. Cooliomafia

    [Accepted] Alex's AT Application