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  1. i love you ❤️

    1. Abyssus


      i love you too


  2. Solan is a tanned 'ame with emerald green eyes, with light brown hair, wavy and often unkempt and hanging around his shoulders. He has generally a rather slim frame, paired with a pair of brown breeches, a fainter green undershirt and a verdant robe over, all with a pair of leather black boots. He's like perpetually tired, if that's another detail you wanna add. ALSO TRINN I MISS YOU ITS BEEN TOO LONG. https://namemc.com/profile/Cooliomafia.2 is a reference!
  3. Coolio makes a return after like a year to +1 a single post.
  4. If any of y'all are interested put up your apps soon. 

    1. Cooliomafia


      To the AT, that is.

  5. If there are any good video editors out there wishing to help the AT for a small project hit me up over forums or skype!

  6. We're basically the same person 

  7. Oi, halfling festival is going on now, come! 


  8. You all best come to the halfling festival tomorrow :D and also I have a new character opportunity if anyone's looking to play a new, main character. 

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