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  1. Cooliomafia

    [MA] Geomancy Jellal

    try me
  2. Cooliomafia

    [MA] Geomancy Jellal

    i thought i taught u better, fury
  3. Cooliomafia

    [Arcane][TA]Fury_Fire - Third one today lmao

    dafuq, i dont remember solan saying tHAT YOU CAN TEACH EARTH EVOCATION
  4. Cooliomafia

    [Accepted] Flam's AT Application

    denied ...?
  5. If any of y'all are interested put up your apps soon. 

    1. Cooliomafia


      To the AT, that is.

  6. Cooliomafia

    [Denied]Pieman's Trial Application

    I would give this fancy font and size and whatnot, but I'm on my phone and can't be bothered. From Pie's previous work, and being his manager for a few months, he is truly a hard working individual who exceeds standards by a large amount. Although, he has recently gone into hiatus for personal problems, I've no doubt in my mind with his return he will return to his prior glory, and perhaps even improve. Good luck, Pie.
  7. Cooliomafia

    [Accepted] Alex's AT Application

  8. If there are any good video editors out there wishing to help the AT for a small project hit me up over forums or skype!

  9. We're basically the same person 

  10. Cooliomafia

    Lore Representatives - 2017 Edition

    Username: Cooliomafia Group: Soul PuppetryExplain why you're fit to be the lore representative: I believe I've had the magic for a lengthy amount of time now and have been a teacher for a majority of it. I've extensive knowledge regarding the magic and assisted with redlines or discussions within the group.
  11. Oi, halfling festival is going on now, come! 


  12. You all best come to the halfling festival tomorrow :D and also I have a new character opportunity if anyone's looking to play a new, main character. 

  13. Cooliomafia

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    0/10 sorry bud
  14. Cooliomafia

    [Accepted] Parion's AT Application, Episode II

    cant tell if this is a meme or not
  15. Cooliomafia

    [✗] [Magic][Holy]Caretaker Magic (Supportive Magic)