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  1. Trebuchery

    [Denied]Z3R05T4R's Gm Application

    Highly mature and helpful player, he himself is a massive boon to the server. If he wishes to join the GM team I can't think of anyone more qualified, especially in these trying times for the staff. A very big +1 from me.
  2. Trebuchery

    Jakbenimble's Ban Appeal

    Cheers mate!
  3. Trebuchery

    Jakbenimble's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): None, nor even a message, very galling. Minecraft Name: Jakbenimble Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Allegedly alting to avoid a ban. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): None, given the nature of the ban. Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): So my brother and I started on LoTC in August 2011, on the accounts James2k and Jakbenimble respectively, he joined a week or two before I did. Over the following years he roleplayed with the Oreners and I created several accepted villains. My playtime on this server came in bursts, with long hiatuses between them. Since starting university I had little time to play on LoTC and during this break my brother got banned on his main account, for reasons I'm not fully familiar with. So after coming home for Christmas, I decided to come back to LoTC, playing for little over a day before logging in to see this ban. My brother created the alt account 'jack66586' (it should be noted that the similarity between this name and my account name is coincidental, as neither of us are actually named Jack in real life. My account name is an Oblivion reference - my real name being Peter, as any skype contacts of mine can prove - , my brother informs me that Jack was the name of his most recent RP character before his James2k acc was banned.) Numerous members of the server can attest to our seperate identities, including Zarsies, a current member of staff. Logically it wouldn't make any sense for me to have alted and created and then been banned on Jack66586 as my main account has never been banned before. (The staff member who banned me didn't even check my profile on the forums to see my account registration date to receive context first, and chose to ban on IP alone, nor did they follow with any form of communication. I hope we can rectify this mistake speedily, as I've got RP to get back to! Screenshots/Vids (Link): Just a screenshot to display the lack of profile checking prior to the ban.
  4. Trebuchery

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    OOC: MCname: Jakbenimble Skype Name: Jakbenimble-luc Villian Application Link: In progress, at the moment. and evils accepted Timezone: GMT IC Race: Human Name: Jak Age: 34 Gender: Male A brief description of yourself: Jak was the apprentice of Luc, a deceased member of the Black Hand, present back in it's glory days in Aegis. Jak is an ambitious, immoral and downright irritating thug, but is quite lethargic, at least in comparison to his old master. Magic posession? No
  5. Trebuchery

    The Syndicate [Inactive]

    (( Well, having had a look at my signature, I can happily say, this is awkward. I suppose we are inactive though. ^^ ))
  6. Trebuchery

    The Gladiants (( Official ))

  7. Trebuchery

    Apologizing For Being An Arrogant Fool

    Hear, hear! I've only ever seen Ebs as a helpful and kind member of the community. Everyone has black moods, he regrets what he's done and has apologised, In my opinion he should be given another chance.
  8. How about we make it so that if they wish to rise into the hierarchy, they must have evils x,y and z? So non-villains may hold positions of little importance but still take part.
  9. [ Ah, well I didn't know we were operating ICly yet. :P *Facedesk* ]
  10. [surprising lack of activity in our threads, :/ ]
  11. *Epic facepalm* Could you two kiss and make up? Maybe only third parties can see this but it's a rather childish debate. I expected better than this from both of you.
  12. Trebuchery

    <☼> The Society Of Illuminus Obscura <☼>

    Well I suppose I shall be the first to formally apply. Application Minecraft Name - Jakbenimble Role-Playing Name - Murmundamus ( Tully ) Race - Dark Elf In-Game Age - 608 Real Age - 16 Villain Application Link -Here you go. Role-Play Experience - Roughly four years , from WoW RP servers, to RIFT, now here. Time on the Server - I've been here since the first of August. Play Times / Time Zone - GMT Contributions You Bring to the Society - The strength of my arm, the keenness of my mind, my knowledge and my undying allegiance. Did you support out City Charter? - Yup-yup. Open-Ended Previous to this, did you follow a religion - Tully grew up following the mainstream religion, worship of the Aenguls. -If so, what made you turn - Mumundamus, a cynical, doubt-filled spirit who has long since abandoned any faith in all but himself. -Which deity did you follow - The Aenguls, Aeriel and the one who is only referred to as 'God'. Why does your character share our views - He believes that in a society where there is no worship of deities or divine powers, there will be less moral constraints and zealots. He regards others who hasve cast religion aside as the enlightened and would believe it a privilege to live amongst them, not the blind fools who worship things they cannot see. What do you wish to Accomplish - Power, wealth and ultimately knowledge, which Murmundamus believes to be the root of the other two and ultimate power. Which faith appeals most to your character - Of all the faiths that exist, Murmundamus looks with the least disdain upon Iblees Worship. He can sympathise with the poor fools who worship a being that has actually shown it's strength in the past. This, however does not mean that he considers them as anything more than the ignorant dogs they have proven themselves to be. ---End of Out of Character--- Now, you must write a letter, staging your interest towards the Society. This must be In Character. When I have received it, the reply will be as a Reply upon the forums, whether by PM or Post. ---In Character--- Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you to pledge allegiance to your cause, which I find most worthy. I am sure that you will appreciate my talents as a man of 'questionable ethics'. My name is Murmundamus, however I will forgive you however you wish to pronounce it, as it is an old name, intended for use in a language long lost. I am certain that you will value my knowledge, as I believe my mind is a veritable treasure trove of intellectual wealth, but it may be just my ego speaking. Regardless, I was never one for writing long letters, so I shall keep this brief. I am sure you have some sort of pact or oath for me to say, so I await your response eagerly. Accept me as one of your own and you will not regret it. ---End of In Character---
  13. Trebuchery

    Ban Appeal For Salmeer

    It's easy to change your pitch when speaking, that was a really poor attempt Salmeer. -1
  14. Seriously can't wait for this, we should make the charter for our city now. Any ideas for the architectural style, folks?
  15. Trebuchery

    The Purge

    Minecraft name: Jakbenimble Roleplay name (You can come disguised): Tully, but I will be going under the alias of Murmundamus. Can you wield a blade? (Sword level): I can.(67) Can you wield an axe? (Axe level): I cannot. (0) Can you shoot a bow? (Archery level): I believe I can. (30) Will you remain loyal to the cause and see the battle through? Yes, I will not rest until my raiment is tinted black by the ashes of Galahar. Will you come armed and ready? Yes, armed and armoured.