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  1. Reading over my whitelist app makes me cringe more than sour lemons.


    I'd like to think I learned a thing or two since then.

  2. [Denied]Wiseacres' Trial Gm Application

    Continues to remain light-hearted and professional despite unsavoriness! +1.
  3. Huh it's been literally years since I've made a status.

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    2. schizo™


      Isn't that nice and dandy?

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      Have you seen Game of Thrones?

    4. Ford


      Have you seen Game of Thrones?

  4. [Denied]Schizo's Application

    Minecraft name: schizoTechie Age: 19 Time zone and availability: GMT -7 [Arizona], Typically from 7-10 PM. Skype: schizotechie What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: To put it bluntly and swiftly, communication. I'm a firm believer when it comes to fluid communication up and down any 'chain of command,' especially in settings that require the cooperation of both parties, which would be those that moderate, and those that play. To those who play, we do our duties by being players, creating and populating the world that creates the demand for those who are fit to moderate, I think that demand is being met. To those who choose to stand out and give their time freely to make sure that the populace is freely able to do what they wish to do, whilst providing an environment that can provide the maximum amount of enjoyability for every player that chooses to visit the IP and log on, even as wandering souls; I too, think that this demand is being met as well. A higher avenue of communication between both parties about decisions made that will ultimately help shape how the server operates will no doubt improve the quality that we of the Lord of the Craft advertise ourselves to be. If I had my way, I would put all of my effort towards seeing that vision into a reality. What are your finest qualities?: In the collection of qualities I have, these are what I would personally deem to be my best: Professionalism, as having served many of my high school years in extracurricular activities that were paramount to my continued success in the collegiate level. This comes without question that the position I'm applying for demands a certain level of that, and of tact that must be utilized wisely. Respect, especially giving. First and foremost it is of my philosophy to treat others as I would be treated, and I've often found myself in the role of peacemaker between warring groups of people. It's a quality I've exercised consistently, and a quality I always am on the look out to improve upon. Lastly, I will cite the last of my best qualities to be accountability. I'm in positions where I work with million-dollar equipment in my main vocation, I handle both a fruitful extracurricular lifestyle alongside excellent grades through all of my school-going life. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: We are all not perfect, myself especially. These are some qualities I could definitely stand to improve upon: Organization. I'll have to admit, it's as much of a physical problem as it is a mental one, where I will become lost in a train of thought and how to make sure that information is where it needs to be for ease of access. It's one that I am fostering slowly, however, and I recognize that I am weak in that department. Confidence. It's a trait I've been working very hard to improve lately, going out of my comfort zone on multiple things both in and out of RP, especially straying out of the norm that I find myself gravititating towards every time I come back for activity. And lastly, the most notorious one: activity. I've been a very sporadic player in the past, only really being on for three months at a time due to real-life obligations. It was a regret I most decidedly take every time and it ultimately leads to me coming back and having fun on the server once more. This is eased due to a more relaxed server and my ability to dedicate a set amount of time to this position, if given to it. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: Notably the senior GMs and the Admins. I have a good expectation of what the duties are and how to best do them, but it never hurts to be able to double-check on how to best approach a scenario. Namely, those who I will look to be lead by is Kalamoot, who is the team lead. I would defer to that position's experience primarily for guidance on how to best solve problems. Other senior GMs that I would most likely ask first would include (but are most certainly not limited to) Matt, Man, and Ricky since I have the most experience talking and knowing of them OOCly. ​ Who do you not get along with on the current team?: As far as I know, I don't have any grievances with anyone on the current team. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: I have free time that ranges from at least 3-4 hours daily. College has been lax and so I can dump that much time minimum into what needs to be done. This will definitely change if there are any tests (midterms/finals, etc.) or any pressing obligation that needs to be taken care of first. If any of you have any questions about my application, you're more than welcome to send me a forum PM or my Skype, if you have it.
  5. The Order Of The Hallowed Flame

    OOC MC Name: schizoTechie Skype User: ^ IC Name: Vincent de Sola Age: 27 Race: Kaedreni Prior Merits and Service: Veteran of multiple battles and skirmishes, Master of Horse of the Lancers of Dour Watch Do you understand that as an Initiate, your actions do not represent the Order of the Hallowed Flame? Do you agree to submit yourself to the Hierarchy of the Order, and in doing such, serve with loyalty undying to both your superiors and to Owyn himself? Of course.​
  6. [Complete]Selling Brewing Rack

    A crude, piece of paper is placed directly underneath the notice. "Interested in buying the brewing rack out, if it's still available. Would be willing to meet to discuss the transaction - Skyler (schizoTechie)."
  7. Emenzi's Gm Application.

    Cool guy Emenzi. +1
  8. Is this thing on. No? Okay.

  9. What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: - schizoTechie What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?:- xxthirteen Do you agree to follow the rules on your new account?: Of course! You understand you can not be on both of these accounts at once?: Yup. You understand that if one account is banned, so will the other(s)?: Understood. In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. What’s your character called?: - Alexa Moriko. 'Alex' for short, if pleasantries are your cup of tea. What race are they (and sub-race)?: - Human! And consequently, of Northener descent. What sex are they?: - Female! How old are they?: - 21 years of age thus far. Give us a brief description of their life - their story, childhood, family: - It's only right that I sum up what's happened thus far, huh? Lots of things can change in a blink of an eye. Swing of a blade, axe, whatever weapon of destruction others choose to wage. Myself included. I've seen quite a bit up to now. I've always been alone, for the lack of a better word. Orphaned, is what you'd refer to me as? Sounds more like it. Never knew my blood parents, nor do I care to find out. The two that did take me in were kindly folk, and they're my parents, come what may. We lived out in a little old hamlet. Anthos is pretty nice in that respect, where villages seem to just be all over the place for us humans. Anyway. As a little one I got bored. Curious. Boots itched for the open road, the like. I wanted to be the one to go out to the forest and reset the traps. Watch for the caravans. I just wanted to see more. Got my wish rightly enough, and like a bird freed from a cage I wandered. This was at about five years ago, I'd say, I started to get my bearings in the world. And Anthos is home to a lot more than a little hamlet in the middle of nowhere. A lot more curious. More things to learn, and even though I've just learned this to be common fact - I only had so many years in my life - I wanted to spend the most of them learning, exploring, doing what I can. Maybe come home every once in a while. Then again, when you're a vagabond like me, home seems to be the next inn coming up, or the open road that lays ahead. Not that I'm complaining. What are they like (personality)?: - Observant, keen, studious. Not having a lot to see back at home set the stage for her to take in as much of other cultures as much as possible, especially what it's like to be immersed in more condensed townships. Ambitious, too, she can't help but dream about what adventure she'd stumble upon next. What are their ambitions?: - You say it, so much as mention a local folk tale, and she'll investigate it. She's up for tackling the unknown, facing frontiers, and the like. She'd like to be a part of a notable expedition somewhere, far, far away, fraught with danger. Snag a few treasures along the way. But the journey's worth far more than the destination to this one. Do they have any special skills?: - Not necessarily! She's rough around the edges, growing up agriculturally. She has a rudimentary knowledge of working with lumber, as well as how to farm. Cooking, on the other hand, is a skill she seems to have down rather well. Nothing too out of the ordinary can come from a little backwoods hamlet, after all. What are their weaknesses?: - She is naive to a major fault. Rather gullible, too, actually, overly curious to the point of somewhat able to being deceived. Funnily enough, she's strayed enough so that she hasn't run into any of those situations, but she can only press her luck so far. Her wanderlust is also something to be reckoned with -- now that she's tasted the open roads, she'll have a hard time staying put in one place. Give us a description of how they look (not a screenshot yet!)?: - Long, flowing, unkempt brown hair. Light gray-blue eyes, almost always open to catch the next interesting thing that would happen upon her line of sight. Somewhat tall, toned and relatively athletic from all of her endeavors thus far. Outward clothing of choice borders on practicality over luxury, as she's a seasoned traveler, choosing the cowl and coat over something meant for indoorsy types. Anything else you want to say about them?: - She's in it for the experience, not the destination. She's also relatively agreeable, and she's willing to sit down and share a story or two, should the other parties be willing to listen to her. She'd love to hear of more foreign tales, too, especially ones that condone and promote heroism. Not that she's looking to be one herself. Please give us a screenshot of your character’s skin: -
  10. calmly waiting for vip to go through so I can log in