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  1. Warclaim Information

    Joined the war server and lost all my inventory except some potatoes. rip.
  2. Even in a fantasy world I end up working retail .-.

  3. AmK's Graphic Shop

    I guess, depends what you got to trade and what for, best way to see is send me your offer.
  4. AmK's Graphic Shop

    What I offer: Coat of arms, maps, other similar graphics Prices: Simple coat of arms (just the shield) - 300 minas Full coat of arms (shield, supporters, motto, etc.) - 800 minas Maps - 1000 minas (can be debated depending on how complex the map is. ie. just a region would be much less than all of Axios) Other things - Inquire about Best way to contact me: My skype, austin_katz Some examples of what I've done (Do note some of these things I never quite finished) Maps Coat of Arms Other Stuff
  5. Another Map of Axios

    @Patu/SaintPaint thanks for the correction @NotEvilAtAll where is Pendlemere at? Santegia has no relation to Oren
  6. Another Map of Axios

    If you see something missing or wrong, please point it out! It's in no way perfect or all encompassing.
  7. The First Drafting of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Penned by Joren Hanethor, c. 1630 The Margrivate of Rothswald His Majesty the King Otto II of Hanseti and Ruska The Duchy of Carnatia His Grace the 12th Duke of Carnatia, Sergius III of House Kovachev The Castallenry of Jorenstadt Ser Joren Baruch The Margravate of Vasiland The Most Honorable 3rd Margrave of Vasiland, Peter Francis of House Vanir The County of Ayr The Right Honorable 3rd Count of Ayr, Otto Marius of House Baruch The County of Metterden The Right Honorable 8th Count of Metterden, Vladrick of House Rutherm
  8. ================== The Chronicles of the Almannir The History and Tales of the Almannir People From Aegis to Axios 1st Edition ================== Compiled by Joren Hanethor, 1624 Prologue The history of the Almannir people stretch over several centuries of recorded knowledge, some of which is fact, some mere legends. The writings in this book are a compilation of all known written records of that history as well as my own supplements to fill in for details that may have been forgotten over the years. Our history begins with the Book of Tales, another compilation of tales and histories of the tribal Almannir whose time predated the Kingdom of Oren by an unknown amount of centuries. Its original authors are not known but it was translated by Novtorn Stonefire and Isovar Kurben, a bastard of Galtor I. Stafyr, from the language Rivacheg. It tells of the origin of the Almannir people and the fate of the tribes that scattered throughout the land of Aegis. Following the Book of Tales is an account of the history of House Stafyr, starting with Beorn Stafyr, the first Almannir to take the family name, and following the house all the way up to the modern day. This account of the history was taken from records kept by the Canonist Church and like the Book of Tales the author(s) of the account have been lost to time. Afterwards I have included biographies about some of the most important Stafyrs: Saint Godwein, Farley II and Edmund written by my father Berenden. Lastly is my brother’s writings on the history of my family, the Hanethors, descendents of Farley II himself. It’s important to remember while reading this chronicle that not everything included is reliable. Nothing written about the tribal Almannir can be known to have happened for certain and some of it in fact contradicts known human history. Even the modern history of the House of Stafyr is written from personal accounts and may not tell the whole truth. The Book of Tales House Stafyr “Law, Honor, Loyalty” Chronicles of the Late Lord Farley the second of his name, Lord of Stafyr, Count of Schattenburg, Privy Seal of the Holy Kingdom of Oren and Warden of the South Chronicles of the late Saint Godwein “ The Honest” the first of his name, Lord of Stafyr, Marquis of Schattenburg, Baron of Feldkirch, Baron of Huntshill,, Lord Privy Seal, Lord High Treasurer, The Patron saint of Honesty, Woodworkers, Fungi and Skin Afflictions Chronicles of Edmund the first of his name, Lord of Stafyr, Marquis of Schattenburg, Baron of Feldkirch, Knight Commander of Renatus, Noble Ser of the Order of the Lion and Lord Privy Seal of the First Holy Orenian Empire. The Hanethor Line OOC notes
  9. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Will there be FT? There was none in Anthos and I hope that it goes back to that way.
  10. please update the dynmap

  11. Znaga for Zale (Slave for Sale)

    "For feck's sake Darion." Says his disgruntled brother.
  12. [Denied]Z3R05T4R's Gm Application

    Where to start.. Nearly three years ago now, Z3r0 was one of the first people I met on the server. After a month of wandering aimlessly around Asulon as any noob would, he took me under his wing and allowed me to play a Stafyr despite being completely unfamiliar with how to roleplay or any of the workings of the server. He somehow tolerated the horribly childish kid I was back then while I found my first group to join on the server and learned how the server worked and how to roleplay. The same generosity and tolerance he showed me he gave to others, giving new players a place to start on LotC where they could get familiar to the server and not lose interest from being lost (players that are still around, Kralek and _proddy_ to name two). He has shown himself to be a good worker in his time as a part of the AT and MT and as a good moderator as a part of the FM and has the dedication to be just as good of a GM as anything else he's been. There are hardly any other players that can claim to be nearly as level headed and calm as he is in any situation. The worst I have ever seen him at was after a corrupt chunk deleted half of a keep he had almost finished working on, but even then didn't dwell on it and stayed calm. After knowing him for almost 3 years, I can confidently say that I believe no other player who has a GM app is anywhere as qualified to be accepted as he is. He is calm, tolerant of others, and a dedicated worker. I can truly think of no negative traits of his, and not just because he is a friend. A definite +1. If there were only one person to go through a trial next, he would be the best choice for the spot.
  13. Human Events

    I found Aetosion's 'Relics of Ages Past' more fun than I have other events. He didn't do anything himself save hide the items but I've had more memorable rp and character development through the item that I found than common events like PvE or event characters. PvE and event characters are fun too but most of the time it becomes just another experience once the event's finished unlike event items or events that have an impact on a character(visions of saints, permanent physical conditions, etc).
  14. [Recruiting] The Winterguard

    Accepted. Report to Kaldonia for uniform and bunking.