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  1. AmK

    A Map of Arcas

  2. AmK

    A Map of Arcas

    A Map of Arcas Feel free to use it in any RP posts that you might need it for. It might not be completely accurate, I’m not omniscient. If there’s anything you want me to correct (like names of the cities I might have missed), you can shoot me a PM. Same as if you want your charter to be featured on there. I can’t keep up with them all myself. And I won’t be including any of the freebuilds. Charters and nations only.
  3. AmK

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: AlligatorBait IC Name: Nikolas Flynn Stafyr Residancy/ Street name, number: Stafyr Manor Class/ Title: Noble/Squire
  4. AmK

    The Empire of Man, c. 1679

    Thanks for all the compliments and feedback/corrections. I use Photoshop cs6 and Campaign Cartographer 3. Photoshop for the land, water, borders, and labels, and CC 3 for the buildings, trees, and mountains. A lot of it is messing around with different techniques to get new looks and improve upon with. Here's an album of other completed maps I've done and how my style changed with each one as I tried new things. And for each one of those, there's a half dozen incomplete ones that I discarded because I didn't like what I was trying in them.
  5. AmK

    The Empire of Man, c. 1679

    probably not tbh, unless I'm active then.
  6. Even in a fantasy world I end up working retail .-.

  7. AmK

    6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Will there be FT? There was none in Anthos and I hope that it goes back to that way.
  8. AmK

    please update the dynmap

  9. AmK

    Znaga for Zale (Slave for Sale)

    "For feck's sake Darion." Says his disgruntled brother.
  10. AmK

    [Denied]Z3R05T4R's Gm Application

    Where to start.. Nearly three years ago now, Z3r0 was one of the first people I met on the server. After a month of wandering aimlessly around Asulon as any noob would, he took me under his wing and allowed me to play a Stafyr despite being completely unfamiliar with how to roleplay or any of the workings of the server. He somehow tolerated the horribly childish kid I was back then while I found my first group to join on the server and learned how the server worked and how to roleplay. The same generosity and tolerance he showed me he gave to others, giving new players a place to start on LotC where they could get familiar to the server and not lose interest from being lost (players that are still around, Kralek and _proddy_ to name two). He has shown himself to be a good worker in his time as a part of the AT and MT and as a good moderator as a part of the FM and has the dedication to be just as good of a GM as anything else he's been. There are hardly any other players that can claim to be nearly as level headed and calm as he is in any situation. The worst I have ever seen him at was after a corrupt chunk deleted half of a keep he had almost finished working on, but even then didn't dwell on it and stayed calm. After knowing him for almost 3 years, I can confidently say that I believe no other player who has a GM app is anywhere as qualified to be accepted as he is. He is calm, tolerant of others, and a dedicated worker. I can truly think of no negative traits of his, and not just because he is a friend. A definite +1. If there were only one person to go through a trial next, he would be the best choice for the spot.
  11. AmK

    [Recruiting] The Winterguard

    Accepted. Report to Kaldonia for uniform and bunking.
  12. AmK

    [Recruiting] The Winterguard

    Accepted. Report to Kaldonia for uniform and bunking.