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  1. Oops, after a quick check in the code there is an error with the biomes, should be patched next time one of the devs uploads the patched version. The eating raw fish stack patch should also be fixed.
  2. bye

    Don't forget to practice your LoL skills
  3. At the current point most fish do nothing other than being normal fish. Although out of like 30 variants there are 4 that are different. I was afraid of anything being to pvp orientated.
  4. I can change rarities and effects of fish, though I toned down on much of everything for the first implementation of this plugin. Each fish has custom name and and an invisible tag (that cant be changed) but as of now most are just vanilla fish. BTW I should have told Sporadic to include this in the notes but all fish need to cooked otherwise you'll get Hunger debuff. Also there are other drops as well.
  5. A magic plugin might be around the corner, you never know....
  6. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    Ooc reasons and little to no repercussions (assuming you know you have superior numbers) means there is no single way to manage wars. There's no grand strategy or global diplomacy. This is a problem that in the end can never be solved so long as people operate in shady ooc deals which we know are never going away. Edit.(I'm not inferring all wars are ooc)
  7. A-Team is the best team, and I'm not talking about the bloody app team.

  8. Tahmas' MT Application

    About all of the comments posted are literally people either saying they love or hate Thomas. This shouldn't be a popularity contest, let Flamboyant and the team decide by themselves (unless care about image that much), unless you have meaningful stuff to say about how Thomas could impact the team stop judging. I guess people won't care about this post and the point is pretty obvious but **** happens in peoples lives so deal with whatever happens. Also I remain neutral on an opinion.
  9. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Damn cloaked, you're not as white as I imagined.
  10. Bring /spooky back

    We have a workaround for the Eula, this is one of the things I've been working on recently. Should expect the command to come back soon.
  11. hi my bias dev how are you? please add magic plugin <3

  12. Do you even RP?

    1. Harold


      i'll have you know we are rping now

    2. Aeldrin
  13. [Denied]Haintrain GM App

    Would like to self-deny