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Found 11 results

  1. Ancient House Frey https://open.spotify.com/track/4TVtXw28cKW0qT8aNM2ODh?si=mpztXve2T86_FUkK8gIbkQ Sapientia Igni Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!” “Our blood will live on through our work. Mindless are the warriors, Gods are the one with talent.“ Ancient House Frey Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!”
  2. Looking for a House to join? Aye! If you are new to the server and want to connect with other players, bonding together... helping each other out. You are free to message me on discord to join our House, currently it has two members... Not a lot tbh, but we are rather new... It's located in Oren, and we accept only players from there. There's no restrictions on the age, gender of your character... You could be sibling/cousin/uncle, but you have to be a heartlander or at least from the human race.... Discord: Valecius#5323 ^^ Current Family Tree
  3. HOUSE TELEMNAR A Comprehensive Guide, by Olórin Telemnar. Seed. 12th of the Deep Cold, 02 SA ~Introduction~ The House of Telemnar is a noble family of sea elves whose roots trace back to the firstborn son of Malin, Sylvaen Everflame. They claim their elder descent through the bloodline of Telemnar Sylvaeri, an esteemed mariner of the ancient world and custodian of the high seas. In the present age, they have established their home within the Princedom of Elvenesse. ~Ancient History~ In years of yore,
  4. The Varygian Order Vallmen of House Vallberg Ranks Chief Commander The commander of the band, leads and manages the band of soldiers. Officer Leads as a squadron and is responsible for it's management, carries out the Commander's orders to the team. Varygian Huskarl The elite guardian, training to protect it's subject at full effort. The Huskarl was adopted from the pagan nords, using a large battleaxe as primary weapon. These elite guards are expected to be large and bulky men, and brutes when it comes to fightin
  5. Hey so I'm playing Lord of the craft a lot lately but I don't know how to get Minas/Money in game or even a job. I'm probably just a huge noob and the answer is literally easy to figure out but... I spent most of my money on stuff I needed like food etc.. and now I'm basically asing or looking in chests (that are labeled Free food) to get it. Can you help me with that? Also, I've asked around about how to get a residence in Lauren'lin, people say find so and so and he/she will set you a home. but I don't know who that is.. Plus with the mina thing I don't think that I would be
  6. *Posters and letters are placed throughout the Kingdom of Oren as well spread throughout the cloud temple.* *The red hound of House Briarwood is stamped on the fine piece of parchment* Let it be known. As of late, recent murmurs of a powerful enchantment has been on the lips of every man, woman, and child. There have been a multitude of discussions based around how said enchantment came to be, and whether or not it is a hoax cooked up in a mischievous enchanter’s basement, which in all honesty appears to be a more reasonable story. While no answer will be provided concerning t
  7. Character Name: Thórvárd Faoláin (Nym'rakkoreak Vala'rusiak Nicknames: Nym, Goofy, The heartless Adunian Age: 34 (245) Gender: Male Race: Adunian (Wood-elf) Status: Revengeful; Bloodthirsty; Fighting, Leading is house, Keeping his family close Description Height: 6f5" Weight: 210 pounds Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Grey Hair: Short sides, long fringe and top hair Skin: Tanned slightly, other wise quite pale Markings/Tattoos: Arms covered in tattoos all look Celtic like, on the right side of his head he has the tattoo of an eagle to represent his freedom.
  8. Character Name Nicknames: Uncle, Raz, Razraz, Razzers, Raz-Berry, Ray, Rayray, R, Age: 22 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive Description Height: 6'3 Weight: 159 lbs Body Type: Average Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Skin: Caucasian Markings/Tattoos: An eagle branded on his chest. Health: Healthy Personality: Varies, Raziel tends to keep to himself, and rarely smiles. Inventory: Rapier, Further Details: Raziel is missing both of his ring fingers, and his right eye. Raziel always wears a black eye patch, unless somebody forcibly takes it off... Life Style Alignment*: None Deity*: Setherien Religi
  9. The Claxdons: House Claxdon is the House lead by His Lord Earl Matthew Claxdon the first of his name. His sister, Lucia Claxdon, also helps to run the House and serves as Lord Commander. His Brother, Lord Giovanni Claxdon, Also helps with the Military and helps run the House. *Criers are out in the major cities, they wear tunics with the Claxdon sigil on it. They speak out the following message. “The Lords of House Claxdon ask for men who are willing to fight for them! To serve and protect and to live under the Lords. The Lords promise to be fair and just in return for their peop
  10. House Flay “Blood for Coin!” House History Following his return after 20 years of exile, August Flay - Lord of House Flay - reformed his renowned household with the blessing of the Emperor Godfrey in the Holy Oren Empire. Unfortunately for him, much had changed in the decades of his disappearance, and the paramountcy he once enjoyed in Oren politics was a thing of the past. New powers ruled in Oren. Unwilling to face the fact that his power had long since waned, August Flay allied himself with the Teutonic Order and challenged the Order of the White Rose; a
  11. The Kilburn watch serves House Green as Bannermen, protecting the County of Kilburn and overall the Duchy of Corazon. Brief Backround: The Kilburn Watch is a Guard Force Reformed from the old Bannermen Guardforce "The Emrald Rangers", This reform was brought up between the Heads of the Bannermen Codrik Green, Coltius Green, and Vaclav Pascal. The Guardforce take an oath to serve House Green and their Interests, which is protecting the local lands and the County of Kilburn, and in times need the Duchy of Corazon. The Kilburn Watch are trained in weapons that each soldier
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