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Found 6 results

  1. [Recruiting] The Varygian Order

    The Varygian Order Vallmen of House Vallberg Ranks Chief Commander The commander of the band, leads and manages the band of soldiers. Officer Leads as a squadron and is responsible for it's management, carries out the Commander's orders to the team. Varygian Huskarl The elite guardian, training to protect it's subject at full effort. The Huskarl was adopted from the pagan nords, using a large battleaxe as primary weapon. These elite guards are expected to be large and bulky men, and brutes when it comes to fighting. Varygian Lancer The Lancers are the mounted soldiers, the cavalry of the Order. Horsemen who serve on similar duties as a footman but given their own horse and special gear to fit mounted combat. As a group the cavalry represents the shock troop on the battlefield. Varygian footman Standard infantry soldiers, preforming the standard duties of the order. Recruit The newest members of the Order, to be taught and trained to become proper Varygian soldiers. Application
  2. Minas and Houses

    Hey so I'm playing Lord of the craft a lot lately but I don't know how to get Minas/Money in game or even a job. I'm probably just a huge noob and the answer is literally easy to figure out but... I spent most of my money on stuff I needed like food etc.. and now I'm basically asing or looking in chests (that are labeled Free food) to get it. Can you help me with that? Also, I've asked around about how to get a residence in Lauren'lin, people say find so and so and he/she will set you a home. but I don't know who that is.. Plus with the mina thing I don't think that I would be able to own a home there because I can't get minas to pay for it....... Sorry if this was in the wrong topic, I looked and couldn't find anything related to this. thanks for helping if you can! Love Lord of the Craft!
  3. *Posters and letters are placed throughout the Kingdom of Oren as well spread throughout the cloud temple.* *The red hound of House Briarwood is stamped on the fine piece of parchment* Let it be known. As of late, recent murmurs of a powerful enchantment has been on the lips of every man, woman, and child. There have been a multitude of discussions based around how said enchantment came to be, and whether or not it is a hoax cooked up in a mischievous enchanter’s basement, which in all honesty appears to be a more reasonable story. While no answer will be provided concerning the origins of said mystical rune, this missive has been penned to alert the masses that, the rumors are true. Those who work in service of House Briarwood have indeed unearthed the method of producing mystical armor. As to how a man of considerable wealth might gain such a piece of work, this missive serves as a means of acquiring the enchantment. For the price of one thousand five hundred minas, a book bound with the rune’s power may be purchased. For the price of one thousand and nine hundred minas, a prodigal crafted helm imbued with the rune’s power may be purchased. For the price of one thousand nine hundred and thirty minas, a prodigal crafted chestplate also imbued with the rune’s power may be purchased. For the price of one thousand nine hundred and twenty minas, a prodigal crafted set of leggings may be purchased, containing the same runic power. For the price of one thousand eight hundred and ninety minas, a prodigal crafted set of armored boots can also be purchased. For an order of an entire suit of armor, of course also imbued with said mystical enchantments, the price comes to a total of five thousand minas. In addition, holding the tradition of merchants dear, all prices can be arranged to be negotiated through a letter to Griffith Briarwood. (Lynxy) OOC Note:
  4. Thórvárdr Faoláin

    Character Name: Thórvárd Faoláin (Nym'rakkoreak Vala'rusiak Nicknames: Nym, Goofy, The heartless Adunian Age: 34 (245) Gender: Male Race: Adunian (Wood-elf) Status: Revengeful; Bloodthirsty; Fighting, Leading is house, Keeping his family close Description Height: 6f5" Weight: 210 pounds Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Grey Hair: Short sides, long fringe and top hair Skin: Tanned slightly, other wise quite pale Markings/Tattoos: Arms covered in tattoos all look Celtic like, on the right side of his head he has the tattoo of an eagle to represent his freedom. Health: Healthy Personality: Heartless; Kind to the right people, will do anything to protect his family, if anyone were to threaten them, he would make sure they were dead before they left the room. Inventory: Sometimes carries a longbow with a wolf pelt quiver, containing 24 bodkin tipped arrows, normally carries three axes, two made from crucible steel by Nels Verian, has a round shield upon his back normally. Further Details: It is hard for him to trust someone, but once he does he will die for them to make sure that they are safe and well. Extremely loyal to his close friends, hates his past and being called Nym by none friends. He only gives the right to close friends. Life Style Alignment*: Neutral-evil Religion: None Alliance/Nation/Home: Alras Job/Class: Mercenary/soldier, Wealthy Title(s): Ex Adunian ranger, ex Golden Lance Wrymstalker, ex-Knight of Oren Profession(s): Lord of his House, guard/soldier Special Skill(s): Able with his axes good with a bow, has adrenaline rush which causes him to go out of hand and unable to control his emotions, will most likely hurt friends if this comes out of hand. Flaw(s): He has many flaws, he has really bad anger issues, his family, his emotions, love-life, trust, was enslaved before any slave will cause him to go into depression and remember his past. Adrenaline rush can sometimes go out of hand. Could cause him depression. Weaponry Fighting Style: Right foot placed forward, his body turned to the left, his left foot behind, leant forward slightly, his shield held up to his chest area, his axe kept below his hip, able to move in most directions and can charge when needed. Will sometimes use the power of his shield to be used as a wall and charge at someone in the attempt to knock them to the ground. Sometimes will also shield bash using the centre of his shield, which holds a steel centre piece used for shield-bashing. Archery stance: His right foot again placed infront of left, leaning forward, the stem of his bow held in his left hand, giving a hand-shake grip around the handle, draws to the end of his chin, his elbow lifted, two-fingers holding the arrow and string. Trained Weapon[s]: Longbow, longsword, shortsword, greatsword, Hand-axe. Favored Weapon: Hand-axe and round-shield Archery: His archery is what he may be best at, though is long forgotten, only for used when hunting. Biography Parents: Deceased Siblings: His 'Brother' Ventios (Not brothers by blood, but by choice) Children: Three, Julia, Glawion and Lothaire, his adopted son. Extended Family: None Pet(s): Used to have a Dire-wolf as a companion Currently no character art, anyone willing to do some please pm me, would be generous and greatly accepted, cheers :P
  5. Raziel Acosta

    Character Name Nicknames: Uncle, Raz, Razraz, Razzers, Raz-Berry, Ray, Rayray, R, Age: 22 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive Description Height: 6'3 Weight: 159 lbs Body Type: Average Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Skin: Caucasian Markings/Tattoos: An eagle branded on his chest. Health: Healthy Personality: Varies, Raziel tends to keep to himself, and rarely smiles. Inventory: Rapier, Further Details: Raziel is missing both of his ring fingers, and his right eye. Raziel always wears a black eye patch, unless somebody forcibly takes it off... Life Style Alignment*: None Deity*: Setherien Religion: Setherien Alliance/Nation/Home: Abresi, soon to be in the Conclave of Malin Job/Class: N/A Title(s): "Glaciem" as a nickname Profession(s): Reading and writing, sewing Special Skill(s): Sword play, sewing Flaw(s): Can sometimes be stubborn, or rash, and again, he's usually a rather quiet but angry person. Magic Current Status: Hydromancer Arch-type: Sub-Type: Rank: Tier 2 Weakness(es): Currently very weak at it, never uses it in combat, and is still practicing. Strength(s): N/A Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Defensive Trained Weapon[s]: Swords / Some in Axes Favored Weapon: Rapier Archery: No Biography Parents: Chanelle & Atticus Acosta Siblings: Kreleniel, Dawn, Rivenza, Crineas, Elogan, Asira, Mythras Children: Eren (Adopted) Extended Family: Lili (Niece), Nyx (Niece), Ituri (Niece), Henry (Nephew), Melody (Niece), (This is where he gets the nickname "Uncle" from) Pet(s): N/A History Raziel is a charming human being, or at least tries to be. He is preferably tall for a human, standing at 6’3 with brown hair. Raziel prefers to pick up books and mugs, more than he does swords and armor. He may not like fighting, but years of fencing with his brother, Crineas, made him quite lethal with his Rapier. He can usually be found with his face in a book, and he can be rash and anti-social at times with his short temper. He usually always throws a conniption when people pick on his few, but dear, friends. (Sorry for being very brief) Artwork
  6. The Kilburn Watch

    The Kilburn watch serves House Green as Bannermen, protecting the County of Kilburn and overall the Duchy of Corazon. Brief Backround: The Kilburn Watch is a Guard Force Reformed from the old Bannermen Guardforce "The Emrald Rangers", This reform was brought up between the Heads of the Bannermen Codrik Green, Coltius Green, and Vaclav Pascal. The Guardforce take an oath to serve House Green and their Interests, which is protecting the local lands and the County of Kilburn, and in times need the Duchy of Corazon. The Kilburn Watch are trained in weapons that each soldier specialize in, Swords, Bows, Crossbows. They are given Armour, Homage, Food, and storage for their trade of loyalty. The Kilburn Watch currently is Held and Ran by Commander Vaclav Pascal, and each soldier under his commander stand guard over the County, Keeping peace within the Duchy of Corazon, and serving House Green. History on the Emerald Rangers: The Emerald Rangers are the Guard-force of House Green and their lands. They’re a group of men and women who’ve pledged themselves to the protection of the people and lands of Green County, and the surrounding roads. The Rangers were created during the time when the Greens ruled the Island Nation of Empyreal; they were constructed to protect Stonedar, and later the city of D’hara. Joshua Green had trained the New-bloods with ranged weaponry, which quickly became the favorite of the Rangers, and was half due to their name. Joshua had stepped down as Overseer of the Rangers, and had placed the task of maintaining them to Codrik, Adams first-born; due to his many years of service under Codrik, Hadrian Odiare was made a Knight of House Green, and is now given control over the Rangers. Now stationed in the town of Baile, in Green County; Hadrian is set on turning the Emerald Rangers into finest archers in Oren. Joining: Joing the Kilburn Watch grants you a number of benefits. For your oath and loyalty we will see that you are Homaged, Fed, and have a place for your own storage, We will house you like a Brother, and you will be treated like such among our ranks. We are always looking for new members to join the Watch to serve House Green and protect the County of Kilburn and the Duchy of Corazon. Ranks of the Kilburn Watch: Commander: 120 The Head of the Watch, controls all of the Watch under orders of the lord of House Green. Captain: 100 Mina Pay Men of High Position who devoted their time and loyalty to the Watch, commanded by the Commander Only. Lieutenant: 50 Mina Pay Ranking Officer of the Watch, Able to command their own squads. Watchmen: 20 Mina Pay These are men who devoted their loyaty to the Watch, earning a higher rank and pay. New Blood: No Pay ​A new member of the Watch, you will go through training before you receive any kind of pay, taking your Oath to House Green. Uniforms: New Blood Guardsmen - Watchmen Lieutenant-Commander ((Right click then Press "Save Image as..", and apply the skin over your original skin. editing is allowed in minor spots, such as no hood. Please Make sure to grab the right Uniform)) Application: ((This Application is in Character, Please write it as you would RPly, If you put in an Application with out meeting in Game Please RP it as a Bird.)) ((Mc name:)) ((Skype[You will be Added to the Chat]:)) ((Got Teamspeak?:)) Name: Race: Age: Brief description of yourself: Other Guilds/Forces you Served: Other skills: Any other info: Oath: I [RP name] will serve House Green and their interests until the day I die or relieved of duty by the Lord of House Green or the Commander them selves.