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About Me

About me: Hey, my name is James. I've been playing an Irongut Dwarf/Ascended character as my main since Aegis/Asulon, and have played a high elf as my side character since Elysium, the temp map after Asulon. Some of my favorite interests are reading, writing, Dungeons and Dragons, LARP, and anime. I try to be generally kind to everyone, so if I come off as rude I'm probably just joking around. I currently enjoy writing lore and I have written lore for roleplay servers in the past. I hope to learn to code in the future as I wish to get into making video games and software development/computer engineering after graduation from High School. I hope I get to roleplay with whomever is reading this in the future!


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My favorite stuff:



Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Series

Septimus Heap Series

Percy Jackson Series

Beyonders Series

Star Wars light novels

Game of Thrones



Dungeons and Dragons: Pathfinder-3.5-4.0-5.0

Warhammer Fantasy


Star Wars Sagas

Dystopia Rising

Dark Heresy


Mutants and Masterminds 3.0



Sword Art Online

Dragon Ball Series

Samurai Champloo

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Spice and Wolf

Future Diary






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