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  1. Thanks for the advice, it's very helpful. My goal right now is to amass enough hooks, so that my party can do virtually whatever they want, and I can just roll with it. I like the idea of presenting an open book to problem solving. My most satisfying moments as a character have all been from figuring out something on my own, and getting innovative with spells or other means. How do you go about making hooks serve a larger narrative? I dont want to railroad my party on a larger quest without giving them room to explore. I also dont want a series of meaningless mini plots that only serve to keep them busy? Maybe I just turn smaller hooks into full fledged plots if I find they are investing in it?
  2. l at this moment. The perfectionist! Forgot about that guy! Used to terrorize us in Salvus. Also decided I'm going to run with the bohra, I think that's a good plot device. Do you or anyone remember Dokahns character The Lion? That guy was badass, I am totally gonna add him in.
  3. I'm just taking the source material and moulding it to a campaign. Pre exodus anthos is the setting, white rose as a possible antagonist. The empire will still be unified under Godfrey. Does king Heinrik approve? @BrandNewKitten Thanks for all the lore, I want the over arching story to do with the return of iblees in some capacity. Ideally, while they waste time squabbling in inter race politics, the real menace grows in the north. So everything GoT should have been ?. I was on the ET during the antagonist events but I forgot most of the lore, that's super helpful to have. As for magic in the world, I gotta take some creative license because I want it to play like a traditional dnd game. Magic wont be abundant, but every kingdom will have its court mage, and a few battle mages to boot. Elves will be the highest magical authority, high elves especially. I'm gonna keep Haelun'or locked from them, and have the rest of the map mostly explorable. Ideally I'll steer them towards humans and salvus since that's where I'm most comfortable. I love the idea of a conflict between helves and dwarves about golemancy, thats exactly the kind of hook I'm looking for. Also was thinking of a murder dungeon plot starring Slic3mans Jester character. For salvus, I want Kingston to be the hub players think of as home, and if it does get destroyed I want it to be as a cause of their actions. Possibly in doing quests to help out the white rose, or quests to help out the orcs. Or even vice versa if they decide to ally with other sides. For global politics, I think the WR will be my catalyst, with their toll roads by lenfarthing, attacks on malinor, and general military prowess. One of the ideas I'm really toying with is having them ally with the halflings, since people generally gravitate towards their kind. I could have Knox the murderer posing as the pumpkin lord, and even do a religious rift plot with newer halflings worshipping the tater lord. Also gonna be adding a migrant race of lizardfolk in the swamps down south. I'll shoehorn in any DnD lore to best suit the game. I'm not even gonna include Asulon, the whole of history will be in Anthos. Good to still see you kicking about BNK, thanks for the ideas.
  4. Hey everyone, hope you and your loved ones are well amidst this quarantine. I'm looking to spit ball ideas for a DnD campaign to run for my friends that takes place in Anthos. A few of them are past players, and a few of them aren't. For those of you who played Anthos, what are some story hooks you think would translate well to DnD. For those who didn't play back then, do you have any ideas for a smaller campaign to start, that would then lead into a larger world ending type arche. Also, any DMs in here that have advice for writing compelling, non railroady campaigns? I want them to interact and build there own story similar to what makes the server so great. But I also need things for them to do. I'm familiar with my source material here, and I want the first campaign to take place predominantly in the human realm. I have a good cast of characters I'm familiar with, and location wise I already have a lot written down. If I ever get this ambitious thing done and it goes over well with my players, I'll be sure to share it here for you to run with your friends, imaginary or otherwise. Cheers, love you.
  5. Do you remember when the forums weren't diluted with pvp shitposts and stupid memes? Pepperidge farm remembers. 

    1. Glasiconas
    2. argonian


      and it was so much boring for it


      although i wish we had -1s so that people would actually put some effort into their repwhore posts

  6. Do we still use MPM?

  7. Is there an Oren TS or something?

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    2. aron.


      I don't know who is a part of what anymore. It's all good tho dude, thanks for the help. 

    3. oblivionsbane


      You're welcome, sorry I couldn't be of more help!

    4. aron.


      I'll figure it out 

  8. I need a pocket skinner, i can

    1. aron.


      't even.

    2. oblivionsbane


      I can't skin pockets, sorry

  9. this server was way more fun when i had all the minas

    1. ChumpChump


      this server was way more fun when i had no minas

    2. aron.
    3. Aengoth


      I've done the math and if given both of your collective minas I can sort out a solution to make everyone happy

  10. you should be allowed to grief in rp, i want to commit arson.

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    2. KentuckyFriedCreeper


      Used to be all you needed was to modreq a GM and you could have all the fun you wanted, pretty fun torching a shop owned by someone that turned down paying you 'protection' money.

    3. aron.


      I used to be the victim of those shop torchings, and it made me a man. 

    4. KentuckyFriedCreeper


      Made me a rather rich man.

  11. ts is a fuckin bummer when everyone hangs out in locked channels

  12. start using the ts you fucks

  13. McName: Joey_Sakic RpName: Duncan Keith Skype:(Pm if you desire.) aidanhd500 Profession: Farmer TeamSpeak:(Not required but highly encouraged.) yeah I have it Time-Zone: central
  14. You should need air evo to do smoke tricks

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    2. Booklight12


      You can makes clouds with air evocation.

    3. aron.
    4. Luv


      Mud and hot rocks? Don't see a need for them even if they were things people built up for.

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