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  1. Hope you all are doing well today!

  2. gm app being denied is a bummer, but I can still help players that need it without being gm?‍♀️ 

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Maybe the best way to help players is not being a GM in the end. In my opinions, the players that need the most help are the new players. People that are dedicated to help the appliants by joining a discord conversation with them, helping people through WS chat, answering questions on Help, and even recruiting people to a playerbase are good ways to help, specially if this playerbase is active. There are many ways we can help new players, but we don’t essentially need to be in any position for that.


      Still, if you want to really apply for staff and help players while not just looking for the status of it, I’m sure that AT is the way to go.

    2. Telanir


      Hey Navin, sorry about your application! Don’t take it personally please, we’re currently doing some staff-wide reforms and all applications are automatically denied. Please do re-apply in the future if you are still interested!

    3. Navin_


      I kinda figured it was because of the reforms, and don’t worry i’m not taking it personally. I’m not really upset? just being a pain lol I’ll just have to reapply in the future!

  3. wish I could have the old hat tag and the vip tag ._.


  4. can someone help me find the application for an alternate account, or do I just need to make a whole application

    1. Wyvernbane


      -snip- That was the old app post. Now if you just scroll down on Readicti's post it's the first comment there.

    2. Navin_
  5. So.... Where do I start?

  6. what's the point?

  7. Looking forward to the return of the Event Team


  9. I just wanted to let everyone know I am going to take a shower

  10. how do dye wool? and how do you make books?

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    2. Supah?


      You dye sheep, then shear their wool, and with books, you buy a bookshelf and break it. Or I think you can fish books, rarely.

    3. DrakeHaze.
    4. Navin_


      but I have all of this white wool...

  11. why the hell does it take 2 mins for a single sign?

    1. gam


      because realism i guess

  12. goin on vacation, wont be back for a while

    1. FORƎST


      don't snort anything you wouldn't insert the other end!

    2. Smithers


      top notch advice, read above

  13. Can I get a "White Rose" for valentines day!?

  14. I'm glad we have so many unused plugins and not worrying about the lag problems...

    1. Dr. Ducky-D

      Dr. Ducky-D

      Me too man... me too.

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