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  1. Airing of Grievance.

    sounds like some really fun and exciting RP.
  2. Airing of Grievance.

    GOD is offended, he speaks to me.
  3. Your music in 2017

    Uhh so here are ones i listened to the most I forgot my log in password and don't want to reset it otherwise i have to relog on about 8 devices.
  4. Airing of Grievance.

    if anyone is offended by the post just remember that deep down i really don't give a ****.
  5. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    I voted PvP default, but at the same time PvP default does cause problems, nevermind "pvp people who wanna pvp and let rp blah blah" **** that. I'll state my case when i can be bothered to write the post rather than complain about it.
  6. Cold Winds Rising

    Norman examines the article closely.
  7. Going to push for war team when i get back from travelling in December.

    1. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      I support this man


  8. So... Where will the Knox213 army land next... suggestions?

  9. Attack on Fort Knox

    all part of the plan to win you over to the dark side.
  10. Attack on Fort Knox

    "Master Lothaire, there are too many of them! What are we going to do?" There's been a rebellion, its time for you to leave.
  11. Introducing the Vault!

    nice choice of items to take to the next map. I was also thinking of taking dirt.
  12. buying gnarled branches pm me ig

  13. The World of Atlas

    Nice, the day i leave for 3 months.