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  1. When are you me and @Lark going to do something fun in RP?
  2. Knox

    The Struggles of Moderation

    Hilarious to think anybody in 2018 cares about a dox.
  3. Knox

    Timezones suck

  4. looking for a good builder to build me something will pay up to like, 30k minas.

    1. Illuminare


      What do you need built?


    2. MarioMixer


      I’ve build a shed once


  6. when’s DaneHammer releasing 

    1. Youngie5500


      I'm already here, Dewper.

  7. Knox

    Admin Promotions

    @SeventhCircle @Fireheart go get them boys.
  8. congrats on the aether vip

    1. Knox


      thanks waiting on it ig tho

    2. Papa Liam
  9. Knox

    A Missive to the Haelun'orian Refugees, 1684

    Arno Sylvarno offers a discounted membership at his gym for the first year to celebrate the occasion
  10. Knox

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    all good @Tofuus. I don't care about pixels anyway.
  11. Knox

    With love, from Knox.

    Hello everyone. Due to a change in personal circumstances, I will be resigning from our administrative team effective immediately. The truth is my real life job has become extremely time consuming to the point where I am unable to balance my time to ensure that you, the community are getting the attention and support you deserve. It’s been playing on my mind these past few weeks actually, and certain situations which arise require my immediate attention and cannot be ignored, usually meaning i’m staying up to until silly o’clock and waking up on a few hours sleep at the crack of dawn to head out to my real job. I work relatively long hours, usually ranging between 8-10 hour shifts a day. By the time I get home, settle in, deal with personal matters i’m left with little time to do what I really want to do for the server amongst the various situations which arise. I guess what i’m really saying is i’m pretty tired and burnt out and I doubt a Hiatus is going to cut it. It’s a shame its come down to this really, since I care more than you can imagine about the community and our staff team. I originally joined the staff team after a three month vacation with the intention to help players out, I’d say I always knew that eventually i’d have to severe ties to people I've known for years to better help the server, i’ll be honest at times it was rough, but I began to hang out with other people, assist the team I was apart of and eventually was given the opportunity to become administrator along side my team director Ioannis. I originally had doubts when joining the administrative team, it wasn’t something I really wanted to do. But after sitting down with a few friends, reminiscing old conversations with people who are no longer with us, I thought i’d give it a shot. Yes @Lasacow this was all for you buddy. When I joined the administration team my mind was literally racing with ideas and things I wanted to do, but ultimately my key ambition was to help our staff teams out with issues they were facing, whether it be game related or personal. At times our staff would hate me, other times they’d love me. Sometimes you can’t please everybody. I’d like to think I've made an impact on some of our staff members lives, but i’ll let them say their piece. Do I personally think I accomplished what I had hoped to? Absolutely not, probably not even in the slightest, people always tell me how much I give but I never thought in the slightest it was enough. I’d give you the world and more folks, I really would. But unfortunately on this occasion it's not to be. Perhaps taking a back seat and rejoining yourselves as a standard normal player i’ll be able to better help from behind the scenes, doing what I love best. Helping others out without disruption and enjoying the game for what it is. It’s been an interesting half a year folks, but fortunately for you my reign of tyranny has come to an end. To my beloved staff team, you have literally no idea how thankful and appreciative of the time and dedication you put into the server it is second to none. You’re all amazing individuals with your own set of skills and traits and I’d be more than happy to work with the vast majority of you in the real world given your determination and talents. I know a few of you will be pretty bummed out given the fact I hadn’t informed you sooner. Keep up the good work, you have all my love, support and guidance if you ever need it. Queue the ‘good riddance posts’. I thrive off your hate. This is me, signing off. Stay classy folks. Cheers, Knox.
  12. Knox


    "Protection from what?" Albrecht ponders to himself, rubbing his chin before simply answering his own question "Oh right yes... yourselves!"