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    Culling the unnatural.

    Travis Bell looks over the poster for a moment, chuckling to himself before placing it to a side.
  2. Very dedicated, known cruz for 5 years now. Great guy
  3. takes no ****, good guy.
  4. IGN(s): knox213 Age 23 Timezone gmt Discord: you already have it What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a Microphone? yes Average Daily Play Time? varies Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: admin (6 months) Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? yes Why do you want to join the GM Team?: corpean knows why Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: no Anything else you want to tell us?: no
  5. Knox


    The walk from Nordengrad had been a long, ruthless one. The people of Nordengrad had lost their homes and livelihoods, though it wasn’t the end. Albrecht of Nordengrad had been tasked, the eve before the siege of Nordengrad to lead the townsfolk away, with a small retinue at his back. Albrecht was relatively disappointed, he had a duty to the people of Nordengrad but instead was sent away. ‘Torsten wants me here.’ he’d reassure himself, ruffling the hair of the king's son who had left with him. Looking around him were the faces of many people he had lived with for the past decade. Their sullen, distant expressions had become too grim for Albrecht to cope with. How does one inspire hope when all hope is lost? He thought briefly, before chuckling to himself. Dismounting from his horse upon reaching the docks, Albrecht cleared his throat. Motioning for the band to come together, before taking a swig of the contents from his flask and uttering a speech. “As many of you have probably gathered by now, we’ve lost our home. We can sob and sulk over loved ones and possessions lost or we could look forward to the future.” he’d pause for a moment, looking out to the sea and raising his hand to the horizon. “Across this sea is a land the empire dare not follow. Somewhere you can start anew, somewhere the soils are so rich little effort will be required for cropping. A place unlike Atlas, where the echoes of war are unheard of.” turns back to face the band of former townsfolk. “Truth be told we here are a family, despite how much we may love or hate one another, and during times of turmoil, our bond together is only tightened. So that we may overcome the horrors that have befallen us.” Many of the townsfolk begin to thank Albrecht for guiding them to safety before boarding the ships, before sailing off into the distance to start their lives anew. Albrecht, however, stayed behind. There were many more fights to come and people who relied on him in Atlas. Mounting his horse and humming a tune, he’d set off to rejoin the refugees at Kaz’Ulrah.
  6. A courier arrives at the Mournstone manor in Haense, note in hand. Handing it to the nearest Mournstone, he’d dart off into the distance, not to be seen again. The Mournstone walks off into her manor, where the family was assembled. Breaking the seal she’d begin to read the contents out loud, for all Mournstones to hear. “To my family, It is I, Albrecht Mournstone. I appreciate your letters, I wondered for a few years where you had all vanished off to. Perhaps you never knew where I was? Or worried about my safety in the wars to come… who knows? It’s with regret I will be unable to join you, as some of you know. I’m not the most favoured man in Haense, or the empire for that matter… and after being shanked once in this lifetime I’d prefer to dictate death on my own terms. Whether this makes me a traitor to the house is unbeknown to me, however. I am a product of Varthok av Gottien’s making. So I hope you respect my decision to right the wrongs in my past and allow me to live and die beside my friends. Despite my recent state, one of which I am sure you’ve all been made aware of. I’m still a capable fighter, I’ve been honing my skills against my peers with my opposite hand, granted. I’ll never fight the way I used to, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Gaius, you’ve always been a father figure to Mournstones, whether they be directly related or distantly related. Admirable, I am sure you’ll continue to serve the family the only way you know how. That being said, I’m certain you now wish that you gutted me there and then upon my return from exile. I don’t blame you, I’d probably do the same. Valencia, eat. If the reports tell it true, you’ve lost weight and look as if you’ve given up hope. I wasn’t able to keep my promise, I’m sorry… But you severed a tie when you asked me to murder my dearest, and closest friend. Did I mention I was his best man at his wedding and guardian to his children? He never meant to kill Thoromir, it was an accident. Honour duels occasionally result in one's death. I hope that one day you find it in your heart to forgive him. Even if you can’t find it in your heart to forgive me. Ioana, you don’t share my blood but you carry our name. I still remember the day you came to us, snotty-nosed and cheerful. Keep your mother out of trouble. Halle, I’m saving the best for last. It’s been two, no… three years? You’re smart and beautiful, sassy and caring. I’d like to think I taught you a fair amount about life, survival and the like… My only regret is that I couldn’t teach you to avoid my follies, though I guess this letter as a whole could be considered my final lesson. Should I pass over to the other side during this war preparations have been made to leave you a special something behind, do with it as you please. Keep it, break it, sell it. I hope you remember me not for the wrong I have done, but for everything else. I love you kiddo, stay out of trouble and most importantly… Stay alive, for me. No words can sway me back into the fray, I have a duty to the people of Nordengrad. One which goes far beyond the name of Mournstone, some of you may recall my words when Gaius originally departed. ‘Home is a place you travel long and hard to find.’ and my home is here, In Nordengrad. I offer no quarter in the war to come and I expect none in return. With love, A.Mournstone.”
  7. When are you me and @Lark going to do something fun in RP?