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  1. MCNAME: sambooka21 RPNAME: Caelik Tyelka PROFESSION(IF ANY): RACE: Wood Elf WHY DO YOU WISH TO JOIN?: I wish to right the wrongs that the world has bestowed. SKYPE: samforrest4
  2. I) Full Name: Caelik Tyelka II) Any existing ties, worth notice: Other than Salvus, Laureh'lin III) Place of origin: Laureh'lin IV) Intention of desired strand, of the trinity (Arts, music or literature) for specialism: Music V) Current status of Citizenship (Salvian, or otherwise): Salvian VI) Reasoning in becoming of the Bards: I wish to help spread the joys of music VII) Potential projects you may aspire to do: Writing songs to reflect on history. VIII) Does Salvus represent peace, or war? Peace IX) Where is the Republic located, currently? In the south of Athera, east of the Elven lands. X) Which holds more heavier punishment: Racism or Anti-Enlightenment? Anti-Enlightenment XII) Which body holds highest power within the Republic? The Council ( Inner Chamber) XII) How often may the Curator of the Bards be changed, and what does this coincide with? Every 16 years, coinciding with the Salvian election period. OOC Section: I) Do you have Skype, for contact and general purposes? If so, what is your Skype name? You already have my skype. II) Do you have any questions, thoughts or confusions about what the Bards are, or what they do: or even, just wanting to challenge its existence? Nope
  3. (OOC) MC Name (Alts too): sambooka21 Skype (PM me if preferred): Will PM if I get accepted Have you been banned before?: Nope How long have you been on the server?: About a year and a half? Will you be active (Helping out is a must) as a Scion?: As active as I can be! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (IC) Name? ((Name of character joining)): Caelik Tyelka Race?: Wood Elf Age: 144 By joining, you agree not to involve yourself in any racial war, unless approval has been given by the Head Scion, do you acknowledge this?: Yes What Sect would you like to be a part of? (War Scholar Labor): War What profession have you committed yourself to? (Plugin profession): Leatherworking (I think, it may have been wiped after 4.0 was put in, probably was, if so, then nothing!) Are you a fighter? (Its okay not to be!): I am! Are you wanted in any Nation at this current moment?: Not at all If yes, please clarify why (Or ask for a private talk): N/A
  4. *Whilst wandering the new lands of Athera, Caelik stumbles upon a sign for the Raine Academy, he picks up the poster and examines it, nodding to himself* ::OOC:: MC Name: sambooka21 Did you ever have a character with magic?: Yes Are you aware the rules of Magic: Yes Skype: I will PM this, please could you let me know who I need to PM this to if I am required to, thanks! ::IC:: Name: Caelik Tyelka Age: 141 Gender: Male Race: Wood Elf What would you like to learn?: I wish to refine my abilities for hunting and combat Which Class(es) are you enrolling for?: Physical Studies
  5. OOC: MC Name: sambooka21 - RP: Name: Caelik Tyelka Race: Elf Age: 136 "I Caelik Tyelka pledge myself to the creed of the Nightwalkers and swear to uphold clan values and would die defending our cause. I agree that I cannot leave the clan without being hunted until death."
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