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  1. Thanhium - Gucko, ft Ggt & Blago

    Still waiting for someone to let me catch a feature :/
  2. Alternative Death System

    Just my two cents but, I feel that everyone on the server is quick to kill because death isn't a permanent thing. Its because there's really no consequence if a person picks a fight and they LOSE/DIE, there's no sort of incentive to not kill or be killed. It's hard to fear something that doesn't have severe repercussions. The people that typically go around killing would more likely use intimidation or maiming because they'd have another option of getting the intended result from a roleplay encounter. People just end up killing the person they're robbing or doing whatever to as a way of keeping them silent about what just happened, because as soon as they're let go, they'd immediately snitch to the nearest guard and expose them, because even if they're killed after they told the guard, the information is already out there in circulation which means when they revive they're just as likely to know that the person did "x y and z".
  3. Make a Christmas miracle come true!

    Good guy, lets me slob his knob.
  4. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    In the end tho I'm still slobbin' away aren't I? But I guess it's better to slob on a knob you know than a knob you don't, if you catch my drift.
  5. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    Lmao on the one hand who doesn't love a nice clique, it's fun to be apart of something "unique" but on the other I want to be able to learn how to teleport and teleport **** too without getting on my knees and slobbing someone's knob.
  6. Muh Immersion

    It makes sense. If you try and roleplay having a sword without having the MC item, people are gonna look at you like you're some kinda moron. Same thing with magical items and the like. If you don't have MC iron armor, don't roleplay having it, as it should generally fall under the same category as other roleplayed equipment.
  7. Make Minas Great Again (???)

    Easier to get to minas hidden underneath floorboards in a protected region than minas hidden on an alt's third persona based in cloud temple that serves no other use than being a quite literal untouchable bank account.
  8. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Gotta keep my fans updated me and my baby
  9. Make Minas Great Again (???)

    Money laundering..........
  10. [Arcane] [Magic] Voidal Shifting Additions

    The fact of the matter is though, with void translocation, it is a tool/magic with STORAGE as it's primary function. Even with half-translocation There's a need to create one rift first, than produce a second one after the fact, not to mention the actual act of figuring out a method of putting the intended item THROUGH it. It's a more than tedious use of magic/mana, and in the case that it's some sort of volatile material, using a secondary magic to send it in is necessary in the event that it's trying to be done "quickly". This material shifting would basically a streamlined/speedier version of half translocation that takes care of the need to actually come in contact with the material, as it becomes shrouded in the aura or mist before blinking to it's destination. Like, I'm not saying that it should be taken out of the lore as I think it's cool as ****, but I do think that it's necessary to evaluate all of it's applications to ensure that it's not turned into another magic people primarily use for solely combative advantages.
  11. [Arcane] [Magic] Voidal Shifting Additions

    >Gets material shifting >Gets alchemical fire bottle/warded brick/runic stone/bottle of acid or poison >material shifts item over enemy >Wins Really makes you think
  12. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    It's Gramps!
  13. Fix Defender Default

    Why is it that people who like to PVP tend to huddle together in the same large guilds/organizations instead of having a large OOC group but be separated into a multitude of smaller groups of brigands and robbers that, while robbing/plundering cities and the like, also have IC rivalries and skirmishes? I mean, that seems like it'd solve a bit of the problem of people who genuinely enjoy the PVP-based aspect of server conflict not finding any sort of outlet, right?
  14. i quit

    Bye buddy.
  15. [✓] Combustion [Fire Evocation Addition/Amendment]

    So what you're telling me is I can be Megumin? Hahahah brb putting up a magic app