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  1. Where the **** have you been you mong. We've got **** to stir.

  2. What the cuck
  3. Warwick Rothesay enters and says "Where are my kids." before his rheumatic eye scans the room. "I can't seem to find them, help me please."
  4. (If i was to force a person to chug like 10 mana potions, would they pop/die from a mana overload)
  5. Spit on me again by failing to include the great Al-Rhadid family and I'll be sure to behead you in this and the next life. I demand this be rectified by the adding of these three names. Nalatac_Aicneta Tapesauce Daelaris
  6. For real, don't make mesas. They're the absolute ugliest biome you could possibly have...
  7. Elhieal’thilln | An Election And so the election begins. Cast your vote for your favored candidate. [ MC name: ] Name: Selected Candidate: [ ] Nelgauth [ ] Myrna You can not take out your vote from a votebox under any circumstances. It will cause immediate disqualification. If you are under 50, you may not vote. If you are an impure, you may not vote. If you are on the Path of Purity you may not vote. You are still impure. If you are not a high elf, you may not vote. Only citizens can vote. The Maheral arbits which votes qualify. (all votes are kept a SECRET as they are put in a ballot box....))
  8. I'm guessing the typical classification of being tainted is when something that is mortal/humane leaves their mortality/humanity behind in an effort to become ethereal? It seems to be a roundabout way of saying that the Aenguls, when they come down and manifest/bestow powers to mortals, become corrupted in the same sense as when humans try and shed their flesh, but offers only the viewpoint of the "Material" trying to achieve "Immaterial" to go off of. [[Mortals leaving flesh = Bad idea Aenguls gaining flesh = Bad idea]] I'm not entirely sure what exactly the purpose of this lore is, since it doesn't clearly state any sort of goal in mind, leaving it up to be (mis)-interpreted freely. There's not a whole lot wrong with the concepts in it, but an expansion upon what the corruption of an Aengul would look like is something I'd like to have explained. In regards to understanding the lorepiece, rather than it being confusing, it's just very... verbose. The TL;DR doesn't really define the words you've used in the lore, but rather uses them again in a simplified manner in place of an actually condensed answer.
  9. Lyu'sul (x) Abstain
  10. He's got a point you know.
  11. What if I told you that was my cousin lmao
  12. Lotc's best Texan