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  1. late night ama; ft. pyro

    Who's the coolest Texan on the server
  2. Why not play farfoolk, es nice.

    I stopped playing a farfolk a while back because of an influx of non-farfolk peoples allowed into the city and whatnot. It got to the point where it was just a hodgepodge of various races instead of a farfolk-focused city. As of now, inactivity and a lack of leadership, as previously said, are the main deterring factors from Haria flourishing as well as it should be.
  3. Increase the amount of gnomes?

    Uhh.... Gnomes are a subculture of Wee-folk, not a genetic defect or a new Halfling race..
  4. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    Lmao then you'll just get major chats made with staff members left out Keeping LotC's nose clean is a hard enough shitshow without having to dip your fingers into people's discords or skype chats. That's opening another can of worms that'll just end up amounting to nothing.
  5. A New Era

    Dared screeches from the darkness.
  6. Fid's Quiet Application to the MT

    fug this guy, he dunno **** :I
  7. Lacking capability to sustain average to intense weapon-play or wearing heavy armor > incapable of using heavy weaponry or wearing heavy armor
  8. How come I don't have Gold VIP on the forums?

  9. 501warhead and Kowaman - The Black Heart

    Obligatory "**** arockstar" post
  10. look at this ******* dwarven jew, using the power of capitalism.... I love it.
  11. I don't wanna drown, Harvey go the **** away now plz ty

  12. Where the **** have you been you mong. We've got **** to stir.

  13. whats good nerd