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  1. fried on ur router
  2. what the **** are you guys even arguing about lmao have you not heard the rebel coalitions goals? it's not to destroy oren, karlsburg and everyone else lmao. all they want to do is abolish the empire and give everyone independent kingdoms/duchies
  3. "your not even a proper ruthern" replies his butler, looking down at a crimson bandana with disgust and sadness..
  4. this post most certainly made justin rethink his sexuality.. not the first time however
  5. the fm team has gone too far this time.. its time the ppl have a revolution
  6. ive been perma banned 3 times on lotc and 16 on club penguin, id tell u why but ill have to confirm with my lawyer first...
  7. another 1 of these dumb threads, take it down n apologize b4 u lose connection
  8. "funny no house you have ever made has been relevant" rebuts his secretary
  9. this post serves as a good example on why horses are cancer and shoul b removed. but why should i care im just a banned player..
  10. me and some friends @Beast720 recording a epic music video session like n subscrib??
  11. hjalnar rips up his welfare cheque in excitement after seeing the prize fund
  12. all i needed to do was look at the title and the poster and i knew what u wer ganna say
  13. is the middle representing low iq?
  14. remove battle timers for glorified minemannic player versus player