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  1. kindest person on the server and very intelligent as a staff member, it would be very unfortunate if she did not find herself back on the team
  2. Dah Warband's first defeat happens at the City of Alban after an extremely close fight, human bodies litter the empty streets of the proud northern settlement.
  3. Defender Default was 8+, which means that the defender would always outnumber the attackers before it defaults to pvp.
  4. Nobody is asking for the implementation of pvp default, nor has anyone told 'roleplayers' to go away. We're simply asking for a fairer and impartial system that favours both sides, as was the purpose of Defender Default in the first place. Stop trying to villainize us and stop acting like we're trying to pursue our way or the high way. All we're asking is for a compromise, is that honestly too much to ask for?
  5. I'm not railing on Defender Default as the idea, im railing on what it's become. Defender Default was meant to be a compromise between PvP and RP and now it favours RP default, it's technically RP default under a different name and sugar coating.
  6. I like political, diplomatic and conflict rp, I just don't like 'text' based combat. What's that got to do with me needing to pvp on a pvp server. I like that pvp on this server means something because in return it contributes to further roleplay and boosts activity.
  7. Actually you're wrong, you can't just change the theme of the server because it fits your agenda. Lord of the Craft started as a roleplay community that was roleplay based, but mechanical combat. I'm not going to go to another 'pvp' server because you told me to do so. Certain players like to do tavern roleplay or diplomatic roleplay but detest combat roleplay. I dislike casual roleplay but like conflict and diplomatic roleplay. I shouldn't be shunned because I like that, just like how nobody shuns tavern or casual roleplayers.
  8. You joined December 2013, don't pretend like you didnt see the state of the server during the Exodus. It was a disaster, im surprised the server survived that.
  9. On friday there was an update to defender default which changed the pvp requirement from 8 to 10. Defender Default is now becoming a joke, magic is too overpowered and easily abused. No one wants to fight a mage and rightfully so. If you're not versed in magic lore then you can simply not tell if somebody is powergaming, you shouldn't be required to go to insane lengths just to find out if somebody is powergaming. Make it simple. Defender Default has been run into the ground, at first it was a very impartial system and was a great compromise but now it's clear which side it favours. Raid rules have been run into the ground from 8, to 6, to 3, to 4. Defender default's pvp requirement has jumped from 6+ to 7+ to 8+ to 10. It's become a laughing stock. Defender Default has been abused too much, for the love of god please return it to the past. If rp combat returns this server will die, truly. Just like when we saw our player count drop from 200 (pvp default) people to 40 (rp default) people daily and only rose back up to 200 upon the reintroduction of pvp default. I'm not even calling for the removal of Defender Default, but return it to fair ground which was a good compromise for both fans of rp and pvp default. You can't just twist the rules on us without informing us or giving us a poll.
  10. The loot pile is littered with new scalps and skulls, alongside a mountain of shiniez which has a Deathskullz banner placed at the top.
  11. Glad to hear, perhaps you could look into making half the area a savannah desert mix, might give it a fresh face than the typical scorching desert.
  12. Dang, the orc's always get shafted by poor map design. Look at how brutal that desert is, no detail, just sand and dunes. No trees, no rocks or ruins.
  13. hope that's about harold.. and no me