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  1. last time the kharajyr co-existed with the orcs they backstabbed them and joined urguan, let's see what happens this time. says glough!!
  2. "haHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" says glough
  3. Chuckaboo wasnt even an Orc during the Chuckaboo Whirlwind meme lol.
  4. damn sorry to hear the bad news.
  5. damn. now that's pathetic
  6. remove this video lest u want 2 embarrass urself
  7. me, nordicgod n chuckaboo are free to go aswell
  8. do 4 teams, best of 3 each game and stream it
  9. http://www.miniclip.com/games/8-ball-pool-multiplayer/en/#t-n-H
  10. "damn this is a desperate attempt even for u" says a vicious and burly gnome glough the tree guardian
  11. fried on ur router
  12. what the **** are you guys even arguing about lmao have you not heard the rebel coalitions goals? it's not to destroy oren, karlsburg and everyone else lmao. all they want to do is abolish the empire and give everyone independent kingdoms/duchies
  13. this post most certainly made justin rethink his sexuality.. not the first time however
  14. the fm team has gone too far this time.. its time the ppl have a revolution
  15. ive been perma banned 3 times on lotc and 16 on club penguin, id tell u why but ill have to confirm with my lawyer first...