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  1. Community HOI4

    You're going to need to block the big nations if you want a fun fair game.
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    2. devvy


      stop cheating? it's not even funny. just the truth. learn how to handle it when it's exposed man.

    3. DPM


      @Dewper sort out ur girl

    4. Dewper


      @DPM on it bossman 

  2. An Olive Branch, 1655

    "A fools errand, Constantine. They're too arrogant to absolve the Confederation." Retorts Antonius Horen, returning with his warband to the Capital of Renatus-Marna, Sennisten, while the criers inform the populace of Constantine Horen's newest decree; but he'd dip his head regardless. "I respect your efforts, regardless. We, as Renatians, will never cower to the boot of another Monarch."
  3. http://prntscr.com/isad4c


    when u have to lie because u cant explain how u lost a 20v60 lol

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    2. DPM


      @HurferDurfer1 banned for something completely unrelated

    3. HurferDurfer1


      i didnt say a name, almost as if you already knew who did it

    4. DPM


      because the gms contacted him, lol??

  4. The loss of rescue raids

    You're contradicting yourself severely. Imagine a situation in which a nation is refused the ability to capture their leader, what type of rp do you think will happen there? The nation might fall inactive without a stable leader and lose the war, crippling the nation all because a stupid rule prevented them from rescuing their king. Losing the ability to rescue a leader prevents/stalls further rp, on the other hand rescuing a nation leader helps build rp around the conflict. Nation A might go and seek allies in return for their king being captured and so forth.
  5. The loss of rescue raids

    What do you mean? If a leader was captured irp then there is already rp.
  6. The loss of rescue raids

    If most of you're unaware the staff team plan to remove rescue raids and in turn the fluidity of rp and it's dynamic outcome. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170765-ban-report-on-suxals-lumiin-aeldrin-n0tt/?do=findComment&comment=1614245 The server thrives off dynamic rp and has been the sole benefactor to good conflict. I fear that removing raid rules pushes an idea that we are to return to our strict scripted rp where people play the rules to hide behind their consequences. Rescue raids provide an amazing function to further conflict and in turn further rp, ill give an example in the best possible way. (with rescue raids) Nation A captures King B Nation B rallies to rescue King B from Nation A Nation A rallies their force to stop King B from being rescued by Nation A Nation B arrives at the King B's location, uses ladders, TNT or anything of the sort to break in <win/loss> On loss, Nation B loses a leader in the war severely handicapping them On win, Nation B gets back their leader and returns to normal (without rescue raids) Nation A captures King B Nation B rallies to rescue King B from Nation A Nation A does not need to rally their force because a simple button or gate prevents any method of rescue Nation B loses King B without any chance of getting them back You might think why not just raid them and break down the doors? Well as demonstrated above buttons and a gate prevent any method of rescue, that is because you're physically not allowed to place ladders on a protected settlement and are even obstructed on a freebuild settlement due to buttons. Now think about it like this, Nation A would be able to take King B back to a location which is on raid cooldown and then Nation B would be wholly prevented from attempting any rescue mission. Think about the loss of dynamic and fluid rp that will come from this rule change. We will lose the complete right to rescue a leader and in turn give a complete advantage to a side who has captured a leader. This is a monumental loss for the server in terms of fluid, dynamic and conflict rp. I am even more worried that this rule change has occurred without community approval/feedback. I hope the staff team will at the very least approve a poll on the rule to see where the community stands instead of making flawed decisions for us.
  7. No dewper - Keeps

    sorry ill use minecraft gang music playlist next time
  8. [Trial]Alex’s GM Application

    I don't doubt your ability as a GM but I worry that with old applicants being brought back onto the team that it risks being complacent. The staff team needs to be fresh, it needs to have new ideas as well as expressing new points of interest. Unfortunately our staff team has been flooded with old players to prevent a 'risky new pick' or 'toxic player' getting onto the team. If you think you can make the server interesting and actually advocate for new ideas and rules then clearly GM is something you should be doing, however, when you were GM the only things I noticed from you was that you were just another typical 'GM player'. A player who roleplays and interacts with friends yet has taken up the GM mantle to fill in any boredom or free time. Forgive me if im wrong, I just hope to see a revitalised team with a better mindset than the past.
  9. Half-Olog Lore

    Ologs are half-uruk/orc anyways, since when was this changed?
  10. Marna's walls aient so tall

    beef? more like a slaughter lul
  11. Pipe down slapass123 would hate to slap u in another csgo 1v1
  12. Marna's walls aient so tall

    ahh ye i forgot, ur pov shows the other 19 behind u, haha https://gyazo.com/f767db4df345c0c08bf75189e4b2a18f better luck next time i suppose