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  1. The Kōkuaʻia

  2. Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    I don't think you're that bad of a guy but your history as a GM isn't pretty (from what I can remember). Varying from abusing PEX in PvP, blatant bias and target bans. I might be thinking of Dizzy, so if im wrong I apologize but I see you two as the same person usually.
  3. WE Want Nazdus Back, #NotMyWarTeam
  4. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    There will be a post headed by the leaders of coalition, I assure you. We will seek answers, we have been fucked over too many times to sit back and play nice.
  5. Dewlox's Villainy Blacklist.

    why was a druid allowed to handle a situation regarding a fellow druid, did nobody see how terrible this was?
  6. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    hjalnar curls up in the corner of his room, feasting on his kili's fried chicken family sized bucket before thinking to himself on the news "nobody ever won a war by painting themselves as the bad guy."
  7. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    A goblin invites the true high elves to a huge feast along with other allies of the coalition.
  8. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    Wurzik and the boyz close off the docks to the northern part of Tahn, killing or enslaving any dwarf or human who would dare tread through. A brainless and incompetent goblin would ride forward into Urguan and make demands "Surrender latz goi or be flat, latz have lozt."
  9. The people that complain about raid cooldowns do it to stall, cause a problem and a headache for the raiders. There is never any sign down when people complain about it.
  10. > Raiders walk into city to begin villainous activity > Snide remark made "actually we're cooldown", "go to another server if you want pvp!!!" > Complain that raiders dont go into fights with an open mind There's a reason for it and you're one of the biggest offenders, you don't like losing and I don't blame you but don't ostracise pvpers for wanting to win either, it's just you want to win in roleplay. You will do everything to win an rp fight which is fine but good roleplayers dont abuse the magic responsibility given to them. Don't complain about raiders walking in and not wanting to deal with blatant meta stalling when the reason raiders have such a bad attitude is because you assume and whine.
  11. [Eletric Evocation] [MA] Dewlox

  12. back in the day groups like these used to assimilate into roleplay hubs and try to recruit players in game, not through the forums. nice...
  13. back in the day u never used to respond either when i was comboing u up against a wall