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  1. Thank you! Happy to know you think that, it means a lot!
  2. Alright, it’s been like a few months, so here’s an update (from my current WIP to older stuff): Dom (Late-Fall 2018) (Current WIP) Getting back into color. Actually like how the colors came out for this one! Tried to add cooler purples and blues in the shadows of her clothing, and introduce warmer reds to her cooler skin tone. Can’t wait to finish (if I ever do) this one! Tyson Fury Study (Late-Fall 2018) Wanted to do a face and skin tone study to try and figure out colors. Elrich’s Office (Mid-Fall 2018) Tried to draw environments. Originally wanted it to be colored, realized that was a bit of a too big of a jump for me, so I safely returned to the safety of B&W. El (Late-Summer 2018) Wanted to do something more line-heavy, and had a pop-art feel to it. Came out alright. And a video process of this one: Dom (Mid-Summer 2018) Dom (Mid-Summer 2018) Dom (Early-Summer) Some unfinished studies:
  3. Amazing stylization, with absolutely beautiful colors. I love it. Great work!
  4. Fu(ck) man, that means a lot. Those pictures bring me waaay back. I'm surprised you still have them! Glad you stopped by!!! Reminded me to start posting some of my traditional drawings. I'm definitely still trying to figure out shading (you'd think I'd know how to do that at this point), and I didn't add in a lot of details, cause a lot of them are mostly just supposed to be reference studies. Here's a sketch of Rein. A sketch of El Some buff demon dude I guess idk (i just wanted to draw abs ok) Here's Horace And this topless gun guy in a weird pose Anyways, that's all folks.
  5. Thank you. Your art's also fantastic! Love how expressive your character drawings are. I've always had trouble with expressions myself, which is why every character I draw either looks hella peeved or has a neutral facial expression. I'm definitely still working on that!
  6. Oh **** man, it's been forever. Thanks so much for still stopping by! I'll try and update this thread more often -- maybe even post some of my traditional pencil sketches, cause I've been doing those a bit more often than digital art. Trying to build up my visual library and sense of anatomy, albeit very slowly!
  7. I really like the colors I used for that Rahj drawing. If only I was better at facial planes back then! That would've been one solid piece. I suppose I can always go back and improve it, that'd be pretty fun actually. Thank you. I'm super glad that you like my stuff.
  8. Your artwork is amazing too. The style and color palette of your work is crazy distinct and top notch! I'm still trying to find my own style. I'm really glad you like my work!
  9. This is some seriously amazing stuff. Love the colors, style, and general atmosphere with all of your drawings. Also, the line art on the last post is my absolute favourite kind of line art -- messy but very coherent. Reminds me a lil bit of Karl Kopinski. Keep it up, man!
  10. Updated my art thread. Here's a sneakpeak to a drawing I've posted:


  11. Time to update my thread once again! Here's some of my WIPs from newest to oldest. Gonna be honest, this quarter's been giving it to me hard, so I've been pretty unproductive in terms of art output. Riverboat Dark Elf Woman (Winter 2018) Close up to face and B/W values: I think the value and general design details are just about done. It's the colors I really need to work on still. And here's some studies/older work from this year: Horace (Winter 2018) Wanted to draw with more clear shapes and hard edges. This was a "quick" study where I basically abused the polygon lasso tool. Ketas(?) (Winter 2018) This was when I had just gotten my new tablet, so I was getting used to it still. Really rough, and with strange saturated colors. Definitely need to tone down on the brightness and saturation in my colors when I'm drawing!
  12. Another WIP drawing:



  13. Here's another WIP drawing:



    Also, I just cleaned up and updated my art thread in prep for the New Year. 

  14. Well. About time to update this thread again. Dom (Fall, 2017) Started this drawing back in... October. Unfinished, because I have a fear of commitment. Elrich (Fall, 2017) Wanted to turn one of my sketches into a portrait -- so I did. Still not done, I only added a rough layer of color, so everything's a bit unsaturated. Will I ever finish it? Well, looking at my past record of finishing things... No. No, I probably will not. Cowboy Study (Fall 2017) I actually finished something! And... it was just a movie still study from reference. ****. Still proud of this one. Finally, I got skin color right! And here's a little WIP of something I started working on yesterday. Seems counterproductive to spend so much time trying to get human skin color right, and then jumping immediately back to weird skin tones, but screw it. Tried to gave him Chinese facial features -- and you'd think a Chinese guy can draw Chinese faces pretty naturally, but I guess I don't draw Asian people often enough. That's something I should work on.
  15. Here's a WIP color study! Colors are FREAKIN hard!!!



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