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  1. Here's a WIP color study! Colors are FREAKIN hard!!!



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    2. CowsGoMoo


      Much closer to the reference now...!


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      Would r8 8/8 m8, this is gr8!

    4. CowsGoMoo

    First drawing that's close to being done in like a freaking year!!!

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      the big question is













      what is he drinking

  3. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    nerd, haha just kidding. Thank you!
  4. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Another "quick" portrait study I did today: I tried to record a time lapse for this one, but... I fucked up a billion times, and now the video's corrupted, so that's that. Spent probably 4-5 hours on this. This one was a huge struggle! The skin color was very difficult, and color in general was probably my main focus in this study. Here's an environmental study I did a while ago: Mostly tried to focus on colors. Here's an unfinished duo character drawing: I really need to work on my line art. :C
  5. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Well, here's another update, and another timelapse. This portrait took me way faster than that black and white one from a long time ago. Almost half the amount of time (8 minute timelapse video vs. 4 minute timelapse video). Pretty happy with how this one came out, though once again, my colors are ever so slightly off and muddy, but I'm trying to get better with that. I only used one layer, and tried to be really rough. I'm going to try and get into physical oil paintings, so this was kinda just me trying to test the water via digital media.
  6. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Well, just did a study in color. Here's the process! First time using color in like... forever. So I'm kinda proud with how this came out. Very rough and messy, because I tried to be quick (and it was dead week).
  7. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Thank you! There's nothing I can say that can't be explained better by other people, so here's also some resources that helped me a ton, and an excuse to fan-girl a metric ton while procrastinating during dead week: A+ Youtubers - istebrak: Infinitely helpful in explaining to me how to think more in 3D, and not in 2D. Talks about values, colors, lighting, blocking stuff in, forms, all kinds of stuff. Does great critiques that are flipping long but well worth your patience. Can be heavy handed in the way she critiques others, but that's one of the reasons why she's great. Go to her if you want to get better at contrast, form, shapes, whatever, or just general tips on just about anything. - Sycra Love this dude. Charming, down-to-earth, and is constantly looking for new ways to improve himself. If you're looking to improve, take a look at his tutorial videos (he has a lot of other stuff on his channel, equally fun to watch, but I'd start from his tutorials first). Tutorials mostly focus on anatomy (which I think is one of his strongest points) and how to simplify it down. Also, he has one of the best videos on how to draw boobs (seriously). Also talks about drawing processes -- how to practice, getting out of your comfort zone, stuff like that, which is also helpful. Go to him if you need help with anatomy, simplifying things down, or how to practice and improve your art. And boobs. - Proko Super charming. Also, great breakdown of anatomy, but can be a bit dense with his explanation of muscle groups and stuff. Though, he does simplify things down for you too. Go to him if you need help with anatomy, but want more details about bone, muscle groups, and how things connect and work together in the body. - FZD School Focus on environmentals, designing for cinema, also has flipping long videos. Go to him if you want pointers on environmental design. A+ Websites - Cntrl+Paint Great website for colors, values, and other fundamentals for drawing (which I completely lack!!!). Also talks about how to use photoshop, which is useful also. - Draw a Box Great website, though very infrequently updated. Good tips on environmentals, shapes, forms, human figures and stuff. A+ Books - Figure Drawing, Design and Invention - Michael Hampton All-time favourite anatomy book. Haven't finished it though (it's flipping looong), but it's been infinitely helpful in breaking that shizz down! In my opinion, the best resource for getting better at anatomy! - Human Anatomy for Artists, The Elements of Form - Eliot Goldfinger Great resource. If you want to really go knee deep in anatomy with all of the muscles and bones and shizz. Good for obsessively getting to know anatomy. That ****'s too dense for me to read really fast, but from what I can tell it is also A+. This was an overkill, I know, but I've always wanted to do something like this. Hope this was helpful! Sorry about the overt focus on anatomy... that's something I'm desperately trying to get better at atm.
  8. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    I haven't joined her google community yet, though I'll probably join it sometime in the future, maybe, idk. Anyways, I haven't posted anything for a while, so here's an update on a few lazily cropped WIPs I've been working on. Rein Ketas Will I ever finish them? Probably not. But it's the practice and process that matters, I guess. Or at least, that's what I like telling myself.
  9. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Yessery. She's been super helpful for drawing faces!
  10. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Here's another drawing. Started with me trying to figure out possible fashionable things people might wear to keep the sun off their face, and then it spiraled completely out of control. It was supposed to be a "quick" sketch! First drawing in a while of one of my characters, tried to draw my old character Dom wearing a chaperone (the thingy Roche wears in the Witcher). Here's how my portrait drawings of Domelvia has evolved over the years... Weird how I began to use more and more color, and then BAM! I'm back to grayscale again... It's mostly 'cause I need to get better at value before I tackle color again.
  11. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Here's a portrait study I did, after I realized my portrait drawing skills needed some serious work. Took me fuckin' FOREVER, because I actually used a soft brush on this drawing to build a base (which is something I SHOULD'VE been doing), which was a new and terrifying experience. Once I started using a hard brush again though, the drawing came together quite well, so I guess that's something I'll continue doing. Also, since I take a lot of pleasure in watching other people's process videos, I made one for myself. Mind the watermark though, I was an idiot and didn't test out the damn thing before recording everything.
  12. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Well, here's another art update. You're probably thinking, "Why Kenny, this looks familiar." and you'll be right, I touched up an old drawing, one that you can reminisce about under the spoiler here: Also, I drew an anatomy study again. I guess I have to put it under another spoiler, though, because "oh no, cover your eyes timmy, breasts!": Also, Happy New Year!
  13. I am now 5 LotC years old. I am old enough to go to Elementary School now!

  14. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    Thank you! I'm afraid I don't take requests though. I'm a bit selfish, and drawing's just sort of a me time thing. On top of college, worrying about drawing for others and finishing commissions just kinda bogs me down. So in honor of my fifth birthday (I'm 5 years old in LotC!!!)... I present to you -- the same sorta stuff I always update this thread with. So I finished the portrait drawing of Ketas (finally). And also... I attempted a few environments... which are still WIP: And then I drew whoever this is: And drew "quick" character templates to compare two people's heights and builds: Also... After like three ******* years, I finally decided to post some of my drawings on deviantart and tumblr. Hit me up folks! I'm "cowwsgomoo" on both websites.