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  1. https://gyazo.com/dd101b9928651a30de1c3d0e3d91403d lookin through old messages c':

    friend found our names somewhere in some base

  2. *A notice was pinned within the Dominion and the Cloud Temple.* Greetings friends, the Flormai were interested in purchasing two sets of male and female llamas. We were also interested in hiring a stonemason or similar artisan in carving two statues within our home. ((More so hiring for professional roleplay!)) Please pin bellow your prices if you are interested or available. Thank you kindly. ~Jhaeros Flormai *Jhaeros remained by his notice in the Dominion, while scraps of paper hung underneath the notice in the Cloud Temple.*
  3. Moved post to the skinning subforum, hopefully easier bites here!
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