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  1. I am spawning inside a wall, can a gm tp me as soon as i log in or something?

    1. Space


      As soon as you log in, press e and print screen. That'll be the only way to get your **** back. Prinscreen cause then you will have the date and time. Make sure to go to paint and paste it and save the screenshot right away.

    2. Αμφίονας


      thanks bro. thankfully I had my ss on my hotbar and enough health left, in order to survive long enough to tp with it

  2. Αμφίονας

    Valtors Of The Old Faith

    ((I will request no more ooc is posted in here and I am posting this only once as an exception. To answer your question, there are no flyers or posts about it, but it's fairly easy to find us if you make a character that believes in the old faith since we aren't many Valtors or believers in the old faith. Asking around in character and you will probably stubble upon me at some point, probably sooner than later. If your character is not of the old faith though then it's unlikely to gather more information since it was never Nestor's intention to be known to others than the anadune and the believers of the old faith. Hence why I only recruit in character. Plus the fact that an app will not be as personal as the questions my character comes up with. In addition I do not wish any religious orders who are fond of purging non-believers to learn about us, so easily. It's not fun. If that did not answer your question or you have further queries, feel free to pm me. Edit:This acts mostly as documentation, and allows me to easily direct recruits here who wish for further information. Plus it might attract someone who wishes to create a fresh character to join the Valtorians. Ps. Yeah I love Kayle's artwork. Hard to find something as good.))
  3. Αμφίονας

    Valtors Of The Old Faith

    Valtors of The Old Faith "If my bones are to shatter and my armor to crack, Thalia let my spirit remain intact. And in these times full of shadows, let us dream the dawn." The Valtorians or Valtors for sort, is a group of holy warriors of the Old Faith that was created by Nestor Tarus at the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1450. Their goals is to seek the truth behind the visions that the gods provide and to combat the evil creatures that dwell into Anthos. Their ultimate purpose, despite being unknown to most Valtors, is to protect the Erythian Stars. Deeply religious and strong the Valtors are still few in numbers. Some of the Valtorian recruits choose to follow the path of Thronn and learn the secrets of heartfire. Yet the majority of the Valtors chooses to adopt the arts of war and they are trained in the use of sword, shield and spear. Chief Values and Morals of the Valtors Honesty. - None should lie without just cause- to prevent a wrong or to save someone. Tolerance. - "He who speaks my tongue is my equal". We were all created by the same God. Loyalty. - Remember exactly who you're loyal to. Words are less valuable than blood. Hard work. - Conviction, conviction, conviction. Freedom. - To be held in highest esteem, none can bound a man, none can chain him down. Endurance. - Both mental and physical. When the time comes our strength will be tested. Hope. - For the journey will be long, and we all must keep walking. The Goddess Thalia A lesser god under Morighaen. The visions are believed to be derived by her and her initial worship began from Nestor. Despite her contribution to knowledge, she does not assist the Valtors in other ways but many Valtorians choose her as the patron god instead of one of the three, regardless. Known Rituals The Bonding of Silverline "The men stood still and inhaled deeply. They blinked once and their eyes were normal. They blinked twice and their eyes stood still and pale. They blinked thrice and it was like nothing happened at all. And yet they had been enlightened." Most are unaware of the origins of the visions. If they are granted to the one who sleeps, or the one who after deep meditation has connected to the gods. Yet when the vision is seen, proper words are usually found insufficient to describe the message. This ritual provides the Valtors the ability to share what they saw with no omittance. It only requires the leaves of Silverline and the smoke that it generates when set ablaze. Ritual of the Shieldbond In a pitch black room, a candle burns in the center of the shadows, the only source of light. Two prospective-shield brothers step towards one another with their shields on their left arms. In the center of them burns the candle. The two circle the candle, staring at one another, smashing their palms into the shield in a rhythm unique to them. This persists for three minutes, after which, both most stop circling, take a knife, and cut the others free hand. They utter the words, "Before the sight of Thronn, and his inumerable faces, I swear to put guard my shieldbrother/sister's life with these hands. With this blood, I tie ourselves as one, unified in purpose and movement. With this shield, I raise it to defend our conjoined life, and the way of the Three." They grasp each other by the blood hand and hold it firmly over the candle. They hold their hands over the flame until one of them cannot stand the heat and retracts, after which, they exit. Ranks of the Valtorians There are no ranks within the Valtorians, aside from the ArchValtor, due to the small numbers of men, within the order. Recruiting Lore
  4. Any gm's online who can log in game?

  5. what is the server ip that a ws must join in before applying to check the server?|

  6. what is the server ip that a ws must join in before applying to check the server?

  7. Holy **** i am an oldhat

  8. Αμφίονας

    Vekrus' Global Moderator Application

    I think from recent events he has shown he can handle tough situations +1.
  9. Αμφίονας

    [Denied]Ilumtarus's Server Moderator Application.

    One of the most patient indivuduals I know. Generally chill ooc and very helpfull with great communication skills from my experience when i was still the noobtington. Can't think of a finer man to handle tough situations in game. +1
  10. Any fm online willing to lend a hand?

  11. the server ip is mc.lotc.co?for some reason i can not log in

  12. Αμφίονας

    [Playable] Wraiths - Harbingers of the Fourth Age

    Mixed opinion on this lore. Great introduction and way to put it and your effort is clearly shown. Personally, though, I fail to see what the core idea achieves that other similar antagonists haven't. But all in all, I can't see harm coming from it and I do not see why one should dislike something about some inevitable similarities considering originality is about using the same ingredients with your own recipe. Or something along those lines. +1 and great work
  13. Do slimed spawn at all? Desperately in need of slime balls

    1. The Cleaning Crew

      The Cleaning Crew

      Don't think so. You'd have to buy 'em from someone.