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  1. Αμφίονας

    Valtors Of The Old Faith

    ((I will request no more ooc is posted in here and I am posting this only once as an exception. To answer your question, there are no flyers or posts about it, but it's fairly easy to find us if you make a character that believes in the old faith since we aren't many Valtors or believers in the old faith. Asking around in character and you will probably stubble upon me at some point, probably sooner than later. If your character is not of the old faith though then it's unlikely to gather more information since it was never Nestor's intention to be known to others than the anadune and the believers of the old faith. Hence why I only recruit in character. Plus the fact that an app will not be as personal as the questions my character comes up with. In addition I do not wish any religious orders who are fond of purging non-believers to learn about us, so easily. It's not fun. If that did not answer your question or you have further queries, feel free to pm me. Edit:This acts mostly as documentation, and allows me to easily direct recruits here who wish for further information. Plus it might attract someone who wishes to create a fresh character to join the Valtorians. Ps. Yeah I love Kayle's artwork. Hard to find something as good.))
  2. Αμφίονας

    Valtors Of The Old Faith

    Valtors of The Old Faith "If my bones are to shatter and my armor to crack, Thalia let my spirit remain intact. And in these times full of shadows, let us dream the dawn." The Valtorians or Valtors for sort, is a group of holy warriors of the Old Faith that was created by Nestor Tarus at the 14th of The Amber Cold, 1450. Their goals is to seek the truth behind the visions that the gods provide and to combat the evil creatures that dwell into Anthos. Their ultimate purpose, despite being unknown to most Valtors, is to protect the Erythian Stars. Deeply religious and strong the Valtors are still few in numbers. Some of the Valtorian recruits choose to follow the path of Thronn and learn the secrets of heartfire. Yet the majority of the Valtors chooses to adopt the arts of war and they are trained in the use of sword, shield and spear. Chief Values and Morals of the Valtors Honesty. - None should lie without just cause- to prevent a wrong or to save someone. Tolerance. - "He who speaks my tongue is my equal". We were all created by the same God. Loyalty. - Remember exactly who you're loyal to. Words are less valuable than blood. Hard work. - Conviction, conviction, conviction. Freedom. - To be held in highest esteem, none can bound a man, none can chain him down. Endurance. - Both mental and physical. When the time comes our strength will be tested. Hope. - For the journey will be long, and we all must keep walking. The Goddess Thalia A lesser god under Morighaen. The visions are believed to be derived by her and her initial worship began from Nestor. Despite her contribution to knowledge, she does not assist the Valtors in other ways but many Valtorians choose her as the patron god instead of one of the three, regardless. Known Rituals The Bonding of Silverline "The men stood still and inhaled deeply. They blinked once and their eyes were normal. They blinked twice and their eyes stood still and pale. They blinked thrice and it was like nothing happened at all. And yet they had been enlightened." Most are unaware of the origins of the visions. If they are granted to the one who sleeps, or the one who after deep meditation has connected to the gods. Yet when the vision is seen, proper words are usually found insufficient to describe the message. This ritual provides the Valtors the ability to share what they saw with no omittance. It only requires the leaves of Silverline and the smoke that it generates when set ablaze. Ritual of the Shieldbond In a pitch black room, a candle burns in the center of the shadows, the only source of light. Two prospective-shield brothers step towards one another with their shields on their left arms. In the center of them burns the candle. The two circle the candle, staring at one another, smashing their palms into the shield in a rhythm unique to them. This persists for three minutes, after which, both most stop circling, take a knife, and cut the others free hand. They utter the words, "Before the sight of Thronn, and his inumerable faces, I swear to put guard my shieldbrother/sister's life with these hands. With this blood, I tie ourselves as one, unified in purpose and movement. With this shield, I raise it to defend our conjoined life, and the way of the Three." They grasp each other by the blood hand and hold it firmly over the candle. They hold their hands over the flame until one of them cannot stand the heat and retracts, after which, they exit. Ranks of the Valtorians There are no ranks within the Valtorians, aside from the ArchValtor, due to the small numbers of men, within the order. Recruiting Lore
  3. Αμφίονας

    Vekrus' Global Moderator Application

    I think from recent events he has shown he can handle tough situations +1.
  4. Αμφίονας

    [Denied]Ilumtarus's Server Moderator Application.

    One of the most patient indivuduals I know. Generally chill ooc and very helpfull with great communication skills from my experience when i was still the noobtington. Can't think of a finer man to handle tough situations in game. +1
  5. Αμφίονας

    [Playable] Wraiths - Harbingers of the Fourth Age

    Mixed opinion on this lore. Great introduction and way to put it and your effort is clearly shown. Personally, though, I fail to see what the core idea achieves that other similar antagonists haven't. But all in all, I can't see harm coming from it and I do not see why one should dislike something about some inevitable similarities considering originality is about using the same ingredients with your own recipe. Or something along those lines. +1 and great work
  6. Αμφίονας

    [Complete][Artifact Lore]Erythian Stars

    1. I pm you on the forums on a very polite manner 15 days or so ago along with Freya and viper. 2.I see no problem with your reasoning. 3. I apologize for my behavior as I said in the other thread. Lago's post made me flip and release the pent up pressure.
  7. Αμφίονας

    [Complete][Artifact Lore]Erythian Stars

  8. Αμφίονας

    [Complete][Artifact Lore]Erythian Stars

    Rant: Every one ounce of excitement I had for the possible approoval of this topic that I made 62 or so days ago is obviously long long gone. I doubt I will be writing any lore for the server ever again considering the ludicrousness/tragicness of the situation. I literally lost any kind of respect I still had for the team because of this and I doubt anything else they do will bring it back. I understant it's a long lore. I do also understant that many, if not all, of you are extremely busy. 62 days for a lore post that has no pointed out mistakes is absurd. And I have been trying to have people find mistakes but apparently I see none. I will stop being a drama queen and instead explain why I see no reason to have this denied. I will adress the point voidsoldier and lago made last. 1.I took every possible measure to increase the chances of having this accepted. I read simonbane's post, rethink this a gazillion times, have ezekiel provide feedback and general assistant, double/tripple check it for mistakes and grammar and finally post it in its complete form IMMEDIATELY. Not to mention that I took mogroka's advice by heart and write this in an as interesting manner as possible. 2. Towards no point did I believe that this lore will grant me any "powers" or advantage over others in game. It's pretty obvious why. I just wanted to have fun. Something harder than it seems. 3. 62 days so little replies. Why? because I thought this through. What is there more to add or discuss? 4. "OOC consent will be the bane of this lore","it will sit around not doing anything." (not actual quotes but they keep the general meaning.) Yes. If you have the mindset of "LORE=BADASS ADVANTAGE FOR MY EQUAL BADASS CHARACTER." Like an ma or something absolutelly. If you want so hard to metagame the **** out of everyone, undoubtely yes. This is not about exctracting information. It is about adding information. You willl not find anything that can be "just" used by such an artifact. And if you can you will be damn lucky. This is why you mold what you see so that it fits. You add information. If I want to add lore about the adunians, all i have to do is look through the spheres ic. 5. If you do not still believe me and doubt that I can make good use of these, what is the worst thing that will happen? SIT AROUND AND NOT TO DO ANYTHING OR A BAN REPORT WHICH WILL EASILY BE DISREGARDED AS METAGAME AND THEREFORE HE WILL BE BANNED. other reasons why not? I have no idea. Why is it taking so long? No freakin idea! Indeciseviness, irrational fears or whatever. Edit: For the record I have lost respect for the lore team. Not Freya. She is not part of the lore team and she actually is the only one quick to respond. And bluntly responded once but whatever.
  9. Αμφίονας

    [Complete][Artifact Lore]Erythian Stars

    This has been ready for review since I posted it in JULY.PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE IT A VERDICT. I am tired of seeing oter threads getting reviewed while I patiently wait for signs of god damn life in this abandond planet. Pleaaaaaaaase review it.
  10. Αμφίονας

    [Complete][Artifact Lore]Erythian Stars

    I had forgotten pasting 8-7 lines of text and only took notice of it yesterday. It's increndibly easy to get lost in this despite the spoilers and obvious difference in context. Back on topic. What I had in mind was that he most visions that can be shown in an elven month will be three to five. Considering the ooc preparation that it is required even for the most minor event/vision. A good ic explanation for the waiting time between the visions would be the astral and planetary alligments and moon phases. You need specific ones to see a vision. In such away we would avoid the constant ic dissapointment of "nothing is happening." and have somethig to occupy one self. I believe it would work for such an amount of visions.
  11. Αμφίονας

    [Complete][Artifact Lore]Erythian Stars

    I had made a huge wall of text to respond in this but i decided to be short cause I will end up with a headache while confusing all of us. 1. This kha idea does not work in so many ways I have trouble finding from where to start and I really can not think how to fix it. Either by powergaming or granting useless knowledge, present visions do not work as I said in the summary. Can elaborate if need be but it is pretty obvious why. 2. The future visions will work even without relating them to other parties in the server if we made specifically events while keeping in mind that they will be seen in such a vision. Either with the event team or without it. Can not elaborate without examples because this idea becomes too theoretical. I really tried to explain , did not work. 3.I thought that the spheres function was explained on the 3-5 question of the summary. I do not know what else you want me to add. Will add it if I understand what you mean. 4.If I try to explain further I will start being unecessary long and confusing. I can give either better examples of visions+events here on the forums, in game, or via skype. Exactly in the way they could/should happen in game and how they can be enough in quantity to keep the spheres interesting and fun.
  12. Αμφίονας

    [Complete][Artifact Lore]Erythian Stars

    Thanks for the support, I really really really appreciate it. I agree it is a necessary drawback because as you said otherwise it is overpowered. How can you judge what knowledge will give you significant advantages and what events need to be set in the future? It won't be the bane of this lore but it will certainly be something that greatly confines it. But truth is I did not make this purely for gruesome warnings or as a mean to win all wars. I made this for the roleplay. So that I and others do not get easily bored again. There are many more good examples of visions which I did not include because this is enormously huge. I believe that the true inspiration was a prophecy which my character heard in the first days of me in the server. It was unbelievably good and I still loved those exciting moments where you learned something truely important. I also got a second prophecy about my character. How he would die in a great war and be remembered and forgotten. People that use these spheres can see their own future. Not like "I will be king" but like choosing how they die or a few crucial monents they can coordinate with friends(romance, adventure, loss of a loved one). I doubt I will be listened about wars but those little moments will be breathtaking. Not to mention I will be annoying the event team a lot with events I come up with. And many more. Finding hidden relics/treasure(event) or uncovering lore and stories some of importance some just for fun! And lastly the true base of the idea were greek oracles. Other things that contributed were the machine in person of interest, the mirror of galadriel (nice spotting hobo), greek myths where the sun sees all, batman with the blue flower in batman begins, and I believe uncosciously much more! Thanks a lot for the patience you showed by reading this. Your feedback was great. It crossed my mind at a point, but I did not think it through. The support means trully a lot! :D
  13. Αμφίονας

    Lark's Et App

    I witnessed his rp and it was quite delightful. He even made emotes by changing his name. He has a lot of potential and is cooperative. +1
  14. ooc WARNING The two following parts (introduction and summary) were written in a rush. They have grammatical and vocabulary issues and are kind of derpy and trolly. I regret nothing. Introduction Wouldn't a paladir be very overpowered for this server? Of course it would but they are actually very different. See the summary or the lore itself for further details on how it will be balanced and what it actually does. Or read the lore. Why are there so many parts in this? What else does the lore include? I decided to make this more or less like a novel/book instead of the usual blunt pile of information. It's part can be read on it's own and more or less, all of them act like examples or provide information. But above all they give a taste of the roleplay I intend to bring with this spheres. If you choose to read the summary I will explain certain parts as some were made as examples of how the visions of the stars would work. The lore also includes some stories about the old Tarusian kingdom and lots of information about the plant phegaryon. What is this plant phegaryon? Why did you put it here if it does not requires acceptance, like all plant lore? 1.It is the sacred plant of Morighaen and is linked with the spheres. More is explained in the part I need to pm to the Lore Masters. 2. It makes more interesting the lore. Who is this Letholdus? What does his have to do with anything? Letholdus is the man who lived back in the Tarusian era and found the spheres and the phegaryon. By revealing his story you learn the lore about the spheres and have a nice read. I have more questions! Then read the summary, which again is question/answers or read the lore itself. If you still are not satisfied, ask me. I do not bite. A lot. Summary The Tale of Letholdus Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
  15. Αμφίονας

    [✓] [Lore] Runes

    Good idea.I am not actually writing about them.The point is that there could a small but vital link which will decide the nature of my idea. Too general but I do not like spoilers when I have not written even half of it. Just collecting ideas and improving them.