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  1. Angel~

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Alamnian Tribe Military 10,000 Infantry Tomahawk warriors 150 Alamnian Mages Chieftain: Ahuli Alamnia[Age: 24] Population: 63,000~ Capital: Onawaki :Magic Limits: Capable of throwing rocks as hard as a slingshot, flying as high as the trees and houses along with raising smaller objects. [Trade] Current: The Chud tribe Offers: Lenape, Pocumtuk, and Cherokee ================== Chief Ahuli looks upon the new mineral called Copper before him, standing in the newly built warehouse for these specific minerals. Looking to his various advisors and ‘scientists’ he would nod “Good job, simply keep collecting the ore we shall find a use for it soon” before walking back into the thriving capital of the Alamnian people. Soon he would be looking over the reports giving to him by his advisor’s and would nod fairly proud of his people for doing so well. Quickly he would begin to discuss more plans that will be sent forth out towards the outlying villages and the capital, work must be done and recently he had heard the Chud people have actually learned how to use the mineral called Copper from a strange tribe south from here from one of their traders he would quickly send out an envoy to discuss the possibility of sharing such a technological discovery. Meanwhile proper roads if only dirt roads would be put into effect, Ahuli having tribesmen carefully cut down trees and foliage where needed to slowly form a kind of pathway between the villages to ease travel on the people. Meanwhile meetings are held in long nights in the council hut of Onawaki with the chief of Chud, and the Powatami before soon a declaration is sent out. ====The North Eastern Federation==== A federation has been established between the Alamnian people, The Chud, and the Potawatomi in the hopes of establishing a group that can benefit the three of them and their people. (I know not amazing but its something) ============= Treasury: 7,750 Income: 7,000 Actions: A little more funding is put into the growing school of magical arts[Magic academy] that was gradually taking shape in the capital Onawaki, Alamnian people far and wide from all across the tribe’s land being drawn into the great hut for training from the grand masters to better learn how to control their abilities. Meanwhile the Master’s continue to share and experiment with each other and the younglings as attempts are put forth in the ability to ward off projectile objects(Defense against projectiles like rocks, arrows and such but starting with rocks then going up at first). [2,000 * 20% = 4,000 put into magical abilities] 5,000 gold is contributed to the Chud tribe in return for the technology of copper, this in turn would hopefully allow the Alamnian people to begin to properly create copper tools and such. [Mod] Scouts are sent to inspect the neighboring tribe of Lenape and Iroquois, Mostly seeing what their military was like. Remaining treasury: 750 ============== -Stats- Army: 5,000 Tomahawk/Club warriors, 3,000 Spearmen, 2,000 Archers and 150 Mages Mages Equipment: Armed with a tomahawk and a bow for diverse combat. Navy: We got rafts? Economy: 6,000 Base + 1,000 Trade = 7,000 Gold per turn Trade: Chud Tribe
  2. Angel~

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Alamnian Tribe Military: 3 2P: 50 Mages 1P: 10,000 Chieftain: Ahuli Alamnia Population: 60,000 ================== Chief Ahuli would be sitting in the tribe’s council hut, a large building made for discussing important matters of the tribe and the people. Recently the tribe had officially settled down for good, most of the people that called themselves Alamnian’s were now living with one another inside their longhouse and hunting the local animals like Deer or Bison if they’re lucky. Deer skin would be used frequently in the making of clothing, creating leggings, shirts and moccasins. Now however Ahuli would be discussing with the elders and a few of the leaders of smaller villages about the future of the tribe, they were now in a period of peace and there for Ahuli advocated for the advancement of the Alamnian people, Of course some of the elders protested as they would have rather stuck to the old ways however many of the younger leaders believed that the only way to ensure peace is through strength. The argument would go late into the night with Ahuli and the majority of the younger leaders going against the older more traditional side of the council. Eventually however Ahuli would make the older men give in and grudgingly agree with what needed to be done and soon they would all disperse and Ahuli would begin to send out runners to officially begin the period of peace and prosperity for the Alamnian people. ============= Treasury: 60,000 Income: 6,000 Actions: Efforts are put forth into searching for stronger material(Copper) in the surrounding vicinity of the tribe as well as experimenting with the very first Alamnian mine in this endeavor.[10,000G put into searching for copper] In the capital, the creation of a forge/smithy would be put into creation with the hopes of experimenting with any new found ores. This of course would be built out of stone to prevent any fires from spreading into the surrounding forest [20,000G]. Irrigation works are put forth to improve the agriculture of the capital and the surrounding villages[5,000G] In the Capital of the Tribe many of the mages come forth, coming from all walks of life whether it be hunter, gatherer, or warrior and would begin to teach more willing students to master their power all while improving their own capabilities. They would begin to experiment with going higher above the tree’s and lifting heavier objects as they taught more students to fully grasp their true potential.[13,000G put into improvement of Telekinetic abilities] The growing rate of capable mages has been noted by Ahuli and his war chief and soon a recruitment drive is put into effect mustering up roughly 150 more mages who would be trained to wield a bow.[11,250G into recruitment] Treasury after turn 1: 750
  3. Angel~

    The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Nation: The Alamnian Tribe Ruler: Chief Ahuli Alamnia Army: Navy: Desired technology from investment: Short background on the nation (more details for North American tribes): The Alamnian Tribe started off as a loose confederation of multiple smaller tribes starting off in the Iroquois territories, hunting deer, bison and various other kinds of animals; they also farmed corn, beans and squash that kept them well fed throughout the years. They soon began to form together under a more prominent tribal chief that owned a significant amount of fertile land and quickly the rough system of power was established with the Almania chief’s family having loose control over the surrounding tribes. However the Alaminian Tribe was a little more unique compared to normal natives, with the chief’s family and few others having the power to levitate themselves or objects off the ground. The chief and his family were one of the first to truly use their abilities and slowly through the process of marriages and children the ability gradually spread throughout the tribe and the solidification of Alamnian rule in the held land would lead to the growing interest of learning how to truly master their power and increase their knowledge of the world. Magic: Rough telekinesis - The ability to levitate oneself and potentially objects has spread throughout the tribe however only a few have truly started to master and improve their ability. At the moment they can only levitate up to the tree’s and roof’s of their longhouses or lift a few objects like apples, small rocks or branches. Skype: You’ve got it
  4. Angel~

    1000 A.D.

    Duchy of Saxony ============================================ Ruled by: The House of Billung Duke Bernard the First Queen Hildegard Daughters: Matilda[Married to Denmark Heir] Othelindis Gedesdiu Sons: Hermann(Deceased) Bernard II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Capital: Hamburg Bernard sighed, looking over the reports from the previous season until now and then to the current status of most of his duchy. While it was pleasing to hear the nobles where compliant with his wishes it was clear to him he was in need of a proper standing army that him and his chosen generals could control and use as they see fit. It was also pleasing to hear the tribes were more preoccupied with Poland than their duchy and soon he would debate a few choices he had to make.. ~Actions~ Bernard would begin to careful increase his families hold on their lands, work being put forth to improve their own standing army and the training commencing to create their own proper fighting force should any nobles think about rebelling. A academy is put into construction within the Capital of Hamburg, pamphlets being sent out advertising the coming academy; Academy being focused on a rough system of Merit and centered around warfare and strategy. Road improvement continues![Completion date: 1 Year] Motte-and-Bailey type fortifications are put into construction near the borders of Veleti, and Abodrites mostly around the villages bordering them just in case for future purposes. Diplomats are sent to both Veleti and Abodrites; attempts being made to open diplomatic talks with the various tribes-mostly along the borders of the Duchy. Missionaries are sent off into the tribal lands to the east working to convert the pagans to Christianity, again mostly along the borders of the Duchy trying to convert the tribes that were closest to Saxony. A decree is put forth declaring that all that could afford it shall take up a spear or blade along with a shield of some sort and train once every week under the instruction of a drill instructor or marshal supplied by the local lord. The Duchy of Saxony makes it known that they are willing to take in some of the jewish people fleeing from Poland, declaring they will have the ability to own land and run businesses provided they have the consent of the crown. A census is also put forth to give a proper estimate of how many people lived in Saxony, also how many troops were available for the Duchy. ================ Population: 370,000 Rough Military Pop: 3,700 Trained troops Trade Partners: Bavaria, Byzantine, Poland, and Bulgaria along with most of the HRE Royal Marriages with: Denmark [Matilda]
  5. Angel~

    1000 A.D.

    Duchy of Saxony ============================================ Ruled by: The House of Billung King Bernard the First Queen Hildegard Daughters: Matilda Othelindis Gedesdiu Sons: Hermann(Deceased) Bernard II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Capital: (I couldnt find it so im saying its Hamburg) Bernard stood overlooking the Capital of his Duchy considering all that had happened in his life, battling the Danes shortly after his coronation in 973 he was incharge of the Duchy for a while. He had also joined the Young Otto on Campaigns against the Slavic tribes to the east and was prepared to extend his Duchies power even further but first matters of the state; he needed to fully secure the Duchy of Saxony before working to take more land. ~Actions~ Firstly a diplomat is dispatched the Denmark working to improve relations by offering a trade agreement and a royal marriage with his daughter Matilda. Meanwhile trade agreement offers from: Bavaria, Byzantine, Poland, and Bulgaria are accepted while trade offers are sent to the Duchy of Lower Lorraine, Swabia, Thurginia, Franconia and Upper Lorraine along with Bohemia [Mod] Hamburg, the Capital of the Duchy was in need of improvement as the roads were not all to well made or non existent with dirt roads marking the country. Work is put forth to improve the road conditions and make new roads connecting the various cities and some villages in the Duchy. The standing army of Saxony would undergo various reforms, stricter drills and training regimes being put forth as Generals who are too old would be put to teaching younger generations of commanders then replaced-sending them off to their homes. The Shield wall would be one of the tactic to be drilled into the troops more so than others, Pikes, Swords and the Daneaxe or simple axe making up some if not most of the troops weaponry. Patrols along the Slavic tribes of Veleti and Abodrites are established and put into effect working to repel any raiding parties from the tribes along with a record being kept of who raided the most. More farms are also established and animal husbandry efforts are also increased to feed the Saxon people and keep a stable economy while the trade ports and trade centers like Hamburg is also funded to expand and grow them, promoting trade. ================ Population: 370,000 Rough Military Pop: 3,700 Trained troops (Not including Levy?)
  6. Angel~

    1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Application Country/Tribe: Duchy of Saxony Leader: Bernard I Population: 370k History: The Saxons, formally tribal they were soon subdued by the Charlemagne rulers after years of battle and soon they were finally joined together as the Duchy of Saxony. The Duchy was Saxony after being brought into the fold of the HRE quickly became one of the key partners in the HRE, helping assert its control over the lands and helping convert many of the neighboring tribes-resorting to war if they did not comply.(Im sorry if this is really bad, I didnt wanna copy paste history from the wikipedia..) Do you have Discord?: Yup, Discord: mas0n99#5714
  7. The Mountain Kingdom of Adonia The Kingdom of Adonia, a small territory located in the mountains known for its many riches that flow from its mines scattered in and around the capital was certainly a valuable piece of land in the eyes of its surrounding neighbors. Of course King Toris knew this as he stared over the map of the known region at the neighboring kingdoms and duchies with his beloved Queen standing beside him holding their newly born daughter in a simple dress both looking over reports provided by various scouts from their rather small but well trained army. Still, they had to increase the size of their training and soon flyers were drafted then created carefully before being given out to various townsmen and women to either stick them around town or speak up about it-a recruitment drive being put in place. The benefits of joining the military being a stable job, good simple pay and training that could do good for everyone. With the recruitment drive gradually taking affect Toris would consider increasing the security of their mountains and so a unit of basic swordsmen and a few builders are sent out to the three trade routes/mountain paths that connect them to the Kingdom of Anvilmar and the other kingdom below them. The goal being to locate a suitable defensive position for a outpost and possibly a border outpost in the future but for now the three units of swordsmen/axemen(100 each) are to establish a defensible position on the three trade routes and make sure the paths are relatively secure with frequent patrols. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Capital: Asira Towns: Versai, Grinwal, Lacias, and Torin Military: 10k Axemen/Swordsmen Infantry[Basic Training] 10k Spearmen Infantry[Basic Training] 2K Elite Swordsmen[Elite Training] 2K Elite Adonian Spearmen[Elite Training] Upkeep: 6,000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Treasury 80,000 Gold Income: 8,000 - 6,000 = 2,000 gold Current treasury after first year: 36,000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Actions: Gold is dedicated to constructing proper fortified outposts on the three mountain pathways.(Spent: 10k) A recruitment drive is put into effect in the small kingdom, aiming to recruit roughly 2,000 men to be trained as normal spearmen and swordsmen(1,000 Spears and 1,000 swordsmen) Work is done in improving the mines of the mountain villages and the Capital, working to improve overall income.(Spent: 5,000 gold on mining improvements) Improvements are done in working to improve the farm land, terracing being widely used due to the uneven and mountainous land that most villages were placed around.(Spent: 3,000 Gold in improvements to farm improvements) The need for some form of ranged weaponry in the cramped rocky landscape of Adonia prompted the military to begin to work on making longbows(Spending: 8,000 Gold on Long bow development) Heavy armor is put into order for 1,000 Elite spear and medium armor is put into order for 10,000 Basic Infantrymen. (10,000 + 10,000 = 20,000 Gold put into increased armor) Gold spent this turn: 82,000 - 52,000 Gold = 36,000 Gold in treasury. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diplomacy: A defensive alliance is sent out to the Dwarves of Anvilmar after briefly evaluating their strength and shared interested in securing the mountain range. Scouts are also sent out to the surrounding three kingdom’s to see what they thought of Adonia and trade deals would be offered to any of the bordering kingdoms.
  8. State Name: The Kingdom of Adonia Government System: Feudal Monarchy History: The Adonian Kingdom has had a fairly short life compared to most of its surrounding nations, previously consisting of multiple smaller kingdoms/city states it has only recently been brought under one main family. The Regian House, the family that had brought together the waring Draconian people saw to it that their people no longer remained scattered and weak to powerful outside influences. Years would pass as the Regian house slowly brought each and every city state along with its houses into the fold wetherby diplomatic means or completely demolishing the royal house leading the smaller nation. Soon enough the Adonian Kingdom would have been founded and borders established throughout their land, the Capital becoming the homeland of the Regian Royal Family called Asira quickly becoming the central hub for most of the population. Built against the side of the mountain the seat of the Regian Royal families power was always difficult to siege due to the environment and position, but their army was also never one to laugh at; the old Regian military known for their intensive training and skill. Culture: Following the centralization of the Draconian people the religions quickly morphed into one another before soon a few prominent deities were brought up as the main gods of the Adonian Church. Acaener the God of War and Conquest visualized as a mighty dragon became the idol for the military, the people contributing their strength to the powerful god of war. Myphine the Goddess of Peace, Love and Loyalty had become the people’s deity for the common people. Otia quickly became known as the god of science, prosperity and good luck; these three gods becoming the most followed in the Church of Adonia of all walks of life. Economy: 8 (Starting Treasury: 80K with 8,000 Income - 6,000 = 2,000 Income) The Adonian Economy consists of mining and the use of terrace farming along with using creatures such as cows, sheep and chickens. Mining being the main money maker in the Kingdom as trades are made constantly with others in and out of the Kingdom while the ore is also used to supply the army with new weapons and armor. Education: 4 - Draconian Body(Scale natural body armor, Horns, Strength), Terrace farming Draconian Body Adds: + 1 to Attack and Defense overall Size: 2 A relatively small nation due to being recently formed the people of Military: 2(4 points to spend) The Adonian Military, smaller than it used to be still held onto its roots with intense training regimes and mock battles held getting the troops used to the rough terrain and winters the plagued the mountains during the winter months. Favoring the Sword and Spear over the Horse mounted troops the men specialized in these sections. Adonian Swordsmen: 10K Infantry men[Normal Training] = 500 Upkeep Adonian Spearmen: 10K Infantry men[Normal training] = 500 Upkeep Elite Adonian Swordsmen: 2,000 = 2,500 Upkeep Elite Adonian Pikemen: 2,000 = 2,500 Upkeep Total Upkeep: 6,000 Gold Loyalty: 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Key figure 1: King Toris of House Regian(5/5/6) Age: 4 Key Figure 2: Queen Ciania of House Regian(3/4/6) Age: 4 Key Figure 3: Crown Princess Risia of House Regian(3/2/1) Age: 0 Word mentioned necessary somewhere in the above post: Switzerland
  9. Angel~

    [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    :Switzerland: https://youtu.be/qXHiu9yg5Vs GDP: 1.02 Trillion(GDP increase: 20 Billion) Economy investment: [8/10 AP] The Federal Council and Sofia Brandenberger would be hard at work, making sure everyone in Switzerland was occupied with some kind of work. The Education system-especially the Scientific side was working wonderfully, topics such as Clean Energy, Robotics and Mechanical aspects being more focused on; trying to gain the attention of more foreign students and scientists offering a sort of safe haven from the world that seemed to be falling into chaos. The effort to shift Switzerland to a more clean energy nation, building off the Hydropower and Solar power energy sources already established-improving upon them though focusing more on Solar Panels in the smaller cities at first then work their way up to the Capital Bern and Zurich. Switzerland would stay true to its neutrality and remain silent on the worldly affairs of other nations, besides the occasional talks for Trade and offers to host various important meetings on neutral soil Switzerland would seem more preoccupied with improving itself enough to stand against the dangerous times. Meanwhile Swiss Engineers and Scientists would begin to work together in building off the already established Exoskeleton, trying to work together to make it more versatile and consider the possibility of incorporating it into the military. Switzerland would continue to improve upon the Education; mainly fields of Robotics, Clean Energy and Mechanical Engineering. They would also work to improve upon the already established clean energy sources, working from smaller towns up to the Capital to make Solar Panels one of the major sources of energy for Switzerland. [4 AP] Research, Engineering and tests are done in working upon improving the Exoskeleton trying to make it more compounded, if that cannot be done then they would simply just start to make it more versatile and useful.[1 AP] Trade Propositions are sent to the following: France, Japan, Italy, and Syria attempting to improve relations with them through trade. Syria is also offered to have some Swiss Doctors go over and train and help improve the war torn land. Switzerland also begins to establish a sort of training program for Swiss Teachers: Switzerland will send volunteering teachers of varying level(mostly highschool +) to Congo, Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon Albania, Brazil, Israel, and Nigeria if they wish to receive them. Information regarding the teachers: The Swiss volunteer teachers will assist in improving the education of the countries however German classes will be incorporated in their classes. Switzerland officially joins the Kaiser Wilhelm Society, planning on working with the German people in improving and developing new technological wonders; a sort of celebration to the new friendship between the Swiss and German people is to be planned inviting important German government officials and the other members of the tech pact(Austria being one, im not sure who else is in it). ======================================= Researching: Exo-Suits Diplomacy: -Trade- Germany Austria -Tech Pact: Kaiser Wilhelm Society Member- Tech Level: Tier 3 - Modern Total Population: 8,179,294 Active Military: 21,000 Active Air Force: 183 Armored forces: Combat Tanks: 134 Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1,032 Self-Propelled Artillery: 224
  10. Angel~

    [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Updated Trade Offers: Trade Propositions are sent to the following: Germany[Accepted}, Japan, Nigeria, Congo, United States, Italy, Austria[Accepted] and France along with Liechtenstein aiming to further relations and the economy.
  11. Angel~

    [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    :Switzerland: https://youtu.be/qXHiu9yg5Vs GDP: 1 Trillion(GDP increase: 20 Billion) Economy investment: [4/10 AP] Sofia Brandenberger sighs lightly, standing in front of large glass windows looking over the streets of Bern watching the bustling people head to their jobs or just to places they were meeting people. She had just recently finished stabilizing the Federal council under her party's control and the people were just now adjusting to the way the government was ran. Checking her phone she would nod and stretch a bit before preparing herself to speak with her party’s people. Now it was time to head into the Council room and speak with the newly arranged council about the future of Switzerland. It had taken them a many years, their progress slow to reach this position of power in Switzerland; previous party leaders always to weak or scared to rise up and take the power of Switzerland. But now Sofia was leading and she and many of her party members had carefully planned and plotted; manipulating and making deals with a few key figures in other parties before soon she was elected Prime Minister leading the Swiss people with a council serving her. This is the same Council she was going to meet with to discuss the future of Switzerland; a modern nation known for its neutral part for many...many years. Swinging the doors open to the Council chambers which would be filled with a low rumble of voices; she would stride to her chair before taking a seat “Let us begin” she says in a clear voice to which the rest of the Counselors nod and take their seats. “Switzerland has been the nation known for its Armed Neutrality and while I don't want to change this I fear that we must make certain arrangements to further prevent foreign aggression on our own soil.” Sofia says cutting to the chase “We must make sure our children and their children's children don't have to worry about threats from the outside; our mountains can only protect us for so long…”. Clearing her throat she would stand up “We must secure our position in Europe as a Neutral party like we have been for so long, We must form deals with Germany, France, Italy and Austria along with Liechtenstein-our neighbors to know who we should possibly worry about.” The rest of the Counselors would murmur in agreement and soon the Council Chambers would be filled with the hum of multiple voices suggesting ways to improve upon the Swiss nation. The Swiss government would begin to improve upon the already great Swiss Education system; subtly improving the scientific part of education. Funding would also go into improving upon the economy. [4 AP] Research in the robotics field would grow, attempting to improve upon the already established robotics for military and industrial purposes. [1 AP] Trade Propositions are sent to the following: Germany, Japan, Nigeria, Congo, United States, Italy, Austria and France along with Liechtenstein aiming to further relations and the economy. ======================================= Tech Level: Tier 3 - Modern Total Population: 8,179,294 Active Military: 21,000 Active Air Force: 183 Armored forces: Combat Tanks: 134 Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1,032 Self-Propelled Artillery: 224
  12. Application Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): Switzerland Leader Name: Sofia Brandenberger Background, ensure it fits with game Background: Following the growing tension in the world Switzerland staying true to its Armed Neutrality policy has so far stayed out of the view of many nations. However, internally Switzerland was gradually becoming more and more centralized with the Swiss People’s Party growing to further prominence; taking control of most of the Federal Council through normal means or the occasional agreement with the other parties. After centralizing Switzerland into a singular government with a Prime Minister at the head of everything(with of course a council to debate with). Now Switzerland prepares itself for the future with a new kind of government holding the reins. Do you Praise Pok: All hail glorious pok (Hope I did this right..)
  13. Skype: *Selected Tile: Haven *Leader(s) Name: Lord Aerduin Ivydale Race: Bosmer - Wood elf Leader(s) Details: Lord Aerduin of the house Ivydale; One of the lords ruling in Valenwood would be ruled by Aerduin Ivydale, Her house would be one of the smaller but one of the most well liked and well known. Aerduin would be the sole ruler of her new house and would be skilled in strategy and combat with a interest in expanding her knowledge and the fact that she was 70 years old showed that she would have many more years to improve upon her own knowledge. *Faction: (Name and History) The House of Ivydale(Or Ivydale Monarchy): The Ivydale Monarchy would be the new ruling government in Haven, recently created through Aerduin's gathering of the peoples support who would then take over the city of Haven after some easy military and political manuevers before establishing her house as the ruling government of the city with the people's support. Faction Flag: *Racial Composition: (Does your factions consist of Dunmer, Altmer, Bosmer, and Orsimer? Argonians and Imperials? Nords, Bretons, and Redguards?) - 80% Bosmer 10% Altmer 10% Dunmer
  14. Angel~

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Aurora Aurorian Technocracy Another day another virtual meeting; All the council members sign on and commence the meeting. This time they would bring up Hephaestus Incorporated and their request to discuss the space colonization. [Sorry unable to bring up the strength to make a decent post] ~Ap points~ Current Total:5 1 AP in officially establishing the Helix colony and commencing full scans of the planet they’ve settled on. (Planet type: Earth type with lots of mountains) The colony would be built into the side of one of the larger mountains called Cratus. 2 AP is used instead of trying to currently strengthen the deflector, now they’ll just try to minimize energy consumption like previously done. (8 AP put into) 1 AP is put contributing to the SATO research project; putting forth their own designs for the humanoid robot project. 1 AP: Expansion of the earth side Shipyard begins trying to bump the shipyard level up to lvl 3. ~Planets:~ Closest to the sun: Angelos 2nd planet to the sun: Verica 3rd planet to the sun: Omega 4th planet: Aurora(2 moons) 5th: Trianis(3 Moons) 6th: Yavin 7 (1 moon) 7th: Licas (1 moon) ~Votes~ (N/A) ~Logistics~ Buildings: Lvl 2 Shipyard - Planet side Mining site Giant Worm farm in the highlands Railgun Factories Population: 195,250 Total Population Normal Pop: 186,750 Alien pop: Tassareans: 2750 Grgl: 2750 Protorians: 500 Human-Tassareans: 1000 Galaron: 1500 Military: 51,000 soldiers Some armed with Zeus mark I railgun Improvements: Improved battery pack for more shots per battery Fleet: 1 Corvette: Armed with basic point defense weaponry and railgun turrets. Colonies: Capital: Aurora 1st Colony: Helix - Mountainous planet with earth like atmosphere