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  1. Well the cost I'd hope change based of the size of land you are attempting to get and control not a simple flat price for all land, that's kinda silly. Nation or no nation. Still not big enough to class as a nation, then hold it as martial wealth rather then mina. I assumed you are where refencing real life economics, Doing the same thing in a large city vs a small one has a massive cost difference, its nearly always more expensive for the smaller cities, just comes from having people to use and more resources being available. Again this is fantasy, we should maybe use it as a base but mimi
  2. Put your mina into material wealth and sell it off when needed, Come up with some thing different to bring money into your group, go into debt with the money lenders that are going to pop up (( like my group! )), Find ways around it and think outside the box, Be creative!. If you want real economics a small group with less money, manpower and resources should cost more then a nation with both? so lets not start with that. Its a make believe RP server after all. This is something being worked on coastally and adjusted was needed, to stop massive hordes of mina sitting around. Though that fee
  3. I think the temple should be small and basic, clearly marked road to the nations or fast travel (( maybe free if the nation pays for it )). It doesn't need the library, massive grounds that take up a quarter of the map. Make travelling easily from CT to all Nations marked roads and routes. No resource pits, Maybe a resource island like we have a few maps ago with ways or shops to get the blocks you usually cant gather. Keep the farm is helps out the new players. I don't think the CT should attempt to be massive, grand or a significant hub of RP just a simple starting point for us o
  4. Why not a system that is more a guideline that only comes into effect if two groups cant agree, and make it light so to remove as many OOC blocks to RP as possible. Just have a 'guidelines' for recommended raid size, Defends vs attackers ratio, what makes a valid war claim for Conquest, pillage etc. Plus whatever other issues come up during wartime. Not everyone is going to get along that is just a fact, cant deiced on one bit of the raid sizes & CDS? Then both sides are forced to use the guideline limits, and that's the end of the topic. One side doesn't think the Reason is Va
  5. MC Name: Samsan99 RP Name: Alia Tartarus Link to creature lore(Wiki and Creature Index if applicable): Screenshot Evidence(Of applying it to crystal and possibly knowledge): https://imgur.com/a/5WEOsXD
  6. RP Name:: Freyr Belance MC Username: samsan99 Discord: samsan99#1734 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Paladins/North gate. Why Do You Wish To Come?: To assist my fellow Paladins What Skills Can You Bring?: Paladin magic, Fighting, medical knowledge & Craftsmanship
  7. At lest you put it to use man, been sitting around gathering dust for too long.
  8. Just here to help you member it luv, about what we talked about in discord.
  9. Ahh I do think that is a much better way to have it still not keen on the time but I see why it works but I do enjoy the middle ground there is no willing/unwilling gap.
  10. When you first join the magic they should know IC/OOCly they are giving apart of their characters soul to a deity and there are punishments for breaking it. Only punishing the strongest even though all should be taking his duty on in the same way apart from the few newest to his order. If it is done as a punishment I think t3 should be effected even if it isnt as much as a t5. they have been in the order awhile and should of know right from wrong when it comes to duty. If they just go "I dont want/cant do this" they would be getting Dc'ed willingly and wouldn't get as much as a punishment at l
  11. I disagree with the changes to disconnection and for that you should just go with Tsu's lore. Willingly leaves no effects and if it is against their will/punishment for failure the effects are perm and cant be escaped from even if you deity jump at most it should just lessen the effects.
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