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  1. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [RP]

    Ark’s eyes slowly flicker open, the world around him glittering into existence. The old and tired god had awoken once again. He looked across his plane of existence, the Mirror. A sheltered realm that only he could access. He had long been safe here from the threats of the outside. But something within him told him he should try to delve into the world once again. The old god waved his hand and the Mirror realm shifted, showing him a mountain range island among numerous more islands. He clenches his fist and is suddenly present on the island. He stands atop the peak of the mountain, looking across the landscape. Ark bends down and feels the ground, he senses quartz, a familiar material within the heart of the mountain. He places his hand gentle upon the stone before muttering indescribable words. The stone beneath his hand begins to burn, marking into stone where his hand laid. He mutters once again, “Come forward my children of old, rise from the solid heart of this beating mountain. Awaken as I have to build and grow, to learn and create as I have. Rise.” Ark stands from his place, he tilts his head until it creaks and pops. He sighs as he clenches his fist and vanishes into the Mirror. Below the mountain, within its caves and cracks, the first Arkelons begin to emerge from the stone. Their bodies part of the very ground. They speak to one another from opposing ends of the mountain, their minds all connected as one. They contemplate and scout away from one another in order to find the best suited location to settle.
  2. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [RP]

    ~First posts are your God(ess)’s awakening post and creation of your race in your land. Mine can be used as a sort of guide, but note that each God is unique to your style of roleplaying it. Re’Moara is a split Goddess as you will read, yours likely is not. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.~ Re’Moara yawns as she awakens. The childlike Goddess looks around her, she lies within a cave. She stands and walks out of it into a small forest surrounded by hills, sitting upon a grand plateau. She smiles and giggles as she pranced down into the hills. She chases butterflies and rabbits for her first day. As she returns to the cave for nightfall, she notices a statue of sorts presiding above the entrance. She had not noticed it prior. She tilts her head at it before doing a simple wave of ‘hello.’ She sighs at the lack of response before going into the cave for the night. She watches the meager life within the cave until day break. As day comes once again, she exits the cave. Outside the cave, the monolithic statue has moved, she is confused for a moment before shrugging and returning to her play. She wanders into the hills once again, but in the distance notices the statue. She is cautious but curious as a child, she approaches it. As she reaches the statue, she notices it holds its hand down towards the ground, down to her height. Within its palm is a seed. She looks at the statue and then to the seed, she slowly takes the seed, cautious the statue may move. Nothing happens as she takes it. She looks over the seed, raising her eyebrow. Nothing seemed to be special about it. She looked at the statue before saying unto it: “You want me to plant it, don’t you?” She looks at the ground before digging a small hole and placing the seed within, covering it. “There. Your seed is planted, my strange friend.” She puts her hands behind her back as she notices night has come. She heads back to the cave to watch the luminescent cave-life. On the third day of her awakening, she returns to the statue to see a field of gargantuan flowers has grown. Each with a pod of sorts, within a seemingly humanoid figure. Re’Moara looks to the statue, of which is now kneeling within this seeming Garden of Eden. She turns to one of the pods and places her hand on it. She feels what is within and its purpose. Feeling life of purpose once again, the young Goddess’s memory of what she is returns. She is the Goddess of Rebirth, of Rejuvenation. She is the reincarnatator of life after death. She places her forehead against the pod and speaks, “Be born, my friend.” And the pod lowers to the ground, all of them seemingly begin to do so. They then hatch, no more than 10 pods open. Out come the first of Re’Moara’s race, the Sentori. She looks to them as they gather together, they look to her for guidance. “Seek to expand and grow my friends, grow and achieve much. I am Re’Moara, Goddess of Rebirth, and here I have given you life from the dust. Go and create more of your kind, build homes and eat well in this land. Be bountiful and pure of heart, integrity. Do so, have faith in me, and I shall reward you and your children to come.” But the voice was not that of a child, but a wise woman, and it exited from the statue. Re’Moara now recognizes her connection to the statue, that she and it are one in the same. She is the sentience, and the statue her power. Within the chest of the statue begins to glow a green gem of emerald. She smiles as she remembers this connection. Re’Moara looks to her creations as they wander off to do her wishes and begin their civilization. She turns to the statue and smiles as the day ends.
  3. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [OOC]

    With 7 characters played, we will begin the roleplay soon. Please everyone watch the RP post.
  4. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [OOC]

    Accepted. Would you like to make a Race App as well? Normal humans have difficult surviving deserts in a thriving manner. You could create a kin to Human that is more adapted.
  5. Looking for about 2 more people for this FRP.  


  6. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [OOC]

    Map has been added below the Story Master(s) list
  7. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [OOC]

    Accepted. You will be notified when the game begins. Please watch for updates.
  8. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [OOC]

    Accepted. You will be notified when the game begins, please watch for updates.
  9. Kaun The Elder

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [RP]

    In the beginning, there was the universe. Of the universe sprung the four elements. Water, fire, earth, and air. These four things combined to form new figures. Of water and fire, steam. Of earth and air, dust. This continued until every physical object was created. But the universe felt empty. It lacked something. From this emptiness sprung the inexplicable. From this emptiness sprung faith. Faith was powerful, and she gave birth to her children. These children each claimed one of the many physical items in the universe. Years go by, and the children have forgotten of each other, lying in a dormant sleep. But now, they awake once more, an adventure lying ahead in the darkness, and the fates of these gods will collide. And thus begins the start of the war. ((Map)) https://imgur.com/gallery/kWMoMWQ ~_~_~_~_~_~
  10. Gods and Men ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- ((Link to Roleplay Forum--- Gods and Men Basics In Gods and Men, you take the form of one of the gods, fighting and creating, learning and forgetting, possessing kings and nobles, and the most important, fighting and working together with the other gods. There are two ways of winning: 1: Creating a pantheon Afraid you might not be able to win? Want to play it safe? Well then, my friend, you've chosen the right path! In order to create a pantheon, you and your allies must be the sole remaining gods. If all enemies are defeated, you and your other gods rule the world, and over the races of the world. 2: Becoming the Ultragod Yes, that is what I'm calling it. Not one for alliances? Greedy as can be? Well then, my friend, you've chosen the right path! In order to become the Ultragod, you must destroy the other gods, claiming the throne for you, the one true king! Sadly, there is more to it than fighting the others. The path of the gods is not an easy one. There is much micro-managing involved: You have to take care of your people, nurturing them and helping them as much as possible. The others will obviously try and stop you, but you must prevail! Cities will fall in glorious battles, and new ones shall rise through the hard work and labor. But, be weary, for the only thing keeping you a god is the peoples faith in you. If they do not worship you, you simply fade. If none cares for you, you have none left to help. It's game over. You lose. The others can try and send missionaries and priests to convert your populace, but you may do the same as well. Keep your people happy, and they worship you as the righteous god you are! Torture them, and they shall turn you into a demonic figure. Send prophets to increase faith in your populace, missionaries to destroy your enemies, and inquisitors to remove the plague of heresies! But, you will not take this path alone. On your explorations, you will discover the others, and what route you take depends solely on...well, you! You could introduce this new god to your people, showing him as a great and glorious figure, or cast him into the abyss, slandering his name as the face of chaos. If you do decide on an alliance, there is benefits, and there is consequences. The benefits are increased worship all around. With more people, the more faith you inherit. But the consequence to this is that you must share it. It is dangerous, but necessary for a pantheon. An equally powerful enemy wouldn't prove too powerful, right? Alternatively, you could also destroy this enemy. The benefits are obvious. You gain lands, riches, and get to keep the faith all to yourself. Plus, you could inherit his/her symbols. The rewards are great, but the risk you take is not one to take lightly. Although you could win, there is a possibility you could lose. Losing means you become a taboo figure, losing all your power and your kingdom. You become nothing more than the god of a deranged cult, therefore eliminating you from the game, or fading you. There is also corruption. Corruption in your kingdom grows in the governments you do not pay close attention to. Too much corruption, and the people may go so far to rebel! At first it starts as unhappiness and unrest, but grows and spreads as your people anger. Perhaps you've heard me speak of micromanaging, and you wonder how you, such as yourself, could possibly even begin. This is where possession and creation come in place. You may create a hero, and observe your kingdom from it's political powerhouse. Create a peasant and control your kingdom from its rotten underbelly. Either way, you must be able to observe your kingdom, and you must be able to regulate laws. You may wonder "What's stopping me from making it illegal to not worship me?" and I will tell you. Nothing. But, be warned, if the people feel controlled, they may begin to grow unhappy. And do you remember what happens to unhappy people? Rebellions. Mass suicide to prove points. Uprisings and plunderings. Do you really want that? If you didn't notice by now, I have yet to use the word "Humanity" because there can be more than one race. You may create any race, and show them your ways. The only thing keeping you apart is a slight application. I'm afraid we can't have everyone going around creating new races. The way this works is you can take one of your pre-existing races, and modify them to your hearts content. Then post the application here, and wait for acceptance. Now you might be wondering how I might handle all this by myself. Truth is, I can't. I can't make events for everyone at the same time. That's where the playerbase comes in. You can apply to be a Story Master and help struggling nations, destroy powerful ones, and help with all the minor stuff like judging a nations corruption levels, happiness, riches, food, and advancement rate. I will need at least 3 Story Masters before we start, and a few nations. There are 3 stages during this roleplay: 1: The Growth Age During this age you have just founded a shard, world, etc. and you create your first people. You begin to grow your nation, and help your people prosper from barbarians and savages, to villages and twons. 2: The Discovery Age During this age you begin to explore, and discover the other gods. You find competition and friends. Your people begin to become civilized, developing a culture now. 3: The Peoples Age During this age, your people are now mature and play a major role in your survival. You begin to fend off the others, and join with other factions. This is the longest age, and ends when someone/a group wins. Note: Although I explicitly speak of faith to destroy your enemies, you must realize you may also destroy the others by destroying their kingdoms and nations. With no people, they will not survive. Now that all that is covered, time for the applications: God App Name: Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): Race (Default human): Nation Name: Nation Symbol: Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Race App Name: Originating Race: Features (hair colors, etc): Skin Color: Story Master App Do you have a god?: What experience do you have with leadership?: Give me a minor event for a prospering powerful city: Give me an event for a weak, failing city: Why should I pick you?: Do you promise to not cause events to your own nation, if applicable?: Please note that anyone breaking the rules will be warned. If it happens again, they will be blacklisted and are stripped of their characters. 1. No PG/PE/MGing 2. Be nice and respectful 3. Do not or try not to base your religion around IRL religions 4. Keep numbers realistic. If we find you are unable to do so, a Story Master will be assigned to give you the numbers. 5. Have fun! 6. You must follow the age limits. First age, no talking with the other gods. This isolation is so you can develop you're cultures. Second age, minimal meetings are to be held. These are strangers to you. In the third age, we are not restricting any meetings. Talk as you like Feel free to leave any questions in the comments. This is, after all, OOC. All other OOC posts will be posted here. There will be a few more coming, so please make sure to check in or Follow the post. Accepted Gods Re’Moara Kazotar Mhoric Birrh Repaiup Qhul Ark Accepted Races Sentori Naevian Muintiri Arginians Ternesian Arkelon Story Master List Kaun The Elder Stephensj Map (Will be continuously updated) Gods and Men 5 Maps My Information as example: God App Name: Re’Moara Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): Rebirth, Rejuvenation Race (Default human): Sentori Nation Name: Reju’Vena Nation Symbol: A flowering plant Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Open plains with plateaus, lakes, and rivers with forested areas at the edges. A singular mountain near the center of the terrain. Race App Name: Sentori Originating Race: Human Features (hair colors, etc): Naturally dyed hair with flowing colors and patterns. Enhanced lifespans and enhance birthrate. Physically weaker, but large numbers. Skin Color: Tan skin, occasionally pale/albino. Seen as a blessing. God App Name: Ark Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): A Mirror Race (Default human): Arkelon Nation Name: The Arks Nation Symbol: A Pillar of Salt Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): A mountain range island surrounded by forest. The terrain is hard and difficult to traverse, and difficult to survive. Race App Name: Arkelon Originating Race: Golem Features (hair colors, etc): Stoney figures with humanoid features. They have no hair or mouths. Their eyes are emerald. They speak telepathically. Skin Color: Pure white quartz.
  11. Oi ya old fart. It’s been quite some time. I just recently got a new laptop after a housefire just before christmas. One of the first things I thought of when coming back was the old Forum RP we had going, Gods and Men. Was wondering if youd want to start it up again some time.

  12. Kaun The Elder

    Aviers's Lore Moderator Application

    Aviers is a very level headed individual with a vast amount of experience in the lore segment, particularly being voidal magic. He is extremely helpful and enjoys being so. Lore, thinking, conceptualizing, and producing content players will enjoy is his focal point. +1 you scrublord. :]
  13. Kaun The Elder

    Cloud Temple

    My monkie shall make a return !_!
  14. Void Shard Lore is no longer in WIP State. 


  15. Kaun The Elder

    [✗] (Revised)[Void Shard Lore] [Google Doc and Poll Attached]

    -Has been taked out of WIP state. -Updated what is needed to create an Advanced Shard. (How to find these items must be found through Roleplay, a well known Library will be given a Book pertaining to each and how to find them.) -An explanation or questions/concerns can be asked on skype, my name is generalkaun1 or Kaun The Elder, should be able to find me using either. I live in EST, so there may be delays to replies. -If any sort of clarification is needed, see above.