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  1. MysticalStranger

    6.0 FAQ

    /money top? Hello?
  2. MysticalStranger


    You do not spawn with a SS at the start and must request one or do /d20 to spawn with one for some reason.
  3. MysticalStranger

    End of Map Warzone

    Oh dear god was this post way too vague. "No rules" wtflol.
  4. MysticalStranger

    Atlas Q&A Stream

    (This is all one detailed question, please read all of it for the full contexts of what I am asking. Thank you.) Will you keep admin shops gone permanently or do you plan on re-introducing them when the "Mina through voting and killing mobs" ends up drying out the economy? If you know some basic economics less money in the players pocket means they will just buy things less often, making it harder for trading between players. Even some basic things returning such as selling items and building materials such as logs and pumpkins to the cloud temple for 0.1-0.3 mina would be a more reliable way to make money than voting every day and hunting for 'hunting plugin' mobs that drop at max (and rarely) between 30-40-50 mina. (Pretty sure only mimics drop between 40-50 as well.) On a server with a peak of 200-250 players every day, hunting mobs seems kind of silly if you expect players to make money through that and voting. It will be slim pickings especially for people that don't play 24-7 to hunt these mobs. Some people might debate the excuse that "The could temple admin shops really are just an item sink for things that could be sold to players in exchange for money." when that argument is invalid as intelligent players with this new economy where it is harder to make money could just go get all of the raw materials themselves. Especially now that Nexus is gone it will make it 5x easier to gather these resources rather than buy them from other players. Everyone can gather resources now, everyone can craft, and nobody will want to spend what money they have on basic resources or something they could just go get themselves with their own grinders. Do you have other plans in store for players making money, as having just "Minas through voting and killing mobs." doesn't seem like viable ways to stimulate the economy. I was told one of the main reasons we removed Admin shops/Nexus is due to the Mojang switch from java soon, and the fact we will have to change up some of our plugins or have them re-written completely. I will be at the stream and I hopefully look forward to an answer to the economy fix. Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully answer my question, if you read it entirely.
  5. Not looking forward to no admin shops on the new map, hope they add them back or the economy is going to slowly but surely dry up. 15 mina from voting and like 30-40 max from killing these hunting mobs. (I know the mob numbers from the accidental adding of them earlier this week.) Unless they plan on making the spawn modifier higher than it was, no one is going to have money. Hopefully, it's just for the start of 6.0 and it's added back eventually.
  6. MysticalStranger

    Donation trouble (No crowns in over 8 hours.)

    Thank you, this thread can be closed.
  7. Hello, I recently donated to Lord of the Craft (35 USD, 4000 crowns.) and it has been more than 8 hours. I have logged in and out multiple times and the server has restarted more than once to my knowledge. Is there a specific command I am not doing to reclaim my crowns package or am I suppose to get it immediately in-game "after 15 minutes." like it claimed after I donated? Should I be messaging store@lordofthecraft.net? Not too sure what to do, you can see I donated recently on the store page. Thank you for any help received, I am kind of stumped at this point other than messaging the Store email, I tried to message two GM's IG and no one responded.
  8. MysticalStranger

    [Denied]Dewper - Game Moderator Application

    You are going to regret this. +1
  9. MysticalStranger

    [Denied] Luv Eff Em App

    Luv is the best, and obviously the cutest here. She is deserving of the position. +1 Good luck Luv!
  10. MysticalStranger

    Bounty: Agent of Mordring; Un-tainted

    Glancing upon the other bounty Krogen examines the portrait of the woman. He shrugs his shoulders speaking to himself "Well it seems she wasn't an actual woman at all, just a harlot going after the meat in corpses pants. I guess Camile was right in calling her a *****."
  11. MysticalStranger

    Bounty: Agent of Mordring; Wraith

    Looking upon both the two bounties made Krogen would look at 'Goltmann's' bounty speaking briefly to himself before walking past. "Anyone that would hold allegiance to the undead deserves a fate worse than death."
  12. MysticalStranger

    The Teutonic Order

    Name: Krogen Roth Age: 17 Race: Human, Highlander. Allegiance (Current nation of residence): Homeless Hansetian(none). Past Military Experience: None None-Military Experience/Skills: Tinker, Fisher OOC Information: MC Name: MysticalStranger Skype Name (Used for updates, news and information):PM if needed. Teamspeak is a required tool for battles and major events, it is recommended that you at least download it upon joining the Order. Have you been in the Order before?: Back in Aegis but that was years ago. Do you plan to make this character one of your primary?: yes.
  13. MysticalStranger

    [Arcane] [SA] Kev'Ramos Daramos | Telekinesis

    MC name: MysticalStranger Character's name and age: Kev'Ramos Daramos, 86 Character’s Race: Mali'aheral What magic will you be learning?: Telekinesis Who will be teaching you?: Beltran D'avre (( Bathrugman ))