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  1. The Beginning of the End An open missive from His Majesty the King. In the beginning, the Ashen Folk were alone. For centuries we lived in Magara’lin, that ancient matriarchy that stood independent from Malin’s paranoia. We forged cities and kingdoms without the aid of the Elves, without their input, without their attempts to influence our kin into fulfilling their agendas. In the beginning, the Ashen Folk were a strong and independent race, but we have long forgotten our roots. After years of struggles, persecution, enslavement and subjugation, the Dark Elves have finally found their place, and that is in Renelia. We have formed a kingdom that has proven to be fruitful, one that has lifted the Ashen Folk into an era in which they are free to live, laugh and love without fear of being used as pawns in the games of others. Together we have brought Dark Elven kin into an era of rebirth; one in which art and culture prevail over the madness and indecency of heretics and foreigners, the age of the Ashen Folk. The reality of Renelia is an age of prosperity and strength. We joined the Tripartite with the belief that bringing the Elven races together would only form stronger bonds and finally create an organization that would end hostilities between the Elven states, bringing in a new era of security among our kind. It has become very clear with the instability in the states to our north that our successes are limited to Renelia, and continuing within the Tripartite will only bring more harm to our kingdom and her peoples. The ten years given to the Tripartite have come and gone, and Renelia does not see a future in which she remains a part of this organization especially after the recent events. In the end, just as in the beginning, Renelia must continue forging her own path towards a future in which all Elves are free from the struggles and ambitions of outsiders. No longer shall we be the subjects and playthings of other races, but the power that establishes peace and order in the world. We are a people of honor, of order and respect, we will finish what we started. The peace accord with the Humans and the non-aggression pact is not one that is acceptable to Renelia, we will honor the promises we made to our northern allies. We cannot let imperial ambitions prevail over the realms of Arcas or we risk falling into the habits of the craven leaders that have done the same to us. We will continue our fight alongside the AIS. In the end, Renelia will always have to fend for herself. In the end only ash remains.
  2. A response to the Trade Princess of Sutica An ultimatum for the Trade Federation To the Trade Princess Lilith Helenson-Anarion of Sutica, Your attempt to ease the ongoing tensions with quotations from your law books has not gone unnoticed. We are not barbarians, but we will not show mercy to those who defy Luara and the Mortal King. You harbor blood mages and heretics, a fact that you are more than aware of. It matters not to Renelia whether or not a Blood Mage holds no power; he has been given titles within your nation and used them in his harassment upon our people. Xavis Ashwood too, is an enemy of the Mali’ker - a traitor to his kin, and a disgusting creature. We understand that your fear as your people are threatened with the tragedies that come with war. Perhaps such a war would be the first they have experienced. If you wish to avoid conflict with The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn then we offer you an ultimatum; should you fail to accept these terms promptly and in full, we will have no choice but to march upon your gates with the full force of our armies. [ I ] Xavis Ashwood shall be apprehended and handed over to Renelia, where he shall stand trial for his crimes against the Mali’ker and Luara’s faithful. [ II ] Mystery Uialben shall be apprehended and handed over to Renelia, where he shall stand trial for his harassment of the Renelian people, and the suspicions that he is in fact a blood mage. [ III ] The Trade Federation of Sutica shall sign a pact of non-aggression with the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn, containing the same terms as the treatise previously offered. [ IV ] The Trade Federation of Sutica shall agree to banish any and all ‘ker that The Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn consider to be criminals against both their people and the Kerviran faith. The Trade Federation will also refrain from allowing these ‘ker to move into their capital, cities, townships, or provinces otherwise, and shall instead extradite them to Renelia. The above terms are our final peaceful offer.
  3. Not sure why but I suddenly have a desire to go to holy war in the west... strange...
  4. “We have seen first hand the Suticans claim Luara does not exist, lets show them her wrath.”
  5. “Klomp dem ahll!” A very old, blue Orc exclaims as he hears of the news,
  6. “It is good to see such a magnificent vault be completed, truly a holy sight.”
  7. The Office of His Majesty An Official Response This endeavor is funded and endorsed entirely by the crown. His Majesty, The King Aroen Velulaei’onn
  8. “Good man, we need more black Kings in the world.” The king of Renelia-Gladewynn smiles as he reads the missive.
  9. “We will spread the will of the Spirits.”
  10. “Fix yourselves, your stupidity is the same stupidity that killed Haelun’or before I came along.” The Laureh’onn shakes his head as he reads the missive. “Do not fall into the same traps the Humans do, you’d be worse than an impure for if you kill Haelun’or through infighting, for you’re not just halting progress, you’re regressing.” The former Sohaer leaves the city once more, as disappointed than when he returned.
  11. “Fines will be met with raids” Says the king as he’s told about the Sutican criminal-for-guards
  12. “The weak-willed individuals who chose corruption and madness over the light of the GODDESS will be met with fire and steel. We will cut them down.” King Aroen Velulaei’onn tells the RDF as they prepare to march onto the manor.
  13. “Morsgrad offered the Imperials a peace treaty and they refused. Don’t be a hypocrite and face the consequences of your actions.” “Irrinor paid its debt to Haelun’or and thus the Tripartite was formed, just goes to show how little knowledge and care the Humans have for the Elves.”
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