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  1. Honestly, I think it’d better if there was an LoTC competitor. It could be an incentive for staff members to work on things to distinguish the server from another. And if LOTC really is not willing to change to keep up with its competitors, we would need to start to consider if it’s worth staying on LoTC in general-
  2. Yeah I’m gonna have to side with Pie on this one, that’s a no from me bro
  3. Malinor

    To Fireheart

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and give back a thought-provoking and insightful comment.
  4. Malinor

    To Fireheart

    @Fireheart You can lock this thread and unlock it when you want to respond to all the points I raised. As an introduction, I would like to take a moment to point out what @iMattyz has said on the situation. I feel that overall, he has hit the nail on the head. [Here] This entire situation has been heavily mismanaged by Fireheart and a few members of the moderation management team. Not only have they made so many errors and blunders during the war-phase to both sides, but they have successfully managed to pit half the server against the other half in one of the most toxic displays on the server in a while. (I am not saying either side is more/less toxic than the other, both have had their faults.). The role of the managers and administrators of the server should not be to inhibit this sort of behavior, which they are doing via blatant bias, involvement in the situation, terrible calls, blatant lies and misinformation spread by those at the very top of the server (Admins). To demonstrate one example of this misinformation spread by Admins, [This] is fireheart claiming we ran nothing through GM management, [This] shows a call with us in direct contact with management about the fort. Point 1: (Firehearts first point) This point is not true in its entirety and it is dishonest for fireheart to make a claim such as “jdesarno” was able to see the invisible player due to them also having staff permissions as a team member for Story staff.” Linked below are some screenshots of our players (who are not members of staff being able to see GM_Deporter) [Defy’s POV], [Wolfdwg’s POV], [My POV]. This clearly shows that there are non-staff members who could see GM_Deporter. Therefore, it was a client-side issue - not one related to staff permissions or abuse. As a result, “whereas other players not on staff were unable to. “ is also not a true statement to make. (Firehearts second point) Fairly standard thing, just explaining that it was not GM_Deporter point. Though the staff (and fireheart) have confirmed that it was not GM_Deporter fault - this means that we, as an entire nation, are being punished for the mistakes of a Minecraft client-side bug. If you apply this logic to other scenarios, the server was lagging at 400 players due to how poorly optimized Minecraft is for large-scale fights, this is another client-side issues. Should the warclaim be re-done because of the lag? Absolutely not. (Firehearts third point) This point that Fireheart has stressed since the fact, is the main point of the re-do is filled with lies and inconsistencies. Just like his previous post in which he called Renatus out for not running anything through management, despite the fact we did. Point 1 Fireheart claims “War rules define siege victory terms as invaders (attackers) driving the defenders from the city or gain control of the majority.” This was confirmed to us by a GM Manager that they did not need to claim a majority of the city, but rather push a last standpoint. This can be viewed [here]. To further justify this point, Jaeden confirms here that the attackers did have the prior discussed victory discussions were ran through the enemy leadership. These logs can be found [here]. Point 2 & 3 coincide with the fact that they held more of the throne room than us, this is not correct and they were not inside of the throne room. [This] screenshot is what Fireheart has used to say they held the throne room, this is not the throne room. I can show below: [Before reconstruction] [After reconstruction] As you can see, using the first screenshot there is blatantly two distinct separate rooms, this hallway is not apart of the throne room. This can be further proved with the second picture which again, before reconstruction, shows that there is a clear distinction of two different separate rooms. In the second screenshot, it shows the two separate rooms separated by gates, further proving they are separate rooms and that area is not apart of the throne room. It is the palace entrance/hallway which going left leads to the living quarters and right to the ballroom. Overall, to conclude with the points Fireheart made. They are all filled with inconsistencies or straight up lies. These are very weak reasons to justify a re-do of any proportions. I will also list grievances to our side in the conflict which we had never called forth to try re-do over. We argued against poor staff verdicts but in the end, sucked it up and we actually won. There are just as much (if not more) instances that occurred that benefitted the enemy side. Now, the Global Moderators are a so-called team, let's have a look at what the global moderation team thinks about this re-do. There was clearly little agreement as a team verdict and it was pushed forward by two individuals namely (Punisher and Fireheart). As well, Jaeden was asleep so could not have been involved in the discussion heavily. There was a GM vote to end the redo, which ended in a 9-6 split in favor of overturning this decision, but the management doesn’t seem to be taking into account anything the other GM team members have to say. [Jaeden not being fully discussed with on the verdict]. It is now Wednesday, 2 to 3 days from the redo and we haven’t been spoken yet to figure out times or numbers. We haven’t had the chance to talk to staff. As a final say, If my opinion was not clear. There is no reason that the warclaim should be re-done if you take in to account everything. We would not have been offered a re-do had we lost and I can say that with 100% certainty.
  5. Well, it’s pretty clear that’s a video taken by qSwizz, as it says in the chat.
  6. It didn’t really cross my mind that they’re actually incompetent and not biased- which to me makes it that much worse. You can always stop being biased, or at least put it aside- you can’t stop being stupid, at least not that easily.
  7. lol guys we’re not biased
  8. “We’re not bised, just that every decision we have made that has ended up ******* you guys over and over looks biased.”
  9. They got the warclaim path changed before the warclaim, were allowed to march through ct, got our entire build rolled back, got the war server upped specifically for them number wise, were allowed to pugsy 15 of our guys in the lobby without them being allowed back- we still won and now we have to do it again? But it’s totally not biased, it never is biased.

    1. Nathan_Barnett36


      Are you actually moaning that the server got an increase on its cap, letting our team and yours onto the server?

  10. Malinor

    The King's Ultimatum

    “How are rebels going to talk about loyalty. You turned your back on mankind to fight for a bastard playing political theater trying to make it seem like they are different, that they are stronger and more righteous than us when in fact it is the same Oren as the ones in the past only with a new puppet at the front of it. Renatus did not have to lie or threaten Nordengrad, the Curonian nobles nor any of the men and women who have flocked to Helena to fight for the true Emperor. Go home Oren, your time ended long ago.”
  11. Malinor

    Whoreson rebel boy.

    “Joseph the Bastard, that has a good ring to it.”
  12. For people who are really into RP, you lot rarely follow our RP when we execute you over and over.
  13. “Coming from the men that turned their back on our Empire? Holy **** can you be any less self-aware?”
  14. “Our numbers grow by the day, it is obvious Oren is as weak of a state as their landless, cowardly ‘Emperor’”
  15. “We are honored to have your men on our side. I look forward to fighting alongside you and your soldiers in the battles to come.” Robert d’Anpalais calls out as the soldiers start to dock.
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