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  1. “How many times does Haense need to be taught a lesson?” Robert d’Anpalais takes the sword he used to kill the Haenseni during the siege of Helena for a round two.
  2. “Finally, a state worthy of the Orcish people. I am sure our people will grow together and face the threats of the realm as our kin did centuries ago.” The Archon smile as he hears the news.
  3. “Did he just forget they failed when they tried to siege?” A confused veteran, Robert d’Anpalais comments, questioning the author’s sense of reality. “Roses are red, Joseph’s a bender, cant be arsed with poems lets kill the pretender” He shrugs, singing to himself.
  4. Don’t silence me


  5. The Archon, Aroen Velulaei’onn signs the document, his love for Luara intensifying.
  6. A poster is spread around Haelun’or and Renelia
  7. Petition acknowledge and accepted.
  8. Upholding our Treaties Proclaiming support against the Irrinite menace. Flyers are posted around the Renelian settlement with a missive attached to them. My people, sons and daughters of Luara and those she protects. It is not often that we must decry the corruption of another Elven state, but we can no longer ignore the actions taken by our Mali’ame cousins. The Irrinite menace grows, as they have become a slithering, slimy mess of those cast out from civilized society. The Irrinite leadership seeks to push their agenda through violence and subjugation, but we will not stand for Elven Imperialism. We will cut the down. It has come to our attention that they started to march onto Haelun’or, threatening their independence after Irrinor themselves attacked neutral diplomats. It is our duty as Elves to uproot the seeds of savagery and degeneracy planted by Irrinor and its leadership. The deceitful Irrinites attack their own Elven cousins, and have aligned themselves with historic enemies of the Elves. They have killed neutral diplomats, then turned their swords against those they swore to protect to appease the Orcs. These savages have no morals nor sense of any shame, they are a dangerous organization that needs to be removed from Arcas. It is our duty to defend the independence of our allies, to ensure a peaceful era for the Elves. We must take up arms against the Irrinite menace as there is no joy without hardship, no pleasure without pain, and we would not know the comfort of peace without the distress of war. His Grace, the Archon Aroen Velulaei’onn
  9. Laureh'ker Renellic, Hegemon Aroen Velulaei'onn signs.
  10. Name of your Charter: Renalia Owner's Username: Malinor Owner's Roleplay Name: Aroen Velulaei'onn Location (XYZ): 1470 91 -215 Tier applying for: T2
  11. Honestly, I think it’d better if there was an LoTC competitor. It could be an incentive for staff members to work on things to distinguish the server from another. And if LOTC really is not willing to change to keep up with its competitors, we would need to start to consider if it’s worth staying on LoTC in general-
  12. Yeah I’m gonna have to side with Pie on this one, that’s a no from me bro
  13. Malinor

    To Fireheart

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and give back a thought-provoking and insightful comment.
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