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  1. Malinor


  2. Malinor

    The Marriage of Talia Le'Quella and Renne Fester

    The Laureh’onn frowns as he reads the letter brought to him by bird. “A shame the Maheral has allowed so much impurity within Haelun’or to the point our Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya is being appropriated by the Mali’ata of Sutica“ He throws away the paper and continues to enjoy a coconut drink from the comfort of his new-found island home.
  3. Malinor

    Order of Ursus - Now Recruiting!

    RP Name: Liam Stafyr MC Username: Malinor House (If present): N/A RP Race: Heartlander RP Age: 19 Discord (optional): You got it
  4. >Removes Nexus because people didn’t like the server being about grinding


    >Makes entire playerbases grind to be able to rp in their cities


    High iq moves right there

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    2. Tofuus


      > entire cities have literally been pasted in

      > ******* about having to grind


      High iq comments right here

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    4. Malinor


      >forgets an active elven settlement that has a plot next map doesn’t get to paste in it’s city

  5. Malinor

    Union of the Falcon and Hammerhead

    “I am glad to see uncle Sergei has found someone to spend his days with.” Liam Stafyr comments, starting to prepare for his trip to Haense.
  6. The Silver State of Haelun’or Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya I have served the state of Fi’halen, now Haelun’or for ten years. The position of Sohaer passed onto me after the untimely and tragic death of Sohaer Tarlach the reformer after he unified the High Elven people and created the state. I have served faithfully and to the best of my ability. I led the State through war, oversaw pacts and alliances to maintain the safety of our people, and made tough decisions to make sure that Haelun’or would never have to suffer as it did at the hands of the Prince. Although I am proud to say I have led the Silver State of Haelun’or, I am excited to bring new leadership that will take the Mali’aheral into a new age. Therefore, after considering the health of the State and that of her citizenry- I have decided that my time as Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun’or must come to an end. To make sure that Haelun’or has the best possible chance to achieve prolonged prosperity, a new and more capable leader must take my place. I have reached a point in my life which prevents me from working at my fullest capacity, and it is time to start a new chapter for both myself and the Mali’thill of Haelun’or. I, Alyrion Laureh’onn el’Sohaer Haelunor'leh, Okarir'aheralan, Taliiyna'thilln, Urthir'thill, Haleral, Larihei'tilrui sign the Silver State of Haelun’or, her lands, responsibilities and the office of the Sohaer to Kiljarys and recognize him as the only and true Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun’or. May he lead the Mali’aheral into a new age of purity and prosperity. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed Alyrion Laureh’onn, Larihei’tilrui.
  7. ”Iylaetah’thilln hileia’sae, maehr’sae hiylun’ehya” el’Sohaer Alyrion Laureh’onn says as he signs the document.
  8. Malinor

    Rooting out the Laurir'ante

    A note is pinned under the declaration. Update and reminder to the blessed citizenry of Haelun’or : Breaking the law within the lands Haelun’or, or that of her allies is still illegal, this includes the claiming of bounties as it is considered murder. The bounty on the Laurir’ante family is no longer claimable, doing so will result in prosecution. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Signed Alyrion Laureh'onn, Elsohaer Haelunor'leh, Okarir'aheralan, Taliiyna'thilln, Urthir'thill, Haleral, Larihei'tilruir
  9. Malinor

    Haelun’or ito lye’leh

    “Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya” Alyrion Laureh’onn saner.
  10. Malinor

    Haelun’or ito lye’leh

    A rough translation, by the Sohaerate (As unjustly demanded by the Skygods); The blessings of countless ancient guide the Pure Yet, we pure cry And those of the Motherland grieve their home. The smile of Larihei heals the mind like milk heals the body, Larihei’s nation has been dead for many years. What Silver State is not Haelun’or? In what era do the Blessed waywardly wander? Haelun’or of old was loved and hated, Without purity it fractured, Without us it died. Next sunrise it will be reborn, said the Silver Council of Old Haelun’or Next sunrise Silver will revitalize. Yet Silver is reborn Silver lives in Fi’halen The Pure demanded Silver, Fi’halen begat. Fi’halen is empty of the wretched, and full of the pure Sinful pigs wander near Fi’halen but are not blessed with a home This era of silver sees the development of peace, wisdom, and health Clever virtuosos and the mighty are revered heroes, Silver is guided by just law, and the pains of our fracture are gone. Yet the people of Fi’halen request more, The people request Haelun’or The pure wish a rebirth of the Silver City, The city of Larihei and the city of the Blessed We are Silver, We are Haelun’or Progress and Purity, Wisdom bless Haelun’or For Larihei and for the Sohaer
  11. Haelun’or ito lye’leh We are the motherland Ahern’uell elparonn’thilln mali’thill anniln Ehya, lye’thilln vallumeyae Haelunor’leh virae Haelunor’ehya. Liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe Larihei’nor tareman eth Heyathilln’or Haelunor’ane? Hey’aetah aheralan resavern? Haelun’or maylu maylune’ehya ker’ante, Iluthill Haelunor’lom, Ilulye Haelun’or ker’ante eth ‘Karin’ento Haelun’or fiyem’ saner elheial’thilln kerante’leh Haelun’or ‘Karin’ento thilln fiyem’ Ehya, thilln fiyem Thilln Fi’halen taynuel Mali’thill dont’thilln ker’ante, Fi’halen myumier. Fi’halen div’ata, malithillnan’ehya Beloun’alliman hier’aver Fi’halen, ehya aher’erihne lin Iylaetah’thilln hileia’sae, maehr’sae, hiylun’ehya Iylaetah’thilln vulamana ceruan’ehya ahekarimir Tir’arhil thilln’anniler, cruan’lomi cinh Ehya Fihalen’leh adont’marn, Fihalen’leh adontern Haelun’or Malithilln’an fiyem’erih elcihi’thilln elcihi’Larihei elcihiaheral’ehya Thilln ito lye’leh Haelun’or ito lye’leh Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Maehr Haelunor’aher ay’Larihei aysohaer’ehya Okarir'thill Delos Telperion puerithn [[Haelunor]]
  12. Malinor

    [✓]Reclamation of Silver

    I offered the possibility of a treaty, but nothing came of it.
  13. The Deviant Myneborians and the Need for their Destruction My people, sons and daughters of Larihei. It is not often that we must decry a people as worse than the Maliata’fenn, but somehow such a “nation” has come to be. A hodgepodge of Bortu and halfbreeds, a slithering, slimy mess of those cast out from civilized society. Though the discerning reader might think we speak of a shard of the Coalition, we speak of the rogue lands of Mynebor. These insolent cultists have built walls and gates, holding our sacred city for ransom. They demand pay for the liberation of our kin, but the wicked shall only be met with iron and steel. It has come to our attention that they call themselves a city-state, though a collection of hovels for the mentally damaged is far more accurate. Not once in the many centuries since the refounding of Haelun’or have the mali’thill suffered such incompetent statesmanship and stupidity. We have spoken to the early ‘Grand Princes’ of Fenn, the lowliest of the Conclave diplomats, and the degenerates of the High Princedom of Malinor, but all pale in comparison to those that hail from Mynebor. We have been pestered in past by the curious lessers, by blood-drinking impures, and by lordlings that think themselves Gods, but never before has such a group of insolent dimwits “graced” us with their presence. So baffled were we by their audacity, the likes of which rival the incredibly successful Mori’quessir, that we even listened to their requests, for a brief moment. Such was a mistake, and our front door will no longer be soiled by the existence of such mindless idiocy nor shall their attempts to block Mali’thill from returning to silver go unpunished. It is as such that the SILVER ENCLAVE OF FI’HALEN, the true state of the Mali’thill, DECLARES WAR on the village of Mynebor, with the stated intent of wiping them off the face of Atlas. Let none survive, and let their remains and the remains of the shacks they call homes be drowned and cleansed in acid. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA - Alyrion Laureh'onn, Elsohaer Fihalen'leh, Okarir'aheralan, Taliiyna'thilln, Div'parion, Urthir’thill, Haleral, Larihei'tilruir CB:
  14. el’Sillumir el’Vihai’ehya The Sillumir and The Vihai CONTENT I. The Weeping Blades II. The Sillumir Code III. Sillumir Ranks IV. Application V. The Vihai I. The Weeping Blades | el’Sillumiran For centuries the Sillumir have protected the blessed citizenry of the High Elven state and fought its best interest, for maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Since the times of Larihei, these valiant men and women have taken the burden that comes from the lives they end in battle. The Sillumir server under the Sohaer, they uphold the laws and regulations passed down to them by the governance of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or. They are guards and soldiers, remaining anonymous so that no shame me fall upon them for the actions they must rely on for the ultimate safety of the High Elves. The time has come to reinstate the protectors of the Mali’aherals, el’Sillumiran. II. The Code of the Sillumir Oem | I live and die for the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or. Niut | I will protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence, or disorder. Hael | I will not risk the life of another to safeguard my own. Vailu | I will never permit personal feeling, aspirations, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. Kulin | I will not fall to weakness, insubordination nor disloyalty. Banih | I will remain anonymous, from now until the end of my life. III. Ranks Mordu | Titan: Mordu is the highest rank one can achieve within the Sillumir. These officers are tasked not only with commanding and organizing battles, but also administrative duties and recruitment. The Mordu are competent fighters and leaders, they are what all Sillumiran should strive to be. Mordu report directly to the Sohaer Diraar | Sentinel: Diraar or Sentinels are regiment leaders. They are usually in charge of two units, making sure their soldiers are taken care of. Sentinels train their regiments together at least biweekly. Sillumir | Blade: Sillumir lead singular units, usually made up of four peacekeepers or protectors. They spend their time alongside their units, leading, teaching and training them on a day to day basis. Any problem a unit member may have is handled by their Sillumir. Hileia’sair | Peacekeeper: A Hileia’sair, or Peacekeeper are Mali’thill that have gone through basic training and have been sworn in by a Mordu. These men and women uphold the law and protect the Silver Enclave from any threats that may come her way. Evarir | Protector: The Evarir are the entry rank, and thus the largest in number. Untrained Mali’thill and those who have yet to be sworn in by a Mordu fall into this category alongside non Mali’thill. Those who are not Mali’thill may not get past this rank. IV. Application All applications are anonymous and will only be reviewed by the Sohaer. __________________________________________________________ OUT OF CHARACTER Minecraft Account: Discord Name: IN CHARACTER Name: Age: Gender: Are you a citizen of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or: Do you swear to live and die to safeguard maehr’sae hiylun’ehya: Do you swear to protect the sovereignty of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or: V. The Whisper | el’Vihai The Vihai is an order of elite soldiers that have trained and proven themselves heroes of the state. Their one and only duty is to defend and protect the the governing body of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or. The men and women of the Vihai swear and oath to the Sohaer, promising their lives for his protection and that of his government. Like the Sillumiran, the Vihai remain anonymous so that they may do their job without the fear of being publicly shamed for their line of work. The Vihai, although being a branch of the military remains autonomous from the rest of the Sillumiran. More often than not, the Sohaer and Maheral can be seen accompanied by at least one Vihai watching over them. A Vihai is carefully chosen from soldiers enlisted in the Sillumir. They can either be recommended by a Mordu, or chosen directly by the Sohaer himself. The Vihai do not enforce the law unless there are no Sillumiran available and remain politically neutral. Signed Alyrion Laureh'onn, el’Sohaer Fihalen'leh, Okarir'aheralan, Taliiyna'thilln, Sohaer'thill, Haleral, Larihei'tilruir