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  1. All my warning points make me look good from afar, but like my exes, are far from good

  2. All my warn points make me look good from afar, but like my exes, are far from good

  3. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    The Reformation Of The Horde

    MC Name: dragonmaster0219 RP Name: Ravandier Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)): dylan.minecraft Timezone: EST Profession: Any/None Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?: Yes (Although mics broke, getting the app for my phone) PK Clause Agreement ((Yes or No)): Yes
  4. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    Hotboss's At Application

    Is new but good worker. Also makes me hot. +1
  5. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    Treshure's At Application

    Makes me hot. +1
  6. Life's a *****, there's no escape less your talkin suicide -Logic

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      finally someone who gets me

  7. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    Dragonmaster0219'd Ban Appeal [501]

    Also I want to say that I only mined one diamond ore, I believe this shows its an extreme coincidence and it's not very unlikely to get diamonds at a low level. Other people have been unbanned for more than me.
  8. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    Dragonmaster0219'd Ban Appeal [501]

    First off, before I start my view on this picture i'd like to say a few things, I thank you for providing evidence of my offense as you are the first to do so, so now I am aware with what I am being charged with. Secondly, i'd like to state here that my reply is a valid story and if you question anything in it I am MORE than happy to provide team-speak witnesses who were there when I was mining. Now to address the issue given in this picture. Yes I do realize that the cards certainly are stacked against me with this picture but if you will hear me out, I think I have a full explanation as to why this is shaped in such a zig-zagging manor. You see, since it was a recent map restart our nation leaders put pressure on us to continuously mine without stop and our quota for each clan was nine stacks of resources (Varying from Iron or Diamonds.) What I did is I used the minecraft glitch known as Auto-Mine. This glitch allows you to tab out while your character is mining so that I wasn't completely wasting my time in doing something that I didn't find to be interesting as you know how boring mining gets. I want to state that I was also informed that this glitch IS allowed due to the manor of it not being x-ray, you just go in one continuous line. Going back to the story, I listened to a few songs and watched a comedy sketch on YouTube something along the lines of "The Six Girls You'll Date in College" by CollegeHumor. After watching zed video I returned to my game to be utterly disappointed with what I had dug up. In return I changed directions for some better luck and was only about 15 blocks in when someone said "Changing Directions won't help, go down a couple of levels so you mine up better stuff". After hearing this I decided to begin digging down and just happened to find diamonds. You can even ask nickofwar and ToxicApple1 about me screming "OH MY GOD GUYS I ACTUALLY FOUND SOME (curseword) DIAMONDS!!". I hope this clears up this misunderstanding. I look forward to your reply.
  9. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    [Denied]Toxicapple1's Trial Gm App

    I know that my feedback on this is probably unwanted due to the fact that I am currently serving a 3 month ban but I would still like to give my feedback on Toxic's GM app. I know Toxic out of the server as we work together on a Youtube channel, from what I have seen of him he is a very mature person and would fit the role of a GM perfectly. He has managed to break up conflict on our channel between our multiple members on multiple occasions, he leads us fairly and has never given us reason to doubt him. On the server he is always helping anybody who needs it, when I was a new player he helped me to get on my feet and find my place in the server, he was always there to lend me a hand if I was ever having trouble. I have witnessed him helping multiple other players too whether it be with giving them ideas for characters and applications or just teaching them how to RP correctly and what not to do on the server. So I will give him a +1
  10. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    Dragonmaster0219'd Ban Appeal [501]

    Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): There was none. I was offline. Minecraft Name (at the time of your ban): dragonmaster0219 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): X-ray (He believes.) Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Why (501warhead) Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I was banned on Day 2 or 3. I have attempted in contacting 501warhead and had to practically write three messages to finally get a reply four days later, which is basically him dodging the question, so now I have decided to make a ban appeal. Also I would like to add it has now been five days and I still have NOT got a reply to my original letter. It's very frustrating when you get banned for something you haven't done. I'd also like to add during these 2-3 weeks i've yet to be provided with any confirmation or follow up as to why I was banned, nor any evidence. Only a message saying "Banned for 3 Months. Reason: X-Ray." I did NOT x-ray. Screenshots/Vids (Link): http://gyazo.com/fe25560c4be65ab5de467d2ebb25cb1c http://gyazo.com/cee03a2df7b711abc77d9ef239c1b723
  11. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    [Denied]Strongodin's (Farteh) Gm Application.

    +1 Very nice and active
  12. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    [Complete]In Need Of Carbarum Pickaxes

    *the posters appear to have been taken down* Mi nub lunger neyd dez.
  13. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    [Complete]Looking For A Horse Breeder For Clan Glogol

    *replies to all of the answers* Ukee
  14. Basically dwarves explained: http://imgur.com/oZQVTHY

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      I rate this meme grass out of grass.

    2. Raomir
  15. The S.U.R.O Serpent

    [✗] Fire Comes To Consume All.

    The dwarves already have a dragon egg I believe, so have neigh fear, there is hope yet.