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  1. Their numbers are building. Is this the end of magic? Find out next time on LOTC!!
  2. Yeah, I like your work! That'd be awesome!
  3. Listen. I just want a skin
  4. Ents need a rework. Yes +1
  5. I'm looking to get a skin made, If you're interested comment below with some of your previous work. I'm planning to get something like this, however with grey hair and grey eyes. I'll pay 1000 Mina for it.
  6. Looks cool. I like it. Helps clear a lot up. +1
  7. ((When does the auction end?))
  8. yes please
  9. Have to agree.
  10. Wow I feel attacked. Rude. +1
  11. @Tox Any word on this yet?
  12. "Jackal." Murmured an annoyed Aiden, he'd toss the note aside with a chuckle.
  13. Aiden would frown heavily as he wandered around within the wandering grove "Really..?!"
  14. Fun to roleplay with, awesome builder.