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  1. I had an issue arise with TehLulu when we were both last on the team. Neither I, nor her handled the situation well.It should also be stated that she wasn't involved in the issue, until she placed herself in the middle of it, then proceed to message me non-stop about what was going on, instead of allowing me to explain. I do believe she was a bit over reactive, after I stated what happened. I had been asked by the the lead of the team at the time to assist in something at a ball (Just lighting some fireworks off at the end) It was pretty much one big misunderstanding (AKA Make vanished people see through or something to deal with this issue). However her builds and event are nice, and those should speak for themselves, as long as she doesn't place herself in the middle of bad situations, or harass others, I believe she could make a nice addition to the team once more. +1
  2. Was waiting for this. Yes.
  3. 18.. hours as Hanzo But +1 He's a great guy. Worked with him when I was apart of the ET.
  4. I'd love to purchase one of the current druid grove.
  5. Modreq times gone down the drain. Rip

    1. SexeHexe
    2. TheDarkIsEternal


      @SexeHexe Sending good vibes mate. You'll make it through. 

  6. @Avacyn praise be your lore marathon.

  7. Thank you for this, the lore has been changed to fit with Deity lore.
  8. sure, why not!
  9. After a short while, I believe the magic is completely finished. I've gone ahead and added some information about how this affects Augurs. I've also gone ahead and changed a few spells, and switched a few things around. I also added a question tab, with some of the more important questions that have been asked. Thank you all for the support.
  10. -Auction Finished-
  11. Although the first time you sent the money, was an occ decision (Considering we never spoke in rp about this auction, or the house), and the second cross was simply me saying that I'll be going with another person's bid, as I believe them worthy, and needing of the house.
  12. -A notice would be sent to all those who've bid.- "The bid has gone to Aiden, as he is a child of a friend of mine, and has offered enough mina through a private bid. Sorry to all those disappointed. I wish you luck in finding the perfect home in the future.~ Lady Diari"
  13. -A notice would go out to all those who've bid, or retracted said bids.- "This auction will be ending shortly. -Lady Diari" @nanoninja23 @Toastersaurus @Alterazgohg @Lirinya
  14. Aurelion wouldn't likely know of this letter, however the poster was magically updated? How odd.
  15. A letter would be penned back to the Dominion of Malin. "The second manor within the estates walls, is the only thing actually being sold. The land will remain in the hands of the other manor owner. The person who buys the manor will be given permission to use the many amenities that the estate has to offer. If this is a problem, we can meet and speak about it. Please contact me with anymore concerns you have, and I'll do my best to answer them. With kindest regards -Lady Diari." Signed, Lady Diari, Alarica.