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    I am teaching Velulaei (NoSilhouette)
  2. The LoTC Tailor's Guild

    Minecraft IGN: Hettty Forum Username: Het(t)ty Skype Username: hetty1507 Link to examples of past work: I wouldn't say these are my best, just shows a variety.
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    Aerin Granel (Hettty)
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    Good job Farryn! +1 Now fix your comp and come back to us xoxo
  5. I have connected Lukas and will be teaching him.
  6. [Deity] [Tahariae] [MA] Khiara Aureon

    I connected Khiara and I'll be teaching her priest healing.
  7. [Clerical] [TA] Aerin

    That makes more sense, thank you!
  8. MC name: Hettty Character's name and age: Aerin, 178 Character’s Race: Wood Elf Link to your accepted magic application:’s-application What magic(s) do you desire to teach?: Clerical magic Summarise the Lore of this Magic: A Cleric is someone who is a dedicated follower and servant to Tahariae, the Aengul of Purity. Their mission: to spread the word and teachings of Tahariae and to keep the realm free from taint and darkness should they find it, using the powers granted by the Aengul. They must stick to the Five Tenets, which include: To protect your brothers and sisters under Tahariae To keep upon the path of Tahariae To keep all grey entities safe from harm To not kill the innocent To not abuse Tahariae’s gift The cleric must also stick to the many Utterings (including The Nine Woes and The Eight Commands) given by Tahariae, to show their true dedication to the expelling of taint and darkness. There are different types of Clerical magic, which are priest healing, war cleric, blessing and warding - all of which require Tahariae’s light to complete any sub-spells a cleric wishes to use. Upon connected to Tahariae, a young priest healing cleric can begin to practise manipulating their light how they please (e.g. a small cut or small patch of taint.) before slowly being able to handle a larger flow of light in order to complete larger spells (e.g. stab wounds, disease, small cartilage wounds - such as nose and outer ear.). In order to do any of these spells, simple or complex, they must recite a prayer to open a connection between Tahariae and the cleric themselves. Once this connection is successful, Tahariae’s energy would flood into the cleric, allowing them to use his light in good will to either heal, purge, bless etc, with the intent to follow the mission for complete purity across the realm. Priest healing is the most common branch of Clerical magic, it consists of using Tahariae’s light in order to heal the wounded. This can stem from small cuts and bruises to broken bones and deep stab wounds, as well as diseases and bodily taint. A young cleric’s journey would begin at Priest healing, they would learn how to control their flow of light to aid any wounded descendants. Though firstly, they would need to learn how to summon their own light and to finalise their connection to Tahariae, after then they can continue their journey of clericalism; this would be starting with small cuts before gradually progressing to deeper cuts, then broken bones. Once they’re able to control a heavier flow of light, they have the ability to cure disease in a person, and perhaps the regeneration of cartilage, with aid from other clerics. If a priest cleric transfers more light than their body can handle, they would tire out and would have to stop the flow of light - if they do not do this they would faint, stopping the healing process and automatically cutting the flow of light. War clerics, on the other hand, manipulate their light in order to fight off dark beings and to purge them - but, unlike priest healing light, the energy from the light appears very chaotic. However, the cleric would still need to pray to Tahariae in order to summon the light. The light is conjured through an intense emotion that the cleric must allow to build up inside them (such as anger and frustration) before focusing on it, the raw emotion allows the light to grow into its chaotic state. This form of clerical magic is commonly used when trying to eliminate a dark or tainted being (examples being ghouls, wraiths, undead and so on). Upon contact with a dark entity, the light would begin to quickly burn the tainted flesh in moments, therefore causing immense pain upon the being. There are numerous spells when it comes to war clericalism, the first being the Palm of Light, which most new war clerics start with. This spell forms a thin layer of powerful light that radiates just above the skin, this must be directed to the area by the cleric. The light is blinding to anybody around it; and as the cleric develops as a war cleric, the light can be held for at least 5 minutes. Another spell is Orb of Light, which is able to be directed and propelled at a being. The light must be concentrated into a ball upon the cleric’s hand before then being pushed away from the palm into the desired direction, this needs immense focus on the cleric’s behalf. The speed of the orb relies on the size of it, if it is the size of a fist it can travel as fast as an arrow and the bigger it gets from there, the slower it would be. Lastly, the most powerful spell of the war clerics are the Flames of Reckoning, a spell that is in fact fuelled by the taint and becomes easier for the master cleric to handle upon contact with a dark, tainted being. To perform this spell the cleric must summon their light and direct it to their palm, they need to then further push it out before feeding the light more and more clerical energy before creating an extreme surge of clerical power that takes the appearance of flames. This spell is massively draining for clerics, but once the flames meet with a dark entity, the pressure decreases; and when the light is then directed away, the flames soon die out. There is also such thing as the manifestation of weapons and shields, where the cleric directs their light outwards, allowing the clerical energy to form any shape of a weapon or shield they choose. This weapon would only last a mere half a minute before the cleric would become too exhausted, though this depends on the intricacy of the weapon (such as sharp weapons) where they are only able to hold it for a quarter of a minute. The effect of these spells upon a war cleric is that it would exhaust them, depending on how practised they are with the war cleric spells, they’re exhaustion would either hit quickly or soon after the connection. If the chaotic light is held for too long, the cleric would soon fall unconscious due to the immense energy surging through their body. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): The old cleric’s ears prick up upon hearing a slight shuffling at her door, her gaze darting back to sought the culprit of the footsteps. At the door stands a young elf, a nervous smile plastered on their features as they stand awkwardly at the door, their hands writhing together as they make eye contact with their teacher sitting at the desk. “Ahh! It’s my young cleric.” The cleric, otherwise known as Aerin, chimed as she beamed at her student. “Come in, dear.” She beckons the anxious student forward, her smile soon softening into a gentle one in an attempt to comfort the newly connected cleric. The young elf does as their told, seeming to ease off a little as they enter the room, they soon draw up the chair beside their teacher. Aerin promptly continues speaking, “I suppose you’re here for your next lesson? You were connected last week if I’m correct?” The student quickly nods, soon adding a small “Yes.” The wood elf simply continues to smile softly towards her student, “If that’s the case then today you’ll be learning how to summon your light.” A look of anxiousness quickly floods the features of the young cleric, already beginning to retreat back into the chair; Aerin quickly adds, “But I’ll be leading you through it, remember. Yes, it may become overwhelming but if you listen to my words then you’ll remain safe, as well as being further advanced in your teaching.” She then beams with excitement, clasping her hands together as she shuffles in her chair to fully face her student, “Do you have a prayer prepared?” “Mhm.” They nod once again, seeming to have regained their confidence after Aerin’s previous message, “I memorised the one you wrote for me.” “Wonderful!” Aerin exclaims before continuing on her teachings, “I’ll be teaching you the Holy Light spell, which is known as the base to all of the spells you’ll learn later on.” The student takes in a large inhale before promptly exhaling, beginning the process of clearing their mind to fully focus on the summoning, the older cleric smiles at this. “What you need to do is pray to Tahariae, using the prayer you memorised. Then soon enough his healing light should run through you, it will seem overwhelming but you must learn to control it in order to direct that warmth of light into your palm. Then your light will appear. You don’t need to hold it for long, only a few seconds, and don’t let yourself become to overpowered by the energy.” She puts a small emphasis on the last sentence, not wanting her student to put themselves in any harm. The teacher quietly gestures for them to start with a slight wave of her hand. The room falls silent. A small gulp is heard from the young cleric, their eyes slowly shutting as they extend out a shaky palm. After a continued silence, the student ever so slowly begins their first prayer, “Tahariae, I, Thy humble servant, call upon you. Grant me Thy holy light of grace and restoration to restore flesh and blood and bone. For it is through Thy light that suffering ends. With Thy light, may this day be a testament of Thy glory.” The student’s teacher watches with utmost care as they perform the prayer. A sudden change occurs within the young elf, a great shiver seeming to be sent up their spine as a small gasp is released - they have successfully connected with the Aengul. With a furrowed brow that quickly becomes wet with sweat, the clerical student begins to try to direct their newly found light of Tahariae into their palm that shakes profusely. The older cleric watches quietly, wanting to allow the younger cleric to take these first steps on their own, though despite this she watches with a worried gaze locked upon her student. Their outstretched palm soon enough begins to emit a small, faint light, seeming to adopt a white hue that glows for a mere few seconds. “Now,” Aerin whispers softly, “Focus on closing your connection, like you’re turning off a tap, do it gradually.” She then returns to her silent state once again. The student takes in a large gulp of air as they begin the tasking process, their shaking and sweating hand losing its white light and soon enough leaving just an exhausted young elf, who remains sitting upright for a few swaying moments before falling forward into the lap of Aerin; albeit still conscious. A comforting hand is soon lifted to lightly stroke the head of the young cleric, the wood elf smiling proudly down at her student, “You did very well. Especially for your first time summoning.” She continues to speak in a soft tone, “Though I’m sure you’d be a lot more comfortable in a bed, don’t you think?” The student replies with a small murmur, signalling with a nod of a heavy head. Pushing themselves up, with the aid of Aerin, they are carefully guided onto the bed where they fall back onto the blankets. Aerin then stands at the foot of the bed, somewhat awkwardly, for a few moments before making the smart decision to retrieve some water for her student. 
 Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  9. Magic List Errors

    MC Name: Hettty List in Question: Deity > Tahariae Error in Question: I’ve changed my user name from QuirkyHetty to Hettty. My teacher has also changed from Ramza (Zeer0), to Elvira (Farryn) (Ramza taught me for quite some time before Elvira.) Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):’s-application/
  10. [Accepted] [Actor] Rudi's ET Application

    Such a wonderful person and rp'er! Rudi has never failed to provide RP to all of my characters, and I always enjoy every unique character he brings to the server. He's just got to be on the team! +1
  11. The Order of Magi

    Name: Iris Mantisuku [Mc Name]: QuirkyHetty Race: Elf Magic you wish to study: Telekinesis [I'm being taught by Beltran (BathRugMan) but was told to apply for the order anyway.]
  12. MC Name: QuirkyHetty Character name and age: Iris Mantisuku, 50 Character’s Race: Elf What magic will you be learning?: Telekinesis Who will be teaching you?: Beltran (BathRugMan)
  13. MC name: QuirkyHetty Character's name and age: Aerin, 104 Character’s Race: Wood Elf What magic will you be learning?: Priest healing Who will be teaching you?: Ramza Mantisuku
  14. Out-Of-Character Information The simplest section of the application. Answer these questions so we can get to know you a bit more. Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: - My Minecraft Account Name is QuirkyHetty. How old are you?: - I am 13. Have you ever roleplayed on a minecraft server before? If so, where?: - I have only started roleplaying, and since have become intrigued, so already I have joined two other minecraft RP servers which are RoleplayCraft and Massivecraft. Have you applied to this server before? (Please link past applications): - No, hopefully it will be first time lucky. How did you hear about us?: - I searched up on google ‘Popular role pay mine craft servers' and The Lord Of The Craft was at the top. What do you think the server will be like? - It seems fun, I prefer servers with lots of people and it seems that LotC has lots of players. I also expect there to be lots of creative characters to communicate with. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: - Yes I have indeed and I fully agree with the policies. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: - I agree with the no sexual roleplay rule since I have played some online RP (not minecraft) and there was sexual role-play and it made me uncomfortable, but the ‘Fades to Black’ idea is really good. Do you understand combat rules, and what you can and can’t do if you do choose to roleplay as a villain?:- Even though there was quite a lot of information on the combat rules I understood and can remember them. I also understand what I am able to do if I decide to role-play as a villain. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?(If so maybe we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules):- No, I’m not confused. Definitions These terms are a major part of the server and in a few of our rules. Please define them so that we can get an understanding of how much you know about roleplaying. Feel free to Google the answers or check on our wiki, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! What is roleplaying?: - It is when someone plays as a character and communicates and acts as that character. What’s metagaming?: - It is when you found out information while OCC and use that infomation when you are in character. What’s powergaming?: - It is where you role play things that would be impossible to do, e.g. suddenly retrieving something from nowhere like a key for a door. In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that you follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. What’s your character called?: - My character is called Elvena Ayer. (I looked it up and Elvena means “good elf” and Ayer is a middle-ages name) What race are they? (and sub-race if applicable): - Elvena is a High elf. What gender are they?: - Female. How old are they?: - 240 years. (around 19 in human years, I tried doing the math) Give us a highlight of their past, What life events make your character the person they are today? This is your character's biography. It is also required to include server lore when writing. (Names of towns, major server events, ect. Most lore can be found on our wiki.): - Elvena was daughter to high elves that followed the high elven laws very strictly (they were strong followers of Kalenz Uradir’s laws and beliefs) throughout her life all she did was follow her parents orders and rules like ‘what normal high elves should be like’ as her mother had said countless times throughout the past 239 years. She felt like she would never fit in anywhere and nobody would never understand her.She thought that until on the night of her 240’th birthday she managed to escape the walls of Malinor and to explore the world and to meet new people and new races, she never liked the way her parents looked down upon them. So now she is adventuring traveling from village to town trying to find new people who believe what she believes, maybe even settle down with someone. If she’s lucky. What are they like? (personality): - Elvena doesn’t like to be pushed around and force to be something she isn’t, she has an extremely open mind and has always had a lust for adventure. She’s not someone who you can easily get along with though she is very stubborn, sassy and quite aggressive with words if it has to come to it, but although if you start to really get to know her and listen to her she’s actually really caring and easy to get to know as she is quite talkative. She also is a very strong believer in equality and she tries to spread her word across to try and get more people to support her belief. What are their ambitions?: - Her ambition is to find other people that she could get along with and make friends with, since she has never really had any friends before when she was living in her home town. She wants to find people who will connect with her, who will support her and who will agree with her. She also secretly really wants to start a family with someone special. Do they have any special skills? What are their weaknesses? (Try to list a few of both): - Elvena has a high knowledge of books, not non-fiction books but fiction books about wonderful things that she could never imagine of. She has also a high skill in magic, probably the only thing she liked that wasn’t looked down upon by other high elves. Her greatest weakness elven history and lack of concentration, which frustrated her parents a lot (which she thought was hilarious) Give us a description of how they look?: - Elvena looks like a traditional High elven female, she has long blonde hair and big green eyes. She wears a green dress which white tights and brown boots and which is again is a traditional high elven outfit. Please give us a screenshot of your character’s skin: - Good luck and thank you for applying to the server!