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    watch this poor guy throw his life away

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    Papa_Liam's Wiki Team Application

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    Ragnio's Wiki Team Application

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    Wiki Team Update Log - April 2018

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the April Wiki Team update. It's been a bit of a slow month due to finals, but we still have plenty to talk about. Let's get onto the update! This month has been extremely static for the Wiki Team: no additions, no removals. For this month, I wanted to hold off on any removals and instead focus on the talent that we currently have. Due to finals wrecking most of us, this was not a month that I felt could be used as reason towards removal. Though thankfully, there were no resignations this month either. Due to this, and the fact that we were at a good number, I did not feel it was necessary to bring anyone else on for the time being. We have started the process of updating the main page for the Wiki! While many of the changes I mentioned last week (i.e. featured pages, added indeces) have not been added yet, there were still some major additions made to the page. We now have a brand new map (courtesy of @Papa Liam) showing the locations of the various nations and cities of Atlas. We have also added the ability to click on the majority of the nations, however there are a few that do not have pages just yet. We also made a slight change to one of the symbols on main page with the help of @TorkoalTom. Our other updates for the main page will hopefully be rolling out this month. Disclaimer: Data again is going to be a bit incomplete this update, as the method needed as of right now to calculate how many edits were made on the Wiki is extremely time consuming. So, instead, you get pretty graphs and a bit of reflection on where we are now for where we were in January. Page Data- In April, we had a surprisingly small number of pages created, as you can see in this graph, with a total of 22 pages. Of the 22 pages created, 13 of them, or 59%, were made by Wiki Team members. This total is an overall decrease of 21.4% from March's total of 28, and if we were to compare it to the beginning of the year, it is a 12% decrease. However, many of these pages are of fairly high quality and not just the oh so dreaded blank and forgotten page. Still, I believe this is a number that could stand to increase by next month. Accounts Created- In April, we had another small number of accounts created, with 9 accounts being created. This is an overall small decrease (10%, but with such a small amount the percentages are not a very reliable marker) from March, but if we were to compare it to the number of accounts created in January, it would be a fairly sharp decrease of 47%. This, again, is a number that I aim to bring up this month. The Wiki is a great place for a lot of things: practicing expository writing, getting the chance to help players get accepted onto the server before they even send their apps in, or help your community grow and become more well known. But something that a lot of people don't realize is it can also be a great introduction to coding, as a lot of the formatting you see on pages uses basic CSS and HTML, but there are also parts using PHP and Javascript. If you have any questions or would like to get started, feel free to message me or any other Wiki Team member in-game, on the forums, Discord, wherever- and we'll help you get set up! #WikiTeamAndProud
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    The New Forums & The Future Forums - an Inquiry

    I like a lot of the stuff on the temporary one, but the transparency on the first post really turns me off. Might just be me, but it looks pretty weird.
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    Wiki Team Update Log - March

    Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand what's wrong here.
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    Wiki Team Update Log - March

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of the Wiki Team Update Log, after a short break last month (and a fair bit of this one). But you're not here for excuses, so without further ado, let's get onto the update! Additions to the Team Departures from the Team There's been a lot of changes to the team over the past month, as you can see, with the total turnover of the Wiki Team (i.e. the sum of the additions and departures) of 13 - not a number I am particularly proud of, but I am hoping that the next few months will feature fewer changes. The next few rounds for Wiki Team applications (which is usually at the end of the month) will be much stricter going forward. With the departure of Fid from the team, came an open manager spot. So, I'd like to congratulate the long time Wiki Team member @Aelsioln on becoming our newest manager. As a long time member of the Wiki Team, she has more than earned it and I am sure she will do a great job. Boy oh boy, I get to bring up the same thing I've brought up in every other Wiki Team update: the Lore Transfer Project. However, I wish I could say it was good news. While we have gotten several pages done over the past few months (all approved pages can be found here, if you are interested), the project is being put on hold so the Lore Team can put its focus onto other things. I'm hoping for the project to be resumed by May. In the mean time, though, the Wiki Team will also be working on updating the main page and the general layout of the Wiki. Be on the lookout for major changes by the end of this month that should make the Wiki feel a lot more accessible. This will include features such as added indices for Lore pages, featured Wiki pages, and potentially some other neat stuff that will require a good night's worth of studying so I can understand it. Disclaimer: The data for this update is going to be a little bit sparse, unfortunately, due to some technical issues that I have noticed that will hopefully be fixed by next month. Due to these issues, I will be omitting the number of active users and overall edits on the Wiki for this month. Page Data- In February, the Wiki had 38 pages created, which is a 35.7% increase over the number in January, which was 25. Then in March, 28 pages were created, meaning there was a 27.5% decrease from February. This is an interesting trend, because between December and March, the number of pages created has fluctuated back and forth, with one month hitting a lot higher, and the other hitting much lower. Accounts Created- In February, a total of 12 accounts were created for people by the Wiki Team, and 10 in March. These are both decreases from the amount created in January, which was a grand total of 17. Most of these accounts are currently inactive. If you would like a Wiki account to make pages for your friend's characters contribute in maintaining the Wiki, please feel free to send a message to me or any other WT member on Discord, the forums, or in-game. We are more than happy to help with getting to know how to use the Wiki and help us with making sure it can be as informative as possible! #WikiTeamAndProud
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    Teal was always my favorite.

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    Th3_11th For Wiki

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    bluelyLIT Wiki Team Application #1

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    Raomir's WT Application

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    TJB_Minecraft WT Application #3

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    Dominion of Malin 'Rap'

    You know that God awful feeling when you get a ping on Discord And think 'oh, maybe someone needs me', or it could be they're just bored But then it turns out it's just @everyone? Yeah, that's about how I feel. First of all, you call it a rap, but I think that's a misnomer. Your beats are so starved, they're more like the Holodomor. And you repeat the same lines over and over You need back and forth, some 'red rover, red rover.' Cernunnos, Cerridwen, blah blah blah. You ever count the shrines in you're forests written in Blah? You can try to brown nose, to represent your community And show some creativity But I think we all agree this was a missed opportunity. You have such a lack of flow I'd call it white magic And just like Oren' s fall, it's really quite tragic: I mean, you tried to rhyme mortal and aheral. And that's when you know your rap is in peril. Well, I've spent more time writing this than I'd like to admit. And yeah, I'm sure this makes me a hypocrite But at least I didn't make a thread and share it with my friends.
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    silkrose's wiki team app

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    Mateolog WT APP