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  1. Anisgar's 2nd Wiki Application

    I've been working with him on fleshing out the Norland Wiki pages, and I would say he definitely is worthy of that sweet teal nametag. Puts in a lot of effort to make sure pages are accurate, and I've been teaching him how to do a lot of the formatting on the Wiki, which he's been eager to learn. +1!
  2. I'm really glad I grinded up from inept enchanter to top 10 so close to the end of the map. It was a really good use of my time.

  3. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "Did lat juzt admit dat albai ur helplezz agh kennub defend demzelvez?" Vagud begins to ask, before realizing he isn't there.
  4. [MA] [Lutaumancy] Vagud'Gorkil

    Student Application format: MC Name: 2samspan Character's Name: Vagud'Gorkil Character's Age: 118 Character's Race: Uruk What magic(s) will you be learning?: Lutaumancy Teacher's MC Name: HedgeHug Teacher's RP Name: Shagarath'Yar Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Yes, though I have not had any lessons in the magic so I don't know if it really counts. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
  5. The Dead Reside Under the Mountain

    Vagud'Gorkil let out a low sigh and shakes his head. "We could hev ztayed alliez...We could hev helped eaj uddah, like Drokon had wunted." He mumbled. He slowly droops forward for a few seconds, as if deflating, then takes a breath and stands himself back up. "But if diz iz wub duh zwotwz wun, den dere iz nub uddah opzion."
  6. The Spiritual Mandate

    Name of Spirit and Aspect: Gorkil, Son of Krug. Blessing: To be recognized as a Gorkil in the Spirit's eyes in spite of his blood and his past actions, and to learn how to better lead the Clan. Daily Worship: Offerings to passed family members consisting of a smithed object that represents a family member and Vagud's blood (for his Raguk family/blood relatives) or an object of war that represents a member of his family and the blood of a war boar(for his Gorkil family/clansmen). Name of Spirit and Aspect: Dom, Daughter of Krug Blessing: More knowledge about the Dark Shamans and their cult. Daily Worship: Uncover lost knowledge about Shamanism and Shamanic history, copying it, and then presenting it to a Shrine of Dom.

    Welcome to the Navy.
  8. Krugmar's Laws of Succession

    Krugmar’s Laws of Succession Ratified on the 16th of Snow's Maiden, 1624 A new Rex is crowned by, and only by, succeeding in a klomp. In the past, it was only the Dominus who could directly challenge the Rex for the title. However, due to the abolition of that position, the ability to challenge the Rex to a klomp has been opened up to anyone that holds or has held the title of Wargoth, Targoth, or Yazgurten, and have never been considered a whitewash. Should an Orc who meets these criteria want to issue a challenge for Rexdom, a council will be convened consisting of the Wargoths, the Targoth, the Yazgurten, and the High Shaman. They will discuss the claim and discern the character of the Orc and whether they believe he or she would be apt for the title. Due to the fact that their claim is being assessed by fellow members of Orcish society, it is important for the Orc to be held in high regard if he or she wants to get the klomp approved. A claim is considered approved when, after at least an hour of discussion, at least three fourths of those in the council have agreed to approve the request. Anyone who would be in these councils but vies for Rexdom will sit out from the council regarding their own challenge. It is within the power of the Rex, for whatever reason, to nominate an Orc for a klomp who does not meet the requirements listed. However, an Orc that receives the nomination is not required to challenge the Rex. Orcs who do challenge the Rex through this method still need to be approved by the council. The Rex is forbidden from klomping his nominee, and instead a champion will be elected by the council to fight in the Rex’s place. Shamans will face a much higher amount of scrutiny than most other Orcs. The council must decide whether or not they will be able to rule properly, or if their devotion to the Spirits will interfere with their judgement, as a Rex’s focus should be first and foremost on the nation and its people. If the Rex dies or abdicates, all who wish to claim the title and have been approved by the council will fight each other in a series of klomps until they they have all fought each other, with the Orc winning the most klomps earning the title. In the case of a tie between two of the claimants, the victor of the klomp between them will succeed as Rex. If there is only one claimant to the throne, a champion will be elected.
  9. He's experienced, he's devoted to the community, and he's pretty creative. I believe he would be a great addition to the team.
  10. Writ of Annulment, 1623

    "Troubling news for Dwarves. I hope this is not the start of even more internal conflict in the Dwarves." The Rex says solemnly from his throne, as raucous celebration consumes the rest of the Citadel.
  11. The Vizima Act, 1623

    Vagud scrunches up his face once he finishes reading it and brings his head closer to the parchment. He looks at the date, then the name of the person who penned it. After a long moment of him silently trying to wrap around the order, he finally lets out a loud shout "What the skah? Didn't he die with the last Empire?"
  12. Hell yeah, Pyre.

  13. Timeline of Orcs in Axios

    Orcish Events of Axios (Year 1571-Present) This compendium of events lists all of the major events relating to Orcs throughout Axios. This is not meant to be an in depth explanation of what happened, but merely a record of the broad history and what we have gone through these past seventy years. This list will also be expanded upon as time goes on, however I hope that we will not be seeing anymore tragedies fall upon the Orcish race anytime soon. May Krug smile upon all of you, Vagud'Gorkil and Zlazh'Lur Year 1571 - Vailor falls into destruction while the Orcs sail through the Spirit Realm into the lands of Axios eventually splitting from the mass of Vailoric Ships and anchored at the Jungles of Asul in the city of San’Garath. Year 1573 - Rex Kharak’Raguk dies at the hands of a mysterious spirit, and Kulgarok’Lak, a notable shaman, succeeds him. Year 1574 - Kulgarok constructs a new city, San’Kharak, in the swamp not far from San’Garath. San’Garath is promptly abandoned. Year 1576 - Rex Kulgarok’Lak is challenged by Malgunuz’Raguk, who handily defeats Kulgarok and takes the title of Rex. A group of Orcs known as the Sarnites break off from the Uzg and establish their own settlement across from San’Kharak, claiming themselves to be the true Rexdom. A civil war erupts between the Sarnites and the War Uzg. Year 1577 - The Order of the Angathgul is formed and separates from the Uzg, making its home on Ceru, by Sutica. Later that year, The ‘Ivory Mandate’ is signed in Oren, stating that all Orcish tusks brought to the crown will be rewarded with a hefty sum of minas. Year 1579 - John I Owyn, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, declares war on the War Uzg. As a response, the Sarnites reunite with the War Uzg and their disagreements are put aside in order to stand up against the Orenian menace. The first major engagement, known as ‘The Battle of Atlay’, is a decisive Orenian victory. Year 1580 - Vorgo’Yar claims Rexdom after Malgunuz’Raguk is imprisoned by the Skygods. Year 1581 - San’Kharak is evacuated right before Oren encircles the city and begins to siege it, the only people left to defend it being Vorgo’Yar, Dominus Khargak’Raguk, and the honorary Morka’Vorgor. The city quickly falls, with Khargak being slain at the battle, and Vorgo and Morka being brought to the Johannesburg Courthouse for trial, ending with both of them dying.. And with that, the War Uzg is disbanded and the remaining Orcs hide across Axios to try and recover from the absolutely devastating war they had fought. Year 1582 - The surviving Orcs begin to reunite and sail to the desert of Urguan as provided refuge by the Grand King of Urguan, Torvin Grandaxe, and founded a camp in the wasteland of Azaghol, where the Orcs lived as a loose band with little in the means of government. Year 1589 - Kulgarok returns and briefly claims Rexdom. However, very quickly he is challenged by Drokon’Ugluk, who beats Kulgarok and reforms the Orcish society into the War Nation of Krugmar. Year 1591 - A Warzone erupts between Urguan and Azaghol versus Orenia and the Dominion of Malin after Wood Elf scouts found Orcs in Azaghol also known as ‘The Battle of the Gray Peninsula’, which ends in a loss for the Orcs. Year 1593 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk helps form a Coalition alongside The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The Kingdom of Courland, the Ivae’fenn, and Norland to fight against the warmongering Orenian Empire. Year 1594 - The Orenian Empire attempt to cross through a valley in the desert but are defeated by the Coalition forces in a fight known as ‘The Battle of the Gorge’, marking the first battle the Empire had lost in over a hundred years. Year 1595 - The Coalition battles for the unstable county of Lorraine which is famously known as ‘The Battle of Goldfield’. Year 1596 - Drokon’Ugluk is severely injured after a hunt, only being saved due to both a surgery performed by Murgosh’Raguk and some magic by the dark shaman Kulgarok. Drokon is severely altered by Kulgarok’s magic and the Rex goes a spree of killing many Wargoths and other Orcs who he believes are conspiring against him. Soon after, Kulgarok reforms the Clan of Dom, bringing with him a new era of dark shamanism. Year 1597 - Drokon is returned to his right state of mind, ending his reign of terror. Year 1599 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk, out of shame for what he had done and the countless he had killed, hands the title of Rexdom over to Orgoth’Braduk. With this abdication, the clan Ugluk is decreed to be absorbed into clan Gorkil. Year 1602 - The Clans Braduk and Raguk, in an attempt to shore up their lacking numbers, merge to form the Clan Braguk. Year 1606 - Rex Orgoth’Braduk abdicates Rexdom to Gurak’Yar. Year 1608 - A coup is attempted by the Wargoth Kuntklobbera’Raguk at a feast, leading to a short battle that ended with Kuntklobbera being stripped of his status, yet still in Orcish society. Year 1612 - The Braguk Clan breaks up, reverting to Clans Braduk and Raguk. Year 1614 - Gurak’Yar steps down, leaving a void in the leadership that is filled by Kulgarok’Dom. Immediately, Kulgarok is challenged and defeated by Eath’Lur, and is once again banished from Krugmar. Year 1615 - Rex Eath’Lur steps down and hands the title over to Kuntklobbera’Raguk a bit before the World Cactus Festival. Year 1617 - A Coalition is formed between the War Nation, Urguan, Veris, and Norland to fight against the newly reformed Oren. Year 1619 - Anti-Laureh’lin sentiment rises immensely, with a spree of raids and taunts from the Rex and other Orcs, leading the two nations to the brink of war. The tensions did not result in any major conflicts, but they persist for years afterwards. Year 1620 - The Shamanic Fellowship, a shamanic order like Angathgul (yet nowhere near as separate from the Krugmar), is founded. ((OOC: Thanks to Marijuanaology for helping me with creating this))
  14. The Shamanic Fellowship

    MC Name: 2samspan RP Name: Vagud'Gorkil Skype: matthew.donovan97 Discord: 2samspan#0532 Fellowship Ranking: Dedicant Shaman Sub-type (if applicable): N/A (got an MA for elementalism approved, but my teacher was unable to make the time to teach me)
  15. 2samspan's WT App

    MC name: 2samspan Forum name: 2samspan Discord Name and Tag: 2samspan#0532 What is your timezone?: Eastern Standard Time. How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Writing, updating lore, etc): Expanding on stub pages, chronicling recent history, and really whatever else I can. I just think those would be my fortè. Have you worked on the, or any wiki before?: Outside of maybe impulsively joining a wiki one time, no.. Which lore are you most familiar with?: I'm most familiar with Orcish history and lore relating to them and flora/fauna lore... Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved: A large majority of the Orc Clan wiki pages (examples: Gorkil, Dom, Raguk). Azog, for example, does not even have a Clan page. The Gorkil Clan page has a very short description of the Gorkil bloodline, but little abput the clan itself, while Dom is entirely Urara story, which are very good, but is all about Dom the Uruk. That is absolutely an important part of the Clan's history, and should be there, but it completely neglects the very interesting history of the Clan. Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It's a beautifully written and well laid out history of the nation going all the way back to Aegis. It even gives minor details such as when the prefix of ‘Grand’ was added to the kingdom's name. It feels so comprehensive that it helps you to learn about other nations at the time, and even glean some of what might have been going through both the players’ and characters’ minds with such explanations as the geography of Urguan and its proximity to their long time rival Alras in the early days of the Fringe, leading to a pact with the Orcs to help them destroy Alras. The only areas I believe it could be improved on is, first, updating the Axios history to talk about the kings that were elected and other events that might have happened in Urguan, such as the issues with Arcadia, and second, expanding on the magical arts section, but that's not too important. Please showcase your abilities with a short writing on the subject of your choosing: This is a fairly short segment of a longer post. This could easily be incorporated and expanded upon into the Wiki to expand the Gorkil Clan page.