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  1. Beardmancy

    Blundermore better have an MA slot available for this.
  2. [Your View] The Wiki.

    Unfortunately, it comes down to demographics. Dwarven and human player bases are most likely to contribute to the Wiki. Elves, Orcs, and all the others just don't take as much of an interest in maintaining it. And most Wiki contributors try to write what they personally know about in order to minimize the amount of information they get wrong.
  3. WT Update Log - December

    If that's true, I'm very sorry. I have tried to fact check all of my edits using what I can find through the archives. If you can point out the stuff that is incorrect, I would be more than happy to correct them.
  4. Hello, and welcome to the very first Wiki Team Update Log. I'm 2samspan, the new Wiki Team Director after @Destinator stepped down in November. Due to how different the Wiki Team is from other teams, structurally, we have not done update logs in the past, but I believe it is important to show the community what exactly is going on in every team. These logs new and departing members as-well as if we are currently wanting to take up any other team members at the time that the update’s posted. Onto some new arrivals to the WT. We have recently accepted five new members due to a number of people who had left in November. Please welcome the following to the Wiki Team! @TorkoalTom @Anisgar @Heero @Ogdan (Benben582) @TJB_Minecraft Due to the amount of people we have taken on in the past month, we will not be accepting anymore Wiki Team applications for some time. We will however, keep people who have recently applied in mind when we do begin looking for new applicants again. With the rather substantial increase to the size of the Wiki Team, bringing the total number of WT members up to 14, I have decided to name two Managers to help me with running the team, those being @Chorale_ and @Fid . Page Data- The Wiki, as of the time of writing this post, has 680 individual content pages (i.e. what you will usually want to read when you go on the Wiki), 35 of those coming from this month. 2,775 pages that have been written over the past three years including talk pages, redirects, and all other content from when Tahmas created the Wiki on December 20, 2015, just over two years ago from today. Along with this, we have somewhere in between 930 files that have been uploaded in total. However, of those content pages, a quarter of those are considered to be articles with an insufficient amount of information on them. Edit Data- Overall the LotC Wiki has had 19,755 edits in total, this means that each content page has on average been updated 7.12 times. User Data- There are 267 registered accounts on the Wiki, with 36 of them being deemed active contributors. Activity is based on whether or not you’ve done anything on the Wiki in the past 30 days. Pages created this month: House of Ashford de Aryn Battle of Rochdale The Reichwald Greatswords Verthaik II Frostbeard House de Castro Battle of Jornheim Fields Cretzer Craps Siege of Vjorhelm Reiters Atlas Myrzym March Ash The State of Lavana Jory Ruric House Vientos House Silversteed Kingdom of Marna House of Devereux Gror Ireheart High King of Kaz'Ulrah Dwarven King of Norland Turkin Culture Sacking of Riga Akritian Culture Rodrik Ruric Jornheim Great Northern War Siege of Johannesburg Willem Hagelijn Kal'Tarak Otto II of Haense Red Faith While the Wiki Team does not typically have many team-wide projects, I can say that we will be restarting the Lore Transfer Project. Over the next few months, the Wiki Team will be transferring all approved Lore from the forums over to the Wiki, under the supervision of the Lore Team. It will be a long process, and it will require a lot of hard work, but I can assure you that we will get it done. The last thing I would like to say for this month's update is a reminder that anybody can be a contributor on the Wiki. All you need to do is ask for a WT member to make an account for you, and you can help to improve the Wiki as well! We will even help to teach you the ins and outs of making a great looking Wiki page which, quite honestly, can be fairly tedious. Special thanks to Chorale for helping me to write this!
  5. [Your View] Freebuild

    Take freebuild away for now, let nations get established, and then reintroduce it in, say, a month, when the grace period wears off. I don't mind freebuild as a concept, but the way it is implemented right now could lead to some major issues. Firstly, oversaturation is a major concern. Of course people are gonna try and go off and make their own thing, and then they will most likely drop off after a month and become one of the numerous abandoned cities you saw. That happens even without freebuild, and it's going to be more rampant now without plots. Second, I am worried about world scarring. It's possible to roll back an area, yes, but with the way freebuild is set up right now people can fill the beautiful landscape of Atlas with subpar builds that have little to no oversight. At least when plots had to be given, there would usually be some level of scrupulousness, but here someone can just decide to build on a whim and mess up a region. For these reason, I believe there should be more off-limits regions for freebuild, and more oversight put on these regions so that we don't get things like The major reason why I am for freebuild, though, is because of the impact it could have on the political landscape. I firmly believe that one of the major factors in the 'main' human nation (i.e. the one that controls the most land and, in very extreme cases, has a hegemony on the server) being able to pull in such massive numbers is the allure of being able to make their own towns if they can get in good with the Emperor. Oren had so many plots to give away, and there were plenty who wanted to try and get one. However, with the loss of the plot system, they somewhat lose this advantage. They still will almost certainly grab up enough land to try and consider 'theirs', but without the plot system, their borders will be much more fluid. People need to enforce borders themselves in order to make sure they aren't encroached on. For example, a village pops in the south of Marna that is directly owned by a major Hansetian noble. Marna could try to claim the village as their own, or they might claim that Haense is trying to expand into their territory, leading to raised tensions. Which is good. That is some legitimate political RP that can arise due to the existence of freebuild. But with the way the system is right now, it could lead to some scenarios that screw nations over from the start by one nation getting the opportunity to settle towns or start building fortresses in major strategic areas, taking them before anyone else can really get to them because people were too busy setting up their capital and couldn't afford to have other people try setting up their own thing. And there is nothing that those nations could do about it for a week. So I would say disable freebuild for a while in order to give all nations a chance to finish their capital and start worrying about actual RP again, and then use that time to further tweak the system.
  6. LotC v6.0: Atlas

    I've noticed that /help contains info on a lot of mechanics that don't seem to have been discussed before, and are either currently unimplemented or I have not been able to figure them out as of right now. For example, fatigue. The system is supposed to relate to some professions system, but /help professions does not give a list of professions, even though there is a block that is clearly meant to give a list, and none of the previous professions have brought anything up. What exactly might these systems entail when they are implemented?
  7. Incoming new laws for every nation: every player must breed one animal every restart.
  8. Ogdan's WT Application

  9. Mitch's Wiki Team App

  10. Kinslayer's Wiki Team Application

  11. Heeroqueero's Wikiman app

  12. Anisgar's 2nd Wiki Application

  13. Wapples' app

  14. Anisgar's 2nd Wiki Application

    I've been working with him on fleshing out the Norland Wiki pages, and I would say he definitely is worthy of that sweet teal nametag. Puts in a lot of effort to make sure pages are accurate, and I've been teaching him how to do a lot of the formatting on the Wiki, which he's been eager to learn. +1!