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  1. 2samspan

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    Thank you Seventh, really glad to see a return to a system like this! Hopefully that means the map on the Wiki will be able to be more frequently updated to reflect activity.
  2. 2samspan

    Ex-Wiki Team Director AMA

    Alright, I guess this is going on record. My name is not actually Sam, despite what many people believe. The name comes from my first foray into online games with Club Penguin. At that time, I was really young and also really dumb. I wanted to name my account after my dog Sampson, but since I was legally braindead back then, I horribly misspelled it as Samspan. And the name has stuck ever since. Nah you're cool man. Anisgar. Yes
  3. 2samspan

    Ex-Wiki Team Director AMA

    1. Attract people that are willing to take leadership positions like how, say, humans can. I think one of the biggest issues is there is not a big pool of leaders for us to choose from. All of the people that want to become leaders become humans, because there is so much more opportunity to gain power there. If you are a human, you can get your own little plot and become a baron or a duke if you play the political game there. Orcs, we don't really have that opportunity. Since we are so centralized and don't offer that same way to get power, along with the fact that we tend to not really get too involved in politics like you see in, say, Elven or human communities, we aren't as attractive to those players. 2. I'm not really sure, honestly. 3. Make it so I didn't wimp out when I had the chance to fight Kulgarok. 4. Gorkil, duh. If you need to repeatedly ask people to get stuff done, that's a problem. I'm a bit of a hypocrite for saying that cause I know I've done that in the past, but we should not be doing that. However, I do not think we are super inefficient. The main reason, I think, that the Wiki feels so outdated and like the Wiki Team doesn't do anything is because a. of how big the Wiki is, and, due to how information on it is laid out, it can be hard to gauge when actual progress is being made, and b. the pool of people who need to maintain all of those pages is pretty small. As of right now, we have 40 people who have contributed to the Wiki in the past 30 days. It is near impossible for the Wiki Team and the other people who help out to maintain all of that. I will admit that sometimes we lag a little bit behind, and it's not like we are actually the hardest workers on the server. But I do firmly believe that the Wiki Team is not as awful as people say it is. If you would like to have something updated and people are dropping the ball, feel free to PM me on here or on Discord, though, and I'll work on fixing it up.
  4. Doing an AMA cause I like to pretend I'm more important than I am.


  5. 2samspan

    Ex-Wiki Team Director AMA

    Absolutely. Though I hate licorice, so that might put a damper on things. That's a good question. Probably the the Shamanism page. At the time when I did that, I wasn't overly knowledgeable of the formatting, so it took me a while to format all of that lore and make it look good. I still need to revisit that page, cause it's still a bit lacking I feel. I hope you say these things about the next Directors, too. I resigned for a few reasons. First, I am heading off to college in a couple of weeks. I did not want to risk letting the team fall into disrepair because I had to focus on my studies or flunking out because I had to focus on running the team. Second, I was starting to feel a bit burnt out, and I felt like the quality of my work was dropping. And, finally, I was Director for 8 months. I felt like it was time to let the team move on and give someone else a chance. I am a strong believer that people should not hold onto power for too long, and it should be rotated out once every few months in order to stop things from becoming a massive circlejerk. for you i will
  6. 2samspan

    Ex-Wiki Team Director AMA

    Hi guys, I've been on the Wiki Team for 11 months, and in a week I will be celebrating my one year reunion. 8 of those months were spent being Director, and now I have finally stepped down. Feel free to ask me anything, Wiki related or not, and I'll be happy to answer. I was also NL of the Orcs for, like, two weeks, but I don't like to think about that time.
  7. 2samspan

    Wiki Team Update Log - June 2018

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the June Wiki Team update. After a small break from updates in June, we are back and ready to show all of the changes we have put in place. Additions Departures Starting this month, the Wiki Team will be starting a new system, with a placeholder name of Projects™ until someone comes up with a better name. Due to how incredibly lazy I am the Wiki Team never really doing projects in the same vein as other teams, we are testing out a new system where every Wiki Team member comes up with a project on the Wiki, which they will spend the month working on. This can range from expanding or creating pages surrounding a certain subject such as, say, High Elven society, to improving the layout of the Wiki. This system should give the community a more tangible sense of what has been done on the Wiki as people can point to these specific projects done by people, along with helping to focus our own members so that their efforts can be felt more. As of writing this, most Wiki Team members are still coming up with their projects, however I will divulge that I will be working on guides and codifying information for the Wiki (e.g. how do you know if a character deserves a Wiki page, how do I calculate casualties in battle, why did I get an angry PM from a WT member for starting a page with the word 'the'). If you are interested in the project, feel free to read through this doc for a more extensive explanation. This month, we are also officially launching the Wiki Contributor's Discord, which has so kindly been set up for me by @Ragnio. This Discord is intended to be for all users of the Wiki, with the hope of encouraging more interaction between normal contributors and Wiki Team members. Contributors can more easily ask for help with a certain page, report bugs, or request the creation of an account for their buddy, and we can more easily get news out to, assist, and discuss pages with contributors without having to go through the hoops of PMing three different people to get their Discord. Click here for access to the Wiki Contributor's Discord, even if you do not currently have a Wiki account- this Discord provides a convenient and easy way for people to request accounts be made for them! Disclaimer: Data again is going to be a bit incomplete this update, as the method needed as of right now to calculate how many edits were made on the Wiki is extremely time consuming. Again, you get pretty graphs for the months of May and June Page Data- Accounts Created- Now it is 3 AM on the Fourth of July, so I am not going to try to put a funny comment down here, except that I need to learn to prep these at least somewhat beforehand. You should know, however, that the Wiki Team has partnered up with Subway, so all Wiki Team members get a free 6 inch sandwich and a drink at participating stores. Catch you on the flip side, 2samspan #WikiTeamAndProud
  8. 2samspan

    z3m0s's Wiki Team Application

  9. 2samspan

    mateolog's Wiki Team Application

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    watch this poor guy throw his life away

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    Ragnio's Wiki Team Application

  12. 2samspan

    Papa_Liam's Wiki Team Application

  13. 2samspan

    Wiki Team Update Log - April 2018

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the April Wiki Team update. It's been a bit of a slow month due to finals, but we still have plenty to talk about. Let's get onto the update! This month has been extremely static for the Wiki Team: no additions, no removals. For this month, I wanted to hold off on any removals and instead focus on the talent that we currently have. Due to finals wrecking most of us, this was not a month that I felt could be used as reason towards removal. Though thankfully, there were no resignations this month either. Due to this, and the fact that we were at a good number, I did not feel it was necessary to bring anyone else on for the time being. We have started the process of updating the main page for the Wiki! While many of the changes I mentioned last week (i.e. featured pages, added indeces) have not been added yet, there were still some major additions made to the page. We now have a brand new map (courtesy of @Papa Liam) showing the locations of the various nations and cities of Atlas. We have also added the ability to click on the majority of the nations, however there are a few that do not have pages just yet. We also made a slight change to one of the symbols on main page with the help of @TorkoalTom. Our other updates for the main page will hopefully be rolling out this month. Disclaimer: Data again is going to be a bit incomplete this update, as the method needed as of right now to calculate how many edits were made on the Wiki is extremely time consuming. So, instead, you get pretty graphs and a bit of reflection on where we are now for where we were in January. Page Data- In April, we had a surprisingly small number of pages created, as you can see in this graph, with a total of 22 pages. Of the 22 pages created, 13 of them, or 59%, were made by Wiki Team members. This total is an overall decrease of 21.4% from March's total of 28, and if we were to compare it to the beginning of the year, it is a 12% decrease. However, many of these pages are of fairly high quality and not just the oh so dreaded blank and forgotten page. Still, I believe this is a number that could stand to increase by next month. Accounts Created- In April, we had another small number of accounts created, with 9 accounts being created. This is an overall small decrease (10%, but with such a small amount the percentages are not a very reliable marker) from March, but if we were to compare it to the number of accounts created in January, it would be a fairly sharp decrease of 47%. This, again, is a number that I aim to bring up this month. The Wiki is a great place for a lot of things: practicing expository writing, getting the chance to help players get accepted onto the server before they even send their apps in, or help your community grow and become more well known. But something that a lot of people don't realize is it can also be a great introduction to coding, as a lot of the formatting you see on pages uses basic CSS and HTML, but there are also parts using PHP and Javascript. If you have any questions or would like to get started, feel free to message me or any other Wiki Team member in-game, on the forums, Discord, wherever- and we'll help you get set up! #WikiTeamAndProud
  14. 2samspan

    The New Forums & The Future Forums - an Inquiry

    I like a lot of the stuff on the temporary one, but the transparency on the first post really turns me off. Might just be me, but it looks pretty weird.