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  1. Siri’s Rendering Shop! Hi everybody! I’ve recently been playing around with a minecraft rendering program, and I thought this would be a good way to update the wiki or just to keep some very cool screenshots of our time in this map. I hope people cherish the builds that they have, and that they’ll want to take some nice screenshots and renders of their rp hubs! I’ve been taking some Aegrothond renders, and would love to render for others! For the picture below which is a 1024x768 resolution, it’ll cost 100 minas! The 400x400 resolutions will cost 50 minas! If you buy more than 3 renders, I’ll only charge 250 and 100 minas respectively 😛 . Every 3rd time you change your mind and ask me to make a new render angle will be 50 minas though, so do be thorough! Also do keep in mind that asking me to do a very wide shot is going to be double that, as I will have to download a lot more chunks as compared to a close up. 1024x768 sample 400x400 but enlarged, so it does look a little blurry 400x400 sample (Dont mind this picture, the red error blocks was just the program weirding itself out. Nice shot though) If you would like to hire me, all you have to do is fill out a short form: Discord name: (Or contact me at Siri#8221) Location: RP name and xyz coordinates Reference: Either a photo of what you think would be good, or just worded instructions Package: What size? How many renders?
  2. Helpppppppp someone give me a minecraft book to LOTC bookshelf formatting guide. It looks horrible!

    1. ThatGuy_777


      Alas, such are the pains of LoTC. I’d recommend making ample use of the pages at your disposal. Don’t try cramming words, test the page character limit by spamming A’s and B’s when you’re uncertain, etc. I also just press tab a few times or hold space instead of pressing enter. Always is a nasty kick if it doesn’t register.

    2. shimmeringbliss


      Someone should make a guide for it!

    3. Man of Respect
  3. Trying to get back into LOTC after a while. Any interesting factions out there looking for players around the australian timezone?

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    2. sophiaa


      join caermeonn 

    3. Apostate


      Gladewynn’s pretty interesting, if you’re looking for Elf RP.

    4. shimmeringbliss



      Who should I contact regarding Nordengrad?

  4. Allow me to preface this by saying that most of my lore is derivative. I believe in continuously working on existing concepts to reinforce the position of each new piece in how they interact with the world, and is generally consistent with how I vote for lore as well. So while appreciated for constructive criticism, I will not change what I think is the only thing tying it to origin lore. Also shoutout for Idolmon for letting me use his tree lore.
  5. Ydae; The Daemon of Memory “If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.” -Edgar Allen Poe Sigil The Endless Ocean, representing the never-ending formation of in the sea of memories Standing upon the oceans of memories, alone under the skies of full of stars, the faceless Daemon held both arms out, feeling the weight of conscience and consciousness crash against the flow of time, eroding little by little like the waning of the moon. For the future is built upon the foundations of the past, yet it seems the past is always relegated to distant memory. Such is the fate of the Daemon of Memories, Ydea. Ydea is portrayed as a faceless Daemon, with short silver hair that blends seamlessly against her marble white skin. Upon her ethereal body she dons a void black dress, adorned with nine gold bangles, encircled around her waist, wrists, ankles, and crown. She appears to mortals with a constantly shifting face that takes the form of the people in their strongest memories. It is said that she was born from the second that the sun rose the second time over the earth, invoking the first creation of memories upon the natural world, as they recall what the very first sunrise was. Although Ydea does not control the flow of time, memories are nothing more than impressions and thoughts imprinted upon a blank canvas at any given time, distorting and warping as the seasons pass. When the four brothers were first set foot upon the mortal plane, Ydea presented to each a gift for recording their precious memories with their descendants, and more importantly each other. To Horen, she gifted him a quill of the Phoenix, so that his letters may glow when inscribed upon paper; To Krug, she gifted him a bone knife made from a millennium old Drûth Skhelll to carve totems with, so that his stories would come to life when reminisced by the fire; To Urguan, she gifted him a chisel made of Draelond, so that he may carve statues and runes; To Malin, she gifted him a Ironwood branch from the World Tree, so that he may write to the plants and trees. Some would call her generous for the gift of history, but others would curse her for keeping a reminder for all things to come, leading to wars that spanned over generations, to grudges that lasted several lifetimes. As the human poet Owen Irving puts it: “Your memory is a monster; you forget—it doesn't. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you—and summons them to your recall with will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you!” Her symbols are pools of water, tranquil forests, patient skies, books and diaries; all that represent infinity as any natural being gets lost within their own memory if they stare long enough at it. Terrae Her realm is the Terrae, containing both the Ocean of Memories and the star-filled Orion Skies. Every time a memory is made, a star from Orion’s belt crashes into the Ocean of Memories, mixing and muddling together in the vast memories of the world; the impact of the memory determining the falling star. To dive into the Ocean unguided is to be induced in madness, as every single memory from the time of Creation blends in with the millions more being produced, resulting in a surreal landscape that is neither here nor there. Good, bad, insignificant, curious, creative, intimate, bitter, excited, happy, sad, guilty memories all bubble below the surface of the ocean, warped by the impression of the being upon the formation of said memory. A cockroach the size of cart in the mind of a frightened little boy, a bouquet of diamonds and amber in the shape of roses in the mind of a shy maiden receiving her first bundle of flowers from a handsome young lad. Within the maelstrom that is underneath the waves of Memories, there exist a single island, the site of a ruined cathedral, situated upon the horizon. Surrounding it is a garden of poppies and pansies, and in the center of that garden, a lone translucent tree prospers, seeming as though nothing living is allowed to grow within its radius. Coming from the lands of Stratum, Ydea rode upon the waves of crossings to pluck a seed from this maelstrom, nourishing it in a realm where it may grow, where Ydea planted it upon the many memories of mortals. Neither good, nor wicked, this Jovian Oak came to encompass both as it witnessed the memories flashing by. Upon gaining sentience, Ydea gave it a name; Oakheart, as it gazes upon the hearts and minds of all mortals to pass. Fancy itself as a saint, it anchored in the ruined memory of a cathedral, allowing only those worthy to be in its presence. Should one ever meet Oakheart, it will dispense both good and bad advice, as customary of its cousins in the physical plane. However it largely depends on its mood, to push for a certain advice, choosing to side with either good or bad. It is after all Ydea’s adored companion, and would stop at nothing from causing the skies to be full of falling stars. Following Much like Lyes, Ydea is a divine being that bears a fundamental nature of all natural beings, and as such is not worshipped, for she is simply so. Present day Ydea has been known on occasion to intervene when a devout prayer for a vision is wished for, to delve within the annals of time to seek the truth of themselves. Appearing before the being within a reflection of a pool, a silver star would tumble from her palm onto the surface of the water, causing ripples that would slowly mesmerize the being, sucking them into the realm of Terrae, where she would guide their inner conscious. She is not kind however, having no qualms in resurfacing the bad memories that others would wish to forget. References: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/143054-%E2%9C%93-decorative-metal-lore-drealond/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152931-%E2%9C%93-the-jovian-oaks/#comment-1444834
  6. Flyers hung upon the temple markets would note a simple message: Selling a cart of explosives (64)! Please put an offer below and Siri (shimmeringbliss) will contact you.
  7. I'm pretty bored, are there any active userbases looking for players? 

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    2. Arkelos


      The Scions are always looking for more people, you don't need to have a fighting character. Artisans and other workers are all welcome! (Link below)


    3. SourDough


      Join Humanity for a change 

    4. max.


      @shimmeringbliss peasant rp is very different depending on what place you rp it in, you maý find it more fun here. Haense is a relatively progressive nation that allows female characters to p much whatever they want, so if military rp interests you but you want to play a female character, haense is the place to be. There's a multitude of noble houses if you're more interested in playing a noble but I personally find there's not much difference in being noble or not. If you're still interested, please add me on skype (mr.creeper5) so we can talk more

  8. Sorry for taking a while to reply, was super caught up with exams ;-;. That being said, after talking to delmodan, this is what she had to say on the matter. Perhaps a little work could be done to it, but I'm more of a fan of natural things, rather than humanoid sub-species personally. Denied. Think the bull sizes are over exaggerated. For comparison, big/old bull sizes are about 6 feet tall, and 11 feet across. Force feeding bulls meat also causes them to throw up or if they cannot vomit, die because they cant evolve that fast naturally. While we might play on a fantasy server, I'd like to see it still within the realms of possibility. Regular bulls do exist in lore, but I can not accept these forcibly mutated bulls that dont really make sense. Denied. I would rather not accept what is quite literally the opposite of a Owlbear. Denied.
  9. Fair enough, although I was hoping for a more interesting sort of environmental adaptation than necessarily a result of some random wizard experimentation. To get this straight, are you telling me that every one of these stone trolls will have an alchemy lab to continue reproducing?
  10. As interesting as this sounds, I think a Frankenstein troll that continues the research sounds a little bit odd, especially since in the redlines is stated its not really capable of using magic and understanding complex processes, doesn't sound like he'll be able to clone himself. Perhaps change the origin a bit?
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