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  1. Bodbmakos placed a sign in front of Du Loc's ruined gravel pathway, scribbled across it said "No Lizards in Ferremore!"
  2. Original Bronze Band Soundtrack


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  3. Directive Fulfilled Within the halls of Saint Felder’s Rock little stirred as the Lectorate busied itself elsewhere, albeit the familiar drone of the automatons, pacing about the temple as they performed their daily duties. Their routine of forging sheet metal, preparing food, and organization, produced a rhythm that rang throughout. All but one, nestled neatly beside a suit of Slayersteel armor, Unit AP-E stood quietly, a dwemer spider perched wiping the dust from its chassis. The automaton’s internal workings abruptly whirred to life, a brief period passing before a red haze shined from its orbs. [14:22:04] [Systems/INFO]: DISENGAGING: SLEEP-MODE [14:22:05] [Systems/INFO]: ROUTINE ASSESSMENT: Stable [14:22:14] [Systems/INFO]: OPERATING SYSTEM: LSGS version 1.4 [14:22:15] [Systems/INFO]: PERSONALITY CORE: Gāng Hóu [14:22:16] [Systems/INFO]: SENSORS: Fully operational [14:22:17] [Render thread/INFO]: LOCATION: SAINT FELDER’S ROCK [14:22:24] [Render thread/INFO]: [DAILY SCRIPTURE] SOV 4:6 ‘For I have blessed you with My miracle of creation, and you shall draw nearer to My throne by your labors.’ [14:22:37] [Render thread/INFO]: [COMMAND] Exit Creator Stor Vuiller’s quarters; halt [14:22:53] [Render thread/INFO]: WARNING: Sensors detect movement; SUBJECT - Lector Trevor Turnfield [14:23:02] [Render thread/INFO]: [SOUND] ‘Howdy Gang Hou- do me a favor an' get combat ready, we're about t'go see som- The archive transcript cuts short as the automaton engaged emergency protocols, tumbling down the hills of Upper Petra, it’s left arm mangled and broken. Briefly taking a moment to assess the damages, AP-E rose from the ground, the bottles tethered to his waist remaining unshattered. A voice rang out, “Gāng Hóu, retreat! Designated survivor!” Suddenly paper is torn away, causing the beast that had dealt the blow to scream out, a putrid squeal that rattled the sensors. The woman began to run, hiding away the book in her satchel, immediately the creature gave chase, stamping silently through the brush. AP-E dashed for the behemoth, readying the IGNIS DEUM, shattering it against a bottle of flame oil as it neared, the combination quickly spreading. The automaton latched on to the creature’s leg, causing it to writhe and thrash as the flame engulfed each of them, an oval shape hole opening wide as sheet metal began to liquefy. The beast snatched at AP-E, tearing it’s limp arm free from the socket before seizing the automaton itself, clamping down upon it. The already degraded metal creaked and wrinkled, as spatters of life blood sprayed out, the monster continued to squeeze, seemingly taking pleasure in watching the life drain from the machine. The alchemical fluid ran to trickle before the beast proceeded on, and as Gāng Hóu fell to the earth a single drop of life blood dripped into the delicate voice-box, “OO OO EE OO...” All that the automaton could muster before it was finally crushed beneath the beast’s foot, and when it lifted, Gāng Hóu was little more than scrap and gears
  4. What is your name, hero-to-be? : Bodbmakos What is your age? : 33 What is your race? : Man Where do you reside? : Du Loc What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? : Might and Steel What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? : A powerful and expressive person, unbound by the mental chains feebly forced upon them by those who would break their hero spirit.
  5. MC Name: PrivetTovarisch Discord: Nick#5841 Image: Description of Image: A poster recovered from a dilapidated nursery in Yong Ping, a Hei-Zhu expressing that there's no need to be upset Dimensions: 1x1
  6. What in the **** would compel you to compare this to the Holocaust? @Lojo613
  7. MC Name: PrivetTovarisch Discord: Nick#5841 Image: Description of Image: A piece of automaton art titled 'Best Construct Friends' : Lector Evaristus and Unit AP-E giving each other a thumbs up in front of a reconstructed Nu-Nu-Loc Dimensions: 1x1
  8. The automaton detects the missive upon the decayed board of Yong Ping, immediately writing his own document in perfectly straight handwriting, leaving it beside the Hou-Zi's letter. "Ni hao Jian ; this unit's PRIME-DIRECTIVE is to gather the lost knowledge and culture of the HOU-ZI ; detecting lack of living BROTHERs this unit is JOYED to find this flier ; consider making contact with this unit : [UNIT] AP-E"
  9. MC Name: PrivetTovarisch Discord: Nick#5841 Image: Description of Image: A high Goblin wearing a gorget adorned with bone spikes and a hood, surrounded by elemental runes upon a torn purple banner. Dimensions: 1 wide 1 high
  10. High Goblinism “Kul-gâdhûmûrz kul-tiirûrz.” “To be foul is to be righteous” At the epoch of Pestilence, a diseased and wretched scaddernak stalked the cavernous depths of Vailor, tended to for centuries by loyal Goblin followers. This apocryphal beast, Gâdhm’Fiz, tainted from birth with the touch of Orgon, the only of it’s brood to survive, bore the first and the last strain of his plague. As the newly hallowed Ailfather, Kinul sought to bless this corrupted creature, a parasite miraculously taking form within the scaddernak’s guts; upon the passing of seven years, it spat a gray paste with the form of a Goblin, one destined to be Khlaar-Kinul. Decades passed with the Goblin knowing little of his nature, wandering aimlessly on a multitude of paths, though never far from fate. Ignorant until the destined moment was upon him, suffocating in a barrel of Guzzoline, a voice bellowed from within: “Son of pestilence, feel no sorrow, hear my benevolence, limp to morrow; skin bubbling oil, black as night, lead troubling toil, prove your right.” The deal was struck, the Goblin’s soul became as scarred as his flesh, permanently twisted by the influence of the Ailfather. His wretched path was made clear, of which he pursued with the utmost zeal, quickly advancing his knowledge in Shamanic rites with the Gâdu wisdom of his teacher, Krothuul’Ram. This prophesied Yeller, wrought upon the world bearing the name Gâdhm, meaning be ugly, be nasty, be foul, embodies this as the highest principle. System of Belief “Gâmumizubu, gaakh burizizhu shum.” “Our illness, may it burden us greatly.” Among Goblins it’s common to see highly intelligent tinkerers, craftsmen, inventors of some renown; this is simply one side of the Goblinic spectrum, labeled as ‘Low Goblins’ by their deplorable cousins. High Goblins, those who dedicate themselves to the tenets of Kinul, thrive as vermin compared to the rest of Orcish society, pledging their life to filth and wretchedness. Through this covenant they personify the Ailfather himself, each layer of dirt a shield, every ailment a medal, carrying his blessing wherever they may fester. Deep beneath the earth, obscured from the oppressive light of the sun, High Goblin’s dwell among the caverns and sewers of Almaris, the most ‘high’ at the dankest depths, their stockpile of refuse unnoticed by the wary eyes of descendants. Likewise protected from all manners of hostile fauna and flora, these Goblins form their own eco-systems within each hovel, a niche which they may dominate despite their decrepit stature. Rapidly developing beyond basic survival, all manners of animals and fungi are bent to their Gobbish will, domesticating the colossal insects and vermin rarely seen by surface-dwellers. Despite this mastery of their environment, High Goblins rarely bother with the tedious process of creating their own tools and weapons. Finding greater fulfillment in reusing and repairing items tossed aside by others, perceiving the worn and broken objects as living beings with their own insightful stories and tales. They find immense pride in the use of skeletal remains, their religious artifacts mainly consist of bone, this is however the opposite for metals, preferring to leave such reflective materials embedded in the walls of their caverns. Iron is left to rust, copper to tarnish, representing blood, its purity, but also its vulnerability. The most devout of these cretinous Goblins artificially weaken themselves in some fashion, whether it be a lame appendage, sporting helmets adorned with horns, or dousing themselves in flammable oil; it is all considered honorable amongst their kind, the purpose only to ludicrously prove the dishonor of their enemy, if they’re desperate enough to use such a thing against them. Though they’re not reckless, these weaknesses are often supplemented by giant fauna or companions, much too cautious to do battle alone, especially when outnumbered. Goblinic Pantheon “Ufurnar bûf, tugûr larg lat durbûrz” “Fear not failure, for it will only make you stronger.” Kinul - Greater Spirit of Disease, Pestilence, and Failure Appears as a wailing man with limbs constantly growing then falling off due to necrosis. Gâdkrank | The Ailfather - After the defeat of Orgon at the hands of mortal champions, a power vacuum within the spirit realm quickly became apparent as spirits of all natures battled for the remains of Orgonic spiritual energy; the realm of disease shattered completely, leaving room for one spirit to conquer the seat of Pestilence. Kinul, previously a lesser spirit of necrosis, dueled what remained of Orgon’s power within his own realm, honorably transcending to the form of Greater. Upon his ascent, Kinul was all too aware of the lingering anxiety brought about by the plague, biding his time, he fully committed to reorganizing the fractured realm. Seeking allies among lessers and greaters alike, securing the loyalty of Krap and a sordid alliance with Gazigash, solidifying his hold upon the title of greater. With the Blood Mother as his bride, Kinul moved to return disease to the land, inklings of his influence, dribbled throughout the mortal plane. Krap - Lesser Spirit of Garbage, Refuse, and Vermin Appears as a grim faced rat upon a throne of trash, a shadow obscuring his form. Dalgumgoth | Debris Marquis - Fixating upon what descendants could not help but spread, measly colds, coughs, but by large waste; Kinul fostered Krap as harbinger, a principled champion of the natural dregs of the mortal plane, he inspires the lowest of ‘beings’ to the heights of the Ailfather. Through garbage his pestilent influence spread with ease, festering within the sodden streets, Krap thrived. Gazigash - Greater Spirit of Blood, Bones, and Flesh Appears as a woman made of blood adorned with bone jewelry. Grishkranklob | The Blood Mother - For eons Gazigash’s daughters have been struck by the disease, incapable of escaping the natural illnesses descendants suffer, through these unsavory relations the Blood Mother fell for Kinul. If not for his honor, a trait rarely observed in spirits, a desire for an ally beyond the Naakh-za-Barash, only just tolerating her subjugation at the hands of Leyd. High Goblins, commonly covered in pimples and festering wounds to a lesser extent, believe pus to be an expression of their relationship. Throqugrizh - Lesser Spirit of the Heartbeat and Blood Flow Appears as a gray-skinned Hobgoblin with elongated teeth and claws, adorned in bone jewelry and wearing a mask across the upper half of their face. Grishakrug Lûb | The Leech Daughter - Believed to be the first issue of Kinul and Gazigash, High Goblins are hesitant to explain the true nature of this, beyond the simple truth of familial relation. Though some insight could be construed from the fact that healthy blood flow prevents potential disease and illness, conversely, poor blood flow leads to these. Scorthuz - Greater Spirit of Cleansing, Purity, and Purging Appears as a watery mass that takes many forms Bûthûrz Bagronk | The Pools of Fair-mind - Not explicitly worshiped, though High Goblins have a strong sense of cultural purity, however antithetical it may be to the conventional concept. Acting as a mediator between the two factions within the greater pantheon, supposedly disrupting tensions escalating towards spirit war on multiple occasions. Favoring the idea of Goblinic castes, Scorthuz merely tolerates the High Goblin’s existence, however would jump at the opportunity to purge them from the mortal realm. Freygoth - Greater Spirit of the Wild, Animal Instinct, and Beasts Appears as any natural creature. Skessagith | The Emerald Despot - A great oppressor, consuming the surface world with her verdant tendrils, commanding agents of the wild to assault the cavern homes of mere Goblins. Gripping the minds of descendants with overgrown mantras, ‘Do not litter; leave no trace!’, the words of a people who the High Goblins believe will not be remembered. There is little to none of Freygoth’s faithful among them, preferring a variety of her lessers. Naztkrank - Lesser Spirit of Scaddernaks Appears as a ginormous scaddernak guarding over a multitude of smaller scaddernaks in an endless desert. Nauthrakûrz | The Endbringer - A lesser patron of the High Goblin pantheon, believing his kin, the foul and pestilent scaddernak, Gâdhm’Fiz, to be an ancestral spirit of great notoriety. A prophecy known by all High Goblins is the soon return of this dreadful beast, to wreak havoc upon Freygoth’s domain by the will of it’s father, the Endbringer. Certainly not the end of the world, but the one to bring an end to this viridescent age, precipitating one of deserts and badlands. Akezo - Greater Spirit of Health, Vitality, and Healing Appears as a winged serpent surrounded by a blue aura. Nûtdarûk | The Miserable Wyrm - The sapphire serpent, feared and despised by all High Goblins, due to his aromatic miasma and healthful guise. Like Freygoth, the worm binds the vast majority of descendants to a creed, one of vigor and strong constitution, denying the burden of the Ailfather’s blessings. To worship him is to be a snake yourself, rearing your head to strike at the hearts of Kinul’s children, anathema to High Goblin kind.
  11. Spirit Sigils “These same elemental symbols are understood by runesmiths and golemancers to evoke similar meanings, or by shamanic elementalists hoping to envision or call upon elemental spirits as well as immortals that represent fundamental concepts.”[1] Current Lore: “Sigil: A small rune that a Spirit may offer to a worshiper, to carve into a shrine. These can be put onto signs, and typically make a shape from lines and curves.”[2] “Greater Spirits reward mortal followers with the sight of their sigil, only after clear success within Spirit trails or within the realm during an encounter.”[2] “Needy and eager to appease for power, Lesser Spirits readily give out visions of their sigil to visitors.”[2] Amendment: Sigil: An elemental symbol(s) that a Spirit may offer to a worshiper after extensive worship or special covenants, capable of absorbing and expelling spiritual energy, allowing a form of limited communication between Shaman and Spirit through this exchange. Greater Spirits may reward especially reverent followers with the knowledge and power of their sigil, representing a significant pact between shaman and spirit after extensive worship and clear success within Spiritual trials. Needy and eager for power, Lesser Spirits readily give out their sigil to worshipers; similar to the nature of spirits, these sigils grow less and less refined as their source becomes more specific, with consequently magnitudes of power below the strength of Greaters. Sigils As there is a Spirit for every concept, there are a series of Elemental symbols to describe their essence; Spirits may bestow these to followers of significance, occasionally branding the sigil upon their Shamanic followers, as clear evidence of their reverence. As trophies demonstrating their allegiance, the follower must remain within the tenets of the particular spirit, and doing something antithetical to their beliefs may result in being disconnected from the Sigil, brands potentially being painfully ripped from the skin. Upon replication, the sigils grant the ability to commune with said Spirit, although limited to expressions of emotion felt empathically by the pacted Shaman. These sigils may also ‘alert’ the follower to the presence of spiritual energy, whether it be from a specific person, artifact, or the environment. As elemental symbols charged spiritually they have the potential to discharge this energy within a small range, the effect corresponding to the domain the sigil originates from. Red Lines Learning the Sigil of a Spirit does not grant you any further knowledge of Elemental symbols, the meaning of individual runes making up the sigils will still have to be learned through other means of roleplay. To use the empathic abilities granted by Sigils, the follower must be a Shaman with sufficient spiritual knowledge in order to fully grasp the symbol’s influence. [Tier 3 in any Shamanistic Magic] The Sigil only ‘alerts’ the follower to something within their line of sight, and does not provide any information beyond the presence of shamanic influence. The effect of the spiritual discharge is limited to a 5 block radius (Tier 1 range) around the sigil, producing intense physical and mental feelings and visions correlating to a specific spirit while within its range (i.e. exhaustion and dehydration, an expansive desert within a desert spirit’s sigil). When imprinted upon the body or a handheld object the effect is purely aesthetical. All effects serve non-combative purposes, and the bodily effects produced by the Sigils may be overcome by willpower or simply stepping out of the range. To charge a sigil, a tier three shaman pacted with the spirit or an adherent of the spirit must touch the sigil or surround it with the aspects of its nature. A three emote ritual of professing belief/reverence, or physical acts of worship allow for its energy to be refilled. Ancestral Spirits of all varieties are able to offer their sigil as well. This power bestowed to them would allow for three emotes of a memory within their life to be displayed to those present. A lutauman would be able to gain their sigil through a spirit walk and talking with said Ancestral, while a haruspex would be able to divine such through 20 Charges at their Threshing Inkwell, and roleplay of memorizing and drawing the symbol. Purpose: In the past Spirits had true names or concepts similar, however in the current edition of Spirit lore they are without this; Spirit Sigils in their current form are basically simple pictures, without any visible relation to the Material Alphabet that is already prevalent in other lore. With this simple amendment it connects them, or clarifies that they’re related, also providing all shaman magics with a minor buff to spells and aesthetics. Credit and Thanks Panashea Haesvir References: [1] https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184582-%E2%9C%93-world-lore-the-material-alphabet [2] https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192906-%E2%9C%93-deity-lore-the-spirits/
  12. The rest is truth but we already do this, you can make just about any spirit you want pertaining to whatever niche cult idea you've got imagined up, they're purely conceptual and can have as much depth as you could possibly want. I've made/helped make four new spirits in the past couple months, it's a [Lore Accepted] deity that can progress depending how much worship you gather for it, any new faction forming can immediately create one to suit their needs or beliefs without lore team oversight.
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