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  1. make all mina physical items. think about it.
  2. 1.9 pvp actively makes battles worse, lasting far longer in warclaims and bigger battles causing cancer tornadoes where 30 minute fights occur with people just ducking in and out to eat food only to regenerate all their health in the lag. most people who shill for 1.9 have spent hours practicing so they aren't missing and wasting literal seconds in a fight, whereas noobs will more than likely hit less than 50% of their clicks and just die. 1.8 pvp makes literally every aspect of pvp more accessible and enjoyable.
  3. His origins from beyond time and the stars, ‘the Raven’ is an ancient creature associated with songs, heroes, omens, life, death, and immortality. Belonging to the mythology of various cultures he is known in Sprækjom as ‘Bodbardo’, in Waldenian as ‘der Rabenskalde’, in New Marian as ‘Raweni Caesoenir’, and as ‘Wuhhungoi’ by the Scydrians. A common theme among these peoples are a series of ballads describing the legends of warrior heroes, of whom committed great deeds in order to live beyond their natural lifespan through these songs passed down by generations, often attributed to skalds who claim they’re granted poetic frenzies by the Raven. He is a paragon amongst his kind, not only in the matter of size, he is capable of communicating in the languages of descendants with ease, although with the caveat of only speaking in rhymes. If one happens to come upon the Raven it is said he will offer an omen, occasionally accompanied by guidance to conquer the events to come. Described as a giant, pitch black raven, who’s wings stretch the length of the sun, with great carbarum talons. The Raven may appear in a humanoid form, indicated by long blue robes thrown across his person, and the presence of milky white eyes, which are said to see heroes’ past, present, and future. The creature is apparently even capable of possessing those who dedicate themselves to his service, these ravenskalds, of whom he grants inklings of inspiration, bind themselves to a creed in order to learn the power of song. Each culture tells the myth of the Raven in various ways, however certain attributes remain the same; he is celebrated as the one who stole song from the Aengudaemons, giving it to descendants in the process, and praising them in exchange for great acts of valor. A Cingedoz ballad “I am the Raven of yore, hear my song of defiance, be not craven nor a bore, the end of man’s reliance, daemons hoarded wealth so vast, a secret long restricted, an arras of ancient past, of which your kin’s depicted, no tale of devils within, but those of bygone valor, so lofted my wings therein, songs of man I did gather, fluttering across the planes, giving unto all who dared, remember those heroes' names, with their legends to be shared.” A myth originating from the Scydrian tribes In those ancient times, when the deceiver's trick shattered Man, the death of their father, and the coming glaciers drove the first of the men from their golden city… Long was the dark which followed. For in that time, man dwelt as beast. Lost in the olden woods of that northern land, man dwelt alongside the noble reindeer, and in their mighty acts of bravery and sense of unity, the deer fought against wolves and bears and wyrms and gryphons. Men saw in them legends, but stuck was he, unable to share them. Unable to learn from them, nor the lessons taken from their struggles against the beasts. An observer from high in the trees above, looked down on the turmoil of the tribes of the earth and saw them ailing, by war and ruin, picked apart by predators. It was Raven who looked upon man and rampant stag, and he sung a song. It caught the ears of man and deers and when it was sung, the secret passed. Man and deer herded together. Growing stronger. Raven followed them close, inspiring the righteous, the power to shape man's means. It was their legends and their deeds, as allies and friends who shared song and myth, which led to the deer giving man his great sacrifice. Horn, bone, and sinew. With these, man built bows, and straight arrows. Driving the predators from that primeval forest. Man rose now, to take for himself, to tame the beasts of the land, and honor deer eternal, and reach to be higher in the sky. The Aenguls high in the sky scorned Raven for this act. For now he taught man how to be immortal. He gave them, in that song, ambition, and the drive, and means to see it through. Man built mounds on the steppe for their heroes, their songs sung louder than the Aenguls, their deeds shaped the world greater. He had made man like them, the song he had sung, the secrets meant only for them. They sought to punish raven, cursing him for his reckoning to come; and so he haunts the fields of battle. Watching the deeds of worthy Heros, to choose those who will fight and repay their gift, taken from the Aenguls.
  4. And so, the Raven began carving the name of Sir Milonir of Whitehall in to the annals of history, croaking what was only the first of songs in his name. "'pon the path of bravery, as Sir Milonir had oathed, to face foes unsavory, and to reap what they had sowed. They would not know victory, fiends who spoil liege's lass. Triumph passed with injury, clutching 'pon his bleeding mass. Warm embrace from the heavens, the soldier felt death so near, soon he stirred from the lessons, facing what provoked him fear. The hero rose from the grave, it was not his time to pass, for he knew he could not waive, the name Whitehall had to last."
  5. I believe we should whip staff members to actually work, or they should be removed.
  6. Considering atronachs are definitely more abuseable than golems it's not unreasonable to suggest such a thing, they are CA creatures so they should be given an ST approved item on acceptance (as other CAs, like darkstalkers, have items given to their creator upon acceptance), it's only one more process to go through so it should either be removed for golems or added on to atronachs. Also, isn't there an amendment for atronach eyes with this exact reasoning for it's purpose?
  7. malinor was ww2buffs pipe dream, it became nonexistent because him and twi got banned so there was no ooc overarching force to keep the celia'nor, elvenesse, and nor'asath together TLDR; the 'goats' got banned
  8. I hope this wasn't made with the purpose of grand fathering yourself or those in your clique in. . . .
  9. MC Name: HeroOfDuLoc Discord: Nick#5841 Image: Description of Image: Stylized Cingedoz Raven Dimensions: 1x1
  10. A goblin looks upon this missive, quirking a brow at the apparent eventual THIRD act, "Quit rep farming agh juz releaze da zkahin' hole ting."
  11. call it the elven curse of malding and it'll be perfect
  12. Brigodrenx, the travelling skald, inscribes a ballad upon the runestone. "O' the Lord of Reinmar, gracious with his bounty, the most merciful by far, to whom bleed his county, lowborns enact foul deeds, sending their tribe to splinters, enemies sowing bad seeds, not to survive coming winters, prospering upon Rivian plain, for union they yearn, the tribe of Reinmar remain, awaiting kins return."
  13. The Mineplenty clan, almost entirely absorbed by GREEDMANE, could only watch on in horror as their remaining family on the mortal plane was shot down, simply performing his duty as a devout follower of Grimdugan. Somewhere across the cosmos, a faint chanting could be heard, accompanied by the clanging of pickaxes. "Aruuuuuu! Aruuuuu!"
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