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  1. Privet


    ((Mayor for Life is a better title))
  2. Privet

    A Missive to Sun's Smile Hold

    Bogdan readies the streltsy, replacing their hoes and pitch forks with swords and maces.
  3. Privet

    7.0 Annoucement!

  4. Privet

    The Margraviate of Styria

    Ser Bogdan signs the Lorraine.
  5. Privet


    Bogdan, being the first to read the book, read it upsettingly, throwing the the book across the room to father Elwood as he finished it.
  6. Privet

    Haeseni People

    "High Pontiff Theodosius I was not of Haeseni birth, he was born in Krajia with his Malidakovich-kin." Said Gregor, aloud to himself.
  7. Privet

    Kebab-Cossack Alliance

    Hetman Radoslav recalls cutting his palm in unison with Rex Puknaak'Lak, effectively signing the blood pact.
  8. Privet

    [✗] The Fall Of Laklul

    dang, my bad
  9. Privet

    [✗] The Fall Of Laklul

    Radoslav furrows his brow, hearing the rumors around the corners of Fort Stronk. "The Cossacks will stand by the Laks in this battle, da."
  10. Privet

    Unaffirmation of Wick Loyalty

    Radoslav, having studied the Art and Laws of Heraldry, frowns at House Wick's coat of arms. "This is garbage."
  11. Privet

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: PrivetTovarisch Discord Username: Yeah Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: Yeah How active are you?: Yeah IC Name: Radoslav Surname: Radomirovich Radovic Title: Hetman of the Czevian Band Liege Lord: Tributary to Prince Laszlo Ivanovich Gender: Male Date of Birth: Unsure Race: Human Subrace: Highlander Culture: Raevir PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'9 Weight: 180 Eye Color: Green Skin Color: Fair Hair Color: Black Markings: N/A PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Czevian Tower along the Czena river Occupation: Hetman of the Czevian Band CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Radoslav Radimirovich Radovic, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  12. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames PrivetTovarisch Ban Reason “Toxcity, general antagonstic behaviour, on the verge of cyberbullying. 1 month, with appeal. - GM Team.” Players Involved Privet By your own understanding, why are you banned? I had been saying some semi-toxic things to the U.S.A. side in the warzone, trying to have banter between opposing sides. I had continued doing so even after Corvoo had directed all toxic comments to cease. Though some of the dialogue was not directed towards the opposite side, it may have seemed it was at the time. The comments I had made about my home life were never meant to be about others, nor did I expect people to take offense from them. I admit it was over the top, but to me it was merely crude jokes about myself with very little truth to them, however funny it may or may not have been to anyone around me. Why should you be pardoned? - Most of the things I said weren’t towards others, mainly shitposts talking about myself. - I personally don’t believe that the warzone should be taken seriously, considering it is just an area to PvP. - I haven’t been banned in over a year, so I do not believe my past bans should be taken into account as much as they apparently have. Though that may be because I had quit the server for the time, I cannot deny that I haven’t changed over that period. - I have had numerous friends be personally targeted and insulted by people in the warzone through such things as PM’s who received no punishments after repeatedly doing so. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I am aware that some of the things I have stated previously in this ban appeal does not excuse my actions, but I will refrain from displaying any form of toxic behaviour in the future towards other people on the server. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Following the guidelines of the server helps to promote a healthy and enjoyable community, as I realise that they are in place in order to keep the fun and excitement of LOTC while keeping the community friendly and open to everyone. The community guidelines help maintain the servers stability to maintain a overall nice community, just like the rules of the server. Also helping promote that other players are human beings and not robots, they have feelings, they have emotions, everything, and for the best of the server, and to the people around you, it is important to maintain a nice attitude, because at the end of the day, this is a game, you are meant to have fun.
  13. Privet


  14. Privet

    The Adrian Proclamation of 1661

    Radoslav sheds a tear, wiping it from his face. He remembers the tales of his namesake, leading the charge in many of the battles during the Dukes War, maintaining Adrian dissent in exile from Oren, and assisting in the removal of the Savoyard dog from the Orenian throne.