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  1. "1453." Says me.
  2. This is still wrong. Sure they 'overextended' and conquered minorities, but that isn't how the Roman Empire fell.
  3. Literally isn't a copy of the Roman Empire. The Romans spoke Latin, had centurions, a overly complicated political system, did /not/ have a reigning monarch, and had military triumphs. Read **** before you talk ****.
  4. ((I think it was just the long amount of titles, but still, he's wrong. Haense, the Westerlands, and I'm pretty sure Lorraine still does this. It's not just some trend Oren did.))
  5. lmao
  6. "Pretty sure no Dom has ever did this." Says I.
  7. that costs money
  8. this isn't even a chapter
  9. "**** off." Says an old Dom clan member.
  10. "Pasnians are a cyst upon Axios." John of Felsen spits.
  11. "Who whatsit?" Says John of Felsen
  12. Boussy the Butcher hides his meats.
  13. Boussy the Butcher gives a thumbs up!
  14. Boussy the Butcher scratches his chin, "Well dang."
  15. Boussy the Butcher claps for the newly crowned king.