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  1. This is still wrong. Sure they 'overextended' and conquered minorities, but that isn't how the Roman Empire fell.
  2. Literally isn't a copy of the Roman Empire. The Romans spoke Latin, had centurions, a overly complicated political system, did /not/ have a reigning monarch, and had military triumphs. Read **** before you talk ****.
  3. "Pretty sure no Dom has ever did this." Says I.
  4. "Who whatsit?" Says John of Felsen
  5. Boussy the Butcher claps for the newly crowned king.
  6. I. Name John of Felsen II. Age 34 IIa. Date of Birth 1561 IIb. Place of Birth Felsen III. Race Human IIIa. Culture Crownlander IV. Martial Knowledge Experienced V. Profession Farmer OOC MC Name: aa Skype ID: aa
  7. sign!
  8. Boussy the butcher signs the lorraine.
  9. Aestershima 2.0

  10. this just in johannesburg has been blown up by blood mages, what could this possibly mean?

    1. KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      KiausT (The Alpha ****)

      Just because a woman is on her menstrual cycle doesn't make her a blood mage. Smh

  11. good stuff can't wait for more
  12. Player Report: N/A Minecraft Name: Fizldank, PrivetTovarisch, Doomkamon, JazzInMotion, JewishJew Rule Broken/Disputed: Severe Harassment Character Witnesses: Forums Event Details: Two months ago I had posted a ban appeal against Arkantos1279 because he had bombed /boby/ chat. When I had posted the screenshot of the chat it included a picture of his face because that was the picture of the chat, I hadn’t meant to post the picture on the forums, and when I was told I changed the screenshot to block out his face. Since then, I have recently apologized to Ark, and he and I have somewhat made up through him being re-added to /boby/ chat. I’m not sure if that’s just him being friendly to avoid conflict, but we haven’t had any disagreements since the ban. I would also like to apologize to staff for forcing you to spend your time on my ban and the situation around it.
  13. Once a constant threat to /boby/, now a powerful citizen. +1
  14. didn't say it worked well for the orcs who did want it either
  15. this i didn't agree with it, but hellfiazz tried to make it less of a clique and turn it into a magic that would be more open to everyone, which most of the orcs did not like obviously. now its in the shitter and you guys are trying to find a way to fix it