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  1. if we banned different races in roleplay there would be no need for racism
  2. You admit the spells are mostly useless. . . . Your mistake is that I'm criticizing femurlord directly (who I am friends with, you don't need to take offense for him), and not the Dark CA community in general. Once again, no actual response to the fact that these are supplements for frost witch rituals, which apparently are also useless according to Agy, except for healing, reviving, or for marts (which btw, is what I hear to be the main complaint of playing a frost witch, that it is difficult for frost witches to be revived because of a lack of frost witches). If all of these things are useless and a series frost witches have decided to leave the CA after a couple of weeks, either your filter for creating frost witches isn't strong enough, or people find playing in the CA tiresome or unenjoyable, which I would recommend a rewrite to the main magic rather than an addition.
  3. 1. The disabling of; manipulating and conjuring ice, summoning an ice sword, temporary mending, and helping in rituals, an understandable defect, but two of these can be easily supplemented by carrying a sword and alchemical remedies (which affect them normally), and since going below 3 warmth causes further defects, they may hesitate to even use these spells because they can be supplemented. 2. femurlord often walks around in a decrepit, smelling, old man disguise with sagging flesh, but if you immediately called him out as darkspawn you would likely be called a metagamer because there's no proof beyond him being a decrepit, smelling, old man with sagging flesh. Sure, your eyes glow, but if someone considered that horribly frostbitten person anything but a horribly frostbitten person, and tried to kill them, they would likely also be called a metagamer. 3. I don't think mental disabilities and self harm are much of a defect, which begin once they go below 3 Warmth, as most darkspawn roleplay the former already, and the latter a nuisance when they already need to steal the warmth of others (which can be considered a chore in itself). Utilizing 'Cold Touch' which while the same emotes as other Undead draining spells, can be considered stronger simply because the drained person forgets everything leading up to the interaction. I don't believe this generates roleplay beyond simple encounters where people are attacked and drained, leaving them to roleplay feeling cold and frostbitten, which they don't have to seek healing for, besides any injuries inflicted in the combat leading up to that. There is no mention that Jokul have to wait any amount of time to learn and cast spells between their connection/transformation, and it is not described how they learn their spells. There is nothing stopping a frost mother from doing as I described, connecting a Jokul, using them for Disperse, and disconnecting them. Also, forcing someone, if disconnected, to forget everything that happened while they were a Jokul? How is this meant to generate roleplay? I don't believe this piece is entirely necessary, even as a 'trial period', as most of these abilities can simply be supplemented by other things, and mainly serves as an avenue to complete frost witch rituals without the need of other frost witches, considering one frost mother would be able to make a total of FIVE Jokul.
  4. No cooldown or time required to be created? Instant disconnection of the jøkur if they refuse? This seems like an FA written purely to supplement the amount of Frost Witches required to conduct their rituals, more than a few of them requiring two or three witches to be together, and being able to instantly create 5 of these guys, they start with MAX warmth, they then can immediately use Disperse and take part in a ritual, this is basically a recipe to instantly conduct rituals and disconnect people after they've been useful, without having to deal with connecting and disconnecting frost witches who may potentially work against you. also. . . .. . . . . . . . froststalker. . . . EDIT: Also, there doesn't seem to be any actual effect caused by lacking Warmth, except for looking decrepit. For something that they would need and crave, this is very lacking mechanically, though I believe mana systems to be more bothersome than groundbreaking, anyways.
  5. Both of these are correct, pointed out by wowj, a large amount of ST material is just collecting dust. The list is from this thread, showing there is definitely a lot of material floating around, though it is never really seen except in the hands of a few groups.
  6. MC Name: HeroOfDuLoc Discord: Nick Image: Description of Image: An Oyashiman kamon, belonging to the Tanoshi clan in Sakuragakure, a stylized smiley face with kabuki makeup. Dimensions: 1x1
  7. will do amateur natal chart (astrology) reading for 100 minas

    message me  on here or in game @ HeroOfDuLoc for my discord, first come first serve

    only doing 5 readings

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      he good at dis. successfully predicted my psyche and im a skeptic



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  8. Da Yeller’s Decree A terribly joyous low goblin, strapped in a primitive leather flying contraption, gliding over a desert canyon. In his hand, a black envelope, upon it the repellent seal of the Khlaar-Kinul. “Son of pestilence, feel no sorrow, hear my benevolence, limp to morrow; skin bubbling oil, black as night, lead troubling toil, prove your right.” Half a century. . . That is all it takes for ash’s ‘bruddas’ to forget them. This is what I have earned for bringing those Uruks, supposedly of great pride agh honor, together to form a truly BUB’HOSH clan. Betrayal and dishonor, a bub’hosh wound to any true Uruk, for which I may honestly claim to be. To claim it was not I who gathered the Waghgoths of Izig, Ram, and Mog within the spirit realm, is to lie openly. Before the union of these spiritual clans, many wished for me to join their pitiful tribe, however I would have no part in any clan that was not of my own creation, that would not serve towards my goals. Little did these ‘goths’ know, mine were not aligned with theirs. I had long sensed an overwhelming ROT within Krugmar, even before I had awoken to the Gâdu wisdom. I observed for many years, this rot, seeping into the very fabric of Orcish society, and within my bruddas themselves. Tell me, was it not Krug who stood before Iblees, and banished him from this world alongside his bruddas? Yet stood before me were abominations, full of avarice and ambition, fallen to the forces of Evil. . . With none to stand against this growing tide of darkness, one had to be forced to stand at attention. With a careful guiding hand, I lead these Goths to unite, producing a clan of pure iniquity. These Kûkaals, truly emboldened by their sudden monopoly of power, sprang forth with wicked machinations, aligning themselves with the dark forces that be, a dozen times over. Not without opposition, for long before the creation of this clan, I had bestowed my knowledge upon a true cub of Krug. Pamphilos Hyptos, my only student, for I believed no other truly held the grukkage required to be a shaman of great prowess and honor. Long ago, I had a vision of a great, horrific scaddernak, wreaking havoc across the earth, destroying Freygoth’s realm and ushering forth an age of deserts and sands. In my own greed, I had fallen to literalism, in the hopes a scaddernak may return to our tribe once more. Only now have I realized that it was a vision of the return of a true Orcish culture, not one blinded by mojo and the power that comes with it; but that of strength, honor, courage, and brotherhood. At the head of this righteous force, Uruks who may truly claim to be the green blooded sons of Krug. Let it be known, it was not I who infected Krugmar with this plague, but it was I who caused it to swell to overwhelming proportions. I, who allowed it to run rampant across our society, so it may be witnessed, and ultimately vanquished at the hands of the pure. Let it be known, I tore out my own eyes, so I could no longer witness the corruption of my bruddas. Let it be known, I admonish my own creation, the clan of Akaal. Let it be known, I admonish my fellow founders, that of Izig, Ram, and Mog. Let it be known, I admonish the Kûkaals, who have only furthered the cause of their forebears. Let it be known, all that 'Drus' claims of the Akaal, is the truth. Skaathatch’Izig, blinded by his own inner flame, could not see past the words of dragons. Krothuul’Ram, deafened by his own words, refused to hear those of his distant clan members. Ixula’Mog, his own cause silenced, spoke of enslaving the spirits and Orcish Xionism. Borok’Mog, the worst of all, used everything within his power as Rex to further his ambition. - Gâdhm'Akaal, the Khlaar-Kinul The repellent seal of the Khlaar-Kinul.
  9. ur mistake is thinking this makes it underpowered and needs more spells, other magics are simply bloatmaxxed for bloaters, are you a bloater? you seem like a bloater.
  10. Kato Son Goku clashes his steel chimp fists together, "[EMOTICON] COLON THREE"
  11. A man shrouded in black clothing carefully approaches an Orkish Blahboard, obvious to all but himself as he tip-toed forward, applying a hefty layer of glue with a paint roller before carefully laying a poster against the wood. "At the behest of a request, I cannot rest." The man croaked. "BEWARE BURZMOJO, BEWARE BACKSTABBERS, BEWARE AKAAL"
  12. so I tell u the thing I'm gonna do and u remove the thing wtf bro, horrible rewrite, do not pass
  13. A man lay against the roots of an ancient oak, the mass of his soul gorged and plentiful since he and the man-maker first come face to face, with his last breath he uttered, "I am creator, and destroyer. . . ."
  14. make all mina physical items. think about it.
  15. 1.9 pvp actively makes battles worse, lasting far longer in warclaims and bigger battles causing cancer tornadoes where 30 minute fights occur with people just ducking in and out to eat food only to regenerate all their health in the lag. most people who shill for 1.9 have spent hours practicing so they aren't missing and wasting literal seconds in a fight, whereas noobs will more than likely hit less than 50% of their clicks and just die. 1.8 pvp makes literally every aspect of pvp more accessible and enjoyable.
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