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  1. "He speaks of incompetence but urges the defilement of a dead man, strange is it not?" The Countess-Consort of Enswerp queried, passing the missive over to her husband. @Sebbysc
  2. Alicia Alstion, wife to the Lord Chamberlain John Valentinus, scoffed at the false accusations brought upon her husband and brother-in-law. "They write to stir the pot, not for factual information." She murmured to herself.
  3. The Countess-Consort of Enswerp, Alicia Alstion, beamed as she read the missive. Looking over to her husband, a proud smile covered her visage. "Your hard work has finally paid-off." She stated with enthusiasm.
  4. Alicia Alstion smiled gleefully that the prayers of her sister were finally answered, "Motherhood is a wonderful blessing." She whispered to herself as she gazed towards her daughter.
  5. No words came from Alicia as she glanced at the lifeless body of the King. There were no words to be spoken. A shiver crawled down her spine as she thought 'He had just met his first grandchild, cheery and all.' She quickly went over to her husband, embracing him. Still nothing came from her mouth, she knew no words could comfort a loss so large.
  6. 9th of Owyn's Flame of 1979 — The Unity between the Houses of Alstion and Jazlowiecki has grown once more. This time a birth is coming between the two houses. His Royal Highness, Prince John Valentinus Alstion, and Her Royal Highness, Alicia Julia of Warsovia are proud to announce the birth of their firstborn. The daughter's name is Lorelei Mairi Alstion born during the crisp spring morning. The young child’s features are an exact copy of her mother but is blind in her right eye, just like her grandmother Her Apostolic Majesty, Amelya of Middelan. His Royal Highness, John Valentinus, Prince of Aaun Her Royal Highness, Alicia Julia of Warsovia
  7. Alicia Alstion smiles at the missive, "Surely I could meet some new friends." She nodded firmly with determination.
  8. Of 1977 The Unity between the Houses of Alstion and Jazlowiecki has grown due to the wedlock between the Lord & Lady of Alba. In inspiration of this growing relationship, a similar union that has been years in the making has come to fruition. His Royal Highness, Prince John Valentinus Alstion, and Her Ladyship, Alicja Julia of Jazlowiecki will be wed in holy matrimony upon the wildflower fields of Stassion. In a sign of unity, and defiance in the face of the enemy, the union will symbolize all that the Burgundyist host fought against. A simple ceremony will be hosted within the fields that witnessed the Siege of Fredericksburg. Afterwards, across the river, attendees will assist in planting flowers throughout sections of the countryside. This will also allow for those who remember the war to give their testimonies regarding the horrific fighting. ITINERARY The Wedding The ceremony will take place on the old lands of Stassion, commemorating the liberation and victory of the Grand Covenant over the Burgundyist Host. The Planting of Poppies After the official matrimony, guests shall gather to Enswerp for the planting of the poppies. Each will receive an already flowered poppy to plant in the designated area to mark the joyous occasion. Formal invitations are offered to the following: The Royal House of Alstion The Royal House of Temesch of the Petra The Comital House of Jazlowiecki NOBILITY OF THE PROVINCE OF AAUN Prince Johannes von Alstreim and the Principality of Merryweather Margrave Siegmund von Reuss and Margraviate of Velen Count Emilio Varoche and the County of Ves Baroness Olympe-Regina and the Barony of Rosius Baron Leon de Ardennes and the Barony of Gotfridcher The Royal City of Whitespire The Hamlet of Enswerp NOBILITY OF THE PROVINCE OF PETRA Duke Aurel von Theonus and the Duchy of Vohenhiem Count Wilford and Atticus Reinhold and the County of Anairgrid Count Freidrich von Augusten and the Count of Hohengarten Baron Aimo Astor and the Barony of Fir’steinn Baroness Katrin Stafyr and the Barony of Feldkirch The Free City of Chambery The Royal City of Vallagne ALLIES OF THE HEARTLANDS The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Kingdom of Balian The Principality of Reinmar PERSONAL INVITATIONS His Grace, Jean Bishop St. Godwin His Lordship, George Halcourt Her Ladyship, Catherine de Lewes Master Traders, Boon and Bane Captain Tiber of the Legion of Saint Godwin Mister Gregorious Roa of Pavia and his Family OOC: SATURDAY, MAY 18TH @ 12:00 PM EST His Royal Highness, John Valentinus, Prince of Aaun Her Ladyship, Alicja Julia Lady of House Jazlowiecki
  9. Alicja squirmed out of excitement, cheering for her sister. "I cannot wait for the wedding" She chimed.
  10. Alicja looked to her Uncle, "Now the mantle has been passed, may GOD continue to bless our House." She smiled, signing the Lorraine.
  11. Juliana Rosalind nodded her head as she read the missive, "I promise to do you proud Mother." She exclaimed whilst giving her mother a soft grin.
  12. Elvira de Vilain grinned seeing her name upon the list of heroes as she was just 5 years of age!
  13. Bianka looked down from the Seven Skies, "For my Death to not be in vain." She cried whilst cheering for her dear friend.
  14. Penned by Bianka Ophelia Jazloviecki, 6th of Owyn’s Flame, 1901 Throughout the many years of my familial turmoil, I have put forth myself to keep this house afloat. The waves crash against our family’s reputation as we sail on the open continent of Almaris and set foot in Petrine Land, creating a place of sanctuary for our bloodline. With the death of my father and mother, the leadership of the family had fallen to my oldest brother; however, nearly a year after he completely disappeared, the succession of the family went to my older sister. Very unfortunately, she had fallen ill during the winter cold of the same year, an illness not able to be cured with known medicine. Another many years passed while I played Lady Regent, praying my dear sister would regain her strength to guide our house but praying was never enough. In desperate need, I consulted with my sister, and we both have made a decision that I shall be the matriarch of House Jazloviecki and the succession line shall follow my branch of this family, being passed to my children, followed by my children’s children. With this conclusion, I wish for The Commonwealth of Petra to honor this arrangement if anyone were to question the legitimacy of my hold on the House of Jazloviecki. SIGNED, Lady Bianka Ophelia Jazloviecki, Matriarch of House Jazloviecki, Grand Chamberlain of River Court
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