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  1. i literally told rebecca to eat a **** in ooc but nathan is the one who gets banned for poor attitude 

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    2. Jaeden


      run gordon its the policeman

    3. HurferDurfer1


      tru guck sorry im not doing adult stuff like filing taxes and making sure I have enough fiber in my diet, diet, that thing you need to take


      download (31).png

    4. Gucko


      i dont eat anything lol !

  2. he will spit on those with blue fever I approve
  3. **** teegah its probably his fault give me spooky horse back

  4. Coltaine wanders with his pal Ranholf and co, the dead delivering death with macabre grace and skill.
  5. "Get the lazer beams time to hit them again." yells Coltaine
  6. Coltaine, realizing his error in fighting the Empire and helping Stauntons, resolves himself to aid this Horen in reclaiming his birthright.
  7. Coltaine keeps his eyes on the shadows behind the throne.
  8. so awesome its already in my sig
  9. within the hour
  10. the ritual needs people on to like, actually rp it tsuyose
  11. Coltaine saunters through the woods with his plodding companion Ranholf, mourning the lack of witty repartee from his stoic friend.
  12. "But we like to hold brawls and feed our ghouls with the the druids." says lichmin Coltaine
  13. ask ur mum where my phylactery is
  14. try it wet noodle
  15. help nemir into a shallow grave force nemir into the soulstream make nemir never wake up pk nemir longer then shes been whitelisted help ranholf demolish nemir @UnBaed
  16. Coltaine plucks one such poster with his thin weathered bone fingers, from a noticeboard. "I remember the days of my youth as the newly dead, quick to anger and violence, maybe if he dies enough times he'll gain some wisedom."
  17. Coltaine, widely known as "that lich that is better then the **** one Aphoros" sweats till he realizes he's not the one being mentioned.
  18. Woltaine, evil twin to Coltaine, signs in Coltaine's name.
  19. "Five hundred for the wyvern scale armor." Says a lich
  20. A certain guy notices a lack of court magery
  21. Admiral Casius Belli sails the seas seeking someone to impregnate his daughters.
  22. this changes nothing


  23. A broken old man sits in his leaking tenement room, covered in a layer of dust as he hadnt moved in some time, doing naught but listening to the world outside. Before too long here hears of the Pontiffs death, a thin hand clawing in anger, thinking to reduce that same rotting ghoul that served for no logical reason, to cinders, before relaxing his hand. "No, dont have the fight in me anymore... that rotten ***** will get whats coming one day."