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  1. "A pretty weak casus belli from the dwarf puppets." says pirate Casius Belli.
  2. my old cat Leer, the gray one that got stolen by my ******* ***** ex, and then the one i got now Meme she's dope
  3. force em together itll be GrEaT
  4. Ilkazar sprints through the trees chasing archers, before he beats a hasty retreat, quickly being pincushioned by arrows.
  5. "Aye how big and strong they are now that Mordring is gone, I rattle in fear! Wont keep the forsties out of their ******* beds though." says a lich
  6. I'm a big bad lich, I am the face of villainy Skype : thatonehurf
  7. name the boy squint and the girl wink
  8. huh
  9. there is no such thing as a tier four lich, we dont get stronger in time, they stay in one static state, its hard to tier creatures like that id think, as most dark or light creatures dont change, its the magic they may or may not use that is the deciding factor
  10. i dont consent to ur witcher rp
  11. I said it before, force everyone onto a tahn sized map maybe smaller, dont cater to small snowflake groups who think they deserve a niche in the water for there own.
  12. mardon is a dump
  13. Coltaine sways his feet as he sits on the top of an icy spar near the portal, watching the armies of the dead march in but not joining in, no he still had work to do in this world, him and the dreadknights.
  14. katy perry is my muse
  15. doesnt know the meaning of lore
  16. dont we already have the Marked Men???
  17. Coltaine uses the paper to wipe his bottom clean after a case of, the bum sprays.
  18. tentoa will achieve levels kebab never could

    1. UnBaed



  19. moana is a p good movie bagley
  20. mj's first char was a tavern dwelling wood elf

    1. Mj.


      yep, back when I was 14 and fat!

      Funny how times change 

  21. I dont consider banditry villian rp just pixel shilling, there are plenty of us who try and provide good villian rp win or lose
  22. Given Name: Coltaine Wick Years of Age: 183 Race: Most Frightful and of Pale Demeanor Lich of the Elder variety. Any professions, such as mining or smithing that could prove useful to the Legion: I enchant. Reason for interest: Im the best mage you got dont kid yourselves. -OOC- MC name: HurferDurfer Skype ID: thatonehurf
  23. "Since when do the dead recruit." says Lich Coltaine.
  24. fitting everyone on a tahn sized map. no special islands , would be great


  25. yes