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  1. "Wha" Says man of many myths Coltaine
  2. wow thats edgy pt 2
  3. "Hope the lad avoids god damn ******* elves, cant learn anything good from an elf." says the coolest wizard Coltaine
  4. how the mighty fall
  5. coltaine goes
  6. Ser Coltaine mourns in his empty manor.
  7. eddard stark dies guys 

    1. Gob



  8. "What the ****." says vewry famous lich from many myths and legends Coltaine de Wick
  9. im kinda a big deal around here, stick with me kid and ill keep the betas away

    1. Sansa Fangirl~

      Sansa Fangirl~

      haha thankzz <3

  10. rp nameplates arnt new we had them in athera before it broke, did it take three years to fix???

    1. Kinslayer


      they had to get the OG dev who made it to fix it because they dumb

    2. Evocress


      Tell me if the MyPet plugin is working yo

    3. piekiller


      Damn son

  11. when will the devs do something usefull

    1. joey calabreeni
    2. Chorale_


      When will the community stop whining about how hard these unpaid dev's try to do good things to keep us entertained on Mineman? Literally, some of them probably slaved over this for hours and you're going to sit here and complain about it. Be mature.

    3. HurferDurfer1


      You bet your bitter ass im going to complain, dont come up in here with that ******* high horse chorle you sure are a real hero

  12. "Think of a lake made of the stuff hm." says a lich with a penchant for entering places he isnt allowed.
  13. o
  14. "Am i the only guy that remembers Embermoor?" says an entrepreneurial Lich.
  15. the straights finally have a voice 

    1. Hero_


      it's been too long

  16. magic rp is gay lol
  17. He.

    dont like this song unsubbed
  18. Coltaine tends to his various businesses in the North, squinting at people in the streets while he rests his bone club on his shoulder. A man on his way to the top no matter the cost.
  19. COltaine hides all incriminating evidence
  20. a lich forgets what sleep is
  21. Full Name: coltaine de wick of house wick of the family wick of the line of wick Age: rude to ask Residence: the north Prior Experience: true king of vandoria
  22. *mourns Stelgan

  23. lichman continues to not sleep for decades
  24. Does tis mean anything for us liches made the old fashion way?
  25. Only ever had good experiences with you in rp, you always did a good job dude, wish i coulda called ya friend.