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  1. why do the fen have armada when there is actually just two of them

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    2. DPM


      why do they have nation status is a better question

    3. iMattyz


      Overcompensation springs to mind

    4. Narthok


      Snelf city is the largest I've ever seen

  2. End of Map Warzone

    Use cav or any other mount praise be i can use tyrone without someone crying
  3. Blood and Ashes

    The muted thump and flash of magery peal down the alley ways and streets of the Krag, Coltaine, arms laden with pilfered belongs sprints out of another building whooping and hollering as it bursts into argent flames behind him, he would jog on to the next house, whistling Wickishly as he commits arson.
  4. Mordskov; Conjunction of Worlds

    someone has been playing too much witcher and watching too much stranger things
  5. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    its **** either way, pvpers want to pvp, cause they know they have a high chance to win vice versa rpers will want to rp. cause they believe they have a higher chance to win in that regard. i believe both have there place, if they go back to pvp default they should also wipe all magic and creatures cause that **** will be pointless when it all ends with who has better gear and who can ******* strafe
  6. @devvy albino is a race and a way of life

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    2. devvy


      you're the stupid one who tried to tell me i didnt reply to ur status update when I DIDD

    3. HurferDurfer1
    4. devvy
  7. [Earth Evocation][MA] Boknice275

    Race traitor
  8. Let the Craven eat Crow

    "Hey tell me how Courland is doing these days." says wickman the strong
  9. A New Beginning

    "I know losing a battle is bad for moral but yikes I didnt think they would tear themselves apart." ponders Coltaine Wick
  10. The Battle o' Rochdale

    Coltaine begins a long night of digging, burying the enemy dead in unmarked graves throughout the woods, "I wonder if that Red God can claim em if they are under a foot of dirt." he remarks idly, dragging his battered and dirt smeared corpse back to camp.
  11. A mind at peace

    "Good, **** those thieving Baruchs, let am all rot, thinking they can march onto my land, change a flag, and call themselves ******* heros and liberators." Says a disgruntled Wick, a victim of Baruch greed.
  12. A Boon of Bastion

    "Aint afeared of the 3 high elves that make up the silver state, wizard types dont fight wars." Says Soldier of GOD Jib Bole.
  13. The Dead Returned

    An unnamed visitor to the good holy men of Rhodesia mourns his misfortune at having arrived to the city at such a poor time , taking a near fatal blow in the skirmish that followed though he wasn't a Lucienist, he counted himself lucky to leave the place and go home to his god fearing wife and kids.
  14. "Not so, I left when people cried enough about me entering a very open and poorly secured prison. And i foiled a plot the evil Santegians hatched as they tried to lock me in sky prison, to no avail."
  15. "Ya what he said." mimes Coltaine on the mindwave.
  16. A Condemnation of the Order of St. Lucien

    Holy Warrior Jib Bole prays to the one and only GOD so his blad may swing true, and that he may avenge is brother Amby against the foul sand eating Santegians.
  17. santegia has some salvus tier rp

    Edited by HurferDurfer1
    1. cuckio


      Salvus was one of a kind.

    2. HurferDurfer1


      not the good salvus, the BAD salvus


  18. Name: ((MCname)):HurferDurfer ((Discord ID, this can be PMed to me alternatively)): HurferDurfer Age: 242 Are you an Elf? If not you will be considered a "Guest Sword": Elf What skill do you possess in martial combat?: Swordsman, used to hunting beasts. The Code of Elberu'cinhir is essential to understanding the role and responsibility of a Restrained. Have you read and familiarized yourself with them?: Surely
  19. Upon Silver, Flames Rain

    Iparth the elf, returns to society from his long journey to join Kairn.
  20. "Lets get to the epilogue already, I want this book to END!" Says slitherer Wick
  21. A Warlord in the Desert

    Clanless Koltaine Orcson cheers mightily
  22. its an ama except you can actually call me on my phone

    pls dont forward my number to an indian call center
  23. Cast Your Character

    gene wilder of course
  24. im a Keintanian loyalist

  25. too many furries here we need to gas them ASAP