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  1. A Totally Pointless Wedding

    "yes you are" says wick
  2. [Kloning] [SA] Ser Lion

    heavens forbid you have to actually read this quality post, delmodump
  3. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "Wont fool me a seventh time." says sage old Coltaine Wick of the family Wick of the Clan Wick of the Lineage of Wick of the Ancestry of Wick of Line of Wick of the , King of the Wicklands, Lord of Wickoria, descendant of the fifth brother Wick. And true owner of the Axis.
  4. Fury_Fire Player Report

    hey i enjoy this
  5. [Bounty] Unsavory Folk [Easy]

    bet its ur mommy
  6. "But wait, i was in Acerbus when it was around AND im Xionist, what a ******* fraud." Coltaine would write in his super duper secret diary he hides under his pillow.
  7. [Arcanism] [SA] Skylez1

  8. Calling of a Clansmoot

    Hurf Ironabs lord of the Ironabs clan makes plans to appear
  9. -= Cloaked Figures. =-

    slayer of jackie felsen many of many more myths and legends and all the tales , cooltaine, bides his time
  10. Dread Knight CA RocketHaul

    yaw yeet
  11. [Accepted] Devvy's FM App

  12. supposed to start twenty minutes ago, and it lags, ur a retard teegah


  13. Xionist evil many of many stories and tales, Coltaine Wick smirks, knowing Josef had absolved him of all his sins.
  14. Techlock and weaponry

    write gun lore ill write gunmancy lore. your move boy
  15. [MA] Arcanism

    MC Name: HurferDurfer Character's Name: Coltaine Character's Age: 200 Character's Race: Lich What magic(s) will you be learning?: Arcanism Teacher's MC Name: AlFalah Teacher's RP Name: Rynch Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Ya, Fire Evocation Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, Link it. nope
  16. [Voidal] [MA] Applewick

    we need luv
  17. [MA] [Earth Evo] Zekt'ira

  18. ~Defensive pact between Norland and Santegia~

    "I know what that means." says Coltaine winking
  19. Local Magus In Your Area

    "Human Mage **** ya." says man of many fables Lick Wick
  20. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, c. 1630

    "Jorenstadt is actually called Leifgaard, thats what it built as, **** the Baruchs for taking Wick land and saying they are heros for it." Says Mr Wick
  21. warzome  has more lag then a normal warclaim

    1. EternalSaturn


      idk, but I heard I have to repay debts even though i have no money 

  22. The Fall of Elvira

    "I aint gonna believe it till a mystic can tells me her soul rots." Says Coltaine.
  23. On The Voidal Mage: Strength and their Connection

    I support this biased man.