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  1. I’m finally as old as I said I was when I applied.

  2. I really enjoy rping on this rp server where rp takes place.

  3. _Mason_

    Who do you look up to?

  4. Full Name: Mason Peugeot City of Residency: Carolustadt Year of Birth: 1664~ Address: Carolus Lane 2b
  5. _Mason_

    Apparently, I need to chat more... (AMA)

    Favorite kind of sandwich?
  6. _Mason_

    [Pending]Cooliomafia's Lore Moderator Application

    Quite chill and knows his magics. But he asks me to play League too much. +1
  7. You are amazing.

    1. _Mason_


      We all have our opinions

  8. _Mason_


    Full Name: Mason Peugeot Year of Birth: 1664 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt ((MC name: MyNameIsMason))
  9. _Mason_

    Maybe free character art???

    Just a simple, young, human man named Mason Peugeot. He has dark brown / black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and he usually wears peasant-like clothes. Here's the mc skin https://imgur.com/a/tMRYfqR Good luck with your project!
  10. _Mason_

    [✗] The Origins of Lyes, Spirit of Dreams

    Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom
  11. _Mason_

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Trickin

    Really quiet, but I suppose that allows her to focus on rp and possibly events more! +1
  12. _Mason_

    [Denied] Lock's FM Application

    He says he will drive me to school. +1