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  1. Draw Katari (My char not the other ones)
  2. Are you a lawyer yet?
  3. When do I get to make an AMA? How do I be a main character? (Not that you are, I just figure you may have good advice) Do you like my name? If you eat chipotle, what do you normally get? Why is @Lackless_ so toxic at times?
  4. NAME: Paul IGN: MyNameIsMason WHERE YOU HAIL FROM: Savinia
  5. _Mason_

    Kayah's Tailory

    Name (IGN): MyNameIsMason Discord: MyNameIsMason#7867 Request Information: (Full outfit) Maroon suit, white gloves, black boots, if you have any questions you can pm me
  6. Territories Plugin when?
  7. I may have to punch the next person I see who emotes their character’s thoughts

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    2. _Mason_


      I’m going to eat your pie @Ducklingator

    3. Ducklingator


      please i have so much to live for

    4. _Mason_


      sorry bucko, your free trial to life has expired (I’m not suppsoed to tell you this, but just make a fake email, we’re one of the few universes left that don’t verify emails ? )

  8. _Mason_


    Hola, nice to meet you Ofrider, we talked a tiny bit earlier. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. I’m finally as old as I said I was when I applied.

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