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  1. Not sure how well it would actually work, but it sounds good in theory. +1
  2. A Passing of The Torch

    Smano still doesn't understand what exactly the job of a Grand Steward is.
  3. Lock's FM Application

    He says he will drive me to school. +1
  4. Beardmancy

    Understandable +1
  5. or we continue on with this stuff, but Gazardiael goes around and PKs every character and LoTC starts over, gg ez.
  6. Forum Suggestion

    Yeah I don't need to be reminded that I spent money on a minecraft server twice.
  7. Practice Art Shop

    10th reserve or something like that, sorry. Stuff about ur char: 6'4" 163lbs quite lean. Race: Elf Gender: Male Skintone/hair/eye color: Slightly tan, silky white/silver hair, with pale blue eyes. Clothes: Maroon colored robes with a gray scarf, black trousers, and one brown boot on his right foot. Pose: Surprise me! Bust/Full Body?: Full body Misc stuff about them: His left leg shouldn't be covered by trousers or a boot because it is a golem leg. He has earth evocation so if you want to include that you can. Minecraft skin:
  8. Admin Promotion

    Congratz Wrynn, and good luck.
  9. [Denied] Violino's [Re-ET Actor] Application

    I've seen Violino rp like once in Vailor, and I can't remember what happened tbh, so I'm neutral.
  10. [✗] The Kuo-Toa [Fish People]

    The sub-races reminded me of the orcs and their subraces with the average, smaller and smarter, and then the larger and usually not as smart. It also seems in my opinion that there are more buffs than debuffs, so however you want to interpret that. Also with the other fish-like race that is et only, I highly doubt this will get accepted, but good luck either way and I do like the concept of a playable underwater race, though that could take rp away and right now people are already angered about how much rp is spread out. Good luck.