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  1. Hotdog on roof. 396
  2. Hotdog on roof
  3. Birthhappy day Smile on the moon when the taco eats the noodles in my room?
  4. 10th reserve or something like that, sorry. Stuff about ur char: 6'4" 163lbs quite lean. Race: Elf Gender: Male Skintone/hair/eye color: Slightly tan, silky white/silver hair, with pale blue eyes. Clothes: Maroon colored robes with a gray scarf, black trousers, and one brown boot on his right foot. Pose: Surprise me! Bust/Full Body?: Full body Misc stuff about them: His left leg shouldn't be covered by trousers or a boot because it is a golem leg. He has earth evocation so if you want to include that you can. Minecraft skin: http://imgur.com/a/gEUVd
  5. Missing my son's baseball games.
  6. My name is Mason.

    1. The Cheshire Neko

      The Cheshire Neko

      no its Pedro

    2. Archipelego


      me too actually

  7. I'm always horrible at comforting people along with saying goodbyes so I'll keep it short, Bye bye! and get well soon?
  8. Then how do we know you're not lying?
  9. Congratz Wrynn, and good luck.
  10. I like this idea.
  11. I've seen Violino rp like once in Vailor, and I can't remember what happened tbh, so I'm neutral.
  12. BOO

    Coolio says you're a cool kid or something along those lines. Hi