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  1. I clicked on all of them to play at the same time, I'm not sure what I expected.
  2. Be my dad irl, thanks.
  3. Yes, preach!
  4. hype
  5. 1. Human that always wears armor, because they're too insecure to show them self. 2. Halfling that thinks they're possessed and speaks jibberish and has a broken leg so they glue a shovel to their leg. 3. Farfolk that owns white slaves to work their carrot and potato farm in a snow biome.
  6. 4.7390572894/10, small and no fox. . .
  7. +1
  8. Katari https://gyazo.com/ef6498bc494a76e90644c62a80e6f36a
  9. How much sexual intercourse have you had with @Cooliomafia? Do you remember me? Why does nobody know who I am? What is my name? Can you adopt me? How old am I? Opinion of me? and finally do you like tacos?
  10. Sky said he doesn't know who I am, and that has offended me quite severely, I now have to start going to therapy sessions and rehab for the second time. Thank you for your time. (Ang plz don't read this, because you scare me.)
  11. Much gud rp, very ready, gud luk Coolio +1
  12. Favorite show? Favorite type of sandwich? Happy Birthday? How old am I? Are you my dad? What do you think of me???
  13. https://gyazo.com/ff5fcfb7aa0e2bc448895cbc7c0fd1cc Me in a tree. REEEEEEEEEE
  14. INFP-A for me.