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  1. Thekmim

    [Denied] [Actor] Spiffytaylor's Et Application

    +1 Think he would be a great addition to the team, pretty experienced in my opinion.
  2. Thekmim

    The Scions

    ((OOC)) MC Name: Thekmim Skype: thekmim Timezone: EST IC Name: David Enrique Race: Adunian Nation Allegiance (Only if you are a political member, this does not count citizenship): None Age: 24 Can you fight?: Extremely skilled in hand to hand combat, with weaponry and without! Do you know magic?: No. Would you do work (Nexus professions) for the Scions?: Yes.
  3. Thekmim

    Storm-Sword's Mercenary Company

    IGN: Thekmim RP Name: David (Enrique) Do you hold any prior faction alignment: No. Are you willing to dedicate your life to the Storm-sword: Yes. Do you understand desertion or breaking your contract mean's execution: Yes. Skype: Thekmim
  4. Thekmim

    [Revamped] The Salvian Peacekeepers

    Accepted. Welcome to the peacekeepers.