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  1. haven’t been too into the server lately but Abresi rp with you and the boys was peak. I’m pretty **** at keeping in contact with people as you know, but I hope all’s well and that you keep doin big tings brother.
  2. you actually make me so mad why are you this way
  3. Mcname : Kanadensare, minaeordie UUID : c4fee194-1efe-4901-8307-84b1f4009f7e, 2c07c436-abe6-49f2-a344-64422f7942d5 Reason for blacklist : Poor villainy roleplay; repeated violation of the halt rules when partaking in road banditry. Conditions of Blacklist : In effect immediately, ends on December 1st , no appeal required.
  4. stay hydrated my friends.

  5. Caleb and Nott are the dynamic duo. I love them both equally.
  6. CRITICAL ROLE! Really good stuff, always glad to see new art on the forums.
  7. proud. can i have some art gab? it would really help me out. it's my last wish before i kick the bucket.
  8. am i allowed to say this is genuinely funny
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