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  1. you actually make me so mad why are you this way
  2. Mcname : Kanadensare, minaeordie UUID : c4fee194-1efe-4901-8307-84b1f4009f7e, 2c07c436-abe6-49f2-a344-64422f7942d5 Reason for blacklist : Poor villainy roleplay; repeated violation of the halt rules when partaking in road banditry. Conditions of Blacklist : In effect immediately, ends on December 1st , no appeal required.
  3. stay hydrated my friends.

  4. Caleb and Nott are the dynamic duo. I love them both equally.
  5. CRITICAL ROLE! Really good stuff, always glad to see new art on the forums.
  6. hey brother!!!

  7. proud. can i have some art gab? it would really help me out. it's my last wish before i kick the bucket.
  8. am i allowed to say this is genuinely funny
  9. Surely, but I'm not suggesting something so forced. Regardless of if the lore team wants Azdromoth to be an active presence on the server or not, the goal to cleanse him is still there. He's still acknowledged as the tainted entity he is and has been for a long while. The suggestion isn't a crutch, but a hopeful idea that can be explored in the future. With the viewpoint you've presented, it's not entirely fair for people to claim a lore piece can't stand because the "deity" (in this case, an Archdragaar instead of a deity) isn't "active". I'm not trying to force the lore team to inject our roleplay with deity interaction, but am instead looking at an avenue that can be explored in terms of the server's narrative. Perhaps I just didn't make that clear enough and left room for misconceptions.
  10. Firstly, genuinely appreciate the honest feedback. I've added the last two paragraphs in the "Purpose" section in hopes that it will either amend or soften the issues presented. As Alty/Jahr already said, we concede to the notion that we've turned into a sort of reskinned elf overtime since it's true. Alty and Numirya have actively been trying to change this IRP, but thus far it's been a struggle for either mass unavailability or reluctance on our part. Hopefully, having the Horen pact written down on this iteration, making IRP pushes on our part, and the explanation in the upcoming paragraph, we can fix it and encourage a playstyle that's different than "reskinned descendant". As for the other added paragraph, we created it to further explain Azdrazi goals, the two prominent ones mentioned being to cure (the admittedly MIA) Azdromoth and to try and overthrow or surpass Paladins in their role as guardians and guidance members. We can hopefully get in touch with members of the LT and try to make him more of an active presence to push along the kind of narrative that some want to see and to cement an active role that otherwise likely won't be taken. With the aforementioned purposes, the Azdrazi should become a more active presence on the server and amend misconceptions and fair judgments alike. Done my friend, and hopefully, this clarification will dampen the OP claim to some extent. For Slothtastic: I won't go on about the number of human Azdrazi vs. elven Azdrazi again, but I will say that hopefully the introduction/clarification that Azdrazi can be created without the Immaculate Blade will help prevent something like this from happening. The creation process will instead revolve around a ritual that can be taught to other Azdrazi.
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