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  1. He did all his trials with another Nephilim and has thus been granted transcendence.
  2. Accepted.
  3. Accepted.
  4. hey I'm taylor and this is indeed happening
  5. Accepted.
  6. Accepted.
  7. After having talked to Paleo and having read some of his projects, I think he'd be a good addition to the team. Good luck. +1
  8. Character can no longer practice voidal magics.
  9. Accepted.
  10. Accepted.
  11. There's no need to post an "important notice" like that on someone's public application, especially considering your notice was just common sense. If you really believe the person will have problems when it comes to progressing in the magic, or any problem, for that matter, please bring it up with an MT privately. Thank you.
  12. Accepted.
  13. Accepted.
  14. Accepted.