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  1. Anybody else having shop pluggin issues? 

  2. Mrlollytime

    Whats all the halflings up to?

    We are picking out a name for our new village, then settling in today/tomorrow. Maybe a festival soon once we get ourselves all set up!
  3. Mrlollytime

    Halflings in 6.0

    K so like why is this conversation even a thing if you aren't actively seeing the small amount of active players, the choices of moving to all these villages and and what the group is actually doing is 100% on the halfings. I agree with @_Jandy_'s statement for the most part, and feel there isn't a single reason in the world that we should have a nation status. It was the halflings that decided to move multiple villages in Axios abandoning perfectly fine villages such as Reeds for no real good reason other than aesthetics, ooc reasoning or lack of communication. There are valid villages that did have great negative impacts to the halfling group and activity and have eroded a lot of the original halfling lore and rp's understanding which I understand but we aren't ment to be a huge group. I may be bias to the situation with Reeds and Sutica but the halflings never approached Squirtgun or Seventhcircle about situations or changing the village leading the halflings move away then back but with yet another new village. Squirt had events planned before even being a ET for the halflings and even offered to have the land cleared for a clean, brand new village but they still chose to leave and move due to poor communication on the halflings part. Squirtgun has always given the halflings free range, like many other groups in their lands, to do whatever they wanted and if they needed anything they could just ask for it and the halflings are working harder on communication with Sutica and activity progression for the group. With the player size, times of activity and where we are as a group, there isn't a single reason for the halflings to be a nation, be thought as a nation or even be considered to be progressing to a point of being a nation. Unless you are actively working with people like Jumperhands who is the most active halfling overall for the village group of halflings that do play, I don't know why you are even speaking for them at all or where it's even coming from. Just my thoughts and opinions as someone that appreciates all the work that Jumper and the group have been trying to do for the halflings as a group. Yes we don't always agree and there is a lot of rebuilding to understand the roots again of the halflings but we are working as a little group to take the baby steps to get back to where we all think we should be.
  4. Who is able to help me out with some art for my secret santa present please?!

  5. Mrlollytime

    Secret Santa 2017

    Have a lotc artist do something or create interesting named item.
  6. Mrlollytime

    Secret Santa 2017

    Avoid IRL items correct?
  7. Would totes share my halfling skin if LOTC followed me on twitter. :D

  8. Mrlollytime

    [CA] Bryophite - Ale'shul

    Cleaned up :)
  9. MC Name: Mrlollytime Character's Name: Ale'shul Vanguard Character's Age: 129 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): High Elf Transformed form: Bryophite Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A Bryophite is a being that has been reconstructed by Verridan moss. Verridan Moss was the product of Cerridwen after the first bryophyte's whom was a Dwarf started to abuse his powers from his descendant curse of greed. As the first Bryophite, the dwarf had a strong druid connection and after many years of living in harmony and doing good int he world, the Dwarf succumbed to his greed. He transformed himself into moss and started to spread over the land putting the greatest beasts to into deep slumber and taking over the land, greedy for power and control. The aspect grew angry and to punish her first bryophite, she transformed him into Verridan Moss, so that if any descendent was to fall to it's spores of slumber it would be transformed into future bryophites just as the first dwarf was made. As the Aspect created the bryophites to fully show her work with creation and help find harmony in a destructive world. The Verridian Moss spores place the person under a deep sleep then starts to wrap the person in a leaf like cacoon that starts replacing every part of the person into plant and natural materials. After the days of the caccoon forming the moss will start to consume the flesh and bones over a period of a month. Being that their soul isn't destroyed in the process of making their new body some bryophites can experience memory loss but are still able to maintain their personality and can even learn magics. As creatures made of natural materials certain magics would be lethal to the bryophyte, with their strong connection to nature and Cerrifwen, Bryophotes make good druids and can learn most magics expect for necromancy and paladin magic. Another issue Bryophites face is having people use them in harmful and often harsh ways, keeping them as slaves or prisoners for their herbs and plant materials. The blood of the new host will now be sweeter with the host craving sugar water making their blood sap a treat for those that would drink it. Bryophites can reproduce but the child will be born of the original race not as a bryophite and it will take female bryophites extra months of pregnancy. This new body the moss creates is different to each subject, a few examples would that some bryophites will grow small fruit on their body while others may contain dangerous and poisonous plant life across their body. Their new bodies require carbon dioxide and sunlight just like any other plant, bryophites can survive in dark places but will weaken over time. The host body will only die from the life force dying off at the normal age of the race before being changed or bleeding out. The body can repair itself overtime due to the increase in healing as a plant but it will take time and care if it's a severe injury. Bryophytes are known to become protective of forests and nature along with becoming addicted to sugars. Bryophytes require high energy and calories in the foods so this fuels their addiction for sugary treats and sugar waters, bryophites are omnivores along with the addiction so they can eat meat and plant materials.. With the bryophite now having a stomach like a pitcher plant and breathing Co2 instead of oxygen, the Bryophyes requires twice as much water as before but will weight the same and live to be 100-200 years longer than their original race. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: Yup Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yup Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  10. Mrlollytime

    [Accepted] [Actor] SquirtGun's ET Application

    Lolololol! When you actual get some work ethic and less drama @Luv you may actually be able to make a valid point some day and be a valuable team member unlike when @SquirtGun tried to actual do what the team was suppose to be doing wile not being a fan of y'all holding hands and giving friends a kiss when they did 1/3 of the job. Not sure what your point is @animu since the only event I've ever gotten the 'pleasure' of enjoying from you was a disaster and the most poorly done power-game event done to date. When @SquirtGun creates her own events anybody is welcomed to enjoy it. It usually has a actual purpose or reason and doesn't always end with one of two endings like the majority of events right now. She is open to the interpretation of others when they ask to host events in Sutica or any of the surrounding areas. I've seen her bury lost suticans in funeral events but also pardon the halflings turkey to open a village festival. @SquirtGun seeks to create an experience and some immersion that shapes the event with each interaction. She worked hard for the AT and they didn't deserve her for all their laziness and friend promotions. @SquirtGun will bring her whole self to being a ET actor and what the job details but beware she will do the job and do it right wether it hurts lazy snowflakes feelings or advances what events can potentially be.
  11. Mrlollytime

    The Adherents of Tahariae {Updated}

    (So as a new cleric guild is there like a crafter area or like a quartermaster. Don't want to be a cleric but it might be fun to be part of the guild as the guild chef or something. :D )
  12. Mrlollytime

    The Cerulean Watch

    Timezone: (If you have a question, message me) Do you have Teamspeak?: yes Do you have Skype?: yes Username: Mrlollytime (( OOC Section)) Name: (Include Surname) Ale'shul Vanguard Race: High Elf Gender: Male Age: 120 Desired combat role: Archery or Calveryman Profession, or desired profession: Veteran tinkerer
  13. I love your MTG love happening on your profile.  :D

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      mtg is the only woman ill ever love

  14. Is the wiki link not working for anybody else?

  15. What will you be listening to while in the Johannesburg Warzone?