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  1. (RP) Name: Mongo Foxburr Race (No Bigguns!): Halfling Weapon of choice: Fish'n Pole or Slingshot Experience: Caught sum pretty good sized fish. Why do you want to join?: Tuh follow Rudigar (OOC) MC Name: Mrlollytime Skype: You have it :)
  2. (Do you do assassinations or hits?)
  3. +1 for that skype id and for the Sutican style that isn't so lick and stick like some other nations. Pick this ***** since he likes building and sometimes designing stuff. (When I'm not involved)
  4. ((Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.- Some dead person))
  5. +1 Good all around person, and always very helpful!
  6. +1, Oath good sir
  7. If students and teachers can not be accepted during the rewrite how can artifacts be submitted for acceptance? Just wondering as it seems like an artifact would be effect by said rewritten lore and in this case as a personal gain to the one party submitting it and not the clerics as a whole. Should this not have to wait for the rewrite to be complete in fairness to other clerics that have to also wait to submit anything to avoid special treatment of one party and to avoid borderline power gaming?
  8. When is the next Creative Cafe?
  9. O yes! +1
  10. Soooooo colorful!
  11. As someone that has watched the clerics and have stood in the background of this group, I can verify that all this and more took place and it would make me hesitant to have Farryn back on the team. We don't have a personal correspondence of any sort but as someone that has watched how they act towards others I would have to say no also unfortunately. -1
  12. Every single video game and some life experiences summed up into one statement. :)
  13. Shynys would note the information and contact location in his notebook for future ventures, then continue on his way.
  14. #SkinSaturday or #SkinSunday for those that have pages for skinning or #LOTCArt for all those that have pages for their renders and art pieces. (Crawls back into his corner)