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  1. The Repentant Berserker In the markets of the Oasis, one can hear the talk about Qahir's death being spoken about. Many were speculating whether he was still one of them. There were disputes about whether he really died as a mumineen or a heretic. Hassan who just finished contemplating in the wilderness nearby overheard this conversation. Few drops of tears could be seen rolling down his cheeks and a smile could be seen forming on his face. He went in the middle of the street and called upon the tribesmen to listen to him. "Oh my people, Oh my
  2. Upon reading the letter, Hassan sighed and prayed ," Ya Allah, the Ummah of Availer needs your light. They have forgotten the rules of war and honor. To take a life of an innocent child is to dishonour the teachings of the Prophet. May Allah guide you Qahir."
  3. The scholar Hassan ibn Khalid inspired by the message went into the streets and preached in the marketplace "Oh believers, oh believers. Take into account of your kinsmen crime. Bring them to justice. No longer shall such ignorance ever be prevalent. The Prophet came to abolish such barbaric practice so be brave and fight for truth even if it is against your own kin. Bring them to justice. Allah is great." He is then seen unsheathing a sword and pointed it to the sky and repeatedly shouting "Allahuakbar"
  4. Hassan ibn Khalid reacts to the message with a sigh. He raises his hand up with his palms to the sky and prayed "Ya Allah, whichever path this may go, I trust it is in our destiny. "
  5. Study under Hassan ibn Khalid and become a scholar of  Rashidunism and potentially be influential in its development.


  6. Our Master Faiz Kharadeen In the marketplace of the Fakhr Tribe, one can hear the preaching of a man. He is a familiar face in the community. He is none other than the Rashidun mystic Hassan ibn Khalid. He is seen leaning on his walking stick while giving a sermon to the public. His hands gesture suggested such intense fervor in his preaching. Hassan asked "Ya mumineen, Ya mumineen Who is Faiz Kharadeen?" One of the men there would say "He is the uniter and the first Caliph of the Ummah" Hassan would answe
  7. The Ascetic Mystic of Iman Al-Rashidun [Play this for the Feel] Outside in the streets of the Fakhr tribe, a man known as Hassan ibn Khalid is seen preaching to the people about Iman Al-Rashidun. The passion in his voice could be heard echoing across the area. Devotional songs could be heard. Several people stopped and watched the man. One could hear him reciting a poem melodiously with a duff. Ya Bani Ibahm, Ya Bani Ibahm (Oh Ibahm's clan, Oh Ibahm's clan) Do not be attached to the seeds of this Earth Ya Bani Ibahm, Ya Bani
  8. Sometimes I wonder if ice is just solid water or water is melted ice.

  9. A passionate sermon would be heard in the mosque conducted by the A'lim Hassan ibn Khalid " 'Chapter Twelve: The Nether Allah then takes the man and only dips him into the Nether for one second and returns him and asks ‘what happiness did you have in your life?’ the man will say ‘I have had nothing of good in my life’ Allah shows us that just a second in the Nether will make anyone forget their happiness. That is the punishment of those who disobey Allah and do wrong to the world. Allah Is indeed the best of punishers and the most Just.' Oh
  10. The Light Within Ever since I was a small boy, I have looked up to the scholars of faith. My father encouraged me to become a scholar of the faith. He told me that I will change the world. I did not believe him. I could not believe him. I mean what could a boy like me do. Then I went to study under the scholars. They would teach me about the sacred law and I would learn it. My father was proud. The feeling of light in my heart would vanish. The destruction of the old city had left me and many other Qalisheens seeking refuge with the Fakhr tribe. I had lost my fat
  11. Convert to the Rashidun faith. We have cookies.

  12. The Badawi code of honor, enshrined in the Seven Principles, is the set of rulings by which all the Badawi tribes adhere, it revolves around the honor of the individual, which can be Gained- by strictly adhering to the code, Lost- by breaking any of the principles, and Regained- by making amends and seeking forgiveness from the wronged party. The Seven Principles 1.The Honorable regards the safety of the innocent as sacred, the life of the guest as forbidden. 2.The Honorable do not make their bed with the dishonorable. 3.The Honorable are not cowar
  13. Name: Faithrus Fir (MC Name): Fir_G_Nobeard (Skype Name): kinginazumafiras Race: Human Previous Loyalties: None Skills: Holding a stand Why is it that you wish to become a Peacekeeper?: [i wish to defend this nation. It is a nice place from the time I have spent here and I wish to preserve it.] To protect the Republic from any occupation.To fight for the freedom of all.To be the sword to the voice of the people Are you willing to become a Salvian Citizen?: [Yes. (Maybe) Do you vow to protect the people of Salvus as a Peacekeeper, even if it may be at the cost of your life?: [i d
  14. I) Full Name: Faithrus Fir II) Any existing ties, worth notice:None III) Place of origin: Oren farland IV) Intention of desired strand, of the trinity (Arts, music or literature) for specialism: Literature,Music V) Current status of Citizenship (Salvian, or otherwise): Orenian(waiting for passport) VI) Reasoning in becoming of the Bards: I want to build a voice for the people and show that no one has the right to stop that voice. VII) Potential projects you may aspire to do: Books about freedom and poems or songs VIII) Does Salvus represent peace, or war? Peace IX) Where is the
  15. How active are you? im an active player but schooldays I play sometimes.Time zone:UTC+08:00 Do you have a Skype? If so what is your name: yes.Name is kinginazumafiras Do you have TS? If so post here: no Name: Calad Race & profession or other specialty: I am human farlander.I am famer in animals and plants. What job are you looking for? I want to be a farmer in animals or plants or even a merchant Anything extra: I lost my home to a natural disaster and i need a job to survive.Please accept me.
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