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  1. Minecraft Name: NestroPapaya Name: Kalenz Ni'Leya Age: 300 something something Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris Vote 2; Alaion Miravaris
  2. "I think I was supposed to marry her at one point, nontheless I wish this thill success in her endeavors and Ayliana has my support!" The Ni Leya quipped as he went back to tending his garden, wearing a pleasant smile.
  3. Why do we always step down and rejoin at the same time?

    1. Tigergiri



  4. Kalenz Ni'leya stood besides the body of his beloved maln, tears began forming in his eyes as he whispered a few words one final time.
  5. Gen!! Nestro loves ya a lot and am happy you're part of the habibi squad! Congratulations on your 1 yearr!! Like my famous quote goes "Every Sultan must have a Generic, I have two" - <3 I guess my question is, What's the best memory made on this server?
  6. Qamar smiled as he signed the piece of parchment, whispering a prayer before wandering off to tend to his people
  7. "This is beautiful! - " Quipped a young, dashing Sarkozy
  8. "You need not be afraid, my son!" Qamar stated as he casted a glance towards his boy
  9. The Sultan released a sigh as the kindness shown was not given in return. He accepted them, trusted them but they used magic against The Sultan.
  10. harold is my favorite boomer

  11. The Sultan smiled at the missive as he would visit his younger twin as they prepared for the wedding!
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