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  1. Marius Baruch nods in approval as the sentence is passed. He turns to Elisabeth Preussens, smiling. “I’m glad to ‘ave assisted ye, lass. Ye will no longer be victim to ‘is savagery an’ infidelity.”

    A call to trial

    After the trial Marius Baruch notes that not a single hair on the head of Jakob Ludovar has been touched, and so he relaxes in his manor.

    A call to trial

    In the name of His Majesty, Robert I Bihar, Lord Justicar Swithun of Haense hereby calls Jakob Ludovar, 4th Prince of Ulgaard to trial for his crimes against both the Kingdom of Haense and its people. The charges being levied against Jakob Ludovar are as follows: Two counts of Bribery - Infractions; Extortion - Infraction; Defamation - 1st Degree, Misdemeanor; Impersonating an agent of the State - Felony; Incitement - Felony; Adultery - Felony; Disturbing the peace - Infraction. Associate Justicar Lord Marius Baruch feels that he has too much involvement with the issues to allow himself the ability to preside over the case alongside the Lord Justicar and so removes himself from that position for the duration of this case. Lord Marius, for the purposes of this case, will stand as the chief prosecution against Jakob Ludovar, and calls the following witnesses: Maria Kovachev, First Maer of Reza - Adultery and Bribery; Lord Henrik Amador - Bribery, Impersonating an agent of the State and Extortion; Lord Charles-Louis Preussens - Adultery and Bribery; Carolus Baruch, Baron of Gant - Bribery, Impersonating an agent of the State and Extortion; Otto Kotrevich, Captain in the Royal Army - Disturbing the peace, Incitement; Elisabeth Preussens, Countess of Osterland, wife of Jakob Ludovar - Adultery; Sergei Hendrik Stafyr, Viscount of Grauspin - Bribery. The defence has 2 Saint’s Days to produce a witness list to the Lord Justicar for their defence. Signed His Excellency, Swithun, Lord Justicar of Haense. The Right Honourable, Marius Karl Baruch, Associate Justicar. OOC: Trial will be held at the Palace at 7pm EST on Sunday 03/17/19

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname:KIIWIKILLA IC Name:Marius Karl Baruch Residancy/ Street name, number:4 Marian Blvd Class/ Title: Lord

    Blood and Rain

    A man winces as he reads this

    An abdication

    Wonders if the child Henrik holds is actually Henrik’s

    An abdication

    An announcement from the County of Ayr It is with a very heavy heart that the current Count of Ayr, Marius Karl Baruch, announces his abdication. After 21 years as Count, Lord Marius feels it is time to pass the burdens of leadership onto another. During his reign as Count, Marius saw the kidnapping and murder of his wife and sons, as well as the Arberrang dogs taking control of his seat. He fought hard to rally support to his cause, but in the end it was the Arberrang betrayal that allowed him the chance to reclaim his home. Since the war, Marius has taken to politics by serving in Parliament as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. With the pressure from these duties, Marius feels he is not able to effectively carry out both his positions as a parliamentarian and the Count, and so has decided to pass his titles on to his grandson, Jan Petyr Baruch. The titles passing to Jan will be as follows: County of Ayr Barony of Voron Barony of Riveryn Barony of Laval Lordship of Jorenstadt [!]Coat of arms for the County of Ayr and House of Baruch Signed Lord Marius Karl Baruch, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Jan Peytr of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Lord of Jorenstadt, and Guardian of the Hansetti Coast

    First Letter to Parliament

    “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.” Says a distant man.

    Fabius Bracchus; The Prefect We Deserve

    "I’m glad to see the work o’ my grandfather ‘as no’ gone unnoticed.” Says Marius. “I should speak properly with Mr Bracchus an’ speak with ‘im about my grandfather’s unpublished work.”

    A Ludovar's Statement

    “Ye family descend from a King, an’ ye make that known to everyone who speaks with ye. How can ye claim to know more o’ the struggles o’ the common man than Mr Brachus?” Shouts Marius from the crowd.

    A feast for victory

    A feast for victory [!]A painting depicting the siege of Greyguard, circa. 1691 It is with great pleasure that the House of Baruch announces its return to its ancestral seat, Greyguard Hold, following the defeat of the Arberrang dogs that had used deceit and trickery to occupy it. As a result of such a joyous occasion, the House of Baruch wishes to host a feast for those who assisted in the recapture of the hold. There will be food, drinks and festivities throughout the occasion. There is no dress code to attend; we wish only for you to wear a smile as you enter our home. The event will be concluded with the razing of the Skarpefanger, Gallic, and Faroe clan halls to fully mark the end of the Arberrang menace and to ensure that none of their kith and kin may return to take up arms against the Kingdom of Haense and the Empire of Man again. Those invited are as follows: The Imperial family and their respected guards. The Imperial councillors. All members of the Imperial Parliament. The Royal family of Haense and their respected guards. All those of noble birth within the Kingdom of Haense. The most noble House of Sarkozic. His Grace, Duke Ratibor of Adria and his court. His Holiness, Siegmund and the clergy. Though the rebel forces are defeated, their lands reclaimed and titles revoked, it is likely that there are still disgruntled rebel soldiers wandering the land. As a result of that, it is requested that all Knights in attendance are posted outside the venue along with the respected guards of the guests. It will bring comfort to the guests knowing that they are protected by the famed Knights of the Empire. Ser Henrik Ludovar will be given control of the perimeter guards, along with the head of the Baruch levy, Draco Leeunwolf. Signed Marius Karl of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn and Voron, Lord of Jorenstadt, and Guardian of the Hansetti Coast. [!]The coat of arms for the County of Ayr ((The feast will be held on 30/11/18 at 5pm EST in Greyguard Hold. Just go to Markev and there will be people to bring you here))

    Falkenrath Writ of Disownment

    “And so it begins again.” Says Arthur Roswell as he looks down from the skies into the realm of the living.


    Full Name: Marius Karl Baruch Year of Birth: 1631 City of Primary Residency: Markev ((MC Name: KIIWIKILLA
  14. Very friendly and helpful, would be a great addition to the ET. +1

    A Decree for Election, 1654

    Marius Baruch announces his intention to run.