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  1. An aged Fiske reads the missive, before penning a reply of his own: ”You barbarians have the audacity to reach out to us for peace after you have done to my family the things you have done? My people cowered in the keep as your scum approached, seeking only safety and mercy should their homes be conquered. What mercy did you give them? None! Butchering unarmed and innocent is a crime that will be answered! I have partook in wars and conquests, but not once have witnessed children and mothers being slaughtered by the dozen. What you have done to me and my family is unforgivable, and you will have your comeuppance I swear it. There will be justice for the House of Vanir, and my family will once again sit safely within the walls of our ancestral holding that myself and my brother constructed, for the sea bows to none. Fiske Petyr Vanir.” [!]At the bottom of the page the coat of arms of the House of Vanir is pressed into black wax.
  2. As Fiske exited the room, his tears began to roll effortlessly down his ageing cheeks. “Stubborn old bastard.” he muttered to himself, before he descended the steps to inform his family of what had happened. A great void had been left in the old man’s life after the death of his dear brother.
  3. Fiske Petyr Vanir writes to Leonard: ”Mister Skingaard, the Western Circuit are willing to accept this case. Please send me a list of evidence and witnesses within 48 saints hours of receiving this letter.”
  4. Sir Fiske Vanir pens a letter to Peter de Sarkozy. “Mister Sarkozy, I will be able to take this case. I would like a full list of your witnesses and evidence to be sent to me within the saint’s week so that we may set a date for trial.” ((discord: Connor#0320))
  5. “You may believe what you want, but it will still not be heard in a court until it is brought to me and a discussion is held to determine whether the Crown will press charges.” Fiske said, slightly irritated by this jumped up peasant.
  6. Circuit Judge Fiske Vanir writes a letter to Kristzian: “Mr Karoly, we are unable to allow this subpoena to stand as it is only the Crown and the Ministry of Justice that are able to issue a subpoena. If you wish to continue this claim and escalate the matter further, you may present your evidence to me. At that point I will speak with my peers and we will reach a decision of whether or not we will press charges and issue a subpoena to those mentioned. I offer my deepest apologies at the fact that you have taken the time to write this document and it is unable to be used. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Sir Fiske Petyr Vanir KM”
  7. Marius the Old smiles as he looks down from the Seven Skies to see Sigmar’s success and wishes him a long and merry retirement. Sir Fiske Vanir wishes his good friend well in his future, considering him from his future plans.
  8. On behalf of the Western Circuit, I accept this request for judicial intervention. I, Sir Fiske Petyr Vanir, will be presiding over this case. You have two saints days to contact me in order to set up a date for the hearing. [[Discord: Connor#0320]]
  9. A SUMMARY OF EVENTS In the case of THE CROWN v. LABDACUS 1749 CASE HEARD ON THE 13th OWYN’S LIGHT , 1749 Evidence: Prosecution by Captain Arlen DeNurem Mr Labdacus was witnessed attempting to drown an individual with a ‘friend’. When confronted by an ISA official he attempted to mortally wound the officer. When Mr Labdacus was told to lay down his arms, he resisted, and attacked more ISA officials with clear intent to mortally wound and injure. Lord Mayor attempted to intervene, Mr Labdacus attempted to mortally wound him also. Mr Labdacus was ordered to surrender once more but refused. Mr Labdacus was subdued when he was incapacitated by an arrow shot by an ISA member. Witnesses: – Ensign Alexander Pruvia – Shows Mr Labdacus had the intention of harming the guards as he asked: “What is the punishment for assaulting a guard?” – Confirms the prosecution from Captain Alren DeNurem – Selene Sabrini representing Rylan Swint – Confirms the statements of Alexander Pruvia and Alren DeNurem Defence: – Borr Labdacus – States he hit a member of the ISA. Assault charge added. – Claims he acted in self-defence. Admits he cut Captain DeNurem. – States he wished to simply “knock the ISA official unconscious” in order to get away with his life. Following the trial, Judge Fiske Vanir gave the jury time to gather their information and decide upon a verdict. The Jury found the accused not guilty for charges of attempted murder and resisting arrest, but guilty on three (3) counts of assault. Due to the severity of the assaults, and for who the assaults were inflicted upon, Judge Vanir delivered the following punishment: MR BORR LABDACUS IS TO BE HANGED BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD. MR LABDACUS HAS BEEN GIVEN A PERID OF 48 SAINT’S HOURS TO APPEAL IN WRITING TO THE SOLICITOR-GENERAL. SHOULD HE NOT APPEAL IN THAT TIME, OR SHOULD THE APPEAL BE DENIED, THE EXECUTION WILL COMMENCE AT THE END OF THE 48 HOURS.
  10. A man wonders why the peasant folk of Haense are idiots given the amount of time and effort the Haeseni Crown and court has put into education.
  11. “It isn’t as bad as if the kinslaying Vyronovs got re-ennobled.” Says Fiske
  12. “Perhaps he poisoned himself to evade justice! Vyronov cowards! First they murder a man who’s shadow they cowered in, then they take their own lives to save themselves the embarrassment of public execution!”
  13. “A legacy built on lies and murder is no true legacy.” Says a good Haense man
  14. All information and evidence put forward in the trial had been carefully put together and the people who submitted this evidence were present as witnesses during the trial. The evidence has therefore been submitted and supported by witnesses, and therefore is not hearsay as you claim. During the course of the trial the defence offered no defence for the actual accusations, instead dragging the court down rabbit holes by attacking the integrity of the witnesses and the late Karl Vyronov. The entirety of the defence in the investigation was that bandits had attacked Lord Karl, though none of them had came forth to claim the murder, and all Vyronovs interviewed gave differing statements as to who the bandits were and where it was they attacked. As well as that, the defence during the course of the trial changed the identity of the alleged attackers three times, first labelling them as ‘bandits in black’, then suggesting they were Orcish raiders, and then suggesting they were men of Rubern. The failure of the Vyronov family to produce a coherent and identical story highlights their guilt, as well as the fact that the Lord Robert changed his story three times in the course of one trial. The Lord Robert also provided his motive for the murder, stating that Lord Karl was about to lead the family into an alleged feud that Lord Robert ‘wished to end’. He showed no upset during the full course of the trial, which was odd as he maintained he “loved his brother dearly”. An innocent man who stood accused of his “beloved” brother would not be so nonchalant in a court of law; a further demonstration of Lord Robert’s guilt. It is clear that the Vyronov family conspired to, and did, murder their patriarch, Karl, and have attempted to subvert the course of justice by constantly lying about their whereabouts and the alleged attackers. There is substantial evidence that puts all three of the accused with Lord Karl at the time of his death from at least three different witnesses, yet the Vyronov family stumble and fall over their own statements when asked about their whereabouts. The younger Vyronov siblings did not wish to be dragged into a messy feud and so murdered their kin in cold blood in a shambolic attempt to smooth things over. Even this appeal is based on events that never happened. It is a further illustration of Lord Robert Vyronov still failing to be an honest and decent man!
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