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  1. As Karl Vyronov sits in his chamber nursing his now empty eye-socket, he thinks about how grateful he is to the young Konstanz for helping to save his life. He surely would have perished had it not been for the valiant Barclay man.
  2. Karl Vyronov looks over his fathers body with a cold expression on his face. He had not expected his father to fall so soon to his illness and he was not fully prepared for the task that now faced him. He paced around the room for a few minutes sharing looks with his distraught kin before leaving the room. “I’ll be back soon.” He said to his family. “Gather everyone together so that we all might go together to swear our fealty to the King.”
  3. Notes from the Royal court session 8th Horen’s Calling 1725 The session began with King Andrik III addressing the court about the recently declared war against the Dwarven nation. He started by citing the Battle of Drakenborg against the Dwarven scum during the reign of his namesake, King Andrik I; the conquering of Hiebenhall by blessed Saint Karl; and the Eighteen Years War and the Battle of the White Mountain. His Majesty went on to claim that war against the Dwarven nation is in the blood of humanity, questioning the lack of sightings of Dwarven women and dubbing the craven sodomites. The Lord Palatine, Lord Lerald Vyronov, then called the Lord Amador before the King. Once again, the Lord of Amador was not present; his Majesty then rose to address the court, stripping the House of Amador of all its titles and absolving the House of Amador of all promises made to the Kingdom of Haensetti-Ruska and King Andrik III. The Lord Seneschal, Siegmund Corbish added that the House of Amador had failed to pay their taxes for the previous three saint’s weeks. The Lord Palatine, Lord Lerald Vyronov, then called the Lord Grimm before the King. Once more the Lord of Grimm was absent from court; his Majesty then rose to address the court, stripping the House of Grimm of all its titles and absolving it of all promises made the Kingdom of Haensetti-Ruska and King Andrik III. The Lord Palatine then opened up the floor to petitioners of his Majesty. Lord Iver Vanir came forth, offering apologies for his absence in recent years before swearing his oaths to the Kingdom and the House of Barbanov. Lord Vanir was the only petitioner in this court session, and so the session was closed to petitioners. Following this, his Majesty announced that all noble families must provide at least one son to squire to members of the Marian Retinue in order to bring forward the next generation of Haenseni knights to protect his Majesty the King. King Andrik then called on young Matyas to bring forth his new fool, Rammy, before the court. After a poor potato juggling performance, she performed a trick whereby she brought a handful of rags from her mouth. This trick brought laughter to the royal family, specifically the soon to be Queen Milena. Following her performance she was named the official Court Jester of the Kingdom of Haensetti-Ruska by his Majesty. King Andrik then called the Lord Speaker of the Duma, Ser Konrad Stafyr, to address the court. Ser Konrad spoke of issues plaguing the north of the Kingdom, specifically Direwolves. He claimed that the creatures were attacking farmsteads, murdering citizens, and casting fear into the populace. Ser Konrad requested to form a hunting party to deal with the creatures and restore order to the north of the realm. Lord Sigmar Baruch offered his assistance in the hunt for these creatures. His Majesty, King Andrik III granted permission for this hunt, ordering Prince Otto Sigmar and Ser Wilheim Barlcay to assist the Stafyr’s and Baruchs. After that, the King drew the court session to a close and ordered the onlookers to disperse from the throne room, reminding all present not to abstain from cutting down anyone from the Kingdom of Urguan or their allies. Signed, His Royal Majesty, King Andrew III of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, , Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera The Right Honourable, Lerald Vyronov, Lord Palatine of the Realm, Count of Graiswald and Baron of Rytsburg Jan of Ayr, Court Scribe
  4. The funeral of Lord Marius Karl Baruch The Count of Ayr, Sigmar Joren Baruch, and the rest of the Baruch family would like to invite any and all visitors to the chapel of St Otto in Ayr for the funeral of the late Lord Marius Karl Baruch. His body will be carried, by the Knight Paramount and members of the Marian Retinue, from the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins in Reza, where he has been laid in rest, to Saint’s Rest in Ayr where the funeral service will take place. Following the ceremony, his body will be interred in a private ceremony, for close friends and family, into the Baruch family crypts. A feast will then follow to celebrate the life of Lord Marius Karl Baruch. May he rest easy. Signed, Sigmar Joren of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Voron, and Riveryn, Lord of Jorenstadt and Saint’s Rest, and Guardian of the Haenseni Coast Joren Aldrik of the House of Baruch, Baron of Gant (OOC: The event will take place on Thursday 18/07/19 at 5pm EST)
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgnClrx8N2k The aged man sat alone in his chamber by the fire as usual. The years had passed since his body could fight the cold that now nipped and bit at his old bones. It had been quite some time since Marius was able to walk properly - the cold had gotten into his joints and could not be shifted, despite his best efforts. His mind was as sharp as the sword he once wielded, though his body was beginning to fail him. A fact that he had struggled to accept and had hidden from his family as best he could. As he sat in his chair, his hands outstretched towards the fire to try and warm them further, he thought for a few hours of the life he had lived - the good and the bad. A portrait of Marius in his youth ======================== He went back to his youth in Markev. He remembered it well. A time where he had his whole life ahead of him - a life he had now lived. His long dark hair used to blow gently in the wind as he rode into the city atop his steed. All that was left of that now was a few strands that tangled in with the silver shaggy mop that now sat atop his wrinkled head. It was in these days that he had met his wife, Julia, and his a man who would become a life-long friend, then Count of Metterden, Rhys Ruthern; the best days of his life. Their wedding had been the best day of his life. His father, Aldrik, had walked Julia down the aisle in place of her absent father, but it had never felt as though people were missing. The food had been brought from the small bakery on the outside of Markev to cater for the guests and every bit of it had been consumed. It was during this time that he decided to grow out the thick facial hair that came to be his signature. Almost everyone who had met him throughout his life after that point had commented on it; it had often amused him that people he had not even met had approached him knowing his identity purely as a result of his thick mustache. Then came his children; three of them in total. They had been the apple of his eye: the future of the Baruch line. Andrik, quick and calculated; Sigmar, bold and handsome; and Kamilla, who was sweet and gentle. Throughout their youth he had spent a lot of time with his family in Greyguard Hold, the Baruch seat, and the family had formed an exceptionally strong bond. While Andrik was destined to become the Count after Marius, Sigmar dreamed of building a fleet to become Master of Ships within the kingdom. Kamilla had always been unsure of what to do with her future; one minute she wished to enlist in the Royal Army and contribute to the kingdom as a medical assistant, while another day she wished she could teach the youth of Haense the history of the Kingdom and the great families that support it. It is a parents worst nightmare to outlive even one of their children, but Marius had outlived all three. His sons being butchered by the Arberrang dogs alongside their mother, and his daughter passing in childbirth delivering his seventh grandchild, Ser Ulric Vyronov. After becoming a father, the next step was to become a grandfather. He had seven grandchildren in total, with some of them going on to make significant contributions to the Kingdom. It was after the birth of Sigmar’s children that had marked the start of the atrocities that befell the Baruch family. The children after their birth were sent to Marius’ Ruthern nephews to be taught in the way of war. This guardianship is what had saved their lives. When the Arberrang dogs had attacked his home and family, kidnapped him and his second born, Sigmar, and killed his wife and eldest son, he had found great strength in knowing that the children had not come to any harm. During the escape attempt Sigmar was killed, leaving Marius’ eldest grandchild, Aldrik Voron Baruch, as the next in line for the County of Ayr, though it was later discovered that Aldrik had forfeited his claim to Ayr in favour of taking the cloth, leaving the succession of Ayr to his brother, Jan. When Marius had returned to Markev to announce the news of the fate that had befallen him and his family, he was met by his old friend Rhys Ruthern, who had been elevated to the Duke of Vidaus and was made Marshal of the Kingdom, and was advised to speak to Rhys’ granddaughter and Marius’ niece, Queen Elizavita of Vidaus. Marius had petitioned for months for the Kingdom to move against the Arberrang scum, gathering men to help retake his seat, but it had not come to fruition. It was only when the Arberrang leaders moved against the Kingdom that Marius got the chance to retake his home and ancestral seat; a fact that annoyed him greatly for a number of years. Marius made sure to work closely with the commanders of Haense and the Empire, giving an insight into the weak points in the keep and assisting in the siege planning. He stood with the fellow commanders of the Empire when the Arberrang dogs were either slaughtered or routed. It was another of the great days in his life as he knew he could now return home. After returning home and repairing the damage caused by the siege, Marius summoned to the Imperial Parliament; he had been selected as a Lord Temporal to sit in the chamber. It was through this journey that Marius had formed a healthy friendship with Fabius Bracchus, the then leader of the CCP. He worked alongside Fabius within the CCP, eventually being named as the leader of the Judicial Committee within the Imperial Parliament until he decided to step down in the spring of 1702. It was during this time that he and Ser Henrik Ludovar had started their bickering that was still present to this very day. They were never able to see eye to eye, and constantly bickered whenever they had seen each other. It was petty really; Marius had never really disliked Henrik it was just a matter of different perspectives. ======================== A portrait of Marius in his Imperial Parliament robes Marius turned in his chair towards his desk. It had seldom been used in recent years; his great-grandsons had taken over everything in the administrative running of the Baruch lands, a fact that had brought conflicting emotions: pride and sadness. He reached across the desk, picking up some parchment and a quill. He did not know when his time would come, but it was certain in his mind that he must inform his family of their impact on his life. He began to write letters to the remainder of his family. To my first born great-grandson, Sigmar Joren Baruch, Count of Ayr: Sigmar you are an excellent young man and will be a fine lord, of that I am certain. In your short reign you have shown great strength, courage, and potential and you have made a great impact on my life and I suspect the lives of others as well. I hope you, your brother, and your cousin, Joren, can work together to make our home and land into something great. Your Vyronov cousins will always be around to offer advice also, don’t forget about them. To you I leave the blueprints for the Barque I had never quite got around to having commissioned. Get yourself a good crew together and sail her well. I also leave the Bundinn longsword, a weapon recovered in Greyguard Hold after the victory over the Arberrang rebels. A token of our strength and victory. My Lorraine cross will also be left to you to remind you of our family’s piety. As well as this I leave you half of my personal finances to add to the County treasury. Spend it well, lad. Love Grandpa. To my second born great-grandson, Eirik Sigismund Baruch: Eirik you have done me exceptionally proud, lad. Your support to your brother and sister during their difficulties with your mother left me in envy of your ability to deal with difficult personal situations. I know, had been in your position, I would not have shown your tenacity. My respect for you increased ten-fold when I had found out how you had dealt with that situation. To you I leave the blueprints my father had made for an old galley that I sailed upon in my youth. As I have told your brother, get a good crew together and sail her well. I also leave the second Bundinn longsword that was recovered in Greyguard Hold after the victory over the Arberrang rebels. I suspect, with your ability to stay emotionally unattached, you will enter a career involving coin. With that I leave a Skatten Silver Coin. It is just a small trinket I picked up from a trader in Markev. I have kept it with me through my life; a stupid thing I understand, but I had grown exceptionally fond of the little thing. Love Grandpa. To my third born great-grandson, Joren Aldrik Baruch, Baron of Gant: I expect you are probably in the middle of doing something important for Sigmar, so I will keep this short. I see much of my father in you, lad. He was sharp and commanding, just as you are. He also knew how to support a strong leader, just as you will with your cousin. I hope he listens to your advice, as I suspect you will be ranked top in those that will advise him. I regret sending you away to be educated as it meant I had missed out on spending precious time with you, though I am glad I have lived to see the man you've become. It has filled me with immense pride. To you I leave the blueprints to my elder brothers Brig. Lady Lin he called her, after our grandmother. I also leave my Highland Yew-wood Warhammer. I carried it into battle with me during the siege of Greyguard. I hope it serves you as well as it served me. As well as this, I leave the second half of my personal finances to help aid the construction of your new home. Eirik will probably be good to speak to about how to spend it wisely. Love Grandpa. To my granddaughter, Ingrid Linnea Windsor: Your ability to remain sane in this last few years has astounded me. It must be difficult to have your family torn apart by war, fighting each other with intent to kill. You have always been like that, I suppose. Strong willed I mean. You get that from your mother, Klara. You have turned into a wonderful young woman, and I am very proud of you. To you I leave your mothers jewelry: An emerald and diamond twisted silver ring; a whalebone tiara; a gold bangle, and a necklace made from pearls. Love Grandpa. To my great-granddaughter, Kamilla Julya Stafyr: Your support for your brothers is inspiring to me, Kamilla. It is an insight into how you will be as a mother, and I am proud of what I’ve seen. You were always a sweet girl, Kam, but also a formidable one. Your marriage to Konrad was well made, and I expect you will make history with him. You have great diplomatic and political potential, please reach that potential. To you I leave your great-grandmother’s, my wife’s, jewelry: A diamond and sapphire necklace, a ruby ring, a pair of amethyst earrings, and a whalebone tiara identical to the one left to your aunt Ingrid from her mother. Love Grandpa. To my grandson, Lerald Vyronov, Count of Graiswald and Lord Regent: Your progress has made me immensely proud, Lerald. Your elevation to the Count of Graiswald was one of my proudest days in my recent memory. You have held your Baruch kin in the highest regard; your guardianship of Sigmar has been the making of him. You have my respect and admiration for that always. I cannot express in words how proud you have made me. Every challenge that has come your way you have handled with exceptional skill and decorum. At the beginning of your reign, who would have thought we would’ve seen a Vyronov queen? You are destined for further greatness, lad. Well done. To you I leave my collection of books. Most of them are on legal and administrative matters, though there is one, “Tears on the battlements” that does not match the genre of the rest. It has been my favourite book throughout my life, and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have. Love Grandpa. To my great-nephew, Andrik Barbanov, King of Hansetti-Ruska: In your youth you never failed to amuse me, Andrik. I remember watching you shouting and swearing with your betrothed in Reza and running rings around poor Ser Gerard. I laughed for days at that. To see you go from that to the man you are now becoming is heart-warming; knowing the Kingdom will be in the hands of a King with great potential brings peace to my mind. Though you are young, you are skilled in the arts of diplomacy and that will do you very well throughout your reign. You are fortunate that you have already amassed a successful range of advisors. Listen to them well, they are all good men and I believe none of them would ever do you wrong. Ave Haense, Ave Andrik. To you I leave the knowledge that I have left the House of Baruch in the best possible hands. Sigmar is a smart lad, he can be used well should you need him, and he is backed by advisors and friends that will help him to lead as good as I hope you will. Signed, Lord Marius Karl Baruch Marius then stands from his chair, shuffling over to his bed. He pulled the covers and furs back to get underneath them, the weight of which had taken his breath away and required most of his remaining strength. He laid in his bed sighing at what had become of his body. He laid there for a few moments, allowing the warmth from the covers to re-enter his body. He laid motionless for a few moments, thinking once more of the life he had lived. ======================== He recalled the trial of Prince Jakob Ludovar and the lead up to it. Marius had spent months assembling evidence from the disgruntled nobility and common folk of Haense against Lord Jakob. He had spent hours with Lord Justicar Swithun compiling a case to take to trial. When the trial had been announced, it was discovered that Marius’ old friend, Fabius Bracchus was to stand as Lord Jakob’s defence. He believed that this would be his greatest challenge so far; it was common knowledge to even the most lowly man that Fabius Bracchus was arguably the greatest legal mind of his generation, and perhaps even of all time. He remembered how nervous he had felt entering the court to begin his prosecution of Lord Jakob. As the hearing was drawn to a close and the presiding judges took their time to deliver their verdict, it took all he had to remain upright. The surprise and relief that ran over his body when Lord Justicar Swithun had announced that the trial had gone in Marius’ favour had almost knocked him to the ground. He remembered standing for a moment taking in his victory. He had just defeated a man that he had been in awe of for so long as a result of extensive contributions to the Imperial judicial system. He could not believe it. Marius had saw that as the greatest achievement of his life; one he often thought about. He then thought of his grandson, Jan, the man he had abdicated in favour of, and the path that he had chosen to destruction. He had been a sweet boy in his childhood and teenage years. When the Baruchs made the move to Arcas with the rest of the Hansetti people, he had remembered how Jan had assembled a formidable following and at the behest of King Marius II had joined them with the Royal Army in return for the position of Kommandant. He recalled the pride he had felt when Jan had returned home to inform his grandfather of his new position, and he had commended Jan’s ambition and success. Though he soon lived to eat his words; Jan’s ambition became too potent. He had craved further recognition but it was never earned, and the young Lord became agitated with his treatment from the King. Upon the declaration of the War of the Two Emperors Jan, armed with the promise of sought after titles, intended to launch the House of Baruch into open rebellion against the Kingdom of Haense and so Marius had to act quickly to avoid catastrophe for his family. He recalled the immense guilt he felt as he condemned his grandson and the actions he had taken before King Marius, but he knew that the loyalty of House Baruch should never falter, especially in times of war. He had never forgiven himself for what he had done to his grandson, but he was also aware that had he not, his family would never have survived. His guilt turned to anger and he had always blamed Jan’s Savoyard mother for his excessive ambition and compulsion - a trait common in her kin. When the news of Jan’s death reached him in Ayr the old man had been struck down with grief. He stayed in his room for days refusing food and drink. This, he believed, is what had brought about the start of his body’s slow decline into the state that it was in now. In the next few years the Baruch family had started to prosper once more under the regency council of his great-grandson, Sigmar Joren. His other great-grandson, Joren Aldrik, had returned from his tutelage under Prince Georg Stanimar and Lord Justicar Swithun and had adopted an advisory role to his cousin and the family had begun to work together as a single entity - something that had not happened since the reign of Marius’ father, Aldrik. Even Swithun had decided to come and offer himself as an advisor to Sigmar at Joren’s request, after he had stepped down as the Lord Justicar.. His great-granddaughter, Kamilla Julya, was wed to Ser Konrad Stafyr in the chapel within Saints Rest with even the King and Imperial Regent in attendance. It was a marvelous occasion. He was glad to finally see his family in a place of true happiness. They had deserved it after many years of hurt, he felt. He thought of the wedding and feast he had attended almost a saints week ago. The wedding of his baseborn relative, Marcella Vander to Ser Wilheim Barclay. It was a joyous occasion watching the two be wed; he had only managed to attend as a result of a cart that his recently deceased grandson, Ulric, had provided for him for transportation. He had sat in a small box with the King and the Princess; he could no longer handle sitting in the thick of a celebration; his old bones rattled when he sneezed, let alone if he had been sat amongst giddy well-wishers shuffling and bouncing on the pews. After the wedding, he had made his way to Graiswald in his cart to attend his grandson, Lerald’s welcome feast. He had made sure to arrive early to avoid the embarrassment of being seen moving by horse and cart. He enjoyed himself greatly, eating and drinking as much as he could. The Vyronov children had brought about many laughing fits as a result of their inability to get on with one another. The young Robert Vyronov throwing food his sister and future queen had made him chuckle for quite some time. That had been the last time he had seen Ser Ulric. He was glad it had been such a joyous occasion. His most recent memory had been spending some time with his great-grandson, Erich Stafyr the young Count of Nenzing, his elder sister, the Lady Katherine, and Ser Konrad Stafyr, just the last saints day ago. He had been promising to spend some time with the boy for a while and Erich was even more keen to come to Ayr when Marius had mentioned a falcon being involved. They had spent the day together, laughing and joking; he had felt exceptionally blessed that he had such a large family that still cared about his existence. Throughout his long life he had seen many old men left to rot alone by their families and he was glad the same fate had not befell him. They ate and joked and Marius even began to teach the young Stafyrs some of the Baruch family history. At the end of the day, Ser Konrad came to return the children to Reza to reaffirm their oaths to King Andrik II, and Marius had given the lad a small pouch of mina so that he may purchase his own falcon when his advisors deem him old enough. It was a tiring day for Marius, but he was pleased that he had, had the opportunity to spend some quality time with his great-grandson. ======================== Marius laid in his bed, smiling pointlessly at the ceiling. He had, had a good life he thought. The good overshadows the bad and he was pleased at how his life had gone. He let the good feeling ponder a moment, before closing his eyes to sleep. As he closed his eyes, he wondered what other memories he might make before his time came and decided that the next morning he would write a letter to his great-nephew, the King, to offer him some quality time with his great-uncle in Ayr. He smiled at the thought, eager to meet the next day. As his body fell into a peaceful slumber, so did his old heart. Though Marius had a difficult life, he died a very happy man. Marius “the Old” Baruch 1631-1724
  6. “Did they forget about Istria and the De Sola’s?” An old historian says.
  7. For generations, the Greyguard has served as the primary levy within the County of Ayr under the House of Baruch. In recent years it has instead been used as a small bodyguard retinue; a shadow of what it once was. In the wake of the removal of the Royal Levy Ban of 1709 in the most recent Chancellor’s Report sent out by the Lord Regent — Prince Georg Stanimar — the House of Baruch has decided it is now time to raise its levy to what it was in the days of old. Sigmar I Baruch, Count of Ayr, calls forth any and all willing northmen to join the ranks of the Greyguard to fight for justice against the Pertinaxi tyrants. History of the Greygaurd: The Order of the Unbowed — The Greyguard’s predecessor — was founded during the reign of Otto Marius Baruch, Count of Ayr in 1611 at the start of the Greyspine Rebellion. Count Otto marched the Unbowed down from their mountain keep, Jorenstadt, to reclaim their seat of Saint’s Rest from the imposter Kovachev who had sworn fealty to the Kingdom of Courland. The levy fought well, however they failed to fully reclaim the land and so Count Otto ordered the retreat back to his mountain keep, knowing that he would need as many men as possible to join with his Ruthern allies to eventually launch an attack on the Courlandic invaders. Count Otto eventually led his host to join the Rutherns, where they routed the Courlandic forces during the second battle of the Rothswood to restore the Kingdom of Haense. Ser Aldrik founded the modern Greyguard in Atlas, after the construction of his keep, “Greyguard Hold”. Aldrik and the Greyguard soldiers had multiple small disputes with the monarchy over the legality of having a levy, despite Aldrik reassuring that they would only be used in favor of the King. However, Otto II insisted the Greyguard be reduced to only a few bodyguards instead of an active levy. These bodyguards participated in multiple wars, protecting their Count from enemies such as Renatus-Marna and Norland. During the reign of Marius Karl Baruch, Count of Ayr the Greyguard served as it had in his father’s reign. When Greyguard Hold was infiltrated and taken by Arberrang, Count Marius called the Greyguard and marched upon his old home to vanquish the Arberrang dogs and reclaim his family’s seat. Count Marius and the Greyguard were victorious, and the Greyguard once again were able to defend the lands of the Baruch family and assist in the protection of northern Haense. Count Marius led the Greyguard in the crossing to Arcas, before his abdication in favour of his grandson, Jan Eirik Baruch. Jan Eirik Baruch, Count of Ayr saw the Royal Levy Ban of 1709 and so he integrated the Greyguard into the Royal Army in return for the position of Commandant. He served in this position, with the Greyguard under his control in the now Royal Army, until his expulsion from the Kingdom for conspiring against the King and other allies. The Greyguard then returned home to Ayr, not wanting to serve anyone but a member of House Baruch, swearing now to Sigmar Joren Baruch, Count of Ayr. Sigmar Joren Baruch is the current Count of Ayr, and with the Royal Levy Ban of 1709 being lifted his goal now is to restore the Greyguard to its former glory and to help his house and Kingdom prosper. Ranks of the Greyguard: Kommandant: The Kommandant is the overall head of the Greyguard. A title held by the Count of Ayr. He commands the Greyguard, leading them into battle and organising his forces with his advisors. The current Kommandant is Sigmar Joren Baruch (Drew2_dude). Captain: The Captain commands the Greyguard in the absence of the Kommandant. He is the Kommandant’s most trusted advisor, and his word holds great weight within the Greyguard. The current Captain is Joren Aldrik Baruch (Bubby_64). Sergeant: Sergeants are a group of lower officers that help command small groups within the Greyguard. They are responsible for the wellbeing, management and drilling of their individual groups, and serve as a bridge between the Men-at-Arms and the Captain; voicing the concerns of the Men-at-Arms, and enacting the orders sent down from the top. Physician: The Physician is the medical equivalent of the infantry’s Sergeant. They are tasked with keeping the Medics in check and ensuring that all members of the Greyguard are healthy. Men-at-Arms: Men-at-Arms are the backbone of the Greyguard. They are seasoned in battle and each and every one of them are prepared to give their lives for the House of Baruch and their home, Ayr. They are trained and drilled often to ensure that, should they be needed, they can be called upon to defend House Baruch and their respective lands. Medic: The Medics are the medical equivalent of the infantry’s Men-at-Arms. They take care of the soldiers, tending to any wounds that soldiers may have picked up in battle or in training. Medics may stay as pacifists or they may choose to join the infantry in battle and training, it is to their discretion. Initiate: Initiate’s are the fresh faces of the Greyguard. They are yet to see true battle and they are ready to start their training to become a Man-at-Arms or a Medic. Initiate’s will stay in this rank until they have completed 3 training sessions or obtained their first kill in a siege, skirmish or raid; whichever comes first. Upon completion of this task, Initiates will take part in a small ceremony where they will transition from Initiate to Man-at-Arms or Medic. Ranking Structure: Honourary Ranks: Drill Sergeant: The Drill Sergeant is responsible for the training and drilling of all members of the Greyguard. He will train the Greyguard both in groups and individually in all aspects of warfare: on land, at sea, on foot, on horse, melee, ranged, jousting, siege defence and attack. The current Drill Sergeant is Dietrich van Jungingen (The3GhostWaffl3). Quartermaster: The job of the Quartermaster is to ensure that all levy members are equipped with armour and weaponry. He will take stock checks of all materials and assist in resource management throughout the County as well as the levy. The current Quartermaster is Swithun (NovumChase). Master of the Hunt: The Master of the Hunt is a title given to someone on the basis of their passion for the art of hunting, paired with their ability to be able to track and kill a great beast. There is currently no Master of the Hunt within the Greyguard. Saint’s Son: This title is mostly held by the Baruch family or their relatives. It is awarded for remarkable service to the Cannonist Church, be that through direct or indirect service. The current holder is Lord Marius Karl Baruch (KIIWIKILLA) for his efforts in preserving St Otto the Bald’s body, and his restoration of the Chapel of the Final Revelation in Reza. Champion of Ayr: The Champion of Ayr is someone who has proved their martial prowess in tournament. There is currently no Champion of Ayr. The new champion will be the winner of the first tournament of Ayr. Cook: The cooks are there to ensure that all members of the levy are fed and watered. The head cook us currently Gri-ilk Dimpleduruk (RedTurtle8). To join the Greyguard, you may come to Ayr and enlist directly, or send a bird to Count Sigmar Joren Baruch (Drew2_dude – Drew#7225), Joren Aldrik Baruch (Bubby_64 – Bub#9995), or Marius Karl Baruch (KIIWIKILLA – Connor#0320). Signed, The Right Honorable Sigmar of the House Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Laval, Riveryn, and Voron, Lord of Jorenstadt and Saint’s Rest. Kommandant of the Greyguard, and Guardian of the Hansetti Coast His Lordship, Joren of the House of Baruch, Baron of Gant, and Captain of the Greyguard
  8. Marius Baruch lights a candle for his fallen King. Marius II was now the 6th King that the aged Lord had outlived. “Rest in Peace, Sire.” He says to himself, crossing himself as he does so.
  9. The bells in the keep at Ayr rang out after the news of Lord Leopold’s death reached it. Marius Baruch sat in his chamber, wrapped in thick furs but still his bones ached with the cold. “A shame I’ve lived so long.” He mutters to himself. “Everyone I knew, everyone I respected, and most of the people I’ve loved have predeceased me.” A tear comes to his eye and as he blinks it is released to run down his cheek as if a horse had been released from the blocks. The death of his granddaughter’s husband had moved him; put into perspective just how much he had lost. He pens a letter to his granddaughter, Valeria, offering his and his families services in raising the children, should she need it.
  10. Marius Baruch’s rage builds as he reads the first line of the missive. Marius Baruch begins to shake with rage, recalling the countless attacks on Haense from Godfrey’s soldiers. Marius Baruch tears up the page in a fit of anger, throwing it from the window into the waters below, screaming obscenities about how the woman is attempting to claim titles rightfully held by her young son.
  11. The aged Marius Baruch reads over the letter as he sits close to his fireplace. He nods in approval at his friend, Duncan’s, loyalty to the Kingdom of Haense.Though he feels empathy towards him and his Kortrevitch kin, as Marius knew what it was like to lose a family member to the Renation pretenders
  12. Marius Baruch smiles at his grandsons appointment.
  13. The aged Marius takes his seat between his grandson, Jan, and his trusted friend, Duncan Kortrevitch. He watches the ceremony with a smile on his face throughout. His mind returns to the many other weddings he has lived to see; the marriage of Marius’ aunt, Astrid, to the Baron of Beaumont many years ago in his youth. The tragedy that had later befell her and her family brought a tear to his eye. His thoughts then drifted to the wedding of his sister, Erika, to the Margrave of Vasiland in an attempt to divert his mind from the thoughts of his aunt’s fate. He notices several similarities between the weddings, including the unmistakable likeness between Erika and Val. As the ceremony ends, he pushes himself to his feet to applaud the new union between the houses of Baruch and Stafyr. “Together we shall prosper.” He says to his grandson, before offering a pleased nod to the Bishop as he catches his eye.
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