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    Kindling Penned 4th of the Deep Cold 1716 In response to the acceptance of Rodrick Kortrevitch’s olive branch by my grandson’s widow, Lilliana Baruch (nee Kortrevitch), I Lord Marius Karl Baruch condemn her actions. She has acted against her family and friends in the Kingdom of Haense and her actions are unforgivable. Her children, Kamilla, Sigmar and Eirik have already been left without a father and now their mother abandons them, innocent and young, to side with her traitor brother. The bond between a parent and child should never be broken, the sanctity of love and guidance from a parent is what shapes a child's life. The death of my son, Jan the Black’s father, is more than a small contributory factor in Jan’s downfall. Lilliana was well aware of that, yet she chose to leave her children without a mother. A truly appalling course of action that can never be forgiven. I express now an apology to all of the men and women, noble and common folk of the Empire for the recent actions of my family, blood and otherwise. In this time of darkness it is imperative that we band together as one and fight our common enemy together in unity. In my father’s childhood, his father held land in rebellion against House Staunton in the name of King Marius I, leading to the Greyspine Rebellion and restoration of Haense and the great city of Alban. At the beginning of my life the Kingdom of Haense had been defeated by the Staunton dogs. We did not give up, and we did not sit back and let our heritage and culture be lost to time and distant memories. We bound together and retook what was rightfully ours. We fought a war, reclaimed our homes, and built a better future for our successors. We shall do that again, for the liberty of those who follow us. In the power vested in me as my great-grandson, Sigmar’s, regent, I pledge House Baruch and myself to the Kingdom of Haense and the House of Barbanov, as it has been for generations. We stand beside our Stafyr and Vyronov grandsons, our Alimar and Barbanov nephews, our Vanir cousins and anyone else who stands on the side of justice. We are bound as a nation in blood and friendship. By the grace of GOD we shall not falter, our loyalty shall not waver, and we will not be defeated. Now more than ever is the time for unity and strength between families and friends. Ave Haense, Ave Marna, Ave Baruch. Signed, Sigmar Joren, of the House of Baruch, Count of Ayr, Baron of Voron, Laval, and Riveryn, Lord of Saint’s Rest and Jorenstadt, and Guardian of the Hansetti Coast. Marius Karl, of the House of Baruch, Associate Justicar to the Kingdom of Haense, and Regent to Count Sigmar of Ayr. The coat of arms of House Baruch
  2. Marius Baruch’s rage builds as he reads the first line of the missive. Marius Baruch begins to shake with rage, recalling the countless attacks on Haense from Godfrey’s soldiers. Marius Baruch tears up the page in a fit of anger, throwing it from the window into the waters below, screaming obscenities about how the woman is attempting to claim titles rightfully held by her young son.
  3. The aged Marius Baruch reads over the letter as he sits close to his fireplace. He nods in approval at his friend, Duncan’s, loyalty to the Kingdom of Haense.Though he feels empathy towards him and his Kortrevitch kin, as Marius knew what it was like to lose a family member to the Renation pretenders
  4. Marius Baruch sits alone in his chamber by the fire. A blanket wrapped around his legs to counter the cold that nipped at his bones through the thin layer of flesh. Marius had always been a proud man, but it seemed age was beginning to get the better of him. He scanned over the letter with tears coming to his eyes. He could not forgive what his grandson had done, but he was grateful that Jan had acknowledged his mistakes for the betterment of the family. He leant forward, going to throw the parchment into the flames, before pausing and sitting back, placing the parchment instead on the desk beside him. He took out some clean parchment, and penned his own letter back to Jan: ”You have caused me a great amount of stress and worry over recent days, Jan. I do not forgive you, and I will not forget it. I am grateful you have acknowledged your mistakes and put the betterment of our family before your own desires. You have made me very proud. I want you to know that. Your father would have also been proud with what you achieved as well. It is such a shame that it has came to this, my boy. I love you dearly, even though I can not find it in my heart to forgive you. Signed, Grandpapa.” The letter is sent to the palace in Helena, with the hope that it eventually finds his grandson.
  5. Marius Baruch smiles at his grandsons appointment.
  6. The aged Marius takes his seat between his grandson, Jan, and his trusted friend, Duncan Kortrevitch. He watches the ceremony with a smile on his face throughout. His mind returns to the many other weddings he has lived to see; the marriage of Marius’ aunt, Astrid, to the Baron of Beaumont many years ago in his youth. The tragedy that had later befell her and her family brought a tear to his eye. His thoughts then drifted to the wedding of his sister, Erika, to the Margrave of Vasiland in an attempt to divert his mind from the thoughts of his aunt’s fate. He notices several similarities between the weddings, including the unmistakable likeness between Erika and Val. As the ceremony ends, he pushes himself to his feet to applaud the new union between the houses of Baruch and Stafyr. “Together we shall prosper.” He says to his grandson, before offering a pleased nod to the Bishop as he catches his eye.
  7. Marius Baruch nods in approval as the sentence is passed. He turns to Elisabeth Preussens, smiling. “I’m glad to ‘ave assisted ye, lass. Ye will no longer be victim to ‘is savagery an’ infidelity.”
  8. After the trial Marius Baruch notes that not a single hair on the head of Jakob Ludovar has been touched, and so he relaxes in his manor.
  9. In the name of His Majesty, Robert I Bihar, Lord Justicar Swithun of Haense hereby calls Jakob Ludovar, 4th Prince of Ulgaard to trial for his crimes against both the Kingdom of Haense and its people. The charges being levied against Jakob Ludovar are as follows: Two counts of Bribery - Infractions; Extortion - Infraction; Defamation - 1st Degree, Misdemeanor; Impersonating an agent of the State - Felony; Incitement - Felony; Adultery - Felony; Disturbing the peace - Infraction. Associate Justicar Lord Marius Baruch feels that he has too much involvement with the issues to allow himself the ability to preside over the case alongside the Lord Justicar and so removes himself from that position for the duration of this case. Lord Marius, for the purposes of this case, will stand as the chief prosecution against Jakob Ludovar, and calls the following witnesses: Maria Kovachev, First Maer of Reza - Adultery and Bribery; Lord Henrik Amador - Bribery, Impersonating an agent of the State and Extortion; Lord Charles-Louis Preussens - Adultery and Bribery; Carolus Baruch, Baron of Gant - Bribery, Impersonating an agent of the State and Extortion; Otto Kotrevich, Captain in the Royal Army - Disturbing the peace, Incitement; Elisabeth Preussens, Countess of Osterland, wife of Jakob Ludovar - Adultery; Sergei Hendrik Stafyr, Viscount of Grauspin - Bribery. The defence has 2 Saint’s Days to produce a witness list to the Lord Justicar for their defence. Signed His Excellency, Swithun, Lord Justicar of Haense. The Right Honourable, Marius Karl Baruch, Associate Justicar. OOC: Trial will be held at the Palace at 7pm EST on Sunday 03/17/19
  10. Mcname:KIIWIKILLA IC Name:Marius Karl Baruch Residancy/ Street name, number:4 Marian Blvd Class/ Title: Lord
  11. A man winces as he reads this
  12. Marius Baruch announces his intention to run.
  13. Firstly, youve been offline for over a month. Just stop your memeing. Secondly, there is no viable way for you to attack. Lima flattened Dour Watch and everything in it. I dont know how you would get a legion through the various regions surrounding without being noticed.
  14. Minecraft Name (at the time of your ban): IGN is KIIWIKILLA, Character name is Arthur Roswell Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): PVP without RP Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Unsure of his name but the guy i killed Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Basically, i crept up on this guy, and whispered "Do not turn around. You are being robbed. Your items are now mine" or something along those lines. The guy then turned around and looked at me, and i saw that as a threat. I then killed him. I then received messages from the player involved, and he returned to the place he was killed to harass my character for killing him. I specifically told him not to turn around, and he did and as a result of that i killed him. At the time i thought that by him doing that i could kill him, as i am a relatively new player. I have now been made aware that this needed to be accepted by both parties. I apologise for my actions and for the inconvenience this caused for the player. I can assure you that this wont be happening again.
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