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  1. Rumira reads over the poster and pulls out a piece of charcoal often carried on her, she'd sketch on the bottom; "If this offer still stands, ill give you one for five hundred mina and one set of armor. -Rumira ((Rebbie11))"
  2. A small discolored paper is pinned on multiple poster boards around Vailor, on it is written; Looking to buy up to 16 Thornbark, price to be discussed with seller. Contact: Daeron, can be found in Sutica. ((Rebbie11))
  3. Lockpicking is marvoulous in the right hands. I love camping out at someones house and moving in when they leave or creating tales to get them to leave long enough to sneak in, I don't believe lockpicking itself is the issue, I think its the villains that are. I believe too many people are looking to score vs looking to create RP. I personally only ever once succeeded in stealing something, and its rarely anything valuable because then the person you are rp'ing with does get pissy ooc which effects the ic. (although its gotta be slightly valuable to get the person interested in playing along) Tossing the OOC emotions aside some victims and villains are great and they system works wonders. How can we make it better? I'd hate to see lock picking vanish completely. Just a few quick ideas that pop into my mind, maybe something to work off of: *brainstorms momentarily* -Since a GM is there anyway, have the GM enforce the villain needing to leave behind a clue. -I vaguely remember villain apps, not sure the pro and cons of it and why it was stopped but perhaps you have to be a certain tier villain in order to be a lockpicker. -errrr, thats all i got right now.... The system itself right now is pretty good, if your chests are locked they're secure against theft. Lockpickers cant get anything unless its a fancy named item and its hard finding 1. someone that has a named item and 2. which chest that would even be in. (only have 3 attempts per.) So, is it a lockpicking issue, or a villain issue....
  4. MC name: Rebbie11 Character's name and age: Daeron Haevaul, 275 Character’s Race: High Elf What magic will you be learning?: Water Evocation Who will be teaching you?: Jlyoko, Allona Solaira Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? No
  5. Daeron picks the pen up off the table, swiftly scribbling it across a line on the paper before setting it back down with a slight smile and nod.
  6. OOC: I can be on in roughly 20 minutes if ur available now, otherwise give me a time/timezone and ill see what i can do
  7. "seek her* out" XD "The Kha island has no bridge, correct? It will be a difficult task as my cows care not for boats however may be possible. Would you be willing to help the transfer in case of bandits, as for some bizarre reason bandits often take notice of cattle shipments. My asking price is 175 mina each as they have many uses and, unfortunately for sellers, supply an unlimited demand for those who know how to breed. If you can agree on the price and to oversee the shipment then we have a deal. -Anima Haemiel"
  8. What if you put a bucket of water in an icebox and it turned to ice...

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    2. zaezae


      I would suggest that frosties drop ice on death but that doesn't sound too fun for the frosty.

    3. =Nkruma=


      Frostbeards could have a ice drop rate of 0-5.

    4. Rebbie11
  9. Anima would seek out the buyer. "Do you still need cows and if so where do you need them? What town?"
  10. Rumira sits upon a raggedy sofa resting in front of a warm fire. She sips a small bit of ale before picking up a piece of charcoal and sketching into the pages of a dark maroon book. Time passes and as she finishes the sketch she'd set the book aside and glance around Tharggus's mute home. The silence being unusual and dispiriting. She sips the ale once more and finishes off the last few drops before wrapping her arms around a pillow and crumpling up at the end of the couch. Swiftly her eyes would fall shut and dreams creep in.

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    2. Swgrclan


      (( ( is this a public rp

    3. Rebbie11


      muhaha, it can be if you wanna barge into tharggus's house
       (im at work and bored out of my mind, plz)

    4. mrxgameingx


      Tharggus walks into his house, soot covers his beard and spots his clothing. He notices Rumira on the couch in front of him and smiles. Quietly he moves to his left and places a axe of carbarum upon its place on a rack and moves to rumira. He quietly takes his seat next to her and shuts his eyes drifting deep into slumber.

  11. The flyer would catch Rumira's eye as she wanders by, hands full if miscellaneous contraptions. She'd take note of the name and upon arriving home write a letter to be sent by bird. "Lo Arabella, Ay would beh 'appy teh compromise on ah deal 'oweveh un 'undred mina would beh ah loss fer meh. If yeh still want ah few den ay could do et fer tuo 'undred an' fifteh mina each, un 'undred an' ah trade, er somethin' else we can agree on. -Rumira Irongut, Kal'Akash" *******For fair warning, ice box's from what I've been able to tell are pretty limited. They can store some food but not all. I've been able to store apples, lemons, and fruit like food ingredients but not cooked beefs or potatoes or things like that. I'll test this a bit more when I get home if you want a better idea of what they can do.
  12. Tharggusssssss answer my application for mystics guildddd 

  13. Is thornbark an alchemy ingred?

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    2. professorus


      Does anyone know of a savanna where I can chop acacia trees?


    3. Sythan
    4. Elvrohir Aureon

      Elvrohir Aureon

      Its a Dark Oak drop in Savanna biome


      Source- I have like a stack

  14. *the following would be found pinned on poster boards throughout Vailor* Seeking Ice! Looking to purchase or trade for about 32 regular ice. If you're interested please post a note below OR send a bird to Anima Haemiel, located in Sutica. Price / Trade is to be negotiated. Ignore the picture, cant figure out how to remove the damn thing >:(
  15. Post your thoughts on the Kha. http://tinyurl.com/hcglr53   

    1. Mrlollytime


      Interesting topic, hope it doesn't get to trolly