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  1. [✗] The Origins of Lyes, Spirit of Dreams

    As Lyes' real dad I support this addition
  2. LotC's Age Criteria

  3. Follow for follow ????

  4. Attachment Limit

    What attachments are you trying to delete? As for the 500kb limit, if you're meaning for posts, its always better to upload your wanted images to imgur and then use the imgur photo link to insert into your posts. Gets around the issue entirely
  5. Forum Maintenance

    Don't get rid of our day off :(
  6. AMA? OuO

    What's your favorite planet? Favorite star constellation? Favorite type of spacey thing? heckkers m'dude!11
  7. I will change this to a +1 when this gets to 5 upvotes thanks. Current placeholder: This man is a menace and a complete troll. -1. Dogbew if you accept this man I will go on strike.
  8. The Ancestors

    Moved to The Great Library. It shall be sorted into the appropriate category shortly. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact myself or any FM and we'll restore it.
  9. [Accepted] Lets get this over with.

    About time. +1
  10. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    Please keep on topic in regards to the proposed rule. Keep bickering over warclaim issues elsewhere.
  11. Kinslayer vs Awaiti, The Edge Awakens

    Playing Battlefront in 1st person Actually disgusting
  12. Well thanks to friendo ruckio this was a bit easier to sort out. Please only post on this Ban Appeal if you were involved with the original issue. Please PM myself or another FM if you think you should be on this list. Or alternatively, PM Darth Luwan to be added to his list of person(s) involved. Current list for such people are the following. Darth Luwan DPM Charlesmagne Malgonious crownedlime747 necrodot xeyrio hackehen Do not post on this appeal if you are not on either this list or Luwan's.
  13. [✓] Alchemical Legends

    I love you, but also hate you for not hooking me up to assist with this! :( Awesome stuff though. Me like.
  14. Atlas Economy Discussion & Ideas

    Nexus/Professions were not good for this server at all since this server is mainly an RP server. This server's focus is not on economy, and the RP should be put first. I started something similar to the following back when people were complaining that it was removed. People spent hours of grinding on this server previously in order to get the best PvP gear and such. People spent time grinding instead of RP'ing. Reason RP is so plentiful this map so far is because people aren't locked away grinding. Previous maps, nations as a whole were disadvantaged for prioritizing RP over grinding, which is simply a terrible way for the server to function. The removal has been great imo, but it's clear economy could use some work. However, if the economy stays somewhat faulty due to the removal of nexus, I believe it is worth the price for Nexus to stay gone.