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  1. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    Please keep on topic in regards to the proposed rule. Keep bickering over warclaim issues elsewhere.
  2. Kinslayer vs Awaiti, The Edge Awakens

    Playing Battlefront in 1st person Actually disgusting
  3. (Ban Appeal) MograineTR - Use of hacked client

    Well thanks to friendo ruckio this was a bit easier to sort out. Please only post on this Ban Appeal if you were involved with the original issue. Please PM myself or another FM if you think you should be on this list. Or alternatively, PM Darth Luwan to be added to his list of person(s) involved. Current list for such people are the following. Darth Luwan DPM Charlesmagne Malgonious crownedlime747 necrodot xeyrio hackehen Do not post on this appeal if you are not on either this list or Luwan's.
  4. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    It was at this moment, the market for 'frost resistant potions' crashed. +1
  5. do lanterns give off light, or do they succ the dark? Thoughts?

    1. devvy


      this is harassment 

  6. Alchemical Legends

    I love you, but also hate you for not hooking me up to assist with this! :( Awesome stuff though. Me like.
  7. Atlas Economy Discussion & Ideas

    Nexus/Professions were not good for this server at all since this server is mainly an RP server. This server's focus is not on economy, and the RP should be put first. I started something similar to the following back when people were complaining that it was removed. People spent hours of grinding on this server previously in order to get the best PvP gear and such. People spent time grinding instead of RP'ing. Reason RP is so plentiful this map so far is because people aren't locked away grinding. Previous maps, nations as a whole were disadvantaged for prioritizing RP over grinding, which is simply a terrible way for the server to function. The removal has been great imo, but it's clear economy could use some work. However, if the economy stays somewhat faulty due to the removal of nexus, I believe it is worth the price for Nexus to stay gone.
  8. Tahmas' MT Application

    Nothing against you Thomas, but seems community worry in anonymous areas are worried more that this is your first stepping stone for a quick rise up to GM/admin again. Could be wrong, but is a valid worry nonetheless. I'm not going to -1 this but, I would prefer you be back for a little while longer before stepping into staff again.
  9. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    One of the few people I'll unironically comment for on a staff app. Great dude. Easy to communicate with. Hopefully this stays true if he gets accepted! +1
  10. Chronicles of Elf-Man

    ETA on Volume II?
  11. [Dark][TA]Tsuyose's TA

    Let this through, as an engagement present !1 >:c
  12. Tsuyose's WT App

    inb4 'Aerial is a loser compared to Xan.' But all in all, Tsu is a good lad. Let him in! Also, congrats on the engagement Tsuyose you cow.
  13. [Your View] The Wiki.

    To be honest, I'm not a wiki user, but this response will be in regards to what I think could be fixed from the bulk of Wiki Team complaints. Remove 'Notable Characters' which breeds a mentality that some Wiki Members have of pandering heavily towards their own character and ego. And truth be told, is the 'Notable Characters' area really necessary? Sure I can see where it may be suitable but, it turns RP into an OOC popularity contest. If notable characters are required for mainly new players, make it a small list on a single page, without character bio and all, which has to be Wiki Team member approved. Is also a job of Wiki Team to update it when powers change or people show up/die off. I know this issue also stems into history where some parts are bias, but at least it removes one of the main annoyances from the community.