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  1. INFINITUS EST NUMERUS STULTORUM UNENDING IS THE NUMBER OF FOOLS On That Which Transpired in San Luciano. Written by Jordan Bishop Reinmar 1st of Jula and Piov, 392 E.S We do not fail for a lack of knowledge, but for an abundance of hatred. Let this page tell of the demise of Basil Cardinal Allobrogum and Father Otto, and all that which preluded this tragedy. Let this page tell of the abomination within the Principality of Savoy, those misguided who proclaim to serve Godan within. Let this page tell of those fools. I had walked along the road to San Luciano, first encountering the bridge lined with the defiled bodies of those who I can only assume slighted the fools of the city, their murders committed in wrath and false belief. Perhaps this was a sign of what was to come, those events that would culminate in the deaths of two clergymen. It is horrifying that such bodies exist at all, and yet, they are displayed as though they were great prizes – simple objects, to display the pride and violence that those in the city so embodied. The path which I, and those before me, had traversed that day would be one of death and sorrow. Those who proclaim their virtue in these actions flatter themselves in falsehoods, falsehoods that wound and kill. As I entered the city, I was greeted with a sight most revolting. At least four were bound to a pyre, a crowd gathered before it. All were unbound, save for one, granted freedom only due to the pleas of Father Otto. The soldiers of San Luciano wielded ultimate power in this square, with little heed given to even the clergy that spoke against their actions. This city is one where Godan is all but absent in their minds, for they think themselves above those meant to guide them to His Virtue. We can only be thankful that they were guided to some semblance of reason, if only for a fleeting moment. It was only following the next events that I was truly horrified by this city, for I had thought them ignorant before, but there is no ignorance in malice, in hatred, hatred which this city is built upon, hatred which seeks to ignore Godan’s Holy Word. As Father Otto attempted to release the final individual from their bounds, a Halfling, they were stopped. He who wielded the match to set the pyre alight moved between the Father and the Halfling, after which much debate occurred in regard to whether the Halfling – one willing to convert – should be let free. They could not be persuaded even by a Cardinal, believing their word absolute. And so, as one of their own took hold of Father Otto, throwing him to the ground, was the pyre lit, engulfing the willing Halfling. One can only pray that these people might be guided back to faith once more, for it is all but lost in this city where violence rules. As another supposed heathen was stabbed near the entrance to the Basilica, naught but a passing glance reserved for this horrifying act, one of the city’s residents threw Father Otto to the ground, persuaded only by Cardinal Basil to halt – though, he was not yet done, as he took up arms against the Cardinal himself, beating him to the ground. Nothing was done to stop this violence, not by any who proclaimed their willingness to serve Godan and His Holy Word. I could do nothing but watch, unable to comprehend how such horrors could be committed. We come upon the culmination of all the events preceding now, wherein these two clergymen perished. The pair entered the Basilica, Cardinal Basil tending to the unconscious Father Otto’s wounds. All seemed calm as I entered, coming to stand near the pair, alongside the Principality’s Lord Marshal. It was then which the wrath of this city bore its fruit. An unknown assailant threw what appeared to be a spear through Cardinal Basil’s back, an explosion of unknown cause occurring at the same time. One can only pray that the Cardinal had already perished at this point, lest he be forced to suffer unending pain from his wounds. I, the Lord Marshal, and Father Otto were blown back, and when Father Otto suffered from his final pain, a mortal wound. I remember little between then and the final breaths of the priest. Both the Cardinal and the priest were thought dead at that point. I searched the city for Father Otto, coming upon him in an inn, aided only by a single woman. There was naught that could be done for him. In his final moments, he had prayed to Godan, clutching the cross at his neck. He had died before me, his endless pains finally subsiding. I know not who attacked us, nor their reasons for doing so. I know not the reasons for these trials we face. I know not the path which this shall lead us on. What I do not know shall be for others to discover, I am sure, but what I do know I shall write here. I shall address those who must be addressed, and comment on that which must be commented on, for without analysing that which has come to pass we can never truly discover the virtue which has been gained, and the sins that have been committed. I address the Lord Marshal of the Principality of Savoy, Joseph Brandt. You speak of your virtue, of your journey to wipe the world of sin, and yet you fail to see the sin in yourself. You observe others for you refuse to observe yourself. You bring wrath upon this world, you bring pain, you bring suffering, for your warped ideas of virtue and faith. You forge monsters of the faithful, for your mission to kill, your mission to eradicate. You are the cause of the demise of these two clergymen, not because you threw the spear, but because you condemned them the moment you began your false crusade against the misguided and ignorant of the world. It is not because the spear was thrown that they perished, but because of that which had led them into that Basilica, something of your own doing. You proclaim your innocence in your actions, and yet you allow the people of San Luciano to beat clergymen. You only aided that which led to this tragedy, for you let your citizens run wild, and you murder with little thought or discretion. You speak of your supposed successes, and yet you ignore your hand in this incident. Had these heathens never burnt, had your citizens not injured the priests, had you cared for Godan’s Holy Word at all, I am certain that the clergymen would not have died that day. Not a single soul should have perished then, and yet, your role, both direct and indirect, in their murders is apparent. I pray for you to return to reason, to return to Godan’s flock. I address the killer of Basil Cardinal Allobrogum. You have committed a sin of great weight. I do not wish for your demise because of it, merely that you be granted some mercy in the way of guidance. I view you no worse than I view the city that had allowed you to be misguided so, that had carved the path for you to commit this sin. I pray for you, as I pray for the city, for you are no worse than those who set you on this path. I beg of you, do not let yourself be fully absorbed by sin, confess, and Godan shall forgive. We shall all forgive. I address the city of San Luciano. You are misguided. You are driven to sin for those who lead you allow you to be. Your city is built on the foundations of hatred, but it does not have to be so. I implore you, read the Scrolls, search Godan’s Holy Word for meaning, for there is none in what you do currently. I pray for the city which has been led astray, I pray for the city which rots like the corpses that line its paths, for even in the worst of places there is hope. I address the Church of the Holy Canon. As one of your own, I am appalled that such events could be allowed to come to pass. I have failed. We have all failed. We sit idle, too absorbed in the world of potentials than the realities that have come to pass, that will come to pass. We must do something, for a city which banishes its Bishop, a city which houses those who defile His Word is one that we cannot allow to stand. I conclude in saying this: What has occurred needn’t dictate what is to come. We have sinned this day, atrocities have been committed, but all shall be forgiven, should we feel guilt, should we admit our shame, should we atone for that we have done. Though this was avoidable, we did not avoid it. We allowed this to come to pass. We are all at fault. We shall all learn from this, I am sure, and I shall pray that what is learnt is beneficial to us all. We are all fools, but we needn’t remain as such. Let us be guided back to Virtue once more. Signed, Jordan
  2. Full Name of Man - Erwin Bishop Date of Birth of Man - 1817 / 370 E.S. Name of Woman - Adelina Verloren Date of Birth of Woman - 1816 / 369 E.S. Location of Ceremony - St. Henrik's Basilica, Karosgrad Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1835 / 388 E.S. Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Jordan
  3. HALFLINGS AND CANONISM Written by Acolyte Jordan 4th of Gronna and Droba, 384 E.S. “I am the Lord God without peer, and My Word is the holy word, and My path is the virtuous path, and all the blessings of the Virtue shall fall before the righteous who tread it.” (Virtue 1:9) Godan, in His endless mercy and grace, permits those of pagan faith to reside in the First of the Seven Skies, should they display the virtue and humility akin to that of a follower of the Holy Scrolls and their Virtues. Through this blessing those like the Weefolk, sons of the sinful union of Dwarves and Humans, can be granted salvation in death, despite their heathen faiths. Though, this is not to say that the Weefolk have always been of an impious nature, for those centuries ago there were few among them who denied the teachings of Our Lord. The Halflings, though borne of an act of sin, acted piously, following the Holy Scrolls and His words within, even siring a High Priest, His Holiness High Priest Bernard I. Near a millennium following the birth of the Weefolk, their belief fell victim to the most grievous of tragedies: that of ignorance. And thus, in the absence of Godan’s endless knowledge, they chose to worship that of worldly nature, forsaking His light for that which the Weefolk could comprehend. In the centuries to come, those of a malicious sort elected to further their power and influence. And so, the Weefolk, in their innocence and ignorance, chose to believe in a false idol, that of Knox. Proclaiming himself a figure worthy of godly worship, Knox and his later imitators would deceive and manipulate the Weefolk, attempting to turn them to sin and indulgence. The most recent of these blasphemous imitators incited violence within the Weefolk, though his reign as a false idol would quickly end when he was struck down, his true mortality revealed. And still, the Weefolk, in their trusting and kind nature, chose to continue their worship, some even submitting to the Druidic faiths. And thus, we find ourselves in the present day. Many of the Weefolk find themselves in the village of Knoxville, within the realm of Haense. As per the charity of Koeng Heinrik II, the Weefolk have found refuge in the hills of the Attenlund, and though they live so near to the great basilicas and churches of the Koengdom, most of their kind remain unaware of Godan and His Word. They rarely venture int0 the urban lands, and those residing in the keeps and castles of the Koengdom rarely venture into the abodes of the Weefolk. It is not only due to ignorance that the Weefolk remain heathens, but because we, men and women of the Church, remain idle in our duties to the Church and to Godan, for Godan willed us to spread His Word, “You shall not be idle, nor forget your duties in favor of sloth.” (Virtue 4:8), and yet we fail in our duty of Diligence, for we let the Weefolk remain ignorant to the will of Godan. Though still covered by a shroud of ignorance, the Weefolk are closer to one of the hearts of the Church than they have been in centuries. The Halflings are on the verge of finding salvation once again; they are nearer to Godan than they have been in near a millennium. They teeter between redemption and damnation. As we occupy ourselves with aiding those of heresy to find Godan’s light, we forget those closest to deliverance from impiety. It is our duty, our path, to guide all in times of strife and ruin, and it is now that we must act, lest we allow sin to devour what remains of the Weefolk. Ignorance is something all have experienced in life, but that does not mean that we cannot be guided to knowledge, to understanding. The Halflings, a race lost to misguidance, are those who must be guided now. We must lead them forth, into piety and virtue, for it is our duty to Godan. The bonds between the Church and the Weefolk can be forged once again, and bring upon Halflings a new age of piety. It is time that we rebuild what has been lost. Written by, Acolyte Jordan
  4. [!] A note is pinned alongside the New Halfling Leadership Charter... An End to the Constitution I, Jordan Applebottom, Elder of Bramblebury, have elected to declare the Constitution defunct. Although such is forbidden by the constitution itself, it was in my belief that, for the prosperity and longevity of the weefolk, such drastic action had to occur. Visions seen by he who will come to lead Bramblebury told of great ruin to come, should the Constitution not fall. Bramblebury’s existence was at stake. And so, I defy the Constitution. It has only brought devastation and strife to our town. It has broken us apart from the inside, as though a virus perpetuated by the greed our forefathers bestowed upon us. Thus, I declare, as the last remaining Elder of Bramblebury, that Rolladango Applefoot, blessed by visions sent by Knox, direct descendant of Rollo Applefoot, and holder of the Thain Shovel. Glory To Weefolk
  5. The Halfling Leadership Charter Rebranded This is the official Halfling Charter, a government system made by the late Pal, who died in a drinking contest before he could propose this system. After the coup of Dunshire by Rollo Applefoot, the self asserted Thain honored Pal’s name by implementing a political structure which brought forth the ideal of Thainship. As time went along the prospect of Thainship muddied and was brought into light for being an ‘improper’ attempt at leadership. However, with the recent faults of the democratic constitution implemented, and the new attempts at ascertaining true Proper Halfling Leadership without the bickering bureaucratic nonsense, that olden way of thinking has been denied by the concurrent Elders, Pumplar, and olden-Thainhood blood. As such, the text below shall be the way us weefolk try and go about a fair, quick, precise, and communally helpful government. Glory To Weefolk Thainship The Thain is the leader of the lands in Halflingdom, the ruler of the village and the wildlands beyond the town to the borders. To an outsider or bigg’un, the Thain is the closest one would find to a feudal lord in the world of the Wee Folk, being the head of all political actions. Halfling culture is very odd however, and you’ll find often the Thain, while commanding much authority and respect, is seen more as a pillar of the community; a leader rather than a ruler. They’re normal people, if only a bit more motivated. They are the most prominent position a Halfling can hold, and is both a duty and honor to be called Thain. The Authority Of Thain I. The Authority To Banish II. The Authority To Conduct Foreign Diplomacy III. The Authority Over Burrows And The Land IV. The Authority To Call An Eldership NC Vote V. The Authority Over The Storage VI. The Authority Of Legislature VII. The Authority To Propose Replacements For Respected Government Members VIII. The Authority To Enforce Laws The Duty Of Thain The duty of the Thain is to be the pinnacle leader of the Halflings. He is not only descended from a respectable family, but is also a True Halfling from a pool of Proper Halflings. While they may not be the single leader of the Halflings, they are the highest, and the final and most important voice when making decisions. It is among their duty to lead the Halflings to properness, safety, and happiness (in that order). The Appointment And Reign Of Thain In order to become a Thain, there are a few certain criteria which you must meet. These criteria go as the follow: You must be a Halfling by blood and soul. You must believe in the Knoxist dogma. You must have been given (and/or ascertained) a certified trinket of an olden Halfling Thain. You must live within the concurrent major settlement of the weefolk. If the Thain dies and/or resigns whilst choosing an heir, then they shall become the appropriate new Thain of the Halfling lands. If not, then any whom meet the criteria above may proclaim themselves as Thain where a Sheriff, Elder, or Pumplar would have priority within such. In the event the Thain becomes tyrannical, falls ill, or loses his sanity (not rare for us Wee Folk), and is unable to properly lead, or is unwilling or unable to retire, both the Thain’s Scribe, Sheriff, and Pumplar must invoke their power of legislature, authority, and religious claim to remove them from office. This must be a joint effort between all 3 government positions which is written and signified for all Weefolk to see. Elderdom The Elders have, for most known Wee Folk history, guided the Halflings in their daily lives. They have provided history, knowledge, and taught the ways of properness to the new’uns. Through many political changes, the Elders have remained, and have used their age to further influence the villages under them, and in recent history have lead the village in a trinity. Now, however, they are returned to their original positions as Elders of culture, faith, and knowledge, rather than the overall task of leadership. The Authority Of The Elders I. The Authority To Maintain Village Matters II. The Authority To Conduct Minor Diplomacy III. The Authority Over Burrows And The Land IV. The Authority Over The Storage V. The Authority Of Legislature The Duty Of Elders The Elders are, as the name implies, the Elder Halflings of the village. They have been around the village for some time, and are knowledgeable about the laws, properness, the culture, and all the little things new’uns may not know. Thus, it is the duty of the Elders to teach new and improper Halflings of properness, and shepherd them to being proper halflings of the community. While this is their main duty, their secondary duty is to upkeep the village itself. The Thain may handle busy work, but he alone cannot control the whole village, and it’s up to the Elders to aid in giving out burrows, organizing and gathering for the storage, planning festivals, as well as construction, and all the smaller (and less glamorous) things in the village. The Appointment And Reign Of Elders Elders are appointed by the village via the concurrent Thain. Each Elder is decided based on which halfling the Thain thinks is the most knowledgeable and able to lead. There is no vote, so you’ll have to convince the Thain that you’re worth electing! They serve until death, or retirement, just as the Thain does. Elders may be removed by the Thain upon being ruled too sick, improper, missing, or otherwise neglectful. Upon removing an Elder from their position of power, they still have a 2 Elven Week period where they have their ‘right’ to try and call for the removal of the Thain… however, if not completed by the end of those 2 weeks they are unable to. Sheriffdom The Sheriff is the law of the village, and the keeper of the peace. Along with his deputies they patrol the boundaries (thus the nickname bounders) of the nation, keeping out spooky folk and munchkins, and keeping the town safe. The Sheriff’s office is the local law, the authority of the village, and the muscle of the land really comes from the Sheriff and his trusty spade. The Authority Of The Sheriff I. The Authority To Imprison II. The Authority To Appoint Deputies III. The Authority Of Legislature IV. The Authority Of Tie-Breaker Thainship Votes V. The Authority To Enforce The Laws The Duty Of The Sheriff The Sheriff is the law enforcement of the land, along with his deputies, and while their job may not be easy, it is extremely important. Their duty is to ensure the safety of Halflingdom, and to make sure the Halflings of the nation, including the Thain and Elders, adhere to the law. In the event of emergency, we rely on the Sheriff and Deputies of our nation to hold the line. The Appointment And Reign Of Sheriff Sheriffs have been elected democratically. This will remain, and allows for any proper Halfling who lives in the Village (or the lands of the Thainship) to vote for the Sheriff. The Sheriff can be elected from the common halfling village, and is often used to avoid nepotism in the law. Deputies are not elected, but rather picked by the current Sheriff. Both Sheriffs and Deputies serve until death or retirement. Sheriffs and Deputies can both be fired by the Thain without a vote. It should be noted that unwarranted firings, while legal, are frowned upon in the Halfling society, and may be looked at as a political power-play, which is a sign of improperness! The High Pumplar The High Pumplar is the head of the Knoxist religion, the spiritual leader of the Halflings. He is the ultimate voice on all things Knoxist, or relating to Knoxism, and can put into effect religious doctrine. The Halflings don’t care too much for detail, however, and the High Pumplar often takes a more culturally important role in the nation rather than a political one. The Authority Of The High Pumplar I. The Authority To Pardon Unto Knox II. The Authority To Appoint New Knoxist Dogma III. The Authority To Anoint Pumplar Sainthood IV. The Authority Of Legislature V. The Authority To Declare Religious Legitimacy The Duty Of The High Pumplar The High Pumplar may be the least important role in the collection of leaders, but it is still important to the Halflings none the less. The High Pumplar’s duty is to guide the spiritual nature of the Halflings, and to help the Halflings better connect with Knox. His other duty is to ensure a good relationship between the spiritual entities (Knox, Harvest Spirits, Arugula, Etc.) and the people of the Halfling nation. The Appointment And Reign Of The High Pumplar High Pumplars are chosen by Knox himself, spiritually though not in person. Any such Halfling wishing to become High Pumplar will need to speak to Knox. They will declare their wish to become High Pumplar and, if worthy, Knox himself will grant them their position. If they are unworthy, the Halfling will be denied. High Pumplars serve until death, and do not retire. Considering they are not elected, the High Pumplar cannot be voted out of their position. The only person who has the authority to remove a High Pumplar is Knox himself, considering he also grants the position. This is extremely rare, but in the event Knox himself removes the High Pumplar, all of the changes the Pumplar put into place will be retracted and considered null & void. It should also put the now Ex-High Pumplar under investigation for improperness or munchkinism, due to being deemed unfit by Knox himself. Signed, Rolladango Applefoot Descendant of the Applefoots, New Thain of Bramblebury Jordan Applebottom Applebottom Supreme, Lone Remaining Elder of Bramblebury
  6. [!] A hastily scribed note appears beneath James' note, reading: To those it may concern, I, the last remaining elected Elder of Bramblebury, Jordan Applebottom, do not acknowledge Filibert Applefoot's ascension to Elder without the due elections. As such, Filibert will remain unelected until the proper arrangements can be made. For the time being, I wish to uphold the constitution which was formulated for us, lest a bad precedent be set. Your Elder, Jordan Applebottom
  7. do u think that u would enjoy banana on pizza
  8. Bramblebury Job Census A list of the workers of Bramblebury 1815 | 615 Elders of Bramblebury The Elders of Bramblebury lead the village. They conduct various activities for the weefolk, though primarily aid by granting houses, situating new arrivals in inn rooms, and organizing the village. They’re who you can contact if you need any help. Jordan Applebottom ((Butterpotato02, littyfam#1911)) Greta Goodbarrel ((HalflingPrincess, HalflingPrincess#4799)) James Peregrin ((__Clocky, Tha_Mystery_Boy#8001)) Sheriff of Bramblebury The Sheriff of Bramblebury is in charge of the safety of the village and the weefolk within it. They search for and punish any criminals or impropers. Anne Cottonwood ((Little__Lady, Little__Lady#0556)) High Pumplar The High Pumplar is the religious head of Knoxism, the primary religion of the weefolk. Jeannette Applebottom ((Rioling, RIO#8249)) Tavernkeep The tavernkeep runs the Drunken Pumpkin, the tavern of Bramblebury, and conducts the distribution and storage of various alcohols. Filibert Applefoot ((jumperhand3, NotEvilAtAll#2321)) Librarians The librarians manage the Soggy Sonnet library in Bramblebury, and organize the various books within the library. Greta Goodbarrel ((HalflingPrincess, HalflingPrincess#4799)) Callum Fiddleberry ((TAZ0MB0, tazombo#0866)) Burt Hassenfort ((CorweenieTheJedi, Cherry Blossom #0001)) Healers The healers manage the Boo-Boo Burrow, and give medical aid to any weefolk who have been injured. Demeter Pebblebrook ((Little__Lady, Little__Lady#0556)) Firefolk The firefolk manage the fire department, and put out any fires that may break out, and also aid in removing any debris. Perry Overhill ((ChefMiguel, Miguell#9691)) Onelia Peregrin ((josie_exotic, Toxic $pice#4088)) If you work within any of these professions and are not listed here, please send a note to one of the Elders!
  9. Jordan Applebottom regarded such a proclamation with considerable curiosity. Though knowing little of this former Sheriff, the wee boy had been somewhat enraptured by his words. The boy paused for a moment, his gaze resting on the poster but a moment further, "How curious." The lad stated quite simply, before skittering onwards.
  10. ((MC Name: Butterpotato02)) Name: Jordan Applebottom Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea () Nay (x)
  11. The time has come for the halflings to cast their votes for our new Sheriff. Please follow the instructions below: THE CANDIDATES FOR SHERIFF: Anne Cottonwood [!] A polling station can be found at the entrance to the Drunken Pumpkin. The Ballot: ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea () Nay () Rules of the Election: You may cast only one vote for Sheriff. If you try to take ballots out of the box, your vote will be discounted. ((No editing your post or metagaming the election progress.)) ((No voting as multiple personas.)) If you are under the age of thirty-three, you may not vote. If you are a biggun, you may not vote. If you are banished, you may not vote. If you don't have a home in Bramblebury, you may not vote. Voting will close in 2 pumpkin days. ((You have 48 hours to reply to this post.)) May the best halfling win!
  12. [!] Posted to the Bramblebury Notice Board is a small document. Resignation of Sheriff Meemaw Applebottom 9th of The Deep Cold, 1814 SC; 614 SR It is with great sorrow that we announce the resignation of Sheriff Meemaw Applebottom. She has served Bramblebury faithfully as its Sheriff for 17 years, but, in recent years, has been unable to operate at her full capabilities due to her declining health. Fortunately, a clear successor has come forth. With the challenge declared by Anne Cottonwood, Meemaw Applebottom has found it to be in the interests of both the village and she to resign from her position, in favour of Anne Cottonwood. And so, we, the Elders of Bramblebury, declare a period of 2 pumpkin days for any individuals to challenge Anne Cottonwood for the title of Sheriff of Bramblebury. Should her succession be unchallenged, then following this period she will take the office of Sheriff. This period shall last from midday 9th of The Deep Cold, 1814 SC; 614 SR until midday 9th of Malin’s Welcome, 1814 SC; 614 SR. We are most excited to see this revival of safety and properness in Bramblebury. Signed, Elders of Bramblebury
  13. Jorts wrote a note to Kerra, to confirm his attendance.
  14. ((MC Name: Butterpotato02)) Name: Jordan Applebottom Vote for Elder: James Peregrin () Greta Goodbarrel (x) Filibert Applefoot () Jordan Applebottom (xx) Winter May Gardner ()
  15. “I, Jordan Applebottom, Shogging Champion of Almaris, offer my support to Perry Overhill’s campaign!” A note pinned beneath the sign stated.
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