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  1. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus laid upon his bed in St. Henrik's Basilica, and, having been unable to sleep, took the theses and read over it - at least he would not have that to do tomorrow, and placed a inked stamp shoddily upon the page, marking his approval.
  2. Full Name of Man - Vladrik Otto Kortrevich Date of Birth of Man - 384 E.S. Name of Woman - Margot Sofiya Baruch Date of Birth of Woman - 383 E.S. Location of Ceremony - St. Henrik's Basilica Date of Ceremony - 404 E.S. Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Jordan Cardinal Jorenus
  3. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus peered over the thesis, reading it with the utmost detail - not a misplaced word would slip past the Patriarch, for grudges shall be grudges so long as men live. And thus, with all seeming in order, the Cardinal, begrudgingly, placed his inked mark of approval upon it, mailing a brief letter notifying of such to the acolyte involved.
  4. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus happened upon a copy of the missive, a slight smile embracing his gaunt, sunken features. How wonderful it was, to know that Molia had such strong convictions - good convictions. He would surely remember her still, as he had remembered her for most of his life.
  5. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus paused from his writing in the small room of his burrow, and, having acquired a copy of the document, read it. But this mere proclamation in support of the demise of the unrepentant did naught to soften the Patriarch to the horrors of murder, for he had seen the wrongful deaths in Savoy those many years ago. He had seen one who repented, who sought Godan, set to flame, and burnt to naught but ashes. He had seen how such thoughts tainted those of virtue, how such had brought them to sin, for the men of today are not Owyn, they are not the Prophets, they are but men. Men who are fallible, who require pacifism to enact their faith. So too did he see the reason in such words, however disagreeable it seemed. Perhaps there was once a time for the deaths of the unrepentant, perhaps there shall be once more, but such a time is not today, he thought, for we are fallible as Owyn was, but in ways different to him. He had been overcome by vengeance; by rage, but we are overcome by pride. Pride to think ourselves worthy of judging those repentant and those not, pride to think that we, who so often fail in our diligence, are worthy to cut down those we fail to guide to repentance. Only when we are born anew, when our sins are few and our judgement pure, can we condemn others. This, he thought, is the plight of man. We seek to judge and yet we cannot, for our minds are as tainted as those of heathens and heretics. We attempt to enact just violence, and yet we fail in that, for we are now led by the Church, which was only in its infancy in the days of Owyn. And thus, we find faithful in all place, whether they be known or not, whether they be heathen or Canonist, for the Virtuous pagan and the sinful Canonist are both flawed, and are both faithful. It is no longer the job of the man to judge, but the job of the man to lead. With such rambling thoughts concluded, the Cardinal decided that it was time for a break - perhaps he would patch some of those pesky holes in his robes, with the dastardly moths of the countryside eating it up.
  6. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus was, perhaps, somewhat saddened to see the departure of the Savoyard and Orenian clergy, who had so livened the city for the past few months. But, alas, it was what must be done, for who is to inhibit the rightful leading of Godan's flock? And so, he went back to the drawl of his daily duties.
  7. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus placed an ink stamp onto his fellow Halfling's thesis, approving the writing, though perhaps not reading it as thoroughly as he should've - but few could blame him, given all the excitement, conflict and hubbub surrounding the clergy.
  8. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus approved this thesis - likely the first of many from female acolytes. What a wonderful day!
  9. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus, a supporter of this reform, celebrated from his quarters, "GODAN bless the Vicar o' GODAN, His Holiness Everard VI!"
  10. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus remembers the days in which the Bishop San Luciano, now the false Pontiff, was not even known to be the Bishop of his own diocese. "How strange," he thought, "Only but a few years ago did the Prince of Savoy ask that I, as according to my own wishes, be replaced as the Bishop San Luciano. How times change." He stood then, preparing his own quarters in St. Henrik's Basilica, should Everard VI wish to stay there, "Onleh 'un Pontiff fer me." He remarked to himself, fluffing the pillows. It would be good to see his old mentor.
  11. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus, though no longer acting as the Prelate of the Priesthood, had theses to accept for his own diocese nonetheless. And thus, in the midst of his relocation back to his fellow Weefolk, he read over Erhard's thesis. Certainly, it was a skillful presentation of his thoughts, though the Patriarch could not help but disagree with the ideas written. In spite of such, he still gave his approval, the mark of ink splattered onto the page.
  12. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus scribed this next response to Nes Moonwood (@SomeKeyboardGuy) in a most elated manner, the message reading as such, "To the good Nes Moonwood, I cannot express how joyous I am to see another of the Weefolk interested in serving the Holy Mother Church, for I am one myself. Though I should not have favourites in the clergy, I am certain that any Halfling shall be a good friend of mine. Thus, I ask you, please contact me privately so that we might be able to discern where you would best serve GODAN in his Church. Signed Jordan Cardinal Jorenus"
  13. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus sat, as usual, in the high room his quarters were placed in, the room having been organized some. He read over the thesis of one of his own aspiring acolytes, finding himself thoroughly interested by the idea presented - though not epiphanic in nature, it was eloquently presented, with some unique understanding derived from such a common plight. And thus, he placed his stamp atop the document. He was sure to seek this particular acolyte out for further discussion.
  14. Full Name of Man - Philip Rupert Archibald Galbraith Date of Birth of Man - 1818 / 371 E.S. Full Name of Woman - Elizabeth Othaman Date of Birth of Woman - 1825 / 378 E.S. Location of Ceremony - The Basilica of the Ascent of Exalted Godfrey, Providence Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1848 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Jordan Cardinal Jorenus
  15. Jordan Cardinal Jorenus remained within his high tower in the Basilica of Saint Heinrik, skimming over the thesis. It would not be one remembered by him - nor would most, he scarcely remembered the contents of his own - but it would gain his approval nonetheless, a stamp sloppily set upon the page - such approval would surely be sent to the bishop of whatever diocese this man would lead in, in due time.
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