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  1. The great collector ploughed over the roads, dragging a trail of blood through the sand with the corpses of animal and descendant, carrying yet another sacrifice to the great tower of the maw. "LUP DA MAWWW....." The beast would rumble in chant as it strode forth.
  2. Urzug'Ungri roared his praise to The Great Maw as the first sacrifice was finally made. "TU DA MAWWW!!" His and his fellow kin's roars scoured deep into the pit following the lifeless corpse into the abbyssal maw of infinite fangs.
  3. ”One day he will return, and on that day, we will be there to welcome the Infernal king” ~The Infernal Knights~ Iblees will return, A prophecy, no, a Certainty. Born from the moment Iblees was locked away, a conviction of his return. A grand prophecy, empowering all who serve the demons. An infernal source of power that drives all those who believe, all those who know. The Infernal Knights are an order of wretched beings powered by sheer force of will and faith, all of them pledged their souls to the High lord Iblees himself. They fight for their Infernal Lords with steel and fire. They would happily die if it meant the service of the demons. Moz Strimoza is their heaven and Demon’s are their halfgods. The world will Burn…. History 43 years ago the Inferi hordes were stopped in the Korvassa desert, they returned to their realm but not without leaving a giant amount of destruction and chaos, the land around the Korvassa desert started to split open deeming its inhabitants to flee. The entirety of Arcas fled to Almaris seeking a new fresh life, but the cataclysmic event awoke something in the shadows of the dark, lingering evil that was waiting to come out. 5 years later… A white haired elf, hailed from a bustling city, one day ventured deep into a dark forest, his white locks brushed in the wind. After a long walk he came into an open spot in the middle of the dense forest. On the other side of the opening was an elder figure who arose from the bushes. Both figures approached the middle of the open spot in the forest, wind mildly blazing past their air. In the middle was a ominous rock, black as the night, a pentagram carved into it. The elf looked at the man and the man looked at the elf, they clasped hands with determination. “Old friend…” These were two regulair descendants, void of power. But together, in that forest the two friends founded The Infernal Cult, wrought in the strongest foundation: faith, soon many more gathered. They began slaying those deemed unworthy, spilling blood for infernal gods, creating chaos wherever they could, corrupting the world. They began their eternal search, longing to serve their rightful masters. But misfortune struk, The Chasm of the Unholy, an ancient and holy place for the Infernal Knights was brought down, layed in ashes of its previous cinders, sleeping. Therein the cult slept, slept for multiple years, but one man stood up. Another man stood up, one by one the Cult stood up from the shadows, they gathered to reignite the flames of the past. To relit the ashes so that the ashes may turn into a greater flame, mightier, stronger and more demonic than before. ‘The order of Infernal Knights was born!” ~ Clothing The Infernal Knights are never seen without armor. Lower ranked Knights will often be seen wearing chaotic, rusted symbols and armor, usually black and dark metals. But due to the chaotic freedom of their wears they can represent pretty much anything as long as it honours the Infernal gods. The higher you climb up the ranks the more organized the armor looks, don’t get me wrong, they look chaotic alright. On the contrary, those higher in command, wear armor representing some of the commanders from the last inferi war. All the armor usually appear quite demonic, meant to honour their gods, often Inferi symbols can be found and the suits of armor are usually quite spiky and rugged to simulate the chaotic nature of the Inferi. ~ Food The Inferi have a delicate yet brute menu when it comes to food. While they do eat regular food, the Infernal often dine at the meat and blood of their enemies. They took the habit of ripping your opponents in half and consuming their flesh from the demons, though, made more suited for descendants. The Infernal knights like to dine on their enemies and drink their blood after a victory, many different parts of their enemies are prepared and consumed as if a feast to celebrate their victory. It is accustomed to drink blood of those same corpses as well, alcoholic substances might occasionally be added if the mood is right for it. While they eat their enemies, a lot of the corpses are left to sacrifice to their gods. Even though they like to consume their enemies nice and fancy they do stick to their Inferi masters and rip the skin straight off freshly perished corpses. Usually to intimidate the enemy. Though, in the end, to their sadness, they eat cooked meat, to avoid consuming too much raw meat and catching ill. ~ “Cower in fear as you watch the flesh being ripped of your allies bones by the looming knights in the fire, Watch in horror as you know you will be their next meal” “We are but pawns, mere tools. We will live for our gods, and we will die for our gods” Religion The Order of the Infernal Knights is a religious group of knights who dedicate their entire lives to serve Iblees. They believe Iblees is the one true god, meant to rule all. By serving Iblees, they consequently also serve the pentacle and all Demons, under them. The Infernal Knights believe themselves lowly in comparison to the demons. They are perfect beings as Iblees intended to. That is why they try to pick up as much of the Infernal culture as they can, for example, as mentioned before. Eating their enemies. Anything Infernal is holy to them, Moz Strimoza is their heaven. Demons are their Demi-gods, to die for the Inferi is an honour for all Knights. ”To only place thyne eyes on the mere sight of an Infernal being is one of the greatest blessings one can receive” The Infernal Knights believe they might be able to please any Infernal gods or even Iblees himself by sacrificing non-Believers to them ceremonially. Usually meaning the death of an enemy or someone who does not think of the demons as good, paired with a prayer. The bodies will then usually be eaten or used to be thrown into the mouth of Moz Strimoza. An uncanny, endless pit, murals covered with what seems to be Moz Strimoza’s land itself. They believed it is to be a portal holy, wherein they threw the bodies or residu of bodies they had consumed in the hope that the demons of Moz Strimoza may be able to claim their souls. Several members of the old Inferi cult have ventured down, yet none have returned so far. They are believed to be in Moz Strimoza now. The Infernal Knights believe that Iblees is destined to one day return to this realm to destroy it with chaos and rebuild a paradise for the Inferi. The Order seeks contact with the Inferi or its allies so that they can serve the Inferi. They have never seen any Inferi, though their purpose is to serve them, until they have contact from the Inferi they go by the lead of the Zealots. Spiritual leaders who are chosen because it is believed that they are the best to interpret the Inferi’s will and lead the Order. They seek to free the High lord of Moz Strimoza and ready the world for Iblees to make it as easy as they can for him. ~ “Marching Knights, everywhere. All demonic in stature, chains could be heard everywhere, every step set determined, meaning to kill for their lord. We knew. The Infernal Knights were coming…..” Hierarchy The Infernal Knights are a force of chaos and violence, not stopped until death. But like the Inferi, the Infernal Knights have hierarchy. The Infernal knights are an army of veteran knights, often previously a soldier before joining the order, or trained in the order itself. Led by the hardest veterans of worshippers, solely powered by faith and sheer force of will. They have an iron resolve to serve their lords and keep true to the hierarchy, obeying all who stand above them. The Knights have no particular weapon, all knights using their own respected weapon. Ranks The Scourge - The apprentices The Scourge, or, the apprentices are newly joined members of The Infernal Knights, they are those who wish to serve, but are often not trusted completely yet, therefore they are not yet Infernal Knights or Sorcerers. The apprentices are the biggest bunch of the cult, many aspiring to be completely trusted into their knighthood, gaining access to all the Order's knowledge. Until they are trusted they will attempt to prove themselves by attending missions and assignments and are trained in combat by the Knights. Although the Apprentices are not trusted completely yet by the upper ranks, they are all valuable members of the order. Without the power and will of the aspiring Apprentices and their sheer numbers, the Order would not be where it is today, therefore they are given the name: “The Scourge” To give them a collective identity and the enemy a force to fear. The Scourge wears an individual set of armor each. Over the years tailored to their specific needs and desires. Some sorcerers need less plating, some want spikes on their shoulders, all examples. This makes each Apprentice unique, this is to represent the minions of The Inferi, all unique in their own terrifying ways. An Apprentice loses their individuality when becoming an Infernal Knight/Sorcerer. Some of The Scourge can be promoted to Lieutenants, these are more trusted Apprentices, but are not yet let into the Infernal knighthood. They are long time apprentices or those trusted a great deal by the Infernal Knights. Sometimes let in on some knowledge/missions. And also given the right to lead the scourge should a higher up be unavailable. *Scourge Lieutenant The Infernal Knights - Sorcerers The Infernal knights/Sorcerers are the most elite group of the Order, feared the most in the Order for their terrifying protruding presence. A rank holy to all apprentices. One becomes an Infernal Knight or Sorcerer when the Apprentice/Lieutenant has proven their worth. An Infernal Knights is like a brother to the other Infernal Knights and sorcerers, they have fought beside them for an incredibly long time now and they are a trusted member of Order, allowing involvement of all the secrets of the order. They are now one of the highest ranking Individuals, there are not many Infernal Knights/Sorcerers. When an apprentice/Lieutenant gets promoted to the status of an Infernal Knight or Infernal they lose their Individual set of armor (they can keep it off course, but it’s just armor), in return they are given the Infernal knights set of armor or the Infernal sorcerers set of robes, showing their status to the rest of the Order. On top of that a Knight or Sorcerer is given a title, a name suited to their personalities or achievements, defining them as an individual knight or sorcerer of the Order. *An Infernal Sorcerers set of robes. Infernal Knights wear great, decorated, plated armor giving them strong protection. They are usually already strong enough to wear the heavy armor comfortably due to the training they received as an Apprentice. An Infernal Sorcerer is a spellcasting member of the Order. They usually fight from distances with their magic supporting the Infernal Knights and The Scourge on the front. The Infernal sorcerers are usually given robes with light plating to allow better movement and less carrying weight for they are usually weaker due to their abilities, unable to effectively carry heavy armor. The Infernal Lords - Zealots The Infernal Lords are the three leaders of The Order of the Infernal Knights, they are treated as Zealots, spiritual leaders. Interpreting the will of the gods, deciding what actions the gods would want them to take. They always consist of three members, avoiding any possible corruption to ensure the well being of the Order. The Infernal lords do most jobs in the Order, amongst which leading most missions and assignments, and directing the Order to keep a chaotic yet organized group that can effectively carry out their duties, an Infernal lord's job is a tough one, but they are veterans amongst the Order, guided for decades by their religion. Atop all that they ensure their religion remains intact and honourable as intended and needed, making sure all aspects of their religion will be kept and held properly. The Infernal Lords armor is close to an Infernal Knight one’s, but still with their respective differences like a crown shaped helmet and greater fur collar. There are at this current time 2 Infernal lords who are still seeking for a third member worthy and willing of taking on the task. They are the original two founders of the cults. ~ Purpose The purpose of this lore is a necessary rewrite of the old Inferi cultist’s lore, a premature version of the intended and still developing cult in a stage where there was little time to develop decent lore. This lore is a rewrite hoping to have picked up on the experiences made in the cult last year of its existence and in the hope of sparking the culture a new life. This lore also follows the same reasons the original Inferi Cult was created. To create a group of Inferi Worshippers to allow people wanting Inferi Worshipping rp to do so, and to create a new villainous threat on the roads and cities. I hope you had as much fun reading the lore as I had writing it. OOC applications are: Open (For ooc application contact Minth_11 / Minth#6303) [Do not metagame this information] Writer: Minth
  4. The Infernal knight counted his points from behind the mask, a puff of air would be visible from the cold "Hrmmm, 15....I guess i am a bit a pure indeed" Pulled his bloodstained sword from a fresh corpse and wanders off again.
  5. I'd personally like to see something along the terms of an aviary, allowing people to check their mail and such. It'd remove the ability to send birds anywhere regardless if the birds know how to get there. This qwould add an extra barrier of defense against metagaming as you now also would have to prove a valid reason to check your aviary at exactly a specific time. And I like looking in an aviary for mail, like everytime you go there, there could be a possible mail in your box!
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    Hi there, as you can see your application has unfortunately been denied, check below for the detailed reasons why. - Your powergaming definition isn't just there yet, please check out the Link to the definitions and try again. - You asked in the confusing rule tile that you were wondering what happens after you revive: After someone revives they lose all memories of they died, or leading up to their death and you may not return to the place of death for 30 minutes. One will respawn at Cloud Temple (spawn). -Your biography unfortunately contains too little lorereferences, you will need at least two lore references. You can use these Links Nations and Major Charters .Races .Arcas -What is 'The book of the undead?' It is not in the lore, and one cannot posses any magic or magical items, unless taught or given irply. -Your roleplayscenario is also not correct, you cannot describe your thoughts in the roleplayscenario -You mentioned servants in your familiy, one is not allowed to play as a noble family. -Your skin is also not up to LOTC standards, for skins you can look at the Skinarchive for any skins. -You did not describe what you think roleplay is like asked. Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [ Minth#6303]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message Minth_11 to find me in game. If I’m not around, you can also use the LotC Discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/fwEQA2F Also, I would recommend that you read over the wiki! WIKI ♥
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  9. Number 7 has been found! and with that the easter event is to an end!!!! Thank you all for participating!!
  10. A new hint for number 7!!!: In a small town, close to dwarves. filled with catpeople and alike.
  11. Number 10 has been found!
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