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  1. Hi my name is Hudsun202, I’ve been on lotc sadly for 5 years, I don’t have old hat yet but beside that issue, I wanted to make this forum post because there’s an upcoming war, and the issue I have with this war is that it won’t be fun like at all, to all of you who are reading this you’ve surely been to a war-zone right? Its a cool concept, a lot of players battling it out against another batch of players making little videos of you doing your MLG Minecraft kills, but you also slowly noticed that we’re doing the war on a server with tons of plugins, entities, and so much stuff that wars just end up becoming a lag fest, its no longer the skill you have, its whether or not you’re lucky enough to spam left click in a lag spike hoping you got someone down. So that being said I hope not just you friendly viewers see this but the staff, the GMs, god forbid the ETs, and the Admin, that we need another server, a private one at best, we should be having our war zones in another server, its been a long over due need, how many of you full time role-players hate when you’re trying to rp about how cool your fictional family is only to notice your message has a 2 minute delay because a bunch of mine-men are just clicking at each other to win some beef? Lately the server has had its fair share of mood swings, often at times being laggy and then being a little laggy, as matter of fact we held a little pvp training just 10 guys far away, trying to just do some pvp training only to see that the server can’t even let us experience the pvp without lagging, its not fun, in fact it just ruins the mood. The last war between Oren and the Hangmen, all those who attended you can vouch that the war claim was such a lag fest, often at times you got downed and it felt like someone stopped time to punch a hole right through your chest. You could argue that if we move to another server what about getting loot? For starters, if your main goal in warzones is to just loot goblin, then you really can’t speak on this matter, regardless, I don’t think Warclaims happen because the two opposing sides want to get more gears of armor, last I checked the definition of War wasn’t “Kill.Loot.Dip!”, we’re going to war for a reason, whether its to take over a nation, or to deal with a dispute, and we can’t exactly achieve that goal if we’re just going to gamble the server’s Indian cafe internet connection. Here are some options and things that could be capable if we make a Warzone server for lotc: Ofc less lag gamemodes (i.e: Capture the flag, Domination, or Conquest) maps can be created based of lotc locations and not just some location roulette a battlepass for this server that gives players some emotes and cool skins monke no but seriously it shouldn’t be a hard job, just sync some plugins from lotc like the whole rp stuff, I know you guys can do it.
  2. ((IGN)): hudsun202 Name: Markus “Mamba” Ishmael Rank: Sergeant
  3. [!] Master Markus Ishmael of the Honorable Company of Thespians and Revelers votes “Aye” regarding the matter of the Grain Dole act, hoping it can bring good!
  4. NAME: Markus Ishmael AGE: 37 GENDER: Male POSITION/S SOUGHT:The Right Honorable, the Chancellor EXPERIENCE: I’ve overseen troops and their actions as a sergeant within the ISA, also I manage a clash of clans, we’re pretty good so yeah I think I qualify :) ((DISCORD: hudsun202#8716 ))
  5. I hereby nominate the following for the post of Master of the Honorable Company of Tylers and Bricklayers and Paviors! Name of the Company Member and of its Owner: A Life on Canvas, Markus Ishmael Full Name of the Livery Candidate: Markus “Mamba” Ishmael Age of the Livery Candidate: 37 Street Address of the Livery Candidate: Sabari 1 - Markus “Mamba” Ishmael
  6. Lotc groomers are hitting the air right now 

    1. Dummy_Boy02


      burn the pedos, save the children amen

  7. SURNAME: N/A FIRST NAME: Markus ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Silver Jubilee Fountain 5 DATE OF BIRTH: 31th of The Deep Cold, 1743 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? I am a Corporal of the ISA, however I do not believe it will conflict with my campaign to become a member of the House of Commons. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: I understand ((MC NAME)): hudsun202
  8. Commission Update! We’re back baby! By back I mean I’m back to taking commissions, I had to put a hold to my old one due to last second school stuff, but I’ve gotten my diploma about two weeks ago so I’m safe to say I am free to work on commissions! (I work at dunkin so I’ll still be somewhat busy but not as busy). With that out of the way as you’ve seen on the big bold letters, this update is to announce I’m doing commissions, and this time I have prices! (huzzah!). So for artworks like these: These will be at a simple price point of 3,000 minas! If you’re looking to add another person, then it will be another 2000 added to the price, these usually take me from around 1-2 hours to do and finish (its why I don’t really want to charge money considering this stuff is the stuff I do when I’m bored) Now for artworks like this: This one is a pretty lengthy one, as it took me a while to sketch, fix, and trace, if you look closely some of my sketches can be seen, but don’t worry it won’t turn out like this one, I kind of just left it like that because I was tired, but starting price for this is 10,000 minas! And every additional character is 1,500 minas, but in short words 10,000 minas gets you 7 characters, but everything added onward will cost you more! Yeah and that’s basically it really, I’m going to just leave my discord info below, please dm there, as I don’t really use lotc’s dm’s (they’re not the best) Discord: hudsun202#8716 (once again if you want to send me cute cats or memes you’re free to do so ) With that covered up, I hope to see you all again eventually!
  9. hudsun202


    See you all in an hour
  10. FULL NAME: Markus AGE: 24 RACE: Highlander RELIGION: Canonism REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Regiment ((MC name)): hudsun202 ((Time zone)): EST
  11. We got burgers, with cheese on it 

  12. I don’t exactly know how to word this out, but I’ll be straightforward, I’m open for commissions, I’m not pricey, a small price of 1000 minas, for a simple black and white drawing of you character. Below is one of my latest commissions, if you’re interested please feel free to message me privately or add me on discord: hudsun202#8716 (if ur adding me to send cute animals thats also an option) Anyways here’s some of the stuff I’ve done
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