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  1. I am hosting the unofficial creative event for Lotc, pm me your talent, performance dates will be posted, rewards will be listed soon.

  2. hudsun202

    Headshot Sale!

    why does everyone look like goat
  3. I’ll return to Lotc when they fix the damn server 

  4. NAME: Clinton Northbroek AGE: 23 GENDER: Male RACE: Highlander [OOC] DISCORD: hudsun202#8716
  5. Here’s *smashes screen* The Motha fuckin *smashes screen* Tea 

  6. Any factions I can join? I'm currently lost as to what to do and how to play

  7. My return to Lotc is soon, I'm getting a new Computer after my last one got K.O'd by a simple kick, can't wait to see how everyone's doing, gonna probably need someone to teach me how to play, I forgot

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      oh so he was being honest

    3. hudsun202


      @Man of Respect how do I delete ur account

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      get ur fat mom out of the delete button


  8. Watched some videos and live streams on YouTube that had folks playing lotc, Jesus Christ it really is boring to watch someone watch themselves watch roleplay, I'm see a lot of new names, I haven't been on in forever, probably be back on this summer, but for starters who wants to give me the inside scoop as to what the hell is going on

    1. Corporatocracy


      ^ yea bgbuster narrates the rp which makes it 100x more entertaining 

  9. I hear Laurel

    1. Unwillingly


      I hear yaurel ?

  10. I don't feel so good 

    1. D4NNA


      I hope this will cheer you up


    2. hudsun202


      I was expecting a infinity war fading meme but this will do ❤️

  11. Someone do me a favor and bombard my DMs with lyrics to your favorite songs, I swear if someone puts that Walmart kid who sings 

  12. Aw cool, more advertisements for hot single moms that are like 5 miles away, thanks Lotc for helping me find the best ads 

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    2. Dreek


      U played urself

    3. hudsun202


      @SaltAlt You're aware I wasn't asking why I received those ads right? I'm fully aware I receive them because of what I search, I was just sarcastically thanking the ads that are presented on lotc 

    4. Nathan_Barnett36


      lotc doesn't control what ads are shown.

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