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  1. Been gone for well over two weeks, never felt better in my opinion, why not log back in and see how you all are doing.

  2. [Denied]TheLemonHead's 2nd Trial-Gm Application!

  3. Minecraft name/s: (List the username of your main, and any alternate accounts) TheLemonHead Age: (Your age in whole years. Must be at least 14.) 15 Timezone: (State your Timezone. Ex: GMT-6) EST Discord: (You will need Discord to be in the chats and for interviews.) TheLemonHead#9207 What is your availability: (Tell us how many hours you can spend on the server daily, and between what times.) I can spend up to 2 to 5 hours on the server, considering its summer, when school comes back, I'll dim down to 2 to 3 Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: (If you’re experiencing problems on the server at this current time, please state what they are.) Honestly, the only issue I do see is just that role play is too scattered Luckily the staffs are going to do something about that. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves personally and collectively as a team?: (In your personal opinion, how should GMs communicate with the Playerbase, how should they act?) Well, I believe they should just be nice and calm, if a player messages a gm with all caps or with cursing, they should calmly request that they calm down and not use curse words, and if the player's problem cannot be solved then the gm should suggest solutions, just basically be a good cop and not the bad cop. What are your finest and worst traits?: (Shoot for two or three of each. This part is to have you analyse yourself.) Let's begin with the good traits, I'm a comedian, not like a stage comedian, but I can pop a joke time to time, I always approach situations camly, I can make speghetti. My worst traits would have to start with, getting too sleepy, I've got a bit of a thing where even if its morning, I may feel tired and fall asleep, another one is I can tend to go afk to make a sandwich, so yeah. Why are you the best candidate for the Game Team?: (Convince us on why you are the person we want within the Game Team) Well its simple really, I log on sometimes in the morning and around the afternoon, some of the GMs have jobs or don't exactly have the time to hop on lotc because it's too late for them, I want to be there when the others aren't, not saying I'll only be on whenever there aren't any GMs, I also want to help in taking checks, I've had experience where it can take up to 1 to even 4 hours of wait for a GM to open my check or another player's, and because of how less I've gotten into RP, I can dedicate my entire time to being a GM, but I guess my main reason for being a GM, is to just plain out do what a GM is supposed to be doing, taking checks, assisting players, banning the players whom break the rules, and besides, I can make speghetti!
  4. It is finally time, today I re-apply for Trial Gm! I shall be the Gm lotc deserves! And this time! I will provide fresh lemonade!

    1. TJBMinecraft


      good luck, time to make LOTC great again

    2. h e x

      h e x

      almost comedic

    3. Nekkore


      @h e x ahahahahahaha. Cause we both know that as a fact.

  5. One last time...

    1. oblivionsbane


      Will you come break this lock in norland 

  6. Kiwi's Skin Market

    *Cough Cough* SELLOUT!
  7. [Complete] [Bounty] Sounds in the night

    Pinche Cabrona
  8. [Accepted] Malgonious [ET ACTOR] Application

    Dude is one calm ass motherfucker, let this guy be an ET, or face my wrath!
  9. [Complete]Impenetrable Vaults

    "Six thousand!" Clinton raises his hand
  10. The Ashguard Reformation

    -OOC- Minecraft Name: TheLemonHead Skype (Preferred, not required): You already got mine fam Teamspeak (Necessary, mic not required): Already got one Nexus Professions: Masterful Miner, about to be Legendary Will this be your main?: Definitely -IC- Name: Clinton Northbroek Race: Highlander Age: 34 Where do you live?: Nowhere really, I go anywhere I'm needed or I feel like going to stay at for a night or two Past service to the Ashguard or it's many iterations: I've assisted the Ashguard previously by supplying Iron (Ferrum)
  11. Son of a ***** you didn't tag me! ;(
  12. Land charter app

    Clinton would draw a smiley face (TheLemonHead)
  13. Burn them all, that would make things much easier.