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  1. Pando's chances of getting laid have gone from 1 to 79, keep it up.
  2. Cool
  3. Welcome back Lotc on youtube, I've made myself comfortable while you were out ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcGl5ztoYRW4eMg4BY8z9gg
  4. So a friend of mine, ShadowAnakin (Edgy name ik), has this channel, he records, what did you expect? He asked me to share his video to see if he could get some new subs and stuff, but tbh we all know what is going to happen. Enjoy ;)
  5. Time for me to hop on lotc and go around being an Obi-Wan clone.

  6. You know, I forget how many players enjoy forcing comedy, or at least a joke, faking a ban report, you must be really desperate for attention there kiddo.
  7. Someone do me a favor and update my rank on my profile, I no longer have Iron Vip, I have Gold Vip.

  8. He hasn't killed me since he saw that I joined status crusading yesterday during the preparation of the battle yesterday, so +1?
  9. "Another One Bites the Dust" *Alexander just looks*
  10. Good Morning to those around the US and good afternoon to those Outside, hope we all have a good roleplaying day!

    1. Archipelego


      y'all be hopping on the goodmorning bandwagon, im no longer necessary ;-;

    2. Chaw

    1. richkeyboard


      your name is yellow. that's pretty cool

  12. Well time to do art for a random peep
  13. i love you too random stranger and thx for liking the chicken strip???

    1. Lo Meinatee 捞面

      Lo Meinatee 捞面

      was. was it the chicken strip

  14. Your picture kills me, for I love you and your sense of humor
  15. Don't you just love it when the thread feed is full of these crappy applications for magic, and all accepted by the same person? Kind of sketchy.

    1. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Yea. Why wasn't 1 app made instead of 6? 

    2. TheLemonHead


      Time to make some controversy 

    3. Muddy_Buddy


      Not sus @ all