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  1. Can't wait to see what Atlas brings to the table, crossing my fingers it doesn't end up like Axios, saying it makes me shiver :(
  2. I also wonder if this year's krugzmas will be a disappointment or a step in the right direction. 


    Last year wasn't all to much honestly 



  3. I wonder what is the current status of lotc, better jump on and find out!


  4. To anyone who still believes in a god, please take a look at this, and tell me there is one.

    1. Narthok


      wow u turned 14 and discovered empiricism congratulations

    2. Aqua Vita

      Aqua Vita

      hahahhha hello fellow kids! hahhhaaa dab xdddd 

  5. A Cowboy Rides Away

    Well Sug, I really don't know you all to well, maybe I heard your voice maybe I didn't, but I want to thank you for being a good person in this community, and I'm sorry you dislike the communities current state, but hopefull we improve, I just joined after a long hiatus and I'm trying to find the joy that lotc gave me, it's a tough journey, heck I got brutally beaten on my second day back, so if anything that's a big leap to getting back to my original state. Goodbye Sug, enjoy your university years, I look forward to seeing you pop out of nowhere on the server, for you're a legend to this community, and I hope your legend carries on. Goodbye Partner
  6. A Cowboy Rides Away

    Stale :(
  7. Bazinga I'm back, holy crap my typing is off, I haven't used this keyboard in weeks, sorry to those who have to be a victim to my horrible spelling, it's gonna take some time.

  8. [Pending][Veist] Cornivore Reaching His Dream

    Is there by any chance evidence?
  9. [Pending][Veist] Cornivore Reaching His Dream

    Look, to those reading this currently, I honestly feel like Corn deserves a chance at this position, sure he's got a record of bans, but they were all PVP related, which if you consider it, really doesn't mean anything to becoming a FM, see if it were a GM case then it could be morally debated. In other words what I'm trying to say is that Corn should be allowed on the Team, he may look to a lot of you as some dude who gets banned for metagaming and what not, but for the past months while I played and talked with Corn, he's never shown any form of disrespect, he's tried to be the best he can be, and when it comes to managing, this guy can turn a McDonalds into a Chick-Fill-A. I'm well aware this next point really shouldn't make a change, but he's been on Lotc for a long time, longer than I have, I consider Corn wise because he can teach a newbie the basics and make the player an average player. So to anyone reading this, look past his bans, and actually think about Corn and think about how he's managed to make good friends and have a good reputation with people, don't just read comments like @Chorale_'s and don't escalate to how a player's reputation is, because if it was a judgement of how good his reputation is, there is a series of names of staffs who I could call out for their bad reputation. +1 There you go Corn, hopefully, you get the staff position, if anyone deserves it, it should be you.
  10. I absolutely love the newest ban report involving leowarrior, and others, the people talking who are involved all tell one side of the situation, and it's like the best ban report case ever, it didn't result into scumy insults about someone's past actions, instead they handle it like civil individuals, I'm impressed, let's keep the ban reports well organized and civilized folks!

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      dude where you at

    2. TheLemonHead


      @Man of Respect currently in Odyssey, but its not far long until my return, most likely in the beginning of November.


  11. I shall be returning to Lotc, somewhere around the beginning of November, it's been a long while ( like 5 or 6 weeks), but I'm curious to see how everyone is doing, most of my personas are old, but hopefully I can get a job as a bartender, where my roleplay had a giant spike, also quick question is Oren strong enough to like be how they were in the last map? Or are they just average, I'm curious.

    1. Lil Nugget
    2. TheLemonHead


      @Lil Nugget I'm also coming back to destroy this oktaku empire you've built, ready your army Kry I'm coming for you 🔫😎

  12. I'll return when Orcs fly and Oren allows gay marriage, no way in heaven you guys can pull this off ,':^)

    1. rusty_tinderfox


      im sorry my friend, both of thise have already happen. you gotta come back now 

    2. Dewlox™


      I'd pull of the first, but second? Haha, **** no.

  13. Been gone for well over two weeks, never felt better in my opinion, why not log back in and see how you all are doing.