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  1. @blackdad81 Honestly reading your ban report, I still can't stop laughing, hopefully you get unbanned fam, it took real guts to copy and paste them cyber logs into a book xD

    1. blackdad81


      Thank you, but what I did wasn't funny tbh. It was wrong and disrespectful. But thank you for your support,

  2. Si señor yo soy de rancho 

  3. You know it's sad when the FM's gotta make meme posts to be funny :( 

  4. Oh it's sans from undertale


  5. Yo, anyone got some opportunities at good roleplaying? I'm coming back from break so I want to go back to giving this server at most 1 or 2 hours of dedication at least in a day.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Come to the Dunshire tavern while I’m online? I’m getting pretty good at halfling barmaid RP

  6. [✗] Ban Appeal (Charlemagne,Kniaz)

    I kno de way, and I say don't perma dis dude, he was a big arse I'll admit, but everyone should be given a second chance at redemption, pls unban him, now back to my project on the silk road
  7. Sprite Flavored Cranberry

  8. Okie nibbas, first 10 people to dm me their persona skin and info (so that you don't end up being more thicc than you already are) to be featured on the 2017 krugzmas picture, hurry this offer is limited! 

  9. [LM] Mitto The Woke

  10. Is this Loss?

    1. mitto


      ?          ??

      ??     ☹?

  11. Can't wait to see what Atlas brings to the table, crossing my fingers it doesn't end up like Axios, saying it makes me shiver :(
  12. I also wonder if this year's krugzmas will be a disappointment or a step in the right direction. 


    Last year wasn't all to much honestly