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  1. I gotta get back into stardew valley and hearthstone.

  2. Jesus christ, I really gotta stop wasting money on DLC, and buy an art tablet, I'm looking like a fool in front of these talented artists!
  3. This ****** gave me back my miner rank, suck my upvote you **** +1
  4. Hey can someone change my rank on the forums, it's still on Iron, I've had Gold for a while now, thanks.

  5. Nothing cool on the forums this morning *sigh* really wanted to see something cool.

    1. Space




      there something interesting

  6. It's on to us!
  7. Word
  8. Sup you beautiful bastards, hope your having a fantastic Tuesday Sorry for that, I've got a meme disorder, anyways here we are folks we've entered May, and Lemon forgot to make a farewell to April, but no worries, my agents tell me it's fine, so welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Farewell April! I'm your host TheLemonHead, or you can call me Alex, anyways let's not postpone this information, hit it! The Revival of 1.8 Combat! Yes folks you heard it! 1.8 combat is back! For those who haven't been on Lord of the Craft for months or maybe years, after a long time with 1.9 combat, the developers decided it was prime time to go back to the good old times, and what better way to do it than by bringing back one of the community's favourite combat system, this change has now made it fairer for players to PVP default, if you feel the change is not necessary it's alright, your always free to do combat another way, but for those who love to fight, this is a good hour for us all, I cannot wait to fight a lot of you :D Unblacklisted! After many discussions with Mojang, Lord of the Craft is finally back and official! And they've approved the use of the Crown system, sadly I don't believe the coupon code the server provided to get 20 percent off your next purchase, but if you use code LEMON you'll magically receive a 50 percent off on your next purchase of crown packs! Anyways, folks, that's all we pretty much got from April, here's a toast to what's coming to kill us all in May! HAPPY ROLEPLAYING!
  9. @Xarkly Hey one of these grinders look like the place I died at when I was killed by a mob, funny.
  10. What are the odds of me ever becoming a staff? 

  11. *Clint looks at this invitation* "Hey maybe, we can pick up some chicks thereby being sad and making it seem like we actually have feelings!"
  12. Clint wonders how in the world, did he even manage to hear these words, let alone bear witness to! "This poetry is garbage, Eddie makes better ones" Clint crumbles up the trash going back to the mines, to get some more stacks.