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  1. My boi Bah has been the best leader, even upon betraying him here and there in wars, he's a good person and a loyal one, looking foward to this new GM :D
  2. I'm honestly dying of laughter! Jolly good show!
  3. Not bad, everyone's got a style of drawing yours is pretty good.
  4. Damn nearly thought this was an epic opening to a new Lotc Sitcom called "Catching up with the Santorrs"
  5. Why not just make this a race you gotta apply for :D
  6. No, I've come, to begin my reign of debauchery! ((btw happy birthday you're older than me by 1 ;( ))
  7. Kry you disgusting 12 year old, no one can love you for you are not the right age to feel real love, you are but a child and should go back to that anime pit upon which you came!
  8. Can I get a head of my head to look like that other head to resemble that other head equal to that other head?
  9. Bravo!
  10. Your profile picture makes me want to vomit because it's an infinite loop of the exact thing, thanks :D
  11. Hot diggity dog
  12. I would admire the idea of making creating another lotc server for war claims, you have the tools, just need the encouragement.
  13. If you didn't 't care why even consider looking at this thread? You only show give the slight care ness for this by commenting.
  14. Lit
  15. I absolutely love your pic, I also agree let's make PVP great again!