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    Braelynn Copper

    Just thought I'd point out that LoTC doesn't go off of the standard date system that we use irl using numbers, but instead uses a complex calendar system which can read up on here: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Time_and_Calendars. Just a friendly bit of info I thought I might share.
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    [✗] [Creature] The Hemelytra

    MUH FREEDOM. MUH DEMOCRACY. +1 For Freedom Bird People.
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    [Complete][Bounty] An odd request.

    Moreg squints down at the poster, seemingly deciphering the ramblings as if they are his native language. "Mi am hozh huntah. Mi hunt dah wite woof woofz."
  4. *A sloppily written letter is pinned to some of the boards throughout Oren. Me and my buisness partner are looking to buy/rent a Traveling Wagon for various buisness related reasons. If you indeed do have the stated object and would like to do buisness, Please send a bird to deliver a buisness letter ,to assure you would like to do said buisness, to Redrick Ta'heil. ((Lukesome1))
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    Redrick Ta'heil

    Redrick Ta'heil Basic Information Nicknames: N/A Age: 123 Gender: Male Race: High Elven Status: Alive, and Active Description Height: 6'3 Weight: 110 lbs Body Type: Tall, Lanky Eyes: Sky Blue Hair: Light Blonde Skin: Unnaturally White Markings/Tattoos: He has a black eye tattooed onto the back of his hand. Health: Healthy Personality: Reclusive, Determined, Bigoted, Attentive Inventory: An iron banded crystal ball hanging from his belt, A few pieces of moldy beard, An old book on telekinesis, And a small stone dagger. Further Details: Life Style Alignment: Neutral Evil Deity: N/A Religion:N/A Alliance: The Silver City of Haelun'or Nation: The Silver City of Haelun'or Home: The Silver City of Haelun'or Job/Class: N/A Title(s): N/A Profession(s): Alchemist, Lumberjack Special Skill(s): Skilled Writer and Scholar Flaw(s): Insatiable desire for knowledge, Puritan, Conservative Magic Current Status: Looking for to be taught in the ways of Alteration. Arch-type: N/A Sub-Type: N/A Rank: N/A Weakness(es): N/A Strength(s): N/A Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Defensive, Calculative Trained Weapon: Daggers Favored Weapon: Dagger Archery: Mediocre at best Biography Parents: Rellian Ta'heil and Mothira Ta'heil Siblings: N/A Children: N/A Extended Family: N/A Pet(s): N/A