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  1. Bruh
  2. Make a dark elf whose parents were killed by orcs
  3. Destrian observes the bounty board before shaking his head "Innsmouth? Sounds like a bad omen"
  4. Sorry for asking yet again another question,but I was wondering how much would the afflicted be affected by a holy ward. What would he feel?
  5. What about voting? I need my pixels back ;_;
  6. Thanks for answering all these questions :) I hope your submission gets accepted
  7. Now that I referenced prototype I have some questions for you since this lore legitimately interests me: 1.What are the limits in limb mutation? Could one technically make a whip out of flesh or even launch bones from the body? 2.Are there any areas in the body that can't be mutated? 3.You referred mostly to arm mutations,but could the afflicted make chest,leg or head mutations that could actually turn out to be 'useful'? For example,adding a layer of bone to the chest for better defence or an eye in the back of the head. 4. How deep could the mental affliction go and how long would it take to manifest? 5. Would the user 'need' to end up becoming malevolent or could he simply become more temperamental or rash in his decisions? 6. Would there be any way to deter the mental affliction? And by 'deter',I mean enough to prevent the guy from becoming a murderous psychopath but not enough to prevent a rise in temperament. (Like meditating,trying to make a potion that prevents the mental affliction from affecting him too much,etc...) 7. Could you show me an example of 'abnormal' body mass an afflicted might have? 8.Final question: If a limb gets cut off,would the afflicted be able to mutate a new one? Overall,very good lore submission. Seems like it would be an interesting addition to the server and I hope it gets accepted. +1
  8. Am I the only one who thought of this?
  9. Ask and receive
  10. Great vídeo! Thanks for sharing this,dude. Edit:What was the story from this event btw?
  11. How does it feel having sold your soul to lotc?
  12. Happy birthday, sergisala!
  13. We don't talk about day six *shivers*
  14. "It seems this one has made the same mistake as I once did. He must learn that one must prove themselves worthy of the arcane gift,before attempting to pursue it." Destrian says stroking his fake beard sagely