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  1. Nice guy and good rper +1
  2. "Seems like we'll need to clear the place again,eh?" Destrian remarks
  3. ((This is actually a pretty sweet idea.))
  4. A nearby rebel would remind the man that they weren't Oren.
  5. "A wise Baron,this one is."comments Destrian
  6. Words can't describe how glad I am to see the bounty board returning. Can't wait to participate in those events!
  7. ((Glad to see the orcs managed to rebuild! Best of luck to you guys))
  8. I am sorry please don't BR me ;_; ;)
  9. I thought druids could shapeshift? Aren't they technically violating that law too?
  10. That exactly describes how I felt during a few months of 2016 and 2015 and I have managed to become happier recently. What you need to do is to take a break from LOTC until you start feeling better with yourself. It doesn't have to be permanent,just a few months. LOTC is a close community,due to it's 'low' amount of members(compared to other bigger communities) and that in itself can be a double edged sword. On one side,one can feel more involved with the community and can more easily form friendships,but on the other hand, everything a person does on the server or on forums is in a spotlight,because anyone can easily know what you have done. I'd be the first one to admit it: I wrote some stupid **** on the forums and on the server whining about magic and some other stuff and when I finally regained some common sense,I became constantly worried and anxious that people on the server saw me in a negative image or were talking behind my back. Due to this,I started trying to be nicer to people and trying to be more self-conscious if my rp or OOC attitude was annoying someone. Unfortunately,I don't think that worked out,because, because I ended up messaging people too many times and being generally clueless by asking a **** ton of questions to the same people without being aware that perhaps I was annoying them (I'm sorry @Toxzero :( you were a great friend and one of the people who were always nice to me,but I feel like I was only being an annoyance to you guys on the Enchantry due to my lack of skill in rp and by pming you way too much, so I thought it would be best for me to leave.). Eventually,I decided to take a break from the server since I simply wasn't feeling happy like I used to when rping on the server. And I have to say, I'm starting to feel happier with my life ever since I did this and began going to a therapist regularly. I'm feeling so much better that maybe in the next few months I might come back to the server:) Oh wow,I wrote way too much than what I intended to. It was good to get this out of my chest anyway.
  11. I mean...Does a necromancer always need to kill the person they are absorbing life force from? Don't quote me on this since I don't know **** about dark arts,but I remember a lich that once 'asked' my character if he could 'borrow' some of his lifeforce. That moment became one of my most memorable rp moments,since the lich left my character with just enough lifeforce to live after my char accepted the lich's request out of fear. I always thought that was pretty neat,since the guy could have simply killed me,but he spared me,leading to my character changing his opinion of dark beings,thinking that perhaps maybe some of them could be reasoned with. Can't dark beings do that? Sparing the victims by not fully draining their lifeforce so they can recover,maybe even offering them some sort of recompense or asking a friend? I'm **** at formating sorry
  12. What is the current situation of the orcs? I've been thinking of creating an orc character after I finish taking a break from lotc.
  13. Uh...This IS a roleplay server