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    2. seannie


      i dont feel SAFE Safety Team please do something about this

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Safety Team can you ban everyone I disagree with. Their existence doesn’t make me feel SAFE.

    4. Draeris


      We hear you @seannie & @NotEvilAtAll, but this doesn't seem to be our jurisdiction. Please contact the Super Safety Team.


      Yours truly,


      The Safety Team

  2. Some of you really didn’t watch enough PBS kids growing up and it really shows. So let me tell you about the futility of this safety team **** and the staple of child internet safety since NCSA Mosaic made access to the World Wide Web possible for normies who couldn’t use Usenet in 1993. What you will see in every single serious child internet safety PSA is a generalized sentiment of do not trust the internet with lots of common rules like; “Don’t post personal information.” “Don’t talk to strangers.” “Don’t meet with people IRL that you met on the internet.” “Ask your parents before _____.” “If X log off and tell your parents.” The reason for this is that children are naturally trusting and most if not all internet child predation is based on this. Most of grooming is trust building. So... Teaching children to act distrustful and be skeptical is the single most effective method of child internet safety. The safety team is going to pose as a force to be trusted, and I hope the above has highlighted the main issue with that. I’m going to mention that its futile compared to actually spreading internet safety information and that the established staff has no concept of anonymous email services, onion browsing, inspect element, and thinks there actually capable of retaliating against false reports dropped into there email. But, with that side point out of the way safety team is contrarian to the basics of internet safety by trying to create an internet group that can supposedly be trusted. Big ******* spoiler this helps accelerate the grooming process. You want the opposite of this. Grooming is an interesting topic if your into psychology but to avoid slapping down a text book of bullshit its a form of social manipulation and positions of power are easier to groom from. You can trust me Lil’ Billy i’m staff i’m apart of the safety team which means i’m trust worthy. Its an exploitable hole that you have created. IF YOUR UNDERAGED THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS RIGHT HERE. Don’t trust the safety team. Don’t trust the staff. Don’t trust anyone you meet on lotc. If you feel uncomfortable at any point in time don’t bother with any part of the lotc community or staff log off and talk to your parents and if you don’t feel comfortable with your parents then click this link. While I do say most of grooming is trust building theirs other tactics like using fear, alienation, fear of alienation, and dependency. If **** gets weird you need to have the nerve cut yourself off despite what threats or social dependencies are levied against you. Big ******* point is don’t respond. You get weird messages then you should ignore, delete, and block. P.S. blocking the feedback forums to unregistered users is very sketchy.
  3. @Dardonas @Man of Respect Honestly all the world lore stuff i’ve had the displeasure of participating in has just been beating everyone to make up a page of random bs from just a random screen shot of the map with devs and lore being in no form of communication what so ever. It just turns into a big mess of completely disconnected stuff where half of its useless because the writers don’t even know what there writing for. This map has been the hardest anyone ever tried during my time with Xarkly just strong arming the entire map design (thats more good that bad btw) but all of this detailed history he made up and his narrative just went ??? mode at some point but all the **** thats locked off for that narrative is still locked off so what the ****? Honestly the most influential bit of beat the lore team with a stick and force them to write lore was the time when Zarsies tripped fat balls and wrote about a frog spirit.
  4. Igght so ultra serious grimdark RP/tavern skeleton RP/auto DCing/turncoating/doing there job/not doing there job/inherently bad/not inherently bad/inherently good/not inherently good/irp/ooc is all skub. What matters is that see the thing, kill the thing RP is inherently bad. This is not to say all killing RP is bad RP but when all interactions with another player base is just killing then its hot trash. When I play a “dark” anything I understand perfectly that what I am is considered an undesirable. That’s correct, that’s as it should be. But i’m also on a role playing server with other players. This isn’t some single player RPG like Skyrim or Pokemon. The people we interact with aren't NPCs, there players. Back in the days before changes started seeing a holy was a guaranteed combat encounter with the end result being the losers guaranteed death. It should have been an exciting experience but the entirety of the holy playerbase felt like an npc faction in a stealth game. You hid and if you were caught they tried to kill you. That was the extent of interaction. An encounter should be interesting, you shouldn’t be able to predict the end result because some jack ass decided to write the lore so that a holies only purpose was to kill. YOUR dude and THERE dude should have an effect on the course of the story. An encounter between the bright lord and the dark lord should have a noticeably different result than between a holy inquisitor and a unwillingly enslaved peon but when you write your ONLY purpose to be kill the other side and threaten the player base with DC’s, manual or auto, through tenants then your only going to get one result in any encounter and that is combat with subsequent death for the loser. This is interesting for no one but a murder hobo.
  5. @Aethling Don’t listen to Dumbdong. LT need to do there job and make edits when required.
  6. Blackened and speckled with white, a simple image yet mystifying for all of descendant kind. Something theorised about, studied, tales of mysticisms woven into the collective conscious. But always out of reach, not the highest tower upon the highest peak has ever been truly touched the sky. Something mortal kind may never explore. Pink, intense, stronger than what any noble would dare to wear. Another insignificant speck made interesting by its ***** color. Something capable of striking conversation among all sky watchers as it began to move independent of all the other specks of light. Barely noticeable at first until it started to quicken. Faster and faster, brighter and brighter. Soon a streak of light burning across the sky seeming ever to get ever closer until the sky touched the ground. The streak crossing the horizon in a blinding flash and leaving a glow that slowly faded as a hot pink midnight sunset.

  8. This is very good. The chances of stupid things occurring have been significantly lessened.
  9. Yes sir. Unfortunately the rules changed to expand the definition of FTB and us lore boys must begin to compensate for that before something stupid happens with graphic cake baking RP.
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